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Jack is trying to keep it together and be strong, but you can see his pain and heartbreak over Brad's shooting. It doesn't help that his wife, the biggest mouth in Oakdale, keeps talking about the fact that he was drinking before the shooting.

As sad as many of the scenes were this week on ATWT, the storytelling is moving in the right direction - I couldn't turn away as I watched things unfold. There are still some weak moments like Lily who is going back and forth with Holden and Damian while I am not really sure that killing Brad was the best move for the show.

Brad's Death
This was the story that was the highlight of the week. As I watched Katie realize that Brad had been shot; the scenes in the hospital before and after his death was the best drama I have seen in Oakdale in a very long time. The most heartbreaking scene was after Brad died and Katie put the baby in his arms so he could hold his son. Terri Colombino has been absolutely magnificent as she is dealing with being the mother she always wanted to be and losing the real love of her life.

Katie's scenes with Henry, her best friend and telling him she never wants to see him again - you felt her pain and wanted to slap Henry for his stupidity of getting involved with his mother's schemes. It's such great drama when you see the many sides of the story; Henry has lost his girlfriend and his two best friends because of his mother's need to score a big payoff. Will he end up with Barbara after all as she has been the only one right there for him as he has tried to deal with his mistakes.

Then there is Jack who is in so much pain as he is one who pulled the trigger and killed his own brother. Jack is trying to keep it together and be strong - you can see his pain and heartbreak over this accident. It does not help him that his wife, the biggest mouth in Oakdale, is continuing talking about him drinking before the shooting; how is that helping her husband?

As riveting as this story has been, was this the right story choice for the show? Katie and Brad are a great couple together. Katie has finally found true love and now has the new baby - why not another direction to keep Brad around? Couldn't Brad have been paralyzed for a while which would have been a struggle for him unable to get to his newborn son as easily and being unable to be with his wife. Jack could have still gone through the same guilt knowing what he did and the struggles for the brothers to reconcile after the shooting. I think this would have been as dramatic as this story has been. I don't think Brad's death was the smartest move a show already in trouble could have made right now. Will it be along the lines of the wrongful deaths on soaps like Maureen Bauer on Guiding Light or Alan Quartermaine on General Hospital or Dixie Martin on All My Children?

Lily Snyder Grimaldi
Snyder or Grimaldi - whatever her name is, she can't seem to make a choice. I am having a hard time watching her go from scene to scene with Damian and Holden, not being able to make a decision about who she wants to be with. Lily is showing the weakest part of her personality when at times she can be a strong business woman; she is unable to make a simple choice here.

The question that has been going through my head is: do I really care anymore? Lily is acting like a teenager trying to decide who she wants to go to the prom with.

Her marriage to Damian is not valid based on the fact that Holden was not really dead. All of this conversation about her being legally married to Damian makes me want to turn off the television. Damian is such a manipulator and I think he may have met his match with Meg, who is showing a side of her personality lately that might be interesting to watch - a woman scorned or stalker, I am not sure how to characterize it yet.

I have to say that I like Holden better when he is not with Lily; this relationship just sucks the life out of this character. Holden needs a new woman like makes him sparkle like when he was with Carly - not Janet or Alison; why not he be there for Rosanna when this thing with Craig blows up - that could be interesting. The show could introduce someone new slowly or bring back one of the Hughes daughters for him: Frannie or Sabrina.

Dusty Plays Hero
When there is a mobster in town then all roads lead to a connection to Dustin Donovan - of course, he had a connection to Ralph Manzo. We all see the handwriting on the wall for a relationship with Terri, Janet's sister. They are starting off hating each other - how long before they end up in bed together?

I guess the change in writers, it was decided that Bonnie was not the right one for him - though we never really got a chance to find out. It just appears to me that people of color have a hard time surviving in Oakdale.

The Guest Stars are Gone
Thank you - I am so glad they are all gone. They each moved the story along and it was great to see Alan Quartermaine, Lucy Coe and Beth Spaulding #1 in Oakdale though they seemed out of place to me as we all know that they were there for short visits. Each one of these characters was a bit outrageous at times that made me want to see them leave in a hurry. They took up airtime for characters that do not get a chance to have story - which has been a problem in Oakdale. So hopefully this will be part of the change in Oakdale when they say they are listening to the fans and we get to get the folks in Oakdale that we love.

Let's see what some readers are saying:

Quinton said, "ATWT has certainly done a very stupid thing in the firing of Austin Peck...I thought he was good and a fan favorite. Why kill him off? Why not let him be presumed dead then bring him back later? I'll never understand!!! I can't wait for Maura's return!!!!"

Judy said, "I disagree with you about Audrey. She does not have a heart. She has done nothing but cause trouble since she showed up in town. Henry's life will never be the same again. It will probably be a long time before Katie will be able to forgive him. Audrey and Ralph need to both go to prison. Audrey almost killed Barbara and she did manage to kill James and she needs to be in jail for a long time for murder. On second thought she needs to be on death row. She's an irredeemable character in my opinion. Look at the chain of events that she has caused since entering Oakdale. Margo is a moron for letting her get out of jail. She needs to lose her job or at least be reprimanded for her actions."

Andrea said, "I have to say that I love Paul and Emily together. I have watched the show for a long time and have always loved Paul, but he and Meg were a dead end. His new attitude becomes him!"

Finally, there have been improvements in recent weeks: characters interacting that have not talked in years, real conversations and the pace of the stories has slowed down a bit. I hope that the writers and producers can keep things moving in the right direction. I do have some requests - more airtime for veterans like Lucinda, Susan, Kim, Bob, Lisa and even Nancy occasionally. Where is the real story for Luke and Noah? Where is the diversity in Oakdale? Can they please give Parker and Liberty some friends their own age? Please don't let Katie jump into a new romance too soon after Brad's death!

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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