Where are Theresa's brain cells?

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Ethan certainly is not the brightest person in Harmony. He ranks right up there with Luis, but in the end, Ethan takes the cake. There have been so many clues that Little Ethan is his son, and he still does not get it. Maybe he doesn't deserve to know.

How long has it been, eight years since Pilar has been advising Theresa? If Pilar tells her yes, she says no. Her most recent mishap is her decision to go to Mexico? What can she possibly gain from going to Mexico? Has she not learned? It's déjà vu all over again. Do you remember the incident with Julian going to Bermuda? She followed Julian to Bermuda to reinstate Ethan as a Crane because of his paternity debacle. Wasn't Ethan willing to forgive her? The point is all Theresa has to do is to tell Ethan the truth. Going to Mexico was a bad move. Can she get any more stupid? She destroyed her passport? What possessed her to do that? The girl does not think. Honestly, I'm surprised that she is still among the living. I don't know why she thinks ending the feud between Pilar and Juanita will help her. She need not worry about Rebecca and Gwen. Ethan is the one she needs to convince. He certainly is not the brightest person on Passions. He ranks right up there with Luis, but I think Ethan takes the cake. There have been so many clues that Little Ethan is his son, and he still does not get it. Maybe he doesn't deserve to know. It would be interesting to see his reaction once he finally comes to grips with it though. He knows. There is no doubt in my mind. I think he just needs to process the idea.

Miguel, Get Your Own Place!

I don't get this at all. Miguel is imposing on Tabitha, and he feels the need to tell her what to do in her own house? "Miguel, if you don't like Tabitha practicing witchcraft, you can move out of her house. You don't have to live there." I'm surprised that Tabitha hasn't zapped him into oblivion and be done with it. If she does that, she would have to listen to Kay whine for the rest of her pathetic life. Speaking of Kay, is she that desperate to be with Miguel? Their relationship hasn't taken off yet, and it spells disaster. I just cannot picture Kay sitting back and let Miguel order her around. She is the type of person to use witchcraft to fix everything. What if something goes wrong and it affects Kay? It's quite obvious that Kay will go back on her word. Tabitha couldn't get her to hone her skills before using magic much less giving up on it all together. It's only a matter of time before Kay goes back to using magic, mark my word.

What Is Up With The Women of Harmony Chasing The Same Men?

Haven't we gone down this road already with Beth? Why is it being revisited? Oh, yeah, it's one of James E. Reilly's tactic, the wash, rinse, recycle, and repeat of storylines. Luis doesn't want Pretty. He slept with her under very unusual circumstances, and he has made it very clear that he loves Fancy and intends to be with her, so why is Pretty wasting her time? Sheridan is another idiot. How many times Luis has to tell her that he loves Fancy? When will these women learn; when hell freezes over? Beth went batty trying to get Luis, and now we have two other women going down that road. What is it with Luis, really? He isn't the brightest bulb in the box. Maybe it's his charm; yeah, right.

Vicki Is Finally Talking

You don't know how long I have been waiting for this character to speak. It's about time. When will she realize that Esme, as ditsy as she is, wants to take care of her? It's obvious that she has lost her faculties, so I won't hold my breath. It will be interesting to see how Esme will react when she finds out that her own niece has been killing her men. Will Esme be supportive? We are referring to a woman who cannot survive without men here.

Speaking of demented ones; Alistair always seems to flock to the sick and twisted people of Harmony. Well, birds of a feather; flock together. First it was Beth, then Vincent, and now Vicki. When Alistair finds out that Vincent is alive, I wonder if he will have Vicki kill Vincent. That would be quite interesting; watching another killer off another killer. I'll be sure to get my popcorn ready if such scenes occur.

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