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Destiny thought that Matthew should know about Dani and Nate kissing. David offered to officiate at Bo and Nora's wedding. Due to an unfortunate chain of events, the newlyweds ended up wearing the clothes from their first wedding. Blair was angry that she wasn't invited to the wedding but later, she was asked to sing at the nuptials. Todd suspected Hannah in the attack on Ford.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 31, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, May 31, 2010

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, ABC aired a special encore presentation of an episode of One Life to Live from April 2, 2010. The episode involved Kim vowing to destroy David, Schuyler luring Gigi to the cabin, and Melinda's death.

This programming change will not result in any lost episodes. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, June 1 and pick up where the Friday, May 28 episode concluded.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

At the Buenos Dias Café, Brody placed Markko under arrest for the assault on Ford. Langston spoke up quickly and advised Brody that Markko wasn't the one to commit the attack. Brody assured her they had evidence but Langston was adamant in her defense of Markko. She knew that someone as kind and gentle as Markko couldn't possibly have been capable of the act. Téa interrupted Langston and advised her that as Markko's attorney, she would be the one to defend Markko. Téa asked Brody for the warrant and she looked it over hastily.

Brody announced that they had Markko's tossed-out sneakers in their possession with a bloody print. He knew they were Markko's sneakers because they had found the receipt in Markko's apartment. Téa began to protest, but Brody assured her there had been a warrant to search the apartment as well. Téa was unwavering in her belief that nothing could be proven, but Brody added that there had been an eyewitness who had seen Markko toss the sneakers away in the alley. The witness recognized Markko from the diner.

Téa believed the evidence to be "flimsy," but she sighed and advised Markko they would have to accompany the police to the station. Langston told Markko how sorry she was. "It's a little late for that," Markko retorted. After the others were gone, Langston tried to reach Starr on the phone. She left a message and told her girlfriend that she knew Starr was angry at her, but she needed her best friend.

John made a call to the hospital for an update on Ford's condition and learned that the patient was still critical. As he hung up the phone, Natalie walked into his office. "I missed you," she told him. He assured her that he missed her, too, and they shared a kiss. Natalie wanted to talk about their new status and was perplexed that she hadn't heard anything from John since his revelation at the airport. She wanted to know if he was avoiding her. She couldn't believe that anything that had happened was even real. John assured her the scene at the airport had been real. Natalie mentioned that a lot had changed, and John told her that Brody had told him everything.

Natalie was speechless as John clarified that he had heard about Jessica getting her memory back. Natalie snapped out of her momentary panic and stammered that she was surprised to hear that John had heard the news already. They spoke briefly about that, and Natalie commended him on his ability to change the subject. He told her that Marty had moved out of his place. Both Natalie and John agreed that it hadn't been their intent to hurt anyone, but Natalie wondered, "What happens now?" John agreed that they had to talk, but a knock on the door interrupted them. It was Brody, who announced that Markko was in custody and had obtained a lawyer even before his arrest.

John walked out to check on things with Markko and left Natalie in his office with Brody. Téa stood by her conviction that the evidence the police had was negligible, but John assured her that the bloody sneaker matched a footprint found at the scene of the crime. Markko started to speak, but John urged him to remain silent and ordered his men to take Markko to his cell.

In John's office, Natalie wanted to finish her previous conversation with Brody regarding the night they slept together, and she wanted to know what they should do. Brody pronounced that they had done nothing wrong and they were both "free agents" at the time. "Technically," Natalie replied. She felt like "crap" because she had betrayed Jessica and John. Both Brody and Natalie declared that they didn't want to have secrets from their partners, though Brody didn't think it was a good idea to tell Jessica. She was already quite stressed-out.

Natalie pointed out that Jessica had been able to handle the news about Mitch and it had actually helped her. Natalie wasn't proud of her actions, but they agreed they both felt bad and had a lot to drink that night. They concurred the truth was important. John walked back into the office, and Natalie hurriedly stated that she hoped Ford's case would be solved as soon as possible.

