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Katie is one brave woman. Sure, she took on a gangster, gave birth by herself in a dirty warehouse, and survived the death of her husband, but more importantly, she's been walking around Oakdale for days with no makeup. Now that's brave!

Brad Snyder, you may be dead, but your fans are alive and kicking and threatening to stop watching the show. I'm not sure if "furious" is a strong enough adjective to describe the fan reaction to the death of Brad Snyder, but it will have to do. I get it, Scoopers, you're ticked.

In the seven years since I began writing this column, (wow, has it really been SEVEN years?) I have NEVER received so many e-mails in one week from readers about the same topic. After two hours of sorting through my inbox, I realized it's impossible for me to answer all of your messages. (Sorry! But please check the Reader Spotlight section to see several of your comments posted.) I don't know what to tell all of you who are saying you will no longer watch, except that I don't want to see you go any more than I wanted to see Brad get a toe tag.

I'm upset, too. I loved Austin Peck's Brad from the day he hit Oakdale. I never expected to, because I didn't like Peck's Austin Reed over at Days of Our Lives, but he won me over as Brad within minutes. My heart is breaking for all the characters involved in this tragedy. I agree with many of you that this is the finest the show has been in a long time. It's gut-wrenching to watch, but Michael Park, Terri Colombino, and the rest of the gang are the best I've ever seen them. But what has me most saddened is the hordes of e-mails that I received from fans telling me they are done with the show, after this heartbreaking twist.

I don't think there is any possible way the show can right this wrong, unless Brad ends up in the shower, a la Bobby Ewing, and it's all a dream. That doesn't seem likely. I do know there are plenty of great actors left on this show, and hopefully plenty of good storytelling--and daytime needs its fans, if it has any hope of surviving. I still think killing Brad was a big mistake, and if the writers can creatively think of a way to undo it, I would be thrilled. Hey, if James Stenbeck and Paul Ryan can come back from the dead multiple times, why can't Brad?

• Dr. Bob survived his medical crisis! After weeks of not seeing him, he suddenly turned up at the hospital. Although, I'm not sure he's firing on all cylinders, considering his feeble effort to revive Brad with basic CPR. Bob didn't even pull out the paddles or once yell, "Clear!" Do you think Dr. Bob still thinks it's 1950?

• Katie Snyder is one brave woman. Sure, she took on a gangster, gave birth by herself in a dirty warehouse, and survived the death of her husband, but I'm not talking about that. She's been walking around Oakdale for days with no makeup. Now that's brave!

• Welcome home, Carly! Wow, I've missed her and her kick-butt wardrobe and attitude. Carly's scenes were sensational when she tore into Craig and Rosanna for betraying her. I wanted to smack Craig and Rosanna myself, especially after Carly put on that sexy negligee. What woman would want to wear the lingerie her sister wore while having sex with her fiancé? Say it with me, Scoopers, Ewww! Go get 'em, Carly!

• Kudos to the ATWT writing team for bringing up Mike during Rosanna and Carly's fight. Carly asked her sister if sleeping with Craig was payback for Carly's dalliance with Mike. Carly has been where Rosanna is, and it was nice that the writers remembered that. Since Mike is on his way back to town, this is going to get interesting.

• Is it wrong that I just want Lily and Holden to be done? She's become so indecisive since Damian came back to town, that frankly, I think Holden just needs to move on. Since the Lily recast, this couple just doesn't have the magic and sentimentality it used to, and I think it might be better to put them with other people.

• It was great to see Ben this week in Philly. OK, so it wasn't great for Jack, who tried to run from him, but I was thrilled to see an old familiar face.

• Has Meg dipped her foot in the crazy pool? She's acting a little nutty. She's stalking Damian these days. She was just plain creepy, sneaking up on a half-dressed Damian in the hospital and rubbing on him. I think Meg has lost it. I'm begging here, writers, dial this back a little. Make Meg a villain if you like, but don't make her a crazy stalker girl. She's a Snyder, and they've suffered enough lately. Plus, mean Meg might be just the spark to ignite this character again.

