It only took a decade!

by Dawn
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It has been a LONG decade for fans of Bo and Nora. After they were torn apart in a horrible way, it seemed like they would never reunite.

It has been a LONG decade for fans of Bo and Nora. After they were torn apart in a horrible way, it seemed like Bo and Nora would never reunite. In the span of 10 years, most popular soap opera couples have been married and divorced at least a couple of times. Not Bo and Nora! Instead, we watched them attempt to move on with other people, some of them better than others. However, none of these relationships worked, but Bo and Nora still never got past what happened between them. That is why it was so great to see them admit that they still love each other last week. They didn't talk in circles as they usually do but got straight to the point instead. They put it all on the line and realized that they really do want to be together. It's about time! Nora also finally got the forgiveness that she wanted so badly from Bo. Bo has forgiven other people for bigger misdeeds than cheating, and yet he wouldn't forgive Nora. In fact, he often treated her like the gum on the bottom of his shoe, so I am so glad that he finally came to his senses! Bo and Nora are meant for each other, and while they both know that things can still come between them, they know it's worth the risk. Lindsay was right about Bo and Nora, and I am glad that Bo listened to her.

While I am thrilled that Bo and Nora will reunite, I wish it had been done in another way. It would have been better if they had grown closer because Matthew had his surgery. I still don't like what they did to Matthew, and the fact that they are declaring their love for each other while Matthew feels betrayed is bittersweet. I can accept this, however, because I know Matthew will have the surgery. That isn't a spoiler, and I don't know when it will happen. I am only confident that it will happen because I have been watching soap operas for a long time, and I know that characters that are put in a wheelchair don't stay there for long. It will, however, be interesting to see Matthew's reaction to his parents getting back together as a result of them moving him to London. He is already furious with them; I don't know how he'll react to finding out that his parents have found happiness together as he broods in his wheelchair!

Then there is Clint. I feel bad for Clint, but then I don't. He knew there was still something between Bo and Nora, but he proposed in such a way that Nora felt obligated to accept. She chose to go through with the wedding, and she has to accept responsibility for that, but Clint wasn't impervious to what was happening between Bo and Nora. Clint convinced himself to ignore the warning signs and to believe that Nora wasn't still pining for Bo. I hope that Nora is direct with Clint and tells him the truth immediately. I would hate to see Bo and Nora continue to long for each other while Clint still thinks his marriage is viable, just because Nora couldn't bring herself to be honest with Clint. She knows who and what she wants, and letting Clint think that they have a future would just be wrong. Hopefully, Bo and Nora's new era of honesty with each other will extend to Clint, and he will know where he stands. Fans of Bo and Nora have waited for a reunion for a long time, so stretching out this triangle would just be cruel!

I hope Nora follows Rachel's example of telling the difficult truth. Rachel told Shaun that they didn't have a future without any wavering. While she should have told him about how she and Greg have grown closer, she made it clear that she wasn't interested in Shaun. It couldn't have been easy, especially since Shaun practically ran from his hospital bed to take her on a date, but stringing him along would have been awful. He didn't take the news well and blew up when he saw Greg and Rachel in the park, but at least he knows where he stands. Now Rachel and Greg can move forward, even if it is in the face of Shaun's wrath. The truth may hurt, but it can't be avoided in situations like this.

I hope that Mitch didn't really dig up Nash's body and put it in the chair for Jessica to find. That is cruel, creepy, and gross. I am glad Mitch is coming back, even if he has died a couple of times, but that doesn't mean I want to see any dead bodies! While I wish the writers would stop doing awful things to Jessica, this story has been interesting so far. Jessica didn't fully grieve for Nash because Tess and Bess took over, and now she is being forced to think about him because of these phone calls and sightings of "Nash." Mitch is the master when it comes to making people suffer, and he is proving that this time. He is torturing Jessica on a daily basis, he has Jared doing his dirty work, and he even managed to rope Brody's sister and Rex's aunt into his plan. I can't wait to see him confront Jessica and Natalie for the first time and to find out why he has been out to make them suffer!