John apologized to Natalie, but he was busy and wouldn't have time to talk. He ordered a DNA test on the sneakers. Natalie agreed that they could talk another time but she admitted she was scared. They had tried a relationship before and it didn't work. John thought they would have to try harder, but he would probably still be unable to talk about their future. Natalie understood. John asked her to attend Bo's wedding with him.

Starr visited with Cole, who was back in his cell after the prom. He thought that Starr could be wrong to trust her father's denial of committing a crime just as she was wrong about Langston. Starr insisted that she knew her dad well because they had a "special connection." She believed that the two situations were not the same, though Cole reminded her that Langston had sworn on the girls' friendship that she had been telling the truth about Ford.

Starr conceded that the circumstances were somewhat similar, but she was sticking to her belief that her dad was telling the truth. Cole found it difficult to understand why Starr couldn't accept the fact that Todd could be lying. Starr challenged Cole on his trust of Hannah. The couple continued to argue on the issue of Todd versus Hannah and who was telling the truth. Starr couldn't believe that Cole would base everything on a person he had only known for a few months. She added that the cops didn't know how unstable a person Hannah really was. Starr was beginning to doubt that she even knew Cole very well if he wouldn't listen to reason.

He suggested that perhaps Starr shouldn't visit him anymore, because the situation would wreck their relationship. Starr lamented that they were "soul mates," and Cole urged her to hold on to that thought. Starr declared that she preferred to hold onto Cole, and she wanted him, not memories. She missed him a great deal, she cried to him.

Cole grew misty-eyed, too, and he stated that he would close his eyes and remember how beautiful she looked at the prom. He thought that night would remind them of their love and Starr should hold onto that until they could "share the same truth." As he grabbed her hand through the cell bars, Starr whispered that they really were "star-crossed lovers." She walked out.

Cole heard that there were visitors, but he didn't want to see anyone. Markko announced that he wasn't visiting, and he was led into the cell across from Cole. Markko told his friend why he was there and admitted that, while he hadn't committed the attack, he thought that Ford deserved to die. Téa ordered Markko to be quiet. She didn't want him to discuss the case with anyone, even his best friends. They had to hope that there wouldn't be a murder charge.

Bo spotted Jessica at the hospital and he asked why she was there. Jessica admitted that she had recovered her memory, and Bo was thrilled. She admitted that she was there to talk to Marty and congratulated him on his wedding. She planned on attending. Bo wanted to know if Jessica remembered everything, and Jessica disclosed that she wasn't sure. She had been through an emotional trauma and was afraid it could happen again down the road. She might lose something else and wondered if she could lose minutes of her time and not just years like last time. Bo thought it was a good idea for Jessica to talk to Marty.

Just then, a nurse approached Bo with information on Ford. She told him it didn't look good. Bo wondered if his niece knew Ford, and she mentioned that she had met him a couple of times because he was a roommate of Layla and Cristian. She hoped they were okay. Bo suggested that it might be possible to find the suspect if the police had a motive. Jessica had something she wanted to say to Bo but was forced to put it on hold when Bo received a phone call.

Bo learned that a suspect had been taken into custody for Ford's assault, and he related the information to Jessica. She was clearly happy to hear the news as Bo asked her what she had been about to tell him. She told him how grateful she was for her family putting up with her behavior. Bo assured her he loved her and she was family. He would always be there for her if she needed someone to talk to. He walked away, and a relieved Jessica muttered, "Thank God it wasn't me."

Nora showed up at Llanfair to ask Viki for a favor. She explained that Rachel was sick and wouldn't be able to attend Nora's wedding. Viki promised to have lots of pictures taken, but Nora divulged that she had another request. She knew it was last-minute, but she wondered if Viki would be her matron of honor. Viki heartily agreed and offered to help Nora with whatever was needed. Nora wasn't sure what she had to do. She recalled how Viki had married Charlie and she had married Clint only the year before. "We all know how that turned out," Clint stated as he walked into the room behind Nora.

