Two major revelations

For the Week of June 30, 2008
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Two major revelations
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Last week, Beth confessed to Katie that she couldn't stay in Los Angeles and be with her family because she's had a stroke and is suffering from dementia.

This week, we're taking a break from the usual routine and introducing you to some folks who would like to join the Two Scoops family. Allison is first at bat and she is offering her thoughts on last week's B&B. When you're done reading her column, drop us a line and let us know what you think.

Finally! After waiting for what seems like months, this week we got not one but two major reveals on The Bold and the Beautiful. I don't know about you, but it was about time in my book. First, there was Beth Logan opening up and explaining the reason for her bizarre behavior - why she's been avoiding her family.

This was good; it was serious. Beth confessed to Katie that she couldn't stay in Los Angeles and be with the family because she's had a stroke and is suffering from dementia. It's causing her to lose memory and it's getting worse. She feels that if she stays with her children, she'll become a burden.

I don't agree with Beth. I think she underestimates the love the Logans have for one another. I also don't know if I buy this storyline in terms of reality. Family is family, not only in real life but in soap life, too. Beth may have been living in Paris all these years, but she was in touch with her children. When she had a stroke, why weren't they contacted? At the hospital in Paris, wouldn't Donna or Brooke or Storm have been called when she was brought in? Wouldn't one of them be her a next of kin?

I'm willing to give Brad Bell a chance to tell this story, especially if he comes up with good reasons for Beth's choosing to remain incommunicado. In my world, a mother suffering a stroke reaches out to her children; she doesn't retreat.

The other major revelation wasn't a reveal for us, the viewers, but for Eric. After what felt like six months, Donna introduced her grown son, Marcus, to her husband. Of course, wicked bad timing that she has, Donna revealed the truth just moments after Ridge, Thorne and Felicia confronted Eric with the same info. It was like a scene from an old detective movie, there were all the suspects in the room, and whodunit? Donna, that's who.

She explained that had had a teenage pregnancy, gave up the baby for adoption, and nobody knew except her mother, her aunt and Storm. She pled with Eric to understand and proclaimed her love for Marcus, the child with whom she'd only reunited weeks before. It was compelling and heartfelt.

Naturally, Ridge and his siblings scoffed. Their superiority is really ticking me off. I mean, come on! Ridge and Thorne both dated Donna before Eric did. They're hardly in a position to accuse Eric of thinking with another part of his anatomy than his brain. Ridge has done that most of his adult life!

And that scene earlier in the week, when the reporter, Jarod, confided to the Forrester kids that Eric's marriage was the reason the business was swimming in red ink, I nearly screamed at the TV set. Bad publicity has never hurt the Forrester bottom liine -- not even Ridge framing his brother for the murder of Shane McGrath, which Ridge covered up by dumping the body in Santa Monica Bay! No, Forrester Creations is in financial trouble now because of all the boutique expansion and the Marone buyout, not Eric's marrying a younger woman.

Anyway, back to Donna and Marcus. I was glad that Eric didn't react impulsively. It seems like he's going to stand by his wife -- good for him -- but the real elephant in the room, the one nobody is mentioning, has got to be addressed. Who is Marcus' father? Donna said that because she looked older, men were attracted to her and that's why she got in trouble. But in 1988 -- assuming Marcus is 20 years old -- was Donna involved with an African-American man and nobody said a word? Interracial relationships are more commonplace now, but in 1988, I don't know. Is anybody going to bring up the race issue, or will it remain a taboo subject? What do you think?

While the reveals dominated the story telling, it's also worth mentioning that it was a relief to see Katie up on her feet. Now, if they would give her some makeup! She's still looking quite ghostly. Also, would it kill Ridge to shave? The stubble is making him look grizzled, not sexy.

I'm anticipating Steffy blasting her twin, big mouth Phoebe. What was she thinking by telling Dad about Marcus, messing up Steffy's newfound friendship? After being on the other end of Ridge's edicts - remember when he forbade Phoebe to see Rick - I figured she'd have more empathy for her sister. And Ridge has learned nothing about how to handle his children. Telling Steffy to stay away from Marcus is only going to make her want to see him more.

Looking ahead, I'm curious to see how the Beth story evolves. I doubt that she's going back to Paris, but will Dr. Bridget be able to find a miracle cure for grandma like she did for Aunt Katie? Speaking of Katie, now that she's been given a new lease on life, is she going to seize the day - the man - and fight for a life that includes love and romance? Finally, where's Stephanie? She's been too quiet of late. Something's cooking.

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