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Katie had better think back to the days when she used every dirty trick in the book to snag Simon, if she wants to hang on to Brad. It's clear that Janet wants Brad, and that she'll do anything to get him.

I've called Paul Ryan a lot of things through the years ("infuriating, crazy, obsessed, manipulative") but a rapist isn't one of them. However, newly turned psycho, Sofie, isn't having any problem doing so.

Sofie went from sweet girl and Cole's doormat to obsessing about Paul so quick it made my head spin. In fact, blink and you missed her turn from "nice" girl with conflicted feelings about parenthood, to fatal attraction girl. And this girl is scary crazy. I'm sure Paul seems like a catch to someone like her, but how she thinks accusing him of rape is going to get him to love her is beyond me. With Cole back in the picture as of Friday, I can only imagine the scheme they'll concoct to put the screws to Paul. I hope he gets a good lawyer. (Paging Cass Winthrop!)

Sofie's twisted choice did do one thing: It gave Paul something to do other than shoot longing looks at Meg, threaten Mike Kasnoff, and obsess about his love life. It also puts the final nail in the coffin for Sofie's character, who I assume has nowhere to go but out of Oakdale after this. And frankly, I don't mind. I mean do we really want someone in town who doesn't wash her dirty underwear for weeks? I'm just saying. Ewww.

--Tom Hughes made me chuckle this week. I don't know which was funnier: Tom using the term "BFF" or his line about Emily that "Technically she's family, but we don't need to be around her anymore than necessary!" If he only knew that his son was engaging in regular mattress-thrashing sessions with her, he'd probably take out a restraining order!

--The infamous Snyder barn is red. Who knew? All these years, we've only seen the interior. It was nice to get an exterior shot of the place where so many ATWT historic moments have occurred.

--I'm taking up a collection to buy Jack Snyder a cowboy hat. He looked downright metrosexual out riding horses on the farm, next to the head-to-toe cowboy-attired Holden.

--Katie had better dig back in her memory to the days when she used every dirty trick in the book to snag Simon, if she wants to hang on to Brad. Because it's clear Janet wants Brad, and she'll do anything to get him.

--The understatement of the week goes to Holden for this gem. When he had a flash of forbidden thoughts about Carly, he uttered, "Not good!" to himself. Yeah, no kidding. Thinking those thoughts about your cousin's/best friend's wife is indeed "not good!"

--Speaking of Holden and Carly, I'm seeing a mixed reaction from readers about their potential hookup. I agree with those of you who think they have chemistry, but I have to point out that Holden is just as, if not more, judgmental than Jack, so hooking up with the sometimes morally challenged Carly is a recipe for disaster. Plus, Lily and Carly are friends, not to mention Jack and Holden's best friend/cousin relationship. This has disaster written all over it. I think a better choice for Carly would be Mike or better yet, bring back Simon.

--Did Chris Hughes pull a Clarence Thomas and sexually harass Ali? It certainly seems that way. After she denied him sex, he had her removed from patient care and informed the nursing program director that if she wanted to kick Ali out that it was "her decision." Chris has used bad judgment during this whole drama. He wholeheartedly tried to help Ali in the beginning, by persuading the nursing director to keep Ali in the program, despite her poor classwork. But when things hit a glitch romantically, he couldn't get Ali out of the program and away from him at work fast enough. Not cool, Chris. He isn't a saint, I understand that. (When he was engaged to Ali, he slept with her sister Emily, and he was involved in the Evan Walsh takeover attempt up to his eyeballs.) But sexual harassment is a new low for Chris, if it's proven that's what he did. Lawyer Tom, you've got your work cut out for you on this case.

--I have two words for the scenes that put Henry behind the bar at Metro: Thumbs up! It was so nice to see him doing something besides serving pepperkacher and doling out advice to Brad and Katie. I've always loved Carly and Henry's scenes. More please!

--I had to chuckle when Carly and Lily neither one knew how to work the grill. I'm the same way. It always seems like the guy's domain at my house. (Insert the Home Improvement manly Tim Taylor grunt here.)

--Emily and Casey are at it again, but this time her son Daniel was along for their romp fest in New York. Emily, Emily, Emily! Get a hold of yourself, girl. Sleeping with your son's brother during a weekend trip is just skeevy. Yes, I understand how incredibly HOT Casey is, but you could have at least waited until Daniel had gone to sailing camp. I mean, it's not like Daniel is in town more than a couple days a year. And Emily, please stop saying "no" to Casey and then letting him fling you against a wall for a passionate kiss or more. You're sending mixed messages to not only Casey, but to the entire viewing audience. That said, I still think this couple is sizzling. I know it's wrong, but wow, the chemistry.

--Does anyone else wish it had been Noah to take a header off that boat, instead of his father? Noah has turned into a wishy-washy guy and turned Luke into a clingy boyfriend. This mess with Ameera needs to end now. I'm done with it.

--Kudos to the folks who are shooting the exterior shots in New York. I loved, loved, loved that all the action sequences on the boat took place with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

--I'm starting to think Meg Snyder is a character killer. I really enjoyed Mike Kasnoff when he first hit town. Now, since he's been running around as Meg's protector, I can barely tolerate him. I also used to like Paul, pre Meg, so you see where I'm going with this. Please keep her away from my Henry!

--Brad Snyder in protector mode is downright sexy. When he pummeled Janet's alleged attacker, he was defending the honor of women everywhere. I don't think he has feelings for Janet yet, but he seems way too involved in her life these days. If I were Katie, I'd be getting worried.

--It was great to see Barbara back to herself this week, when she tore into Sofie for accusing Paul of rape. Go Barbara! No mother lion is fiercer than Barbara, even when her health is posing a problem.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Carly gets Henry to fix her broken pipe and is shocked at the result.)
Carly: "You look wet."
Henry: "Really? Well, water does that."

(Carly gives Henry free martinis in exchange for him fixing her leaking pipes at Metro.)
Henry: "Any chance of making this an ongoing arrangement?"
Carly: "You know to be honest with you, I think it would be a lot cheaper for me to actually hire a plumber than keeping you in martinis."
Henry: "You're probably right."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops Jamison.)
I have to ask what makes Chris and Alison so enjoyable to you. Do you not remember why they split up before? Not to mention they still have yet to address why they broke up and work through that. I cannot, nor will I ever, support them for that reason alone. That, and the lack of chemistry between the actors.

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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