Don't sweat the small stuff

by Dawn
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Don't sweat the small stuff
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After everything that Bo and Nora have been through, not even green hair, a chipped tooth, a sprained ankle, a fried wedding gown, or a renegade skunk could stop them from exchanging their vows.

It's no secret that I am a fan of Bo and Nora. I started watching the show when they were together the first time, and that makes me sentimental about their reunion. Needless to say, I've been looking forward to their wedding ever since Bo proposed to Nora in the hospital.

After everything that Bo and Nora have been through over the years, I knew they wouldn't let green hair, a chipped tooth, a sprained ankle, a fried wedding gown, or even a renegade skunk stop them from exchanging their vows. Sure, they both had moments of wanting to postpone the event because of all of these issues, but they knew they would make it happen somehow.

I really liked how everyone involved put aside their own problems and did whatever was necessary to come through for Bo and Nora. We don't get to see a lot of big events that involve so much of the cast, and if there were ever an occasion for it, this was it. It was refreshing to see Natalie think about something other than her one-night stand with Brody and her situation with John. In fact, she turned into an abrasive, inspirational guru, as she was ready to slap anyone who doubted themselves. Move over, Dr. Phil!

I also loved how Viki took charge of Nora's predicaments and made sure that everything was addressed and solved in a timely manner. We don't see enough of Viki these days, so it was great to see her be there for Nora in her time of need. She and Natalie both have a special way of getting Roxy to stay on task, which she really needed after messing up Nora's hair. I still want to know what the consequences would have been if Roxy hadn't fixed Nora's hair. Viki must be quite the disciplinarian!

Roxy might have a reputation for being wild, but I didn't expect her to start kissing the dental student after he finished fixing Nora's tooth. I guess Viki's pep talk helped her find her courage in more than one way! Now she just needs to get over that Lady Gaga hairstyle obsession....

Even John, who seems like he'd rather have a root canal than attend a wedding, came through for Bo, as he got Blair to fill in for the ailing wedding singer. He and Kelly actually made a good team as they baited Blair into doing the favor. This proves that John can be likeable when he's not entrenched in relationship drama.

Only Rex would know from experience that tomato sauce is the antidote for skunk spray. I never expected to see a soap character take a bath in tomato sauce and drink a Bloody Mary, but Rex and Bo were quite entertaining during these scenes. I enjoyed watching everyone's reactions to seeing Bo in the bathtub, since they thought it was just as strange as I did. At least it worked, though! Rex might have forgotten to pick up Andrew from the airport, but he saved the day when it came to making Bo presentable!

While David showed up unexpectedly, he was able to help in his own way. It will be interesting if he ends up performing the ceremony. I don't know if he can top Little Richard, but he would certainly make the ceremony entertaining and memorable! I am glad that he was included in the wedding story. All too often, we are expected to overlook absences of various people. Since we already have to accept that Rachel "has the flu," I am glad that both of Bo's sons will be in attendance. Bo and David might not be close, but they are still father and son!

I don't know how realistic it is for Bo and Nora's previous wedding attire to be available and ready to wear on a moment's notice, but I like the idea anyway. We will get to relive a part of their history but with a different twist, which is fitting tribute to their relationship. Nora looked absolutely gorgeous at the end of Friday's show, and Bo looked great in his old tuxedo, especially considering the light blue, ruffled alternative!

I am looking forward to Monday's episode, and I am sure it won't disappoint. Last week might have been a lot of lighthearted comedy, but it proves a very important point. Bo and Nora don't need big, shocking, traumatic events to be interesting. They never have, and they never will. I hope the powers that be don't forget this, and continue to give Bo and Nora good material. I don't want to see them fade into the background as the happily married couple. Being happy doesn't always equal being boring, as Bo and Nora have proven repeatedly over time.

Moving along to other things that happened in Llanview, Markko was arrested, Starr and Cole continued to disagree about Todd, Destiny saw Dani kiss Nate, and Brody and Natalie worried about telling Jessica and John about their one-night stand.

It's obvious that Markko didn't attack Ford. How often is the first person who is arrested for a crime the one that actually committed it? On this show, the answer is hardly ever. I suspect the true guilty party will be Hannah. We don't know much about her, and she has a history with Ford. She is also the person that could disappear tomorrow and whose absence would hardly be noticed. It makes sense.

Honestly, I don't really care who attacked Ford. He was a frivolous character from the start, so I am not anxious to find his attacker. I just hope it won't end up being Jessica or one of her alters. Jessica doesn't need yet another traumatic event to cope with as she re-enters her life.

I have to say that I don't like Cole's attitude towards Starr regarding her father. She isn't objective when it comes to Todd, but he is her father, and they've shared a special bond for a long time. It isn't appropriate for Cole to continuously badmouth Todd in front of Starr and then tell her that she is being naÔve about Todd.

He's acting very self-righteous for a guy who is in jail for attacking Todd. I hope that Starr starts sticking up for herself more with Cole. She doesn't need him telling her what to do when it comes to her own father, and it's not Cole's place to do that in the first place. I know the writers want us to root for Cole and Starr, but right now, I think they need to be apart for a while. They can't keep having the same conversation over and over again. It just isn't working.

Dani got herself into quite a bind, as she kissed Nate in public for Destiny (and anyone else) to see. Destiny is in an awkward position, since she is friends with both Dani and Matthew and was rejected romantically by Matthew. I think she handled the situation well all things considered. I don't see why Nate has become a part of the story, though. As far as we know, he's just a random high school student, and his existence seems rather pointless.

Finally, I am already tired of seeing flashbacks of Natalie and Brody's one-night stand. The two of them have thought about it nonstop, and now we have to wait for them to tell John and Jessica. While I can see why they feel some guilt, it was just a drunken one-night stand. They clearly aren't interested in each other romantically, and they are ready to be with John and Jessica. I wish we could be spared some of Natalie and Brody's agonizing over it. I don't know how John and Jessica will react, but I wish they would find out already. How many flashbacks of the same thing must we see before the truth comes out?!

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