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Goodbye, my friend
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Saying goodbye is never easy, not even in daytime, and last week was no exception. While Gus's death was no surprise, it was painful to watch how reality and Springfield blend on-screen.

Saying goodbye is never easy, not even in daytime. And this week was no exception. While Gus' death was no surprise (at least, not now) it was painful to watch how reality and Springfield blend on-screen. While I can't imagine how hard it is to say goodbye on screen - both as the actor/friend and the character you portray, I have to say that there were some glaring omissions in Gus' service.

Harley playing the grieving widow gives me pause. I can see her spiraling out of control at the loss of Gus. Despite the fact that he walked out months ago (thanks to the "brilliant" idea of someone at GL) he was still a part of Harley's life, there when she needed him. I've heard the same rumors about Beth Ehlers and hope she stays with the show - but I can see that this could be a possible out if she decides to leave.

With Harley's loss, I was at a total loss of why we didn't see either of Harley's best friends Cassie or Blake. Both are currently on-canvas, and surely at least one could have been written in for the funeral. Of course, when Josh didn't even get tapped to do the funeral I had to wonder why GL even wrote this storyline for him if they aren't going to use him for stories like this. And while they mentioned Gus' sister, no mention was made of his mother - who is still alive. All of this gives me pause.

While the service was great, I have to wonder as well where Harley's financial woes are going. I can't imagine putting a second on my mortgage to cover a blackmail threat for anyone - especially someone with such a shady track record. If Harley's decision causes her to lose the house, that will really devastate her. But in this economy, it certainly would be a realistic storyline, albeit an unpopular one.

Now that Gus is gone, except for the ghostly visits we'll see this week, Springfield has to begin the task of moving forward, which won't be easy. Natalia, Harley and Olivia will all have some pretty serious challenges ahead - which will certainly give GL plenty of story heading into the summer months.

Speaking of Olivia, her total lack of interest in her gift of life is totally amazing to me. I know that organ donation is a personal choice (one I freely admit I support) but she added herself to the organ donation list to be there for her daughters. Now that she can't have the man she "loved" - and I say that in quotes since Olivia fell in and out of love quickly it seemed - better be a short term proposition. Yes, she should be sad at the sudden loss of Gus - so is the rest of Springfield. But to lie there like a petulant child who didn't get her way will not go far with me. Olivia is a strong woman - it's something I like about the character. She has to draw on that strength now to move on and love Emma and try to provide some sort of guidance to Ava - who needs a blow to her head, it seems!!

Ahh, Ava. Since she's come to Springfield I've wanted to bonk her upside her head. She came with only ties to psycho Sandy and now she has managed to horn in to every young relationship in town, hardly endearing her to me. While my husband might appreciate her Victoria Secret scenes with Bill I just want her to ride off into the sunset - or at least grow up already. Surely she has to have one redeeming quality about her - right? Poor stupid Bill played it fast and loose with his libido and is going to break Lizzie's heart. Of course, there is no baby (although that confuses me since Michelle Ray Smith is really pregnant I sense a false negative test is coming). Now the shoe will be on the other foot and Ava would be the "other woman" in Lizzie and Bill's life - like Lizzie was with Tammy and Jonathan. What a difference a year brings...

I have to admit that the total transformation of Alan is of great interest to me. I've lost track of the number of times over the years that tragedy has befallen Alan and he's sworn that he would turn over a new leaf. But with the emotional loss of Gus, and the loss of his home and fortune, maybe things will be different...for a time. But when he learns that Dinah has been pulling the strings of his demise, I can't wait to see how quickly he forgets his new, humble ways for a taste at revenge!!

Speaking of revenge, I was a little shocked at how quickly Reva broke the sound barrier to tell Olivia about Gus. Sure, she's ticked that Jeffrey married Olivia (so am I) but it seemed a little petty to try to get back at her so quickly. I sort of went back and forth on whether Reva meant to hurt 'Liv or not. You can never tell with those two....

And I have to mention the glaring omission of the week when Vanessa and Lillian shared a scene without revealing who they were talking about that they had lost. Long time GL fans know that they meant the loss of Maureen (still in my Top 5 of dumbest ideas ever on GL) - Michelle's adoptive mother so many years ago. Mo's heart was given to Jesse Blue (there's another blast from the GL past) who was once involved with Michelle. She is, of course, the namesake for Vanessa and Matt's daughter who has been MIA for quite awhile now.

So now we begin life without Gus. It will be difficult to imagine Springfield without him - but I wish Ricky Paull Goldin all the best and thank him for some wonderful times both on and off screen. He's the best!! Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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