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Mysteries, lies and tragedy!
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When a soap kills off a beloved character, the scenes always pack an extra powerful punch. That was the case this past week with Nash's exit.

We had all of that this week and more!

Hi everyone. First, I'd like to quickly introduce myself before I sink my teeth into this week's show. My name is Liz and I'm a long time viewer, and big fan, of One Life to Live. I'm filling in for my good friend Dawn, who will be back in two weeks with another one of her wonderful columns.

So, let's start with Nash's exit. I confess that I'm biased. I absolutely adore Forbes March. He's good looking, sexy and a fantastic actor. It crushed me when I learned that he was leaving One Life to Live. Nash was an interesting character with tremendous potential. It's beyond me why the writers seemed to give up on the character but they did. Once he was happily married to Jessica, Nash was shoved into a closet and left to collect moth balls. It was a complete waste of Forbes' talent.

That said though, I do love it when they kill off characters. The scenes always pack an extra powerful punch. That was the case this week with Nash's exit. I thought the scenes absolutely rocked. Bree Williamson's performances were outstanding. There wasn't a scene that I didn't cry right along with Jessica. When Michael walked out and said that surgery was pointless, like Jessica, I was flabbergasted. What?!?! When did it become the doctor's decision to let a patient die? If I ever fall, two stories, through a skylight, I had better have my poor broken body rushed into surgery or so help me I will come back and haunt every single doctor and nurse who gave up on me! I expected Jessica to completely unleash her fury when she ran into the chapel. I was surprised when, instead, she acknowledged all the blessings and miracles that she'd been given. It was that much more poignant when she began begging God to spare Nash's life. I was a bit annoyed with Viki though when she told Jessica that she was asking for the impossible. Isn't that what miracles are? I understood though that Viki's heart was in the right place. She was preparing her daughter for the inevitable. Of course Nash was going to die. They stopped giving him medical treatment!!!

The heart wrenching moment of the week, for me, came when Viki overheard Jessica talking to Nash about the baby that she was carrying. The look on Viki's face when she heard that, it was as if she'd been sucker punched. I couldn't help but wonder if Viki flashed back to the day that her first husband, Joe Riley, died of brain cancer, leaving her alone to raise two small boys.

The scene of the week though, was definitely when Jessica railed at Natalie and then slapped her into next week! Normally, I like Natalie but she had that one coming. She had no business taking Jared in to see Nash. Jared's need to apologize wasn't more important than Nash's right to die in peace. What happened between Nash and Jared wasn't murder. It was horrible and tragic, yes, but not criminal. Jared's apology to Nash and Natalie's defense of Jared, every time his name was mentioned, was unnecessary.

In the end, Natalie has only herself to blame for the rift between her and Jessica. Jessica needed her sister's support but didn't get it. Natalie was too busy giving Jared support and frankly I don't think he deserved it. Jared may not have been guilty of Nash's death but he was guilty of the family losing their business and Nash his vineyard.

Now let's switch gears to a few lighter moments. The funniest scene of the week, hands down, was when Sean was watching television and they interrupted his program for a late breaking news report about the stockholders meeting! Man, could I sympathize! On Wednesday and Thursday, we had nothing but constant severe weather breaks all day and night long. I was just as frustrated as Sean was. What's the point of having that little map in the corner of the screen with all the warnings and watches listed? And what happened to the little ticker that would announce late breaking IMPORTANT news at the bottom of the screen? If it doesn't require me to take immediate cover or to run for my life then catch me during commercials or between shows!

Another hilarious scene was Clint trying to wring Dorian's miserable neck. I was in stitches! Robin Strasser played it perfectly. Dorian standing there, all but giggling with glee and purring with satisfaction, was enough to make ME want to reach through the screen and wrap my hands around her throat. I completely understood Clint's urge to do it. Sadly for Dorian, karma appears to be far from finished with her. Adriana has learned of Mommy Dearest's last ditch effort to derail her marriage to Rex and the Cramer women were unanimously appalled at the idea of Cramer Enterprises. On top of that, Dorian made the mistake of scamming David out of some much needed cash. That was a very dumb move because David knows that Dorian had Charlie. When David learns that Charlie was found just a few short hours later, supposedly after an all-night bender, he's going to use that information to his advantage, not Dorian's. What Dorian did to Charlie was criminal. She drugged him, kidnapped him and then forced a nearly lethal dose of alcohol down his throat. According to Michael, Charlie was saved only because Viki had called an ambulance. If Charlie had been left, even an hour longer, he could have died of alcohol poisoning.

Todd was another source of amusement this week. That is something that I really didn't think would be possible. Lately, Todd has been less than entertaining. However, I did enjoy his scene with Bree. It was nice to see that side of Todd and I loved it when Viki came down and freaked, thinking Bree had wolfed down a bunch of Oreo cookies. That's the Todd I like, not the one who terrorizes his family and breaks into their home.

I want to quickly mention two scenes that I had issues with. The first was when Charlie was being taken to the hospital. The paramedics were talking and pretty much said that they were wasting their time saving Charlie. The other scene was between two police officers following Nash's fall through the skylight. They were just as callous and disrespectful as the paramedics. I know that in real life there are people like that, but I didn't understand the point of those scenes. These were some nameless characters we will probably never see again. Who cares what they thought?

Finally, it looks like we are finally going to find out who the woman is, stashed in Ramsey's penthouse. I have been avoiding spoilers because I want to be surprised but I can't avoid the news. I know we have a couple of returns scheduled. Tina Lord (Andrea Evans) and the original Marty Saybrooke (Susan Haskill) are headed back to Llanview. My theory is that it's Marty in that bed. It would make sense because Ramsey hates John and John and Marty were an item before she went KABOOM in the van that we all saw explode.

See why I wasn't too upset about Nash's death?

Liz Masters is a freelance writer who occasionally submits news stories for Soap Central. She is filling in for Dawn this week.

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