Dusty's dead, and other casting shockers

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Dusty's dead, and other casting shockers
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Apparently, Parker inherited his mother's scheming genes. Setting up Sam to look like he stole the money from Metro was brilliant. Of course, it wasn't a good idea for Parker to stash the cash in his backpack, but he's still an amateur.

Depressed. Frustrated. Irritated. That's what I am after reading the latest ATWT news this week. Dusty is dead, and his portrayer Grayson McCouch is gone. (His choice supposedly.) Then, the shocking news came that Scott Bryce (Craig) had been fired, and that Wally Kurth had finished up his short-term role as Sam.

It's hard enough losing one of the show's best actors in McCouch, but to see another Craig bite the dust, and the show's most exciting addition this year, Kurth, not given a permanent slot is crazy. Why bring in an actor as enigmatic as Kurth and get us to fall for him, only to show him the door? Sigh. What a waste and a blow for the show. Sam's scenes are actually ones I don't fast forward, a rarity these days among the Paul, Meg, Rosanna, Will, Gwen, Sophie, Aaron snoozefest.

If I'm to be brutally honest, I'm not shocked that Bryce is out. Frankly, he never clicked for me as Craig. He's an exquisite actor, but the truth is, I just don't like his version of Craig: needy, insecure and obsessed with Meg. I prefer the Craig that I fell in love with under Hunt Block's tenure: arrogant, confident, funny, and a ladies man. Still, I'm sad to see a core character, such as Craig, leave Oakdale as well as such a fine actor as Bryce.

The bottom line is that when heavyweight talent such as McCouch and Bryce exit, there should be some heavyweight talent to pick up the slack. Kurth could have helped fill the gap. Characters such as Evan Walsh, Chris Hughes, and Sophie-what's-her-name, simply can't.

In other musings:
--Who killed Dusty Donovan? My money is on Evan Walsh. Yes, the whole town was out to get Dusty, but Walsh needed to push the research project through, and he knew Dusty could stop it. Plus, he's expendable. Lily, Holden and Emily aren't. (At least I don't think they are. These days though, I guess anything is possible.)

--There wasn't much humor this week, but I laughed out loud at Lucinda yelling at Margo for "swilling liquor" at the party. If I were Margo, I'd be knocking back a few, too, considering the year she's had. (Hello, Adam and Casey!)

--Lily Snyder, who are you? The weepy, emotional mess of a woman wandering around Oakdale, throwing herself at Dusty, is no one I know. If I hear her blame Dusty for "what he did to me" one more time, I may scream. What did he do to you exactly that you weren't agreeing to and enjoying? Nothing. Lily used to be a mature woman. She needs to take some responsibility for her own actions and admit she didn't protest hopping into bed with him.

--I know I've discussed this before, but I think after this week we can all agree that Memorial Hospital is no place to go for treatment. It is, apparently, a great place to go if you want to steal drugs. Lily didn't have any problem finding a bottle of pills in a drawer, and the killer had a syringe full of a deadly drug, too.

--Kudos to the writers for the scene between Barbara and Lisa, in which Lisa said what many of you had been saying for months. She told Barbara she was concerned about her because "she sounded funny." Sadly though, instead of Barbara telling Lisa she had oral cancer, she lied and told her it was a dental problem. Poor Barbara, I feel bad for her that she's all alone and fighting cancer. But at least the cancer diagnosis makes sense. She did have a brain tumor a few years ago, so she does have a history with cancer.

--Bonnie is growing on me. Of course, she has no real ties in Oakdale anymore, except Dallas, who I'm nervous to invest in since his character has been recast more times than "Craig" has been fired.

--Speaking of Dallas, I like this one. Note to writers: Could you give us a scene where Dallas isn't working? How about a boys' night out with Jack, Holden, Dallas and the gang. Friendships are rarely shown on ATWT, and I think we're due for some male bonding.

--Parker, Parker, Parker. Your mother has taught you well. Apparently, you got her scheming genes. Setting up Sam to look like he stole the money from Metro was brilliant. Of course, stashing the cash in your backpack wasn't so smart. But, you're still an amateur. Give it a few years and you'll be in Carly's league before you know it.

--In my "Best of Worst of 2007" column I begged ATWT to not make Sam the latest expendable villain. I ranted that Wally Kurth was too good to become a bad guy that could be so easily written off. Well, it appears no one is listening to me. (Big surprise, I know!) When he threatened Parker this week and told the dummy his true intentions toward Carly, it became clear where Sam is headed. And it's not to the Snyder farm Thanksgiving bash.

