A new year brings leftover chaos

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A new year brings leftover chaos
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In the last two years, we have had drug stories with Jennifer, Alison, and Lily. Can't the writers find something else for Lily to do this time?

With a new year, you would think that things would automatically be different in Oakdale; however I am concerned with how things have started off this year already.

Noah and Luke
I rated this as the best story of 2007, I still agree that this one of the better written stories on the show right now. Problem - what happened to do this story as any other love story on the show? After the first kisses, there have been no more from a couple who has since admitted their love for one another. So, now what is the problem? I know that there are viewers that don't want to see two men be intimate. However, TPTB said early on that Luke and Noah would be treated like any other; it seems now there are running scared disappointing the many viewers that are invested in seeing this story done like there's nothing wrong with it.

We see Chris and Emily or Brad and Katie making out all the time in public places in Oakdale and neither of these couples is in love. So I ask TPTB - what is the problem with Noah and Luke not being able to show each other true affection as any other couple in Oakdale or was that a publicity plow since no other show has a same sex couple on it?

Lily's Back on Drugs
It appears that the writers on this show enjoy telling stories of characters on drugs or wanting to have babies. Why the rehash of Lily's drug story so soon after the other one? I know that people on drugs can relapse shortly after rehab? However, in the last two years, we have had drug stories with Jennifer Munson, Alison Stewart and Lily Snyder. Can they please find something else for Lily to do this time?

Lily has been one of the most stable characters on the show so is the only way to make her unstable is to have her take drugs. I am not enjoying this again. I would like the writers to show that rehabilitation does indeed work especially for poor, little rich girl Lily. I, personally, don't believe she needs drugs to be irrational.

It is true that Lily and Dusty were just a rebound for both of them and that she belongs with Holden. I do have another question - why is she living in a hotel as opposed to her house? Did the Snyder house burn down again and they forgot to tell the viewers?

Dusty's On His Way Out
You always know when a character is about to leave like in a violent manner - Dusty is making quite a few enemies. Let's look at the evidence so far: he jilted Lily, he is almost stalking Emily, and he is accusing Chris of attempting to kill his father and that so far. Let's see who he agitates next week.

Casey is Coming Home
Do we see more screen time for Tom and Margo? There is a real buildup to his return; I guess that Casey will be a different character when he returns. With him spending time in jail, I guess that has hardened him a bit. I just hope that there is not a drastic change in his character because he has been incarcerated. These writers have a way of destroying a once likable character and making him almost unrecognizable - remember Adam.

Meg, Paul, Rosanna and Craig
This story has to be one of my least favorite as much as I like the actors involved - this story has been a real dud. How could Rosanna who wanted a baby more than anyone else deprive someone of knowing the true parentage of their baby? Can Paul show any emotion other than anger? Is Craig no longer power hungry that he is neglecting things at the company he schemed to get? How wishy washy is Meg that she can turn her emotions on and off for men?

When will Paul ever be a father? This is the second child that he has lost. I have to wonder where the newer generation of Oakdale is coming from if the current families are not becoming parents. This seems to be another major theme for the writers - miscarriage: how many of these have we seen lately?

So where do these characters go from here: I assume that Rosanna will go back into her coma, Meg says she doesn't want to have anything to do with Paul or Craig ( I bet she goes back to Paul) and Craig finds another woman to get under his wing and try fatherhood once again.

Parker Munson Snyder
Can anyone do anything with this kid? Parker needs some real discipline as he feels he can say or do anything he wants to any adult he wants because he is Parker. Why are Jack and Carly allowing him to constantly be disrespectful to adults? We all know he has had a significant amount of loss in his young life - his sister Jennifer, father Hal and his mother running off with another man; I guess that's where a psychologist could start in helping him with his problems. Wait a minute, he was going to a psychologist and that story thread was cut off without explanation just like the Snyder house.

I would like to say thanks to all who responded to my year-end column and here are some of those comments:

Arby said, "I agree with everything you wrote about the status of ATWT. The show deserves writers who care about it the characters, and can draw from it's history to use the multi-generational cast that the fans are anxious to watch."

Sandy said, "Thanks for the review. I couldn't agree with you more!! Let's hope that ATWT will wise up and reunite Jack and Carly, as this is the only reason I keep watching."

Nessa said, "You are truly on point, especially the ruining of Rosanna. I waited through the "Dixie Deathwatch/Rosanna Resurrection" and for what?! It began well with Rosanna coming to and ready to put the screws to Craig (with Scott Bryce back-sorry but Mr. Meek was too dark), but that went kaput! If TPTB's plan was to waste Ms. McClain's time and talent on this storyline, they should have left her in the coma until Paul & Meg had run its course."

Joan said, "Great analysis of the year, Reggie. ATWT keeps rehashing old storylines and doing them to the death! I will miss Dusty since I wanted him and Lily to be together. All the Snyder men are poorly behaved except Brad who is getting my vote as the most interesting character in eons. I am looking forward to the Barbara storyline. Happy New Year and keep writing your column...it is nicely done and insightful!"

Rodo said, "I wanted to thank you for choosing Luke and Noah storyline as the best on ATWT, it's a groundbreaking story that has brought romance back to soaps. I hope to see them more in 2008."

Vennie said, "I am a big fan of ATWT no question about it, but there are a couple of things I would change. 1st thing is please stop the camera man or woman from shaking the camera that really makes me queasy to the stomach and makes my eyes twirl around in my skull. Why do they do that, why, why, why?? And the second thing is the writers are making the woman characters to weak, and the men walk all over them. I can't stand that. These women are always looking for forgiveness. I know that my words may not change anything, but at least I got to write them. So thanks so much for this opportunity. Looking forward to 2008!!"

Stephanie said, "Thank you for mentioning Luke/Noah as the best storyline on ATWT. It is a groundbreaking story told with sensitivity, depth, emotional resonance, and heart. I, too, look forward to seeing more of them in 2008."

Finally, what the heck is happening with Brad and Katie? It was fun for a while now they are getting stupid really fast. It was great when Katie told Jack that she is done with him. It's time to let her and Brad just be an adult couple.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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