I am also glad that the identity of Rex's father will be revealed. It's pretty obvious that it will be Mitch, which many people guessed from the start. It seemed like the writers decided to raise the question of Rex's father is without committing to an answer, so they decided to focus on Gigi and Rex's train wreck of a relationship instead. Since they have managed to make Gigi and Rex unlikeable as a couple, they have decided to focus on Rex finding out who his father is. I can't wait to see Rex's reaction to learning the truth. He has been fed so many stories about his father that I am sure he won't believe the truth. I can't wait for him to confront Roxy with it and to find out why it all happened. This will be an interesting story, if written well, so maybe I can like Rex again, and he can focus on something else besides being the jealous boyfriend!

I hope Gigi doesn't do anything she shouldn't do with Schuyler. She feels abandoned by Rex, and Corinne didn't help by lying to her about Rex, but I hope she doesn't give up on him that easily. She should know better than anyone that things aren't always what they seem. She should be the last person to jump to conclusions after she told Rex lies to save Shane. However, Gigi seems to have forgotten all of this for some reason. I understand why she is upset with Rex, but she isn't giving him the chance to explain his actions, and I can't empathize with her. I do, however, feel bad for Schuyler. Gigi is ready to throw herself at him, but it's a direct reaction to being left behind by Rex. If Schuyler were to do anything with Gigi, it would be the result of her drinking too much. Schuyler can't win in this situation. While Gigi previously admitted to having feelings for Schuyler, she clearly views him as the anti-Rex, so we don't know how true her feelings are. It's a bad situation all the way around, and I hate to see a nice guy like Schuyler caught in the middle!

I also feel a little bad for Dorian. Marrying Amelia was her idea, but when it came time to say "I do," Dorian didn't like her own idea. She is a woman of her word, however, and she went through with the ceremony. She wanted David to stop her, but when she realized he wasn't coming, she did what she promised. It seems like Dorian almost wants Viki to win, so she doesn't have to legalize her marriage. Dorian is usually so sure of herself and her choices, so it was interesting to see her second guess herself. Dorian can be her own worst enemy at times, especially when it comes to David, and Robin Strasser did a phenomenal job of portraying Dorian's emotional turmoil last week. Even though Dorian married Amelia, she should know that things aren't completely over between her and David. They have had their ups and downs through the years, and while David is disappointed in Dorian's choice, he knows that she isn't in love with Amelia. Dorian and David always manage to come back to each other, and they will even after this! By the way, it was wonderful to see Andrew return to Llanview to do the ceremony. It's never feels right when another priest officiates weddings!

Kyle and Oliver have finally managed to get back together. I am glad that Kyle didn't marry Nick. He seems like a nice person, but he made Kyle feel obligated to marry him, much like Clint did with Nora. Relationships can't be forced, and while Nick felt sure about marrying Kyle, the sentiment wasn't shared. I am glad that Kyle was honest and stopped himself from making a commitment that he didn't want to make. Now that Nick is out of the way, and Oliver has accepted his identity, Kyle and Oliver can move forward. It seems like this story has been developing for a long time, so now the Kyle and Oliver fans might finally get a payoff. It will be interesting to see what happens!

I was happy to see Marcie last week. She has found happiness with Michael and Seattle and seems very much at peace with her new life. Michael and Marcie were given an abrupt exit from the show, so it is good to see them come back (even if separately) to update everyone on their life. Viki and Marcie's conversation at Chloe's grave was touching. Both women have come to terms with everything that happened, and they can both see the good that came out of it. Marcie has come a long way in the last year, and she is grateful for what she has, especially the baby she is carrying. I also liked how she brought Hope a birthday present. It couldn't have been easy for her to do, but she wanted to acknowledge the birthday of the child that was going to be hers. Marcie could have easily left Llanview and never looked back, but I am glad that she still feels connected enough to want to come back.