--Brad and Katie are cute. I'm enjoying their scenes. Those scenes are some of the few that pull me in lately. In fact, when Brad, Katie, Jack and Carly aren't on the show for a day, I can watch it in about 10 minutes because of the fast forwarding. Are you rooting for Brad and Katie? I haven't quite decided how I'd like to see this quad end. I do know I hate to see Katie get into another relationship so quickly. I think she needs to slow things down.

--Meg had a miscarriage. Yawn. I can't believe I used to love this character when she was hitting the sheets with Dusty Donovan. What happened to her? All her flip-flopping the past year has made me detest this woman. At this point, I don't care who she ends up with, and frankly, I wouldn't mind seeing her leave Oakdale all together.

--Kudos to the writers for the mini Snyder boys' scenes. Parker and J.J. fighting/bonding is always good TV. That family drama is much more entertaining than Meg and Paul and Rosanna. More please.

--I hope that Faith's eating disorder isn't forgotten. The writers didn't forget that Lily had a pill problem and tied it in nicely to her latest meltdown. Let's hope that they don't forget that her young daughter should certainly be affected by Lily's latest drama, too.

--I apparently missed the scene where Noah moved in to the Snyder house. Last I recall, Luke wanted to live in the dorm instead of getting a place with Noah. (A wise decision in my opinion.) But now, he's at the farm, with everyone else in town. Seriously, how big is Emma's house that she can house all those people? I think she should turn the farm into the Snyder Hotel. She could be raking in some serious cash from all those guests.

Best Lines of the Week:
(After Brad walks in on Katie in her underwear, she tells him they need to set new rules.)
Brad: "When we were trying to make a baby we broke all the rules. And a few pieces of furniture."

(Vienna's mangled English accidentally insults Brad.)
Vienna: "Why do you look like "Mr. Dumb and Gloom?"
Brad: "Doom and Gloom! Doom and Gloom!"

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Saskia)
"Wow are you RIGHT ON regarding the Best/Worst of ATWT in 2007! If we can all see this, why can't the writers and producers? Maddie is gone, but Sofie is still on the show?! - and especially with a recast Casey coming back! It's unbelievable! Cleo was a TERRIBLE idea, and Adam as a rapist? Gwen is insufferably suffering most of the time, and poor Will has NO life, NO desires, NO opinions except "whatever Gwen wants." Yow. Thanks for saying it!"

(From Two Scoops Beatrice.)
"Hi Jennifer---I can't agree with you on Sam being the best new character. I can't stand him. I love Wally mind you, but Sam is a waste of a character. Furthermore, this whole thing between him and Carly is so forced and unbelievable. You mentioned how quickly Carly and Lily's decorating business disappeared, well, if Carly involves herself too much with Sam, you can bet the partnership with Kit won't last long either---and the re-opening of Metro will be a distant memory. Time for Carly to just be independent and not get with a man---besides, she still loves Jack and everyone knows it. ATWT should dump Chris and let Sam bring back the Emily that used to kick ass."

(From Two Scoops reader Carly.)
"How many people can live at the Snyder farm? Holden with his kids, jack with his kids, Noah is moving in, Meg sometimes, Brad, Sometimes Emma? I mean seriously this house must be a mansion!"

(From Two Scoops reader Eva.)
"Jennifer I loved your year end two scoops about ATWT and agree with everything you said you took the words right out of my mouth. I think that the most wasted characters are Henry and Vienna and hope that the show gives them a story this year. You are not alone about your thoughts on Dylan Bruce who plays Chris I also agree with you he is miscast in the role I think he would have been a better Cole or some other character but he isn't suited to be Chris."

(From Two Scoops reader Teddi)
"I agreed with everything that you have said, Jennifer. However with your 2008 Wish List, I would add Sam to "More of Brad, Henry, Katie, Carly, and Jack." And I totally agree with you about giving Henry his own storyline. He is so terrific! (I had forgotten about those two dropped storylines. Wow.) In my opinion, the problem with the way they brought Rosanna back was not in a lack of chemistry between Rosanna and Paul but that the writers turned her into a totally weak, dependent lady whose only goal was how to hang onto Paul. The fans loved Rosanna as the feisty, independent woman who would never have went to the extremes that she did to hang onto Paul. I personally was hoping that Rosanna would go after Craig to get the company from him when she "came back." That would have been fun to watch! Thanks."

(From Two Scoops reader Monique)
"Are you taking input on your Best & Worst of 2007? If I had to pick a Best New Character, it would be Kit. I think it may just be too many horror movies and/or Twilight Zone episodes, but the character of Sam with his ventriloquist dummy really creeps me out (my husband feels the same way). If they'd introduced Sam just as Kit's man and not with this spooky side, I might agree with you. Happy New Year!"

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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