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Jeffrey is a character cast adrift in Springfield. Until the whole Olivia/Jeffrey back story in San Cristobel , he had no ties to Springfield. Sure, he had flings with most of the eligible women in town, but he had no family.

March is said to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb - just not in Springfield, it seems. Normally this is one of my favorite times of year - college basketball is awesome, baseball season is just around the corner, and things in Springfield - and all soap towns - heats up.

Going into the week, I have to admit that I was holding my breath. I read the spoilers (actually I write them too so it's hard not to know what is happening). And while the rational, sane part of me knows the show is "in the can" three weeks ago, I still brace myself for the storm ahead, trying to put aside any notion of how I "think" things will play out and try to give things that make me shake my head a fair chance.

Since Ricky Paull Goldin announced he was leaving, the writing has been on the wall. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how the whole Olivia heart transplant storyline was going to end. But then while I was watching like the rest of you, WHAM, a curve ball! Jeffrey was going to marry Olivia when Gus refused.

Huh? Can someone explain the logic of this decision - long term - to me? I've made no secret to the fact that I am a big Bradley Cole fan - always have been. But Jeffrey O'Neill is a character cast adrift in Springfield. Until the whole Olivia/Jeffrey back story in San Cristobel (and no, I won't call it what some of you people call it online) he has had no ties to Springfield. Sure, he had flings with most of the eligible women in town (Beth, Cassie, Blake, Dinah - am I leaving anyone out?), but he had no family. Neither did Olivia. I guess it would have been interesting to have them suddenly have an instant family (i.e. Ava). But when the writers wrote Jeffrey into a corner, fans immediately took sides - which can never be a good thing.

Olivia was much the same. She bedded and married most of Springfield, had Emma, but no other ties to Springfield. So I can see GL wanting to pair them, before this whole Ava story came to be. So now that you have alienated a whole group of fans with the back story, you want to MARRY them? Whatever you are taking, GL writers, it isn't working. Your brains are pretty scrambled, it seems.

Not only is there the little fact that anyone can read the posts of fans hating Jeffrey (although, I hope not Bradley - he only reads the scripts, folks - he doesn't write them) but, let's see. Isn't Jeffrey already involved with Reva? After 20+ years of Josh and Reva (three times down the aisle and all) Reva suddenly has a new love - one fans seem to enjoy. They aren't silly teens or twentysomethings (or nearly 40 year old women having sex in cars in broad daylight with their niece's fiancÚ - sorry Harley) who haven't seen the world, they are two mature adults who decided to share their lives together. And since the fans enjoy it so much, of COURSE it has to end. I mean, that's SO LOGICAL, right?

Not that I'm saying to write the whole show based on what the fans want, but surely you get mail, email, etc. seeing what the fans are enjoying. And what they hate. Oh, wait, GL did away with their message boards and polls so they can't see. Nothing like taking away the fans ability to express themselves to you to say "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" - real nice touch, GL. As someone whose "real" job is customer service (I'm a Certified Customer Service Professional - CCSP) I have to admit that companies who don't want or appreciate feedback - both negative and positive - generally don't keep my business for long.

So GL has turned a new leaf. Changed the way they shoot scenes - but done away with allowing the fans to speak their minds on their own site. Well, GL fans, Soap Central has a message board that you can post your thoughts to - we promise not to take it away, either. I encourage you to check it out.

Oh, and GL - the Podcast for the show hasn't been updated since 3/12 - I've sent you many messages on this, but I guess you were too busy planning on how to write stories that make no sense whatsoever while alienating the fans who - hello - keep the show on the air.

Back to the show itself. Other than the fact that I though the whole idea of a "wedding" was totally uninspired, it didn't stink as much as I had feared. Except the fact that since Doris officiated, isn't it a real wedding? And now that Olivia has a heart, what happens to Reva and Jeffrey? Now that they are apart - which is where I guess this is going - does this give us more Josh and Cassie time? I shudder at that thought - but they are the only couple who have some semblance of a relationship going. Oh, why couldn't Gus have hit Cassie with the motorcycle on the way down?

This week looks to be a real sad one on so many fronts. I guess that is to distract you from the fact that GL is really writing this show into the history books - of once great shows who are in danger of extinction.

I only hope that the show can "write" itself soon - and show us some happy Springfield citizens and stories worth watching. And show the fans that their opinions matter.

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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