He proclaimed that he had received an invitation to Nora's wedding and thought perhaps it had been a mistake. Nora assured him he was invited, but Clint turned his back on her and began to talk to Viki. He was merely there to check on Jessica. Viki assured him their daughter was doing well, and Nora was elated to hear that Jessica's memory had returned. Clint ignored Nora as Viki revealed that she thought there was still something bothering Jessica, who was extremely remorseful about all of the people she had hurt. Nora thought Jessica's behavior was normal and the young woman was still trying to sort things out.

Nora offered to help Jessica, since she had gone through a similar event, and both Clint and Viki thanked her. Nora needed to leave because she had a million things to do, and there was an awkward moment with Clint. She hoped he would attend the wedding and regretted everything that had occurred between them. Clint hoped she would understand if he didn't attend, but Nora was disappointed. She thought they had reached an understanding and knew it would mean a great deal to Bo. As if on cue, Bo entered the room with Jessica and assured Clint that was true. Viki and Clint learned that Jessica had resolved a lot of matters at the hospital.

Bo asked his brother if he would attend the wedding, but Clint revealed that he didn't know if he were up to it. Bo understood but added that it would "mean the world" to him if Clint showed up. Viki thought that Jessica was in a better frame of mind, and Jessica informed her that she had apologized to Cristian. He had been sweet, but she still wanted to talk to Layla. Just then, Brody arrived, and Jessica asked him about the arrest. She also asked him to accompany her to the wedding.

As Todd held Hannah captive in his office at the Sun, he displayed photos of Ford after his attack. Hannah shied away from looking at them and denied that she knew Ford. Todd pointed out that Hannah had lied when she stated that Todd had pushed Marty down the stairs, and he was certain she was lying again. He called her pathological.

Hannah assured him that she wasn't lying and she would not sign anything he might force upon her. She asked if Todd were planning to torture her. Todd shoved the pictures in her face as she cringed. He wanted to plan the cover story for his newspaper's next edition and was sure that Hannah's path had crossed with Ford's at some point. He was certain that Hannah knew Ford, and suddenly he recalled that Hannah had taken pills after a guy had dumped her. Hannah spat that it was none of Todd's business. He grabbed her face and squeezed it. He advised her that she was the only thing standing between him and his freedom, and that made it his business.

Todd continued to try to obtain information from Hannah, but she refused to talk. Instead, she began to cry, and Todd thought it strange that she seemed to be upset about Ford. He questioned why she didn't ask if the police had found the attacker, and suddenly she inquired whether they knew anything. Todd assured her the police didn't have any information. Suddenly, he told his henchmen to let Hannah leave. No one would have seen her enter or leave, and people would think she was crazy if she told them she had been kidnapped. Once Hannah was gone, Todd ordered his men to follow her.

Later, one of the men returned to the office and advised his boss that Todd should have gotten a confession from Hannah. Todd pointed out that was why he was the boss and the other man the muscle. He had only wanted to upset Hannah, but he realized that the young woman was a liar and a "gift that keeps on giving." He had done some research and he thought that Hannah had another victim.

Langston was relieved when Starr arrived at the diner. She wanted to know if her friend had seen Markko at the jail, but Starr was confused. Langston explained that Markko had been arrested for the assault on Ford, and Starr was shocked. Langston declared that Markko had a good lawyer, but she knew that he was innocent. She blamed herself for Markko's predicament, and she needed Starr desperately. Starr confided that she needed Langston too.

Markko thought that things had gotten out of hand, and Cole could only feel sad about the terrible events that had consumed the four friends.

Hannah showed up at the hospital and attempted to obtain information on Ford's condition. The nurse asked if she were a relative. "A friend who cares what happens to him," Hannah responded.