• Poor Holden is living at the Lakeview instead of the farm. Hmmm, I guess there's no room for him at the farm, with half of Oakdale still living there.

• Here's a sentence I never thought I'd write. Jack Snyder was brilliant when counseling "Ben Franklin" on the roof in Philadelphia. Although, poor "Ben" has no idea the guy next to him is just as lost as he is. Michael Park had me in tears all week, from the funeral scene that he watched from the back, tears streaming silently down his face, to his soul-searching effort in Philly. I'm concerned though that Jack may end up in rehab, the way he's been knocking back booze. At least Carly could give him some pointers.

• What has happened to Janet? I loved her when she first hit town, but lately, she's just preachy and constantly scolding Jack. It's no wonder he left town. All his wife seemed to care about was that he had two beers the night Brad was killed. I would have left town, too.

• Was the cop who came to see Meg the same guy who was shoved in the police car trunk back in Kentucky? Two Scoops reader Jay reminded me that we never saw that dude get rescued. Let's hope he made it out. If not, well, we won't go there. Thankfully, the writers did address the fact that Damian knew about Holden's body identification results and lied about it. As they say in the country, Damian, your chickens are about to come home to roost.

• Margo is on my hit list this week. When did this classy lady become so rude and condescending? She was just plain mean to sweet Maddie, when Maddie came to comfort Casey. Margo apparently was taking her anger at Henry out on Maddie. Margo of all people should know that one sibling is not responsible for what the other does. Otherwise, the entire town would hate Margo for all the trouble Craig has caused through the years. It wasn't long ago Margo and Tom were also cruel to Ali for simply suggesting that Dr. Bob needed to get medical help and then for not telling them about how serious his illness was. Margo, you need to get an attitude adjustment, pronto.

• It's official, I loathe Noah's professor. This guy has issues. The sooner Noah's movie and class is finished the better. I know he was meant to be a potential bump in the love story of Luke and Noah, but he's more like a pothole.

• Kudos to ATWT for the location shoot in Philadelphia, right down to the Boss singing that haunting song. Nice. I love it when the show goes somewhere else to shoot. I know that Pittsburgh is coming up in this location shoot sometime, and I can't wait to see those scenes. I live nearby and hope to see some identifying landmarks.

• What is it with funerals in Oakdale? The turnout to mourn Brad was almost laughable, unless I somehow missed Emma, Kim, Bob, Vienna, Luke, Noah, Holden, Lily, Meg, etc. The Snyder clan is the heart of Oakdale and this death appears to be the real thing, so I would have thought Brad's boss, aunt, and cousins would have at least come to pay their respects. I find it funny, though, that Alison is always in attendance.

• It looks like Katie may be suffering from postpartum depression. She hasn't wanted to spend time with the baby at all. Perhaps it's just normal depression, considering the ordeal around the birth of her son, but she's showing some telling signs. Maybe that's why Brad is haunting Henry and is unable to move on.

• Speaking of haunting, I'm loving "Boo Bradley," the ghost, as Henry is calling him. This haunting is straight out of the movie "Ghost," but I don't care. Henry makes a pretty funny Whoopi Goldberg character, so bring it on. But, I don't want Brad to go to the light. Sorry.

• Henry needs to hit the gym. It's a sad day when a senior citizen mobster can knock out a strapping young guy and give him a concussion. I was sure Henry could take Ralph, but boy, was I wrong.

• So it looks like the flirt is on between Dusty and Teri. Sorry, Scoopers, I just don't like this character yet. Dusty already has plenty of women in town he sparks with, most notably Meg and Lily. (Sorry Bonnie!)

• --I can't rave enough about the scenes between Katie and Henry this week. Talk about heartwrenching. Katie's anger and Henry's guilt and desperation were raw in every line and gesture. These two have one of the most dynamic and chemistry-filled friendships on daytime, and their story is far from finished. More please.

