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Our veteran characters remained in the spotlight, and we had a show to watch every day, but One Life to Live needs to get back on the track it was on before the strike began.

I am counting down the days until Ron Carlivati's writing makes its triumphant return to my television. This has been the case for several weeks, but the reasons why keep changing. Last week, I found some things didn't make sense. At times, I felt like I was trying to figure out my taxes instead of watching One Life to Live. There were some bright spots, but overall, I felt like there was something lacking, mainly explanations for certain characters' behavior! I am immensely grateful to the writers who took over during the strike. Our veteran characters remained in the spotlight, and we had a show to watch everyday, but One Life to Live needs to get back on the track it was on before the strike began. Here are some of the events that made me feel this way, along with some of the better moments too.

The first thing that didn't make sense to me was the story with Talia, John, and Antonio. Are the three of them acting like immature teenagers in front of Ramsey to set Ramsey up? Otherwise, I don't buy this at all. Would Antonio seriously stand in the middle of the police department and berate Talia and John over their "flirting?" I realize Antonio is known to have quite a temper, but his reaction seemed over the top. John and Talia were joking around, but I hardly saw either one of them pining away for the other. If this was Antonio's real reaction, he jumped to conclusions quickly. I can see why he would be upset that John and Talia were working together to bring Ramsey down while Antonio couldn't participate, but he was out of line accusing as he did. If this is an act for Ramsey's benefit, I am not sure what the desired outcome would be, unless they were trying to get him to react in a certain way. This all might be clearer if I saw any chemistry between John and Talia. They seem like good friends and nothing more. Perhaps this is a way for the writers to see if there is an interest in John and Talia as a potential couple, but the scenes themselves were so odd, that I couldn't tell. The only thing those scenes proved to me is that certain employees at the LPD need some training in professionalism. Shouting at each other about a personal relationship in a room full of people is bad behavior anywhere, but especially in the workplace! I hope the intention behind the John/Talia/Antonio development is clarified soon, preferably before we are subjected such scenes again!

I also wondered about Lee Ramsey and his motives last week. He came to Llanview as an FBI agent on a power trip and a dark side. As police commissioner, he seems to be bringing some order to his department, and he actually seems interested in improving the community. Was his behavior when he first arrived in Llanview an act? When he first became police commissioner, I half expected him to throw half of the town's residents in jail, but very little has happened since he took the job. He still taunts Todd and John, but lately, he hasn't been unreasonable to other people in Llanview. I have to wonder if this change is foreshadowing a change of direction for this character, or if we are supposed to keep guessing the true nature of Lee Ramsey's character. Aside from his mysterious phone calls, his presence on the show has been minimal, and he doesn't seem like he's out to get anyone. It hasn't been so difficult to "read" a character in a long time. I will say I am glad that Ramsey is more complex than he initially appeared to be. At first, watching the "FBI agent gone wrong" routine everyday got old quickly. Ramsey wanted to do everything his way and he hated John. Now, he appears to have a decent side and has calmed down. I am glad this character is being written differently. Now we just need to know what he is up to once and for all!

Next, I was thrilled to see Addie! It has been several weeks since we last saw her, and it seemed like everyone in Llanview had forgotten about her. I was happy to see she was going to talk to Todd. She and Todd have always had a special bond, and Addie has profound insight into Todd's state of mind. However, I thought Todd was unusually cruel towards her during those scenes, especially when he mocked her for not being there for Blair. Historically, Todd has had a soft spot for Addie, even when he and Blair weren't on good terms. However, he treated her like he's been treating everyone else lately. He didn't want to hear what she had to say, and he tried to get her to go away. Their conversation didn't feel right for that reason, and while I am glad Addie's message actually got through to Todd, I wish that dialogue had been written in a different way. I suppose Todd's reactions to Addie were supposed to show us that he is in a different place mentally these days, but I think he could have been nicer to Addie while still getting that message across. Addie is a great character, and I am glad she was included in the Mannings' current storyline at all. She could have been left out like she has been for several weeks, so I'll take whatever scenes with her I can get; I just want her relationship with Todd to be in line with what we know about it!

Speaking of knowing things about characters, I was also surprised by Nash's gullibility with this creepy businessman that keeps offering him more money. I've seen him as a character with a very low threshold for nonsense, which is one of my favorite things about him. However, he just accepts everything this man says and signs paperwork without taking the time to read it. I am beginning to think that Jessica's gullibility has rubbed off on him. This is something Jessica would do that would make Nash try to stop her. It looks like Nash is being set up for a fall, and it could end with him losing everything. Since Jessica is concerned about this business arrangement, I wish she would do some research about Nash's financial backer and find out why they are so eager to give Nash as much money as he wants without asking many questions. The old adage "If it's too good to be true, then it probably is," goes through my head every single time Nash talks about his new business arrangement. I don't want to see Nash lose everything; I have grown to like him. I hope this story is headed in a different direction than I think, but if this deal turns out to be Nash's downfall, he will learn a lesson if nothing else. You know things have changed when Jessica is the smart one in the relationship!

Finally, I was thrilled to see the Buchanans head up to the Buchanan lodge. It has been a very long time since we have seen that set, and a lot of memorable things have happened there! Of course, memorable things happen whenever all of the Buchanans are under one roof. However, I don't want this to turn into the Natalie and Jared show. They have the same conversation everyday about how they can't be together because they are related. This is one conversation that would only be heard on a soap, especially when we hear it every single day. It's just weird that Natalie and Jared keep discussing it like it's a common problem. After they lament the fact that they are related, Jared asks Natalie what would happen if they weren't. What?! Of course, he knows he's not Natalie's uncle, but it has to creep her out when he says that. Jared needs to decide what he wants. He can't be a member of the Buchanan family and try to court Natalie. When Natalie finds out that Jared has been pulling a scam by posing as Asa's son, I can't see her wanting to run off into the sunset with him. Jared made his choice, and now he has to live with the consequences. I just hope Jared realizes this soon. I can't handle listening to him ask Natalie what would happen if he weren't her uncle even one more time! The rest of the Buchanans need to arrive at the lodge quickly so Natalie and Jared can get back to the business of saving Buchanan Enterprises!

I was surprised to see Bo and Nora agree to ride up to the lodge together. Bo hasn't been willing to give Nora the time of day recently, and I expected them to ride in the car in complete silence. However, Bo was actually nice to Nora, and they seemed to enjoy each other's company! It looks like they will be spending more time together, as their car swerved off the road. I don't want to see either one have serious injuries and be at death's door; we have seen that routine many times. The best case scenario is that they can finally work out their issues since they will have nothing else to do. I suspect that Clint and Lindsay will spot their car as they drive past. I must say, I flashed back almost 10 years when Lindsay was upset that Bo and Nora were carpooling to the lodge. Lindsay wants Bo back and doesn't want anyone to interfere, but it's not like Bo and Nora have been on the verge of reuniting. Bo has been acting like Nora's mere existence has bothered him, so I can't see him attempting to win Nora back in a 2 hour car ride! However, Lindsay's insecurity about Nora is very loyal to her character. She will always see Nora as a threat to her relationships, whether it's rational or not. When she was talking to Clint about Bo and Nora in the car, I remembered when she had the same conversation with Sam when he was with Nora. I like the "quadrangle" with these 4 characters because there is so much history to draw from, and I think this trip to the lodge will complicate things in a big way. It doesn't get much "soapier" than this!

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