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There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy some highlights from the past few years of Two Scoops columns.

Kimberly is on vacation and unable to provide a new column this week. In place if a new column, we offer you some snippets of columns from the past four years. To view more, click on the Two Scoops Archives option at the top of this page.


For those who missed it (and even I missed most of it), the Daytime Emmys were Friday night and GL didn't get a single one of the awards they were up for. I managed to get to my Mom's about 10:30, and when I saw Ron Raines in the audience with his shirt unbuttoned and tie off, I knew we were done.

This is the time of year when many entertainment industries have awards show. It's a great time to see your favorite entertainers in a different light. But the outcome of the shows can really alter the way you see them.

I'll bet that each one of us has been to an awards show for their family members. Especially school-aged kids, this is a big day to either look forward to with eager anticipation, or dread that it's coming up on your calendar.

. . .


Alan certainly leads the pack with all of his secrets. Lizzie knows that he is sending Harley to "Hell House" but will she help her former stepmother? Her Spaulding roots run deep and she has always played the Spaulding game of protecting her family members. Lizzie's speech this week about growing up really brings to light all of the things that this character has seem (or done herself) in her short life. How will living in "on the hill" affect the way she turns out? Can she break the cycle of lies and secret deals and find happiness (with Coop?). Phillip used to make great stands against Alan as well, when he was younger. And look where that landed him! In the end, he became much like the man he both loved and hate and it cost him his life.

. . .


For those who are newer viewers of the show, let me explain that the Bauer family was the family that GL was based on. They all - pretty much - worked at Cedar's Hospital. Now this week Rick faces losing his job (again) because he helped Phillip fake his death (after the fact) and helping down Ross Marler's plane. If Mel and Leah turn their back on Rick (and possibly leave) there would be no other Bauer in town. And no Bauer at Cedar's Hospital - which is unbelieveable. The thought of GL without Bauers is quite distressing. Although there is one Bauer family member in town - I don't think A-M (whose mother is Hope Bauer Spaulding) really carries on the family torch for service in the community.

. . .


Sure, Cassie sent Reva to the jail to visit Josh. Not to seduce him -- but she knows their history. Of course, Josh is the "stand up" guy who usually does no wrong. But he is a human being, too. Not that I'd be in a forgiving state of mind if my fiancé and my sister hooked up. We'll have to see how it all plays out. I'm not really sure who I am rooting for on this one.

And then we have TWO paternity stories going at the same time. First with Beth and Alan's baby ? who isn't really Rick's, then Rafe Rivera -- Gus' son. Seriously, GL -- one is enoough for a year and you give us two for a summer? You know Daisy and Rafe will fall in love -- maybe this generation's Beth and Lujack? Only time will tell.

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