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Lizzie, that shy little girl who killed her mother's abusive boyfriend and beat cancer, really took to her Spaulding life and became the poor little rich girl for awhile. Like Grandpa Alan, she really didn't have close relationships.

The somewhat wacky life of Springfield residents has really turned on its collective ear in 2008 - and we're only two weeks into the year!

When Bill returned to town last fall, I could see that he would be angry that Billy fired him, and a little vengeful. But this all out assault on the Springfield he has lived in his whole life is a bit of a shock. Gone is the innocent little boy who played with Michelle Bauer and Ben Reade (remember how HE turned out!) years ago. Now he's got enemies all over town - and driven Coop to attempted murder.

And look at Coop - the college kid with the hard work ethic. Terrible taste in women, it seems (Lizzie and Ava were not really suited for him - who knows where Ashlee will lead him!) but a son most families would be proud of.

It's like watching a horse race, with Bill a bit ahead on the path to destruction for a finish line. Like Phillip before them, we've seen these young men, who have grown up before our eyes (albeit Coop less than the others - since he lived abroad for awhile) who have taken a path that has led them to less-than-desirable places. But how will it all end? I must admit that I'm a person who watches the scary part in a film with my hands over my eyes. Watching the destruction of these two people, certainly Bill much more so than Coop's one fit of anger, I find myself with the same reaction!

And like any critic, or cynic, depending on how you look at it, I look at the end result - the desired effect. Phillip's downward spiral was set in motion to allow Grant Aleksander to depart the show. I doubt that Daniel Cosgrove (Bill) has the same plans - he just returned, leaving one of the hottest shows this fall (Dirty Sexy Money). I have no idea if the show plans to release John Driscoll (Coop) but this storyline always leave fans wondering about the possibilities.

But then I look at the metamorphosis that has happen to Lizzie Spaulding. The shy little girl who killed her mother's abusive boyfriend (Carl) and beat cancer really took to her Spaulding life and became the poor little rich girl for awhile. Like Grandpa Alan, she really didn't have close relationships - the dollar signs and her own lack of experience really getting in the way of friendships.

With Sarah's birth, then "death" Lizzie has really changed into a more responsible woman - most of the time. She has dealt with some pretty brutal obstacles to have to overcome, but she's finally matured. Sure, she's a tad flighty, but I think she's met her match in Bill - but can she save him from himself? He certainly should remind her in many ways of Phillip - and is this part of the attraction? This story has some interesting twists ahead that I won't "spoil' here, but wait and see!!

I was pleasantly surprised this week that when Reva and Josh found themselves alone they didn't hit the sheets as I had feared. I really like that these two can be comfortable enough with one another and their shared history to form a non-romantic relationship. Josh will certainly need all of the support he can get to help Cassie see that Will needs some serious help - more than she can give him.

Harley and Cyrus' little dance towards crossing a pretty serious line leaves me wanting to scream! The "ick" factor here is pretty high - I remember when Harley bemoaned men cheating on her, now the shoe is on the other foot. And to her own niece! It's too much to bear! Of course, who is left in Springfield to pair her with?

It seems that the writers are in danger of running out of mates for a few cast members - like Harley and Olivia. Maybe they can start writing about relationships that run into some bumps, but last the test of time....

The more I see the spots for the 2.29.08 show, I am intrigued about what the show is doing on this "Leap Day". Thanks to Tivo (the best invention known to mankind) I can slow the footage enough to see that Jonathan is included, so he's in town for at least a month - good news for GL fans!!

This week seems to be chock full of changes for the citizens of Springfield. We're gearing up to February Sweeps in a big way, and I hope we can do it without a break in the new shows with the Writers' Strike still going on...

Let's keep our fingers crossed for great new shows to continue for many years to come...


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