Hope's birthday party ended up being a nice event, especially with the nice group picture they took for Hope. She won't remember it, but she will see it when she's older. It was nice to see people be on their best behavior for the most part. They understood that the event was for Hope, and not about all of the issues that they had with each other. It was, however, fun to see Marty make Blair squirm, when she told Todd she knew how important his children were to him. Blair deserves it after the way she has been behaving lately. Marty might be bound by doctor-patient confidentiality, but it didn't stop her from chipping away at Blair's comfort level. Blair needs to get a taste of her own medicine once in a while!

Meanwhile, Tea went to London to take Danielle out of the only boarding school in London because Ross found out where she was. We finally got to see Danielle and Tea in the same room. The resemblance between them was more apparent, and we got to see how they interact. It's amazing that Tea doesn't understand why Danielle is so angry. Danielle resents being sent to boarding school and being kept away from her father. It isn't hard to figure out why Danielle was less than thrilled to see her! Danielle doesn't know that her biological father is Todd, and she doesn't understand why she can't see Ross. Why doesn't Tea see Danielle's side of the story? I don't understand Tea's reasoning in this story at all. The fact is if Tea hadn't hidden Danielle from Ross, then she wouldn't have to worry about Ross running off with Danielle. The writers have decided that Ross is abusive towards Tea, and that's why she is afraid, but if this is the case, they waited a long time to come up with this development. Maybe making Ross a bad guy is a way of making Tea look better. She looks pretty bad right now in terms of her actions. She is lying to several people, and her reasons for doing so haven't been clear. She has had ample time to tell Todd that they have a child together. She has had ample time to tell Ross that Danielle isn't his biologically, and she has kept all of these revelations from her daughter, who is deeply affected by all of it. Now that Elijah and Blair both know the truth, and Todd is investigating Tea, it's only a matter of time before Ross and Todd find out. Tea trying to take Danielle away was a desperate action that proves that she knows the walls are closing in on her. The only question that remains now is why w she won't just tell the truth. Tea continuing to keep her secret doesn't make sense, and I don't how she thinks she will get away with it. She obviously won't!

As for Danielle as a character, I like her so far. She genuinely wants to help Matthew, even though it complicates her own escape from school. She hasn't known Matthew for long, but she is still willing to stand by him. I like that about her. She and Matthew share a unique bond, as they were both forced to go to boarding school without having a say in the matter. They also have hopes that they will each get what they want and are willing to risk everything to get it. I like their friendship so far, and I hope they stick together. I think it's way too early for them to date or anything like that, but their friendship is a positive development in Matthew's negative situation.

Destiny might have her own way of doing things, but she certainly gets things done! It takes a lot of guts to tell your parents you are going to Washington, D.C., when you are actually going to get on a plane and go to London to track down your friend! She will probably be in big trouble with her parents when she gets back, but she wants to be there for her friend. Destiny has been a loyal friend to Matthew and has stood by him throughout the ordeal of pursuing the surgery. However, she realized she couldn't go through with her plan to tell Matthew how she feels when she realized Danielle was going to help Matthew get his surgery. She looked disappointed, but she had to take the high road and let Matthew go without telling him what she wanted. It will be interesting to see how Destiny will react to Matthew having another female friend in his life. I can live without a teenager love triangle, but since it seems to be brewing, I guess I will wait and see what happens before commenting on it more. This show has too many teens and too many triangles, so we'll see if a story involving both can hold my interest!

Finally, I have said before that Markko and Langston aren't that interesting, but I have to comment on what happened last week. What was Langston's problem with Markko's vote? She sounded more like Starr when she basically told Markko that he will do what she wants if he loves her. Why was she so pushy? A vote is a personal decision, and Langston shouldn't have demanded to know how Markko voted. I like seeing Langston support Dorian, but she went too far with Markko. I hope Langston's emotional blackmailing is a fleeting event. We don't need two Starr Mannings in Llanview!

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