Theresa is such an easy target

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The only person who is standing in the way of Theresa getting back together with Ethan is Theresa. All she has to do is come clean and tell Ethan the truth.

Some people just love to hate her. If she would get herself together and stop wasting her time on a worthless piece of cad, then I would start having some pity for her, or maybe not. Her behavior baffles the mind. I'm still trying to figure out what Theresa is trying to accomplish by trying to reason with a cold blooded killer. Her mom, Pilar, killed Juanita's husband, Carlos, and Juanita has a vendetta against Pilar, so what makes Theresa think that Juanita would have pity on her? I don't know. I guess I'm still trying to pick my head up off the floor. Even though it was self defense, all Juanita can think about is the death of her children and her husband. She is extremely irrational at this point, so this is the worst possible time Theresa could pick to go and speak to her.

Theresa is so stupid that if someone gives her an Ethan doll and grants her three wishes, she would actually think that her wishes would come true. Better yet, she would find a fortune teller and ask her to bring the doll to life because she would swear that it's Ethan. As I have said before, the only person that is standing in her way of getting back together with Ethan is Theresa. All she has to do is come clean and tell Ethan the truth. The more I think of this character, is the more my head hurts, so I'll stop here. I feel a migraine coming.

Will Kay, Miguel, Paloma, & Noah Get Married?

Is Kay having a bad hair day? What is up with the Little Ms. Muffet look? That hairstyle needs to go. Moving right along... I'm having a bad feeling about this double wedding. I have the strangest feeling that James E. Reilly is going to do something horrendous to prevent Kay and Miguel from getting married. I'm thinking along the line of bringing Charity back. The omen is already looming since Paloma and Noah are having difficulties due to Pretty's selfishness. Will Paloma forgive Noah this time? Well, it doesn't seem promising at the moment.

Will Tabitha Discovers Miguel's Letter?

She was so close to finding it too. I doubt that Endora will give up the letter's location since Miguel saved her while she was in hell. I can't say that I blame Tabitha for wanting to send Miguel back to hell. He is an insolent fool. I still cannot wrap my finger around someone who is getting handout, and in the same breath wants to cut off the hands that feed him. He is a blithering idiot, and I wished that he had stayed gone.

I'm Sick & Tired of the Control Device

This storyline is getting redundant, and frankly, I don't care anymore. Luis has made it very clear that he does not love Sheridan, a woman who claims to have had past lives with him, and in comes Pretty. Has she no shame? The only reason she and Luis got it on was because of magic. He has no feelings for her, unless you want to count pity as a reason. Luis feels sorry for her due to the way her father, Alistair, has treated her.

Sheridan trying to use Marty has not sway Luis in the least either. Pretty has certainly driven a wedge between Luis and Sheridan, but that only makes Luis try to work harder in trying to figure out Fancy's unusual behavior. Pretty should learn by now that one cannot force love. Why would you want to chase a man that has stated that he is in love with someone else? Personally, I think Pretty should work on getting herself together psychologically. She can't seem to move past her hatred of her sister. If anything, she should hate Alistair. He is the one that has mistreated her. What happened between her and Fancy was an accident. Alistair deliberately tells her that she is ugly and that no man will find interest in her unless he has pity for her, and yet Pretty is willing to work with him to keep Fancy and Luis apart. It's obvious that Pretty is driven by hate, and Alistair is using that against her. That man is evil to the core.

So, Vicki Is the Serial Killer

I knew there was something off about her right from the start. The fact that she did not speak had a bearing on my opinions of her. She is not in her right mind, so I won't be too hard on her. She must have had some sort of mental instability growing up. I just can't imagine that her illness was dormant until the death of her parents. There must have been earlier signs that were ignored. Esme is too caught up in her sexual exploits to even notice anything off about Vicki. Rebecca does not live with her, and she notices something about her right off the bat. They say the people that are closest to you are blind to such behavior. Either they are in denial or just do not want to deal with it. Esme pops various pills, so there is your clue right there. I get the feeling that as soon as Esme comes to the realization that something is off with Vicki, she is going to want to medicate her. I hope Esme realizes that Vicki's problem is not a quick fix when she discovers what has been going on.

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