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Springfield divided
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When Beth learns that Cassie altered the paternity results, and that Rick, Josh, and Reva all know the truth, how will she react?

As Americans prepare to sit in front of their big screen television to watch the "Big Game" (so lame you can't call it by the real name) it seems everyone is taking sides in Springfield, too.

I guess I never really gave it any thought about how people would react to Jonathan and Sarah's return from the "dead". But the scenes this week at the Bauer cabin seem like a window into how this story could affect some relationships in Springfield.

Beth, naturally, is the fierce mother, protecting her daughter's interest. But hubby Rick has no love lost for Alan (and most of Springfield agrees with him) but Beth is blinded to all of that - for now. But what happens when the tables are turned and it's her daughter - and not her granddaughter - who needs to be shielded from Alan's over possessiveness? Of course, now she is blissfully ignorant to the fact that the daughter she's about to deliver is a Spaulding and not a Bauer. But if Beth learns the truth before Alan - which is what I figure will happen - it makes the most sense plot wise - she might be singing a different tune.

And how will their divided loyalties affect their relationship? Already strained with the interference of Alan before he learned (incorrectly) that Beth's baby isn't his, and the possible reappearance of his best friend/her first love Phillip, this relationship might not survive this latest hit. Just when they should be the happiest, waiting for the birth of "their" child - circumstances are pulling at them. Of course, when Beth learns the truth - that Cassie altered the paternity results and now Rick (and Josh and Reva) all know - how will she react? I want these two fan favorites to stay together, but the deck is really stacked against them.

Bill seemed to finally be growing up and realizing there is a reason to behave (for about 10 seconds that is) until you see he wants Sarah and Jonathan out of town so he can have Lizzie all to himself. Really? What caused his change of heart? It's not like he really wanted Lizzie (at least exclusively) before now. Probably not hearts and flowers, but dollars and cents - Lizzie is a Spaulding after all. But Monday's preview shows Bill isn't as hopelessly devoted to Lizzie after all... The way he's acting this go around, I say Ava can have him and leave town whenever they have their bags packed! But since I like Bill (and adore Daniel Cosgrove) I'll give him some time to see the Light...

One thing about anniversaries - and dates that fans can remember - it always seems odd when people are missing from celebrations or remembrances. Alan certainly left quickly to go out of the country (!) right after Sarah's memorial. Of course, this does make things easier for Jonathan to go around Springfield without a care in the world. But when Alan returns - watch out! And if Phillip is out there - somewhere - things could really heat up quickly.

At least Jonathan has some fans in Springfield. It was interesting to see Cassie embrace him so tightly. They certainly had more than their fair share of hard times. But Jon is a link to Tammy, so I can completely understand this. But it's Jon's smallest new fan - Will - that continues to scare me.

How one little eight-year-old boy can give a grown woman the willies is beyond me, but the looks he gives are unsettling. Of course, I realize he's an actor playing a part - but nonetheless - his ice-cold stares are quite disturbing. And now with his "hero" Jonathan in town, with all kinds of stories about boat accidents (setting fires, kidnappings, etc.) who knows where it will all lead. Josh would do well to stay away from the boat trip Will has planned. Or bring along a gun and a life preserver!

The Monday previews shown at the end of Friday's show seem to shed some light on several stories - and very little in the wardrobe department! We'll have to see how it all plays out - and will Sweeps underway, I'm sure it will be action packed!


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