Nora and Bo snuggled up to each other in bed. Nora pointed out that it was the last night they would be "living in sin." Bo declared that "tomorrow can't come soon enough." They kissed, and a musical montage began. Set to "My Shadow" by Keane, Clint left Llanfair and looked at his wedding invitation again. Viki looked in on Brody and Jessica and smiled to herself. John was pleasantly surprised when Natalie delivered a meal to his desk. Todd worked busily on creating his newspaper's new front page. Téa comforted Markko as Cole looked on from his own cell. Starr and Langston, both close to tears, sat at the diner.

Suddenly, the alarm clock sounded and the sun streamed through the window. "It's morning, Red," Bo announced with a big smile. "It's time to get married."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

At Bo and Nora's garret apartment, the alarm clock began to ring, awakening the happy couple. Bo slammed his hand down on the clock to silence it, while the sleepy Nora asked him what time it was. "Time to get married," Bo replied, cuddling up to his once and future bride. Nora was excited, but couldn't help lamenting that Rachel was in Chicago, sick with the stomach flu; Bo told her that Rachel would be there in spirit, and theirs would be a perfect wedding day. No sooner did the words fall from his lips, however, than a dark cloud appeared on the horizon just outside their bedroom window.

Concerned by the clouds, Bo and Nora checked the weather forecast on Bo's laptop, and were shocked to discover a severe storm heading for Llanview, complete with hurricane winds. Nora was fearful for the wedding, and wondered if Andrew had made it back from out of town in time to officiate at the ceremony. Bo told Nora to relax; he said it was merely a "summer storm," and that nothing could make their day not perfect. Sharing a kiss, the couple reflected on how their second wedding would be their best - they had Matthew, and a sense of what life was like without each other. Bo left Nora to get ready, as he got dressed.

In the living room, Matthew was on the phone with Danielle, who was at the Buenos Dias staring at the front page of the Sun, which had a headline all about Markko's arrest. Danielle stared distractedly at the paper as Matthew attempted to apologize for his romantic outburst on their date, and she only grew more inattentive when Nate entered the cafe. Matthew asked her if she still wanted to accompany him to the wedding. "Sure," Danielle replied hesitantly. As Matthew struggled to find the words to express his conflicted feelings, there was a knock at the front door, and he was forced to tell Danielle goodbye.

Matthew answered the garret's front door and welcomed Destiny in. Destiny showed him the Sun headline about Markko, and asked him if he could believe the craziness with Markko, Ford, and Langston. She felt guilty about her role in telling Markko of Langston's affair, but Matthew said she couldn't blame herself for doing right by a friend. "Jealousy's a killer, isn't it?" Destiny sighed, while Matthew's thoughts turned to Danielle and Nate.

Matthew told Destiny she'd been right before; he'd been a fool to tell Danielle he loved her so soon. Upon reconsideration, Destiny didn't agree, and said she felt it was best to be forthright, as she'd been with Matthew regarding her own crush on him. She urged him to call Danielle back and clear things up; she promised to be by his side no matter how Danielle reacted. Matthew thanked her for being such a good friend.

Before Matthew could redial Danielle, Bo bounded into the living room, ready for his big day. He greeted Destiny and told her she was welcome to take Darren as her date to the wedding. The more the merrier, he figured; he was going to have the perfect wedding day with the perfect bride. His triumphant moment was shattered, however, as Nora howled in agony from the bedroom.

Moments later, Bo helped a pained Nora into the living room; she'd accidentally used exfoliant instead of the eye drops for her contact lenses, and was temporarily blinded in one eye. Wincing at her mishap, Matthew and Destiny attempted to cheer her up by offering her a takeout breakfast of coffee and bagels. Touched, Nora bit into a bagel, still on cloud nine about her "perfect day." One second later, she chipped her tooth on a walnut seed, and fled to check out the damage in the bathroom.

