Sofie cries rape

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Sofie cries rape
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If anything happens between Holden and Carly, the ripple effect in the Snyder family will be huge. Carly is Lily's best friend, and Holden is Jack's best friend and cousin; it won't be pretty, but it will be excellent drama.

What is always so amazing to me is that there can some really good stories and then there can be a story that makes you think - why do I even watch this show? The other thing is that now that the regular writers have returned the inconsistencies in the storytelling are starting again with certain characters.

Carly and Holden
If anything happens between these two, the ripple effect in the Snyder family will be huge. Carly is Lily's best friend and Holden is Jack's best friend and cousin - this will not be pretty, however, I think this will be excellent drama. The character of Holden has been given a new lease on life since he has been spending time with Carly and now with a new Lily. I do like the way that the writers are sort of taking their time telling this story as we watch as their friendship grows and discover some things they didn't know about the other. Think about it - most of Holden's info about Carly came through Jack and when she was helping Lily with some scheme of theirs. Carly knew that when she had a problem with Jack, he would immediately cry on Holden's shoulder about what a bad person Carly was. I think Carly never got the benefit of the doubt until now.

Nevertheless, to see how this plays out will be fun - just to see how Jack reacts to Holden and then want to get Carly back at once. This new version of Lily will fight Carly for Holden as I see a strength in Lily now that has been missing during the last few years since Rose died. I know some people may have a problem with this story and this is what happens in a small town like Oakdale.

Sofie and Paul and Meg
This is that story that made me wonder why I was even watching this show. First of all, we still don't know a lot about Sofie and honestly, do we really care to? I thought for a while that she might be a viable character and the writers have no idea what to do with this character obviously. What makes a woman cry rape when a man rejects her? They did not have sex so where is the DNA evidence? She just has those cuts from her rampage in his living room. Then of all people to run into, it had to be Paul greatest enemy right now, Mike Kasnoff. Mike is going to believe anything bad about Paul.

Paul has done a lot of things in the past that were not honorable - never rape. This is so extreme to me that I have to wonder if I will even be able to watch this. Rape is very serious crime and to accuse someone like Sofie is doing is unredeemable.

Paul wants Meg and they have each seen Sofie to know she is off her rocker. Just wait until Barbara hears about this accusation against her son - I can see Sofie's jewelry business making a screeching halt; Mama Bear Ryan will not allow this.

Casey Grow Up
He was adult of him to admit what he had done to his grandmother. I thought that story point had been forgotten. He is showing his parents that he is getting better and wants to take responsibility for his actions. The scenes when he is confronted Tom and Margo showed that this guy is right one for the part of Casey. Casey told his parents exactly how he felt and that they need to treat as an adult. Unfortunately for him, his mother is a police detective and his father is a lawyer.

Margo and Tom were able to push their agenda and make him go back to school. They know that this must be the right thing for him. Emily has been a major help to him as well. I like that Margo felt she needed to thank Emily for making him see the light.

So where does this leave the relationship between Casey and Emily? I hope it continues as this is another one of those stories that when the truth comes out that there will be major drama in Oakdale - considering the characters involved, it will be worth the wait.

Noah and His Dad
When Ameera left, it should have been some relief on Luke and Noah's part. When they heard that Col. Mayer escaped, it should have been - let's hope he goes far, far away. Do we really care about Ameera? How much do we like Colonel Mayer being back? Honestly, I have only paid half attention to this story because it is not interesting. Granted, we see Noah and Luke working together to find out what is going on.

We also got to see the first of the three Inturn finalists, Michael - he did a good job. I think the right three ended up as finalists so I am looking forward to the other two performances.

Here are what some readers had to say:

Monique said, "I agree with with you about Sofie; she's dangerously obsessed with Paul and when she doesn't get him, she'll probably try to kill him. And is it just me, or did Barbara's "makeover" turn Sofie into an Anne Hathaway wannabe?"

Kathy said, "I agree completely with your thoughts about the recast characters. First and foremost - Lily - even before Noelle took over the part of Lily, I was very upset and thought no one could ever fill Martha's shoes -- the first replacement didn't. I have been a fan of Martha Byrne's since she mastered the role at a very young age -- Lily grew up right in front of us. Noelle fits into this role like a "hand-in-glove." I have to be honest that if I had the choice of choosing Martha or Noelle, Martha would win, however, Noelle is doing a great job and when I see her on screen, she is Lily...The new Casey (Billy) was not forced on us upon his release from prison - a good move. The haircut helped a bit too! :o) Billy is a great actor, is very believable in his role, and has so much chemistry with Emily - what a storyline that will be."

Kathy said, "Sofie reminds me of Jade. She seems like a good actress but they don't seem to know what to do with her."

Ken said, "Brad had to fight tooth and nail to convince Katie to marry him. And now all of his time is taken up by Liberty and her trashy mom. I want to see him appreciating his new wife more. I also want to see more of the Hughes family. They are the true core of the show, not these Janey-come-latelys."

Carrie said, "I have watched ATWT for quite a few years and the whole Meg, Paul, Sofie storyline has me bored to tears. Meg is always drinking tea and whining and Paul is always flaring his nostrils at the camera! Enough is enough already!!! Get rid of them - they are not serving a purpose...Juicy Janet has come on really strong. I am enjoying the Brad and Liberty scenes but he needs to wise up to her teenage ways soon...I really like the new Lily. I think it would be fun to see Lily with Jack and Holden with Carly for a change."

Lewis said, "I am also intrigued by the new Carly/Holden coupling and hope the writers take their time with this growing relationship. It would be so nice to see them as friends for a while and then perhaps more. Carly has long been a favorite of mine and to see her paired with another longtime character is very interesting. It might just work - until she gets back with her G-man, of course! I really like Liberty and Janet - but I agree with you that it's all a bit much all at once. If the writers would spread them out a little and let us get to know them, I think they would be great additions to Oakdale. And, Emily and Casey rock! I wasn't sure where this was going at first, but this is Emily after all! I should have known where she'd take it! Gotta love her - sometimes. This is going to be good!"

Finally, the folks at ATWT need to take note at what is happening on other shows like One Life to Live - the storytelling right now is above average to say the least. It honors the history of the show along with spreading the wealth in term of character involvement. It reminds me of the days of Douglas Marland.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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