Who killed Dusty?

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Who killed Dusty?
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Why couldn't Dusty have just left town instead of another needless murder mystery? There used to be a time when there was a major buildup to a murder, and we couldn't wait to find out who did it.

There has been a lot of news lately about the number of departures from Oakdale in lately and to come and I don't see how the show will survive so many losses in a short time frame - we just had Dusty leave and Rosanna will go next and according to reports: Craig is gone along with Evan Walsh and finally, Gwen and Will are set to go in the coming months. ATWT has had some lows lately just in the stories that have been told - I certainly hope that some things are being done backstage to give this show a much needed creative push.

The Dusty Donovan Murder
Why couldn't Dusty have just left town instead of another needless murder mystery? There used to be a time when there was a major buildup to a murder and we couldn't wait to find out who did it. I don't really care who killed Dusty as it will be one the characters that is leaving soon - Craig or Evan. I say Evan Walsh as he is the most expendable and his character was always a bit odd for the short time he was in Oakdale. I thought when Ryan Serhant won Inturn 2 that the show would have given him something to sink his teeth into for the 13 week contract - he has ended up being a throwaway character with no real purpose. The fact that he was Evan Walsh IV gave the characters so many possibilities in terms of character and none of that happened. The end result was that no one really knew or cared for this young man.

When I did not see a coffin at the funeral, does this mean that Dusty may not be dead after all? That is usually a sign when there is no coffin. Another thing, I wondered why Gwen and Will told their babysitter that the service would be an hour and a half. I think that three people spoke and then it was over. There were not a lot of people at his service - it would have a great thing if his adoptive father, Dr. John Dixon would have shown up or sent a note to be read or something. Where was his new young friend, Noah? I think he should have been at the service.

There was, however, a great turnout of the women that he had been involved with: Lily, Meg, Emily, and Alison. Emily found out that Lily not Dusty was the one who spilled her secret about her past. Meg had to deal with Craig who hated Dusty. Alison was so honest about her relationship with Dusty and it was obvious that he meant a lot to her. I loved how Susan decided to tell what she saw when she thought her daughter might be involved in Dusty's murder.

What has Lily become? She is not the Lily we have loved for all these years - she appears so weak and fragile. Granted she has been through a lot - her addiction and rehab and recent overdose. She lost her husband who is not protecting her and her rebound ex-boyfriend jilted her. She did remember how much Dusty has meant to her over the years. I am enjoying Jon Hensley's performances of late as he is doing everything in his power to save Lily as he thinks she may have killed Dusty.

Parker and Sam
Mick Hazen who plays Parker Snyder can hold his own against any of the adult actors any day - I see him having a bright acting future. Sam is battling with Parker as if he were an adult that tells us that Sam is somewhat off his rocker if he fights with a child like that and his best friend is a dummy. This is not going to end well. I certainly hope that he does not hurt Parker in any way. Parker can be an irritating kid and since he has been in so much trouble no one will listen to him about Sam.

I do wish that Sam could have been written better so Wally Kurth could stay around longer. I think he would have been good for Carly. I could see them getting together and Kit coming back to find her partner and boyfriend had shacked up. Sam is another character that had some potential then the writers have written him into this sinister corner and out of Oakdale as fast as he got there - what a waste.

Brad and Katie
I am not sure what is happening here: Katie knows that Brad is in love with her and she was in love with his brother - does she have feelings for Brad? I believe that she does really care for Brad. However, their antics are not fun for me to watch. I would like for this to be a real story of two adults who do care for each other and admit it to each other without the constant running to Henry and Vienna for advice. Henry and Vienna need to have their own major story as it is a waste for them to be continually the support characters for Brad and Katie.

Rosanna and Paul
Rosanna has become so sad and pathetic; she wants Paul so badly that she tries to take him away on a vacation to try to get him back. She sounded so desperate as she asked Carly to scheme with her to get Paul back. I am sure that she will be going back into her coma soon as she under tremendous stress. I really hate the way this character has been written since she has come out of her coma.

Barbara's Illness
The same questions that Barbara is being asked are the ones we were asking as viewers months ago as Colleen Zenk Pinter was really going through this. I do like how this story is progressing; people are noticing that something is wrong. I hope the show does not back off and show it in its entirety so we can see what Ms Pinter went through. This has to be the story most worth watching right now.

Some readers are quite vocal about the state of ATWT lately, here is what they said:

Carolyn said, "I have been a viewer of this show for about 45 years. The last 6 months have been awful and the storylines which are so often repeated do not hold my interest anymore. Now with the departure of Dusty, Craig, Gwen and Will, I am going to stop watching this show. Even Lily's character has turned unappealing and Holden is very unbelievable. The man does not hold a responsible job and is a father of 4 children. What a farce. Good luck to all the departing actors and best wishes to the remaining stars."

Pam said, "I am having a hard time watching ATWT as of late because the storylines are so unbelievable and the writing leaves a lot to be desired. I think they have gone cheap on us and it is showing. I would love to know your thoughts about this. Every article I read says something about money issues and maybe now I am just being too focused on that point. It would take a lot to make me not watch although I am getting very annoyed by not only the storylines but some of the acting also."

Rose said, "I am devastated that Craig is leaving!! I remember him from his first day on ATWT. I never accepted the other actors who played Craig----I've watched ATWT since DAY ONE!!! I may have to stop watching now."

Lisa said, "What is wrong with this show? How could they let Scott Bryce go? He is the BEST thing on this show. It's a very sad day for ATWT."

Lenn said, "Has anyone noticed how many people are living in the Snyder farm household? I count about 13."

Finally, am I being too critical about the way things are in Oakdale right now? I am finding the stories now quite up to par lately and major retreads of story too close together. I am looking forward to Casey returning next week and Bob opening his eyes.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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