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With Dinah and Bill's takeover of all things Spaulding, fans are rooting for them to find their footing as a real family. Without the trappings of success, Alan seems to be taking a less desperate (and illegal) approach with keeping his family together.

Happy Father's Day to all of the Father's out there - and I know there are a number of men who are regular readers and writers (like Charles in Florida and Ron in Canada) who I pass along my greetings today. I have to admit, since my own Dad died in 2003, I dread this day where I am reminded 24/7 of my loss and how much I miss him. But it seems that the day isn't really as popular as it once was in Springfield - at least these days.

Take the Lewis family. Bill is awaiting the birth of his first child - a son we learned this week. Oh, wait a minute. The baby is not his, but a trap set by the always so desperate Ava to keep a man (who all seem to have ties to Lizzie - except Sandy who only had eyes for Tammy). So while he is making plans to take over Springfield and ignoring the advice of his own father Billy, he's blindly walking into a world of hurt when the truth is revealed. So once again, GL has taken the miracle of birth and reduced it to a storyline plot and a paternity twist (wow - they haven't done that since Peyton Raines Spaulding less than a year ago - not to mention half of the characters on canvas).

So you can't imagine that Bill will be watching a game with Billy (and poor Josh, who's children are MIA - at least he has R.J. there to bond with since his own father - Hart - was killed by Dinah years ago.) This relationship really makes me sad - since Daniel Cosgrove and Jordan Clarke have played the roles off and on for so many years have a great chemistry and would do well together in a nice, meaty story that involved both of them.

But Ava, if she's not too wrapped up in her own little dramas, might remember that she actually has a father was shot less than a month ago. I can't see her remembering Jeffrey, except to ask him to walk her down the aisle so she can get this scam of a wedding over with before Bill discovers the truth. Not that he's been there for her (although in fairness he didn't know about her until recently) but he's finally being written as more than a playboy for Springfield's desperate women and has fallen for Reva Shayne (although you know the writers will mess that up, as well).

The Coopers have their hands full this Father's Day as well. Harley is on the run with Gus' son (who must spend this Father's Day - his first without Gus - on the lam). Buzz protected his little girl as she escaped - only to anger overprotective brother Frank. Of course, Frank seems to have some source of happiness since he seemed pleased (!) that his daughter is dating his best friend. I think Frank needs to have a sit down talk with Marina taking a break from men (although not as long as the break he has from the ladies). I can see her getting her heart broken for the one millionth time if she isn't careful - since Mallet and Dinah still seem rather entwined for former spouses.

With Dinah and Bill's takeover of all things Spaulding I actually find myself rooting for them to find their footing as a real family. Without the trappings of success, Alan seems to be more human and taking a less desperate (and illegal) approach with keeping his family together. Since it seems Phillip is off canvas long term (Grant Aleksander has been reportedly at OLTL of late talking to them about joining the team either in front of or behind the camera) Alan and Lizzie can bond as they once did. Hopefully they'll take Bill Lewis down a peg or two at the same time. How like GL to trash the couple I was really rooting for to give us more Ava time. I just hope he realizes that he can get a company and the girl, too. Heck, had he married Lizzie he could have had a hand in running Spaulding without the takeover bid - just a thought.

The troubling story brewing is with Daisy and her entanglement with "G" who has oddly decided to return to the one small American town where he is a known fugitive. When she returned to Springfield, Daisy was nothing but trouble. And now that her parents are both AWOL yet again, she's left to her own devices - which is never a good thing. Ashlee has been drawn into "G"s plans for Springfield - whatever they are - and it can't be good for the naïve teen. We'll have to see how it all plays out - but I can see that she needs some guidance in her life full time - not being shuttled between relatives allowing her to her own devices for ages.

I hope that the residents of Springfield can at least have some peace and enjoy time with their Dad's today. Forget about power grabs, bad relationships, mistakes you've made - grab the time with your Dad while you still have him and show him you care.

Although I have to admit this day is a difficult one for me there is one young man who my heart really goes out to today - Luke Russert, who's Dad Tim died on Friday. I had the pleasure of being at a speech Tim gave in 2003 at our Annual Meeting and got to see Tim up close. He was just as friendly and engaging - and intelligent - as you could imagine. He spoke for 90 minutes without a single note card - and held the audience of cynical lawyers (our members) in the palm of his hand. He was engaging and very entertaining - while imparting his wisdom on the group. The last time I saw him in person was Opening Day at the Nationals baseball game, and he looked like a man who enjoyed every minute of his life - and loved spending time with family and friends. And now he is gone, and my heart goes out to young Luke. The world has lost a great guy, but he has lost his Dad - and I hope that he knows we are all thinking of him and his family during this difficult time.

Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Happy Father's Day!

. . .

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