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Let's hope that the time away from each other will make Noah realize what he has in his relationship with Luke. Let's also hope that Luke does not find someone else before that happens.

More and more, things in Oakdale are getting out of hand thanks mainly to newbies Janet, Sofie and Liberty while Alison sues Chris, Emily is still secretly with Casey and Noah and Luke have major problems. There is a variety of things happening right now to keep mostly everyone interested - right?

Carly and Holden
There were scenes this week with Carly and Jack that made you remember what a special connection that they have. Now we see more and more, Holden and Carly creating sparks and you have to wonder if this will work. Granted, it is bad on so many levels because of the relationship between Lily & Carly and Holden & Jack. I have said this before but Holden is very different with Carly: he actually smiles and is having fun as opposed to all the high drama with Lily.

The way that show ended on Friday with Holden and Carly going in for a kiss which is going to really shake things up between them and everyone around them. For a while, I thought this might be fun and now I see how this story will make Carly look worst than she has in years. For the upstanding, judgmental Holden - how could he do this to Jack and Lily?

I enjoy the actors and the fallout will make excellent daytime drama though I am now on the fence about why is this story being taken to this level.

Noah and Luke
The main obstacles in their relationship is now gone: Noah's father and Ameera; so what's the problem now? To be real, the Colonel was Noah's father and he had feelings for this man; Luke is not the one to blame for him deciding to jump overboard and kill himself. Has anyone verified that this man is dead?

Let's just hope that the time away from each other will make Noah realize what he has in his relationship with Luke. Let's also hope that Luke does not find someone else to fill his time while he is now free.

Janet has thrown herself right in the middle of so much - Brad's relationship with Katie, his job at WOAK and now, she has befriended his brother. What is this woman really up to? Does anyone care? The problem I have always had with her is how she is being forced on us and she is a bit irritating. I can't find anything to really like about her right now. It's obvious; she still has feelings for Brad and wants to destroy his relationship with Katie.

Let's talk about Katie - has she become a wimp or what? Katie has never been a woman to stand by and let someone like Janet get the upper hand. Katie used to be the true schemer and she could outwit Janet in a blink of an eye. Katie needs to get her backbone and show Janet just who is boss and that Brad is her man.

Alison sues Chris
Bottom line, Chris Hughes is a bonehead and brought all of this on himself and the hospital because he is such a spoiled brat that he thinks he can do anything he wants as the son of the Chief of Staff. What he needs to do is find another woman whose last name is not Stewart. He acts like Emily and Alison are the only two women in Oakdale.

As a matter of fact, he should be happy that he didn't get involved with Sofie. I guess either way, he would have his troubles.

The adult thing for this guy to do was to just leave Alison alone and let her flunk out on her own, concentrate on his own business and find a new woman in the hospital to cuddle up to.

As all of this was unfolding, I was thinking about the history of the Stewart and Hughes: in the old days, the Hughes and Stewart families were as close as two families could be. Now, it's all about the bad things that happened in recent years to create the family feuds.

Cole Returns
I have to ask again every time he shows up in town - why? Hopefully, he is here this time in order to take Sofie far, far away from Oakdale. How can this woman accuse Paul of rape? She is delusional and the more we get to know her we find that she is just really unstable.

I want this really bad story to end. To show what I mean, Paul gave Sofie money after she has accused him of rape - what does that say? The writers are making Paul seem less of a businessman and more of an idiot who will get himself into major trouble.

Finally, are we going to spend the summer watching the young love story of Liberty and Parker? I enjoy Liberty more when she is with Parker than when she is hanging with the adults. Please let me know what you would be interested in seeing happen in Oakdale this summer; I'll print some of your ideas next column.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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