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Jonathan should have tried to lie low during his visit, instead of skulking around the cemetery or church. But Jonathan being Jonathan, and Reva's son to boot, he had to fly in the face of danger and was found out by a not-so-blind Bill Lewis.

After months of speculation, and eager anticipation by many GL fans (including this one) Jonathan Randall returned to Springfield this week to mark the anniversary of Tammy's death (and the 71st anniversary of the show - Friday, January 25th).

Lizzie started the emotional roller coaster with her pregnancy scare early in the week. It was certainly a great way to show the anguish that she has had to deal with all year. Whether it's visibly shown, you always get the sense that Lizzie has been trying to prove herself this year, pushing herself in ways she didn't before. She finally has gotten away from her grandfather (albeit too late for Tammy) and has a job. She's been a surrogate daughter for a troubled Billy. And in the process, she's really grown up. Or so we thought. Until she chose to keep the truth about the "pregnancy" from Bill once she learned the truth. And Beth shouldn't be shocked - she's been too wrapped up in her own little dramas to have any time for her troubled daughter. But Lizzie's slide down the slippery slope of depression is about to get a swift kick - in the person of Jonathan.

Since only Reva and Jeffrey knew he was alive, Jonathan should have tried to lie low on his visit. Not skulk around the cemetery or church - too dangerous and too easy to be found out. But Jonathan being Jonathan, and Reva's son to boot, he had to fly in the face of danger and was found out by a not-so-blind Bill Lewis. Now that Jon saved Lizzie from the path of an oncoming car to end Friday's show, the fireworks are about to begin.

I have such mixed feelings about this story and the way it's been played out. Yes, Alan is more than a little too possessive (read "creepy") about his family, but Lizzie, for all of her wackiness is Sarah's mother. Reva's point to Jonathan about telling Lizzie is right on - and might have made an impression on him (finally). But I see Jon's point, too. Telling Lizzie means Alan is in Sarah's life, unless you take some sort of legal action against him - and even that won't stop him. But to miss out on your child's life is a pretty stiff penalty for anyone - even if they are a Spaulding.

But if this story takes Lizzie away from Springfield, and Bill, I will be pretty miffed. Just as I am getting used to this couple (it's like watching a tennis match the way they go back and forth with each other). Neither character has had the easiest time in their lives but they seem to get one another - and I think they would be a good fit together. But keep them in Springfield, please!

Speaking of back and forth couples (and triangles) Harley and Marina (and Cyrus) are beginning to wear on me. Since I confess to being a total sucker for an Aussie accent, I want Cyrus to stay, but I don't want Harley and Marina at odds. Which means that either one, or preferably both, ladies has to find another beau.

The scenes this week outside the studio were an interesting mix. I have to admit that I wasn't fond of the handheld shots. And the noise from the sleet on the umbrellas was really annoying. I like the use of alternate sites (which GL reportedly will be using more often) but they need to be well used and have contingency plans in place.

Along this line, I have to admit to watching another show this week. At one point I was up to 5 soaps, when I was in school (in the 1980's), but now watch just GL. But since I Tivo so many other shows, I was thrilled to learn that Jessie and Angie were coming back on AMC last week - and I did tune in. I bring this up because it was the first chance I really had to compare GL to another soap in long while. And I have to say that the sets I saw were so much more believable - especially their hospital - and the lighting much more appealing - that it was shocking. Even my husband, who usually reads while I watch, commented on the difference. Come on, GL. You can do believable sets on a limited budget. Just make the few sets more believable. Or use the ones you had somewhere in storage - I saw them on my numerous trips to the old studio.

This week promises to bring more fireworks (and hopefully no sleet) to Springfield. So stay tuned! And Happy 71st Anniversary, GL!!


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