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There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy some of the feedback that has been received from other fans of Guiding Light.

Kimberly is on vacation and unable to provide a new column this week -- but she will be back next week. In place if a new column, we offer you some comments from other Guiding Light viewers.

I have been watching GL since it's first episode on TV. The sets back then were very basic, par for the course at that time. More sophisticated sets, music and filming were employed over the years. HOWEVER, this new format is driving me crazy. The silly idea that every scene seems to have to be shot through limbs, trees, art objects, with the actors barely seen in the background, is ludicrous. And how many scenes do we have to endure on stairwells? Did you guys hire kids straight out of school to come up with the goofy scenes and bad, bad lighting? I'm just before giving up on my longtime favorite soap. Thank God Y&R and B&B still have beautiful sets and lighting!
-- Charlotte

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