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Only the lonely
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It seems that Olivia is going full force to get Gus all to herself. Does she really love Gus, or does she just want to have someone who will be there for her when the chips are down?

As I sit here, loading up my iPOD with more songs, one really hit me - hence the title of this week's column. It reminded me, that for all of the family unity, through some really hard times, there are some lonely souls in Springfield.

This week the show marks the one-year anniversary of the death of Tammy and the "deaths" of Jonathan and Sarah just days later. As someone who has a calendar built in with dates like that in my own life, I know what Lizzie and Cassie must be feeling. While they both lost someone near and dear to them, Cassie has Josh and R.J. to help her through the bad times - and there are plenty of those. And Will's reemergence in her life can provide a huge distraction - which can be a good and bad thing.

But Lizzie, despite having a family (full of vipers) is essentially alone. Beth seems to be involved in her own life, and waiting for the birth of her own child - which could be painful for Lizzie. Alan is the cause of Lizzie's troubles, and her distance from him can only be a good thing. But since Phillip is (for now) out of the picture, Beth is self-absorbed, Lillian is spending all her hours either at Company or Cedars, Lizzie had to forge her own family. Not that that is a bad thing - choosing those who you are close to ensures (for the most part) that they have your best interest at heart.

As the fall went on, you could see Lizzie's self made family changing - just when she needed them the most. Sarah's 1st birthday should be a day a celebration, with candles and cake and smiles for the camera. Instead, because of her "real" family, Sarah is gone - and Lizzie is alone with people who can't fill the void of her baby daughter. Bill and Billy weren't around to see Sarah, can't share memories of her when Lizzie wants to talk. And Bill's callous behavior with Lizzie's heart - just when she is most vulnerable, has left her in a tail spin.

And Lizzie's own anguish leaves Billy to fight some pretty powerful demons as well - without her undivided attention. Bill's return to Springfield, fueled by revenge, caused his father to really take a nosedive. Without really knowing (or caring) Bill has set both his father and Lizzie into a free fall of his causing. And now, when he needs them the most, they are not as able to deal with his pain, and their own.

All of these events are like a tasty soup sitting in a slow cooker, melding slowly from individual ingredients into a recipe of something great. This week, we finally get to see how well the ingredients come together - and hope the final result is great!

Lizzie and Billy are hardly the only lonely ones in Springfield. Harley, despite having a huge, supportive, loving family, is determined to become a train wreck. How can the character that has been the person cheated on time and time again (A-M, Phillip, Gus) be the one to break Marina's heart? I don't care how lonely you are, you don't go after someone else's man - especially your niece! And while I won't "spoil" you here, this isn't the end of the story, either. Come, on GL! Why does Harley HAVE to be with someone 5 seconds after she breaks up with Gus? Can't be take some time to heal and return to the strong woman we've all seen her become over the years?

Speaking of Gus, it seems that Olivia is going full force to get Gus all to herself. While at first this was just a game to her, are we sure that Olivia loves Gus - or the idea of having someone (anyone) there when the chips are down? I don't blame her for that - if she's really dying. And you know I am definitely not a fan of Gus and Natalia - but I'm not sure I like 'Liv with Gus, either. And when Phillip reappears - as I guess he will - what will he have to say?

This week is certainly set to be a full one, so set your VCRs or Tivos for the return of Reva's prodigal son!


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