As Nora rushed to the bathroom, Bo answered the phone; it was the wedding singer, who was inexplicably demanding Bo's presence at St. James' Church. Bo couldn't imagine what the problem was, but before he could ponder it further, Nora let out another mournful cry from the bathroom. As Bo ushered her back into the room, he and Matthew encouraged her to let them see how her mouth looked - after all, they didn't see how much trouble "one little chipped tooth" could cause. Her spirits bolstered, Nora smiled at her family, and revealed a huge gap-toothed grin. As Matthew and Destiny looked on in slack-jawed horror, Bo kept on his game face, lied to his bride, and told her she looked wonderful.

After Nora plastered a bandage to her injured eye, she and Destiny bid a happy goodbye to Bo and Matthew, who were headed for the church. Father and son were all smiles until the front door closed, after which they both looked mortified by Nora's condition.

Inside the apartment, Nora grabbed her wedding dress and shoes, and told Destiny she'd drop the girl off at home on her way to Foxy Roxy's, so Destiny could get changed. Destiny asked Nora if it was true she and Bo were legendary dancers, and wondered if they'd cut a rug at the wedding. "Just you wait," Nora vowed, then promptly tripped over her own dress, and crashed to the floor.

At the carriage house, Gigi and Rex returned home to find Shane and Roxy snoozing in sleeping bags in the living room. As Roxy struggled to rouse herself, Shane leaped to his feet and welcomed his parents home with hugs. Shane wanted to know if they'd found his grandparents, but Roxy was far more interested in whether Rex and Gigi had gotten back together. As Roxy began to outline a variety of lurid, romantic scenarios involving their cramped New Mexico hotel quarters, Shane stuck his fingers in his ears and began loudly singing to himself. Rex told them they'd been more focused on the search for his birth parents, and it was a long story, but Roxy asked to hear it later, as she had to head to the Hair Haven in order to make Nora's wedding day beautiful.

After Roxy left, Rex and Gigi told Shane the story of their quest while helping him clean up after his and Roxy's sleepover. Gigi pointedly cut Rex off before he could mention their brief incarceration, and told Shane all about Rick and Lili's love letters. When she mentioned the pregnancy that had driven the lovers apart, Shane reflected on the similarities between them and Rex and Gigi. He was sad to hear that Lili had died, but wondered where Rick was. Rex explained that an Internet search had turned up no one, but Shane wasn't sure that Rick wouldn't find them after all.

Rex showed Shane the Native American quilt Lili had been knitting for him as a baby; he explained that the quilt was a part of their family's culture, as Lili had been a member of the Hopi tribe, which Shane had learned about in school. Shane marveled at being of Native American ancestry, but he and Rex agreed that the latter-day family was great as well. Shane prepared to leave for a friend's birthday party, and asked if he'd see Rex later, as Rex still wasn't living at the carriage house. Rex promised to be back first thing the next day.

With Shane gone, Gigi prodded Rex, and was shocked that he'd almost mentioned their getting thrown into the county jail. Rex nudged her back, and in short order they were engaged in friendly horseplay and a pillow fight. Drawing close together, Rex grew serious, and thanked Gigi for being there, and for everything she'd done for him. The exes almost kissed, but were stopped by the sound of rolling thunder.

Pulling away, Rex commented that it sounded like rain, and that he had to go to get ready for Bo and Nora's wedding. Gigi told him he didn't need to be uncomfortable about it, as she was invited too. They agreed that they were happy for the reunited couple, and as Rex left, he told Gigi he had a feeling it would be a great night.

At the police station, John received a file of new evidence on the Ford case. As he took it, he glanced down at the Sun and the grisly photos of Ford's injuries.

Outside Foxy Roxy's Hair Haven, Jessica, Viki, and Natalie arrived to get their hair done for the wedding. As Jessica picked up a copy of the Sun and stared at the headline about Markko and Ford with consternation, Natalie received a call on her phone, from Brody. She told Viki and Jessica to head inside.

Alone on the street, Natalie spoke in hushed tones with Brody, who was at the station. She agreed that they needed to clear things up, and that they didn't have to tell Jessica or John about their night together. She explained that they'd done nothing wrong, as they were both single, two lonely friends looking for comfort. Brody told her there was no need for Jessica to know the truth, as he didn't want her hurt.