• Finally, I'm excited to see Simon and Mike returning, but I hope it wasn't at the expense of losing Brad. As we all know, Simon never sticks around for long, and Mike has been in and out of Oakdale too many times to count. I truly hope Brad, a long-term character, wasn't killed so there would be room for these guys, who never seem to stay for long. Don't get me wrong; I love both Simon and Mike, but I just don't want Brad to go. I understand that this death launches so many fantastic story possibilities, but I can't help but wonder why the show didn't choose to kill another less popular/connected character. Damian could have taken the bullet, perhaps shot by his own son, Luke, and still have given us plenty of good drama. Or what about Meg? She's a core Snyder. As much as I loved Marie Wilson's portrayal at the beginning of her run, the writing for her character has become so atrocious, I wouldn't miss Meg at all at this point. Jack still could have pulled the trigger and tried to live with the guilt. Brad was just too entertaining to be expendable.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Henry goes to the hospital for a checkup, after he begins seeing Brad's ghost.)
Ali: "You definitely don't have a fever."
Henry: "Are you sure? Maybe you should check the other ear."
Ali: "They're connected to the same head, Henry."

(Carly discovers that her fiancé is sleeping with her sister, despite their denial.)
Carly: "Do you think I'm an idiot? All I gave up in rehab was my vodka habit, not my brain, Craig, and not my temper. The only question is who gets it first."

Reader Spotlight:
I received so much e-mail this week about Brad's death, I was not able to personally answer it all. Thank you to everyone who wrote. I did read each of them and tried to incorporate your views into my column this week, to let the network and fans know your unhappiness. Thanks again for your support of this column and my efforts to entertain you. ---Jennifer Biller

(From Two Scoops reader Candy.)
As the World Turns "jumped the shark" when it killed Brad Snyder (fired Austin Peck). I have watched this show since 1975, 34 years. I am now done watching. Character comings and goings are part of any soap. Tragic deaths almost routine. Austin Peck played such a charming boyish funny character that I never wanted to miss his scenes. He was a core Snyder family member. Dying without seeing his son, dying at the high point of joy made this too tragic. We all have enough sad in our lives. I cried hard after that show because I will not see Austin Peck playing Brad again or for the long term. I understand he will be a ghost. I grieve for the show and will not watch again.

(From Two Scoops reader Janice.)
I have been watching for over 43 years. I have watched some come some go. Brad died, and I no longer care about the soap. I am done. Forty three years, and I am done.

(From Two Scoops reader Shortstuff.)
WHY did they put Rosanna in a coma (TWICE) but kill off Brad? They could have put Brad in a coma until TPTB figured out how valuable this character is to ATWT. ATWT reeled me in after my favorite soap "Another World" was canceled. Killing Brad, just turned me off of ATWT. And I do mean OFF as in deleting this soap from my recorder. Thanks for letting me vent!

(From Two Scoops reader Diane.)
I've been watching ATWT all my life (over 50 years) and this week has been one of the best! Michael Park and Terri Colombino deserve Emmys for their performances. I haven't cried this much since members of my own family died. Brad's death and Liberty's pregnancy have brought me rushing home to watch every day. Something I couldn't say a few short weeks ago. I agree with you, though, Brad's death (firing) is a huge mistake. Although it has led to some amazing performances, Austin Peck was one of the brightest spots on the show in years. He will be sorely missed. Now if they could just breathe some life into the Holden/Lily/Damien storyline. It's just plain boring!

(From Two Scoops reader Shadows.)
In the midst of all the tragedy and blame and seriousness, dare I sneak in and whisper how much I loved the scenes with Barbara and Henry? They really made this month for me on the show. I hope the writers will continue to find ways to throw them together from time to time. They were truly comedic gold and just lovely.

(From Two Scoops reader Barbara B.)
Hi and thanks for giving me a forum to say how I feel about the killing off of Brad. This is the first time I have ever put in my "two cents" and I'm just heartsick and dumbfounded they let that character (and Austin Peck) go. I agree with you, I think Austin brought a fun and quirky Brad to life as never before and that he and Katie were terrific together. They could have had a great continuing storyline filled with fun and adventure (especially since every other couple on the show seems to be on the verge of couples depression, now that Vienna left Henry!) You know, I'm tempted to just give up watching ATWT altogether...and notwithstanding the rumors about Simon and Mike returning...personally, they were good, but I'd rather have Brad as Austin played him. Thanks again.

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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