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Can someone explain?
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Bill grew up in Springfield; we all witnessed that. He's had his ups and downs, but he's becoming as out of control as Dinah. A little happiness would be appreciated, because his life is starting to be a bit of a downer.

As a soap fan for over 30 years, I think it's safe to say that I (think) I understand soaps - or at least GL. It hasn't always made sense (i.e. the clone story) I haven't always liked the pairings (Harley/Cyrus being one) but I could let things go. Surely there is something that I don't understand that connects down the road. Then we'll all be enlightened and order will be restored in Springfield.

But this week, I have to admit, that two things that have been "wrong" for a while really began to grate on my nerves. I know that many of you feel the same, so we'll try to work it through together.

First - why - with all of those relatives in Springfield - is Daisy ever alone? She has two relatives who are SPD in the family, two grandfathers, one grandmother and Uncle Coop. Why is she left over and over to run into that "G" guy who is - hello - guilty of running down Tammy. And why is so much air time devote to her stupid shenanigans? All it makes me want to do is lock her up for good! Yes, "G" can confess - but he still did it. Your cousin Tammy is still dead, and you are a total do-do for still standing by him. Move on, GL.

Speaking of Springfield's Aussie connection there is Cyrus. Why in the world is he still there? He's already hurt the Coopers time and time again. Helped to ruin the most boring marriage in Springfield (Cassie/Josh) and now he's hanging around, drinking beers he can't afford (no job) with his convict brother. More and more air time is spent on him, and it leaves long time fans with less and less time with characters who have a history in Springfield.

This Friday is July 4th - the Bauer bar-be-que. But with only one Bauer in Springfield (something I hope GL fixes soon!) who knows how it will go off? In recent years, it's been the backdrop for weddings and big scenes that detract from the fun and frivolity it used to be (back when the Bauers were a) still in Springfield and b) had an actual set for a house. This year we have Bill and Ava's wedding fiasco to detract from the big day (thanks for nothing, GL). But if you want to remember the good old days and have a Bauer burger for yourself, here is the recipe:

Bauer Burgers

1. Get 2 lbs of ground sirloin, then mix in some garlic, pepper, salt and 3 teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce.

2. Make an even number of thin hamburger patties. (Be sure to make them very thin.)

3. Chop up some onion and put it on top of the first patty. Then put a slice of American or mozzarella cheese on top. Grill some mushrooms and put them on top of the cheese. Cover the whole thing with another patty.

4. Using a fork press down the edges of the patties so they are sealed

5. Barbecue the double patties over a low flame until done. It takes more time to cook due to the thickness of the patties.

Hope you enjoy your burgers!!

But the recipe I'd like GL to try (besides giving us a real Bauer bar-be-que next year) is a simple one: More air time for familiar faces (like Blake - welcome back!) Rick, Beth and Lillian and less air time for the same old same old. How many times can we see Bill Lewis acting obnoxiously drunk on power (they are ruining his character)? He has turned into a mini-Alan Spaulding nearly overnight - and when was Alan actually happy with his life? How enjoyable will this be to watch? Bill grew up in Springfield - we all were witness to that. He's had his ups and downs, but he's becoming as out of control as Dinah (and Blake). After awhile it does get old - show a little happiness (not that faked, forced society stuff that Dinah and Bill are trying to feed Springfield society folks). It's getting to be a downer.

Speaking of downers, I'm sure many of you read what happened when Beth Ehlers (ex-Harley) went to clean out her dressing room (which she was called and told to do). The security guards reportedly stopped her and escorted her back there - what could she have done? Taken a tacky piece of the sets they are using these days? Come, on GL. I know that you have egg on your face for her leaving (so childish of GL) but to make someone who gave you nearly 20 years go back with a security guard to get her belongings? It just makes me see that, like so many places in the work world, Beth was good to get out when she did. And GL had better wake up and smell the coffee before their shoddy treatment of people (on top of the writing, horrible sets and the pace of the show) drive fans away in droves. Shame on you GL!

Hopefully this week's show will have all of the fireworks that I expect from the 4th of July. Ahhh, if Ava has egg (salad) on her face after the truth is revealed I'll be a happy girl!! Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Happy 4th of July!

. . .

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