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A pleasant surprise
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Alan and Lizzie working together to take back Spaulding could be interesting, though Alan could be back in jail soon. If so, will the writers remember that he's claustrophobic?

It's always great when you receive a little extra (nice) surprise to make your day. And this week, fans of GL received not one, but TWO nice surprises in the form of Emmy gold on Friday night. Congratulations to two time winners Gina Tognoni (Dinah) and Tom Pelphrey (ex-Jonathan) who both won for a second time in three years.

Although I have to admit that the broadcast started off badly - from this GL'ers point of view. In the first 10 minutes we saw former GL'ers Beth Ehlers (soon-to-be-ex-Harley) and Ricky Paull Goldin (ex-Gus) gushing about being on AMC, Rick Hearst (ex-A-M), Laura Wright (ex-Cassie), Judi Evans (ex-Beth) and Kassie DePaiva (ex-Chelsea) all in their new roles. While I am immensely proud of all of them - and root for them to succeed, it made me wistful for the days they spent in Springfield.

But before I could brood too much - BAM - our first winner of the night. I have to admit that I was surprised that Gina won - although I know she has done some great work. I'll freely admit that I don't watch the competition and have to rely on reputation - and the occasional sick day - to see them in action. I did feel that after I felt Tom had done exceptional work the year before, and lost, that he would win based on the final "Jammy" scenes and was thrilled when he did.

All in all I thought the show was great - and didn't run too long. It's always interesting to see the stars together out of character, too. Attending in person one year is definitely on my "To Do" list.

Back in Springfield I have to admit that I have mixed reactions to the new set up. It's been four months now and I do have to admit I like the use of remotes - something we lacked for so long. But the traditionalist in me cringes at the sound quality (does no one check before they wrap shooting?) and the real "sets" that have all but replaced most Springfield sets. Cross Creek has totally lost its charm - as has Cassie's farmhouse. Cedar's Hospital could be shot at a "set" in Peapack (and I volunteer to destroy the hideous set they use now). And with the Bauer bar-be-que coming up soon (unless the show ignores it - which they'd better not) I am worrying about how that will appear on-screen.

And while the camera angles and lack of reaction shots have me shaking my head, I have to admit that a few of the stories are getting better. I like the interaction with Dinah and Olivia (and can't wait for the next catfight) but the fawning over Ava and the wedding that should never come off is getting way too much air time. Alan and Lizzie working together to take back Spaulding could be interesting - of course Alan could be back in jail soon... (but will the writers remember he's claustrophobic?). And why is Jeffrey in Cedar's longer than heart transplant recipient Olivia? Reva's movie is front and center, and then forgotten for weeks. What is up with the scheduling of actors? Stories need to flow - not seem like stop and go traffic on any US freeway at rush hour.

The bright "Light", of course, remains the actors - two of whom who were rewarded this week. But with the mass exodus of actors (and possible recasts) the show needs to work equally on getting new fans and not alienating the ones they have. I fear that the loss of Beth Ehlers and Ricky Paull Goldin will mean the loss of some fans - and pretty loyal ones to the actors.

Harley fans will have one more day to see their favorite on Monday but it will be via phone (although Beth Ehlers is seen). Somehow this is supposed to wrap her time on GL (unless they recast which is widely reported - with former AMC'er Cady McClain as a top contender). I'm sure once she learns of Cyrus' connection to Grady - and his fling with Cassie - she'll stay away from Springfield. But this will surely put Daisy in an even bigger tailspin - with her family all pointing fingers at one another and doing very little to help her.

The other news is that internet reports have the show has added another writing team which includes Christopher Dunn, Lloyd "Lucky" Gold and Jill Lorie Hurst have been bumped up to head writer alongside David Kreizman . I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but the show needs some stability and consistency with the writing - for all of the characters. Hopefully the show can achieve some stability with the cast and writers for awhile so fans can get some semblance of how the show would be with the players (in front of and behind the camera) that we have on board. Hopefully we'll be able to improve in the ratings and keep the fans tuning in for more...

Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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