Will and Gwen say goodbye

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Will and Gwen say goodbye
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It is hard to believe that Will and Gwen have left Oakdale. As they took pictures of their last moments in Oakdale, it was nostalgic to remember how far they have come as a couple in three years.

It looks like all the crime and violence is over for now in Oakdale and how different things have been lately. The shows this week highlighted characters moving ahead to new beginnings in their lives; I found it fun and sometimes funny to see how life in Oakdale is calmer as we get to know some new residents and new faces on some old residents.

Will and Gwen Leave Oakdale
It is hard to believe that they have left Oakdale; I do believe that they have hit the end of the road for their storyline. It would have been a shame to have them on backburner status. I do have to admit watching their last show - there were many moments and they were saying goodbye to family: Carly, Parker, Barbara and Paul and friends that there were tears in my eyes.

As they took pictures of their last moments in Oakdale - it was nostalgic to remember how far they have come as a couple in three years. It seems much longer that three years considering all they has transpired for them: a lot of baby drama, Jade, Iris, Sofie and Cleo. Why no clips of them from the past?

I wish the actors: Jesse Soffer and Jennifer Landon all the best in their careers as these two young actors have serious star potential.

Luke & Noah & Casey & Ameera
This story has turned out to be fun since adding Casey to the mix. When Luke decided to say that Casey was his boyfriend to throw off the INS agent was a stroke of genius. NuCasey has been just a replacement before that now he is showing his personality more. It is obvious that he likes Ameera and Luke wants to be with Noah. This is going to be interesting to watch the dynamic of these four characters. How is Noah going to react with Luke paying some attention to Casey as part of the plan? How will the flirtation with Casey and Ameera work out? At least they are out of the farm so this should look more normal with them leaving in the cottage.

Carly & Jack Discuss Their Future
Carly and Jack again - yes! I am a fan of Jack and Carly. I like them together. I do not believe Jack is himself unless he is with Carly. I enjoyed their discussion about other relationships when they have been apart before. They have had a wild ride as a couple as have Holden and Lily. Who better for them to talk to than Holden and Lily who said what was expected: Holden was a true Snyder and Lily told Jack that she knows that building trust is important as she is doing it right now with Holden.

I hope they take things slow and become friends. I just don't want Carly to go back to her lying ways and ruin things. I believe that they can have a relationship like Holden &Lily or Tom & Margo and do other things besides bringing in a third party to ruin them.

Katie and Brad are Engaged
She finally said yes. It's about time - Brad is definitely the man for her. I have said time and time again - he is more the man she likes than Jack. Brad was right when he told her that Jack was more like a father than the man she should be romantically involved with. She really has fun with Brad like she did with Simon and Mike. So what happens now that Mike has returned to Oakdale? I think Mike has moved on and will find a new woman when he ready.

I think one of the best lines this week was when Margo told Katie that if she keeps it up in the marriage department, she may give Lisa a run for her money.

Emma Sells the Farm
I never thought that Emma would sell the farm however I see where she is coming from - she is getting up in age to worry about all that is involved in keeping the farm. Lucinda, of course, jumps right in and wants to buy it. Emma does not want to do business with Paul and it has everything to do with Meg. Meg seems to be weakening towards Paul. Paul is trying hard not to Paul Stenbeck.

Paul now has to contend with Mike Kasnoff as a business partner. Mike has always been so well-liked in Oakdale that Emma and Lily want him to be the guy that does the job. Mike has always been the standup guy when he came to business; he just has always seemed to be not as great in his love relationships.

There are readers of this column that have varying opinions about the show, here are a few:

Bhim said, "I have been watching ATWT since I was a kid during the summer. I'm now 45 and I think the show's dynamic works well for me. ATWT actually did set up the catalyst by bringing Gary Nevins in the mix. It really didn't feel like it was hoisted on me, because I saw the original storyline where Margo was raped by Nevins' brother and the whole ordeal afterwards. They didn't cave in to making Nevins a romantic lead like ONE LIFE TO LIVE did with Todd. These guys took a page from Y&R and did the time-passes-now-the-big-reveal. As for Martha Byrne leaving, it is a sad thing but I will side with the show on this one."

Sue said, "I agree with most of your comments about ATWT, except the part where you want Carly and Jack to get back together. I am hoping that Katie and Jack finally do get together again, especially after the touching scene in the hospital where Jack thought they were still married. Am I the only one who is so tired of Jack and Carly? I wish she was the one leaving instead of Lily."

Mary said, "WHO WRITES THIS STUFF???? I'm sending the ATWT writers to Law and Order 101. Parker's trial was a total joke - Ruby shows up with only Kit's driver's license in her pocket and the judge immediately says "oh, of course, it must be true. Let the kid go." C'MON!!! ATWT used to write great mysteries and had trials that actually had you wondering what the outcome would be. This was just awful. And, remind me to not bother to call the OPD if I need police protection. Aside from Kit being able to come and go as she pleased from Carly's house and car, Gray is able to enter Margo and Tom's house, FIRE A SHOT and the office on duty never even comes in to check it out? This week was very sad, plot-wise. I'm hoping that when Mike Kasnoff shows up next week, he sweeps Katie off her feet and we can end the Snyder brothers - Katie triangle once and for all."

Finally, it was great to see Paul be there for his mother and explain somewhat to Sofie about his father. I have to wonder what this bond between Paul and Sofie is because it truly is not romantic. I am starting to like Sofie more right now that she is not so whiny and I hope things pick up for her and Aaron.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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