At the station, Brody hung up, and noticed John standing behind him in the corridor. John asked if he'd heard something about Jessica being hurt, but Brody assured him that Jess was fine. John showed Brody the new evidence in the Ford case - the Buenos Dias kitchen sink Markko had washed his hands in tested positive for traces of Ford's blood. Brody was reasonably convinced Markko was guilty, but John wasn't sure; he knew Ford had gotten around with many jilted young ladies, and Brody admitted that Layla had told him Ford had even hit on Jessica.

Heading for John's office, Brody and John continued to debate the case. Brody laid out the evidence against Markko, including the blood in the sink and his sneakers, not to mention motive and opportunity. Still, John found it too easy; he added that the case against Todd also seemed too pat, and that he'd begun to doubt Hannah's testimony. On top of those cases, there was still the murder of Melinda Cramer to consider, which had become a local case due to Rodney's death within city limits. Brody asked John if he was looking for an excuse to get out of Bo and Nora's wedding, but John said that for Bo he'd go anywhere.

Brody reflected on how Bo and Nora had found their way back together, just as he and John found their way back to Jessica and Natalie. Letting his tongue slip, he mentioned how John wouldn't have even thought of letting Natalie down if he'd seen her after her drunken night at Rodi's. John asked if Brody had seen her that night, and Brody quickly covered, admitting she'd visited him to say goodbye after seeing John and Marty kiss. As Brody headed for the door, John thanked him for being a good friend to Natalie. Swallowing his guilt, Brody left the office.

Back at Foxy Roxy's, Jessica was still transfixed by the Sun as she and Viki waited for Natalie and Roxy. Viki couldn't believe Markko could have savagely beaten a man, but Jessica remained mum. As Natalie entered, she downplayed her obvious distress to Viki, and told the other women they needed to focus on becoming beautiful for Nora and Bo's big day. Viki was delighted to be Nora's maid of honor in Rachel's stead, and equally thrilled that Bo and Nora were back together, along with Brody and Jessica, and John and Natalie.

Noticing Jessica's eye still drawn to the paper, Viki tossed it aside. Her interest piqued, Natalie told her mother she'd heard Ford was a "dog," and asked Jessica if he'd attempted to hit on her when she'd visited Cristian and Layla's apartment. Jessica deflected the question, and Natalie and Viki realized that Ford had indeed put the moves on Jessica while she suffered from brain damage. Jessica said it was no big deal, but Natalie was disgusted, and Viki reminded Jess that Ford could've taken advantage of her in her altered state.

Before the conversation could go further, Roxy arrived, bearing an arsenal of liquor for the ladies on the big day and promising mixed drinks to go with their makeovers. As they waited on Nora, Roxy recounted for Viki and Jessica the story of Natalie's letter to John, and their surprise reunion at the airport. Viki was thankful for Roxy's romantic advice and her version of the story, as Natalie had been tight-lipped. Natalie listened with trepidation as Roxy explained to the others that there was a stretch of time between Natalie's binge at Rodi's and her arrival at the airport that she hadn't shared with anyone.

Natalie insisted there was nothing left to tell about that fateful evening, and Viki added that Jessica had also been vague on the details of how she'd regained her memory. Anxious, Jessica said they needed to simply be grateful for what they had, and look forward to Bo and Nora's wedding. Viki and Natalie agreed, sure that nothing but good times were ahead. Right on cue, Nora, accompanied by Destiny, hobbled into the Hair Haven on crutches with an eyepatch on her injured eye and a snaggle-toothed smile. As the other ladies looked on in shock, Roxy voiced the group sentiment: "Oh, my God!"

As Destiny helped Nora into the salon, Nora explained that they'd stopped by the hospital so Greg could examine her ankle and her eye; she had a burnt cornea and a wounded leg, along with her chipped tooth. "Thith ith a total dithasther!" she lisped, despondent. The ladies flocked to Nora, and promised that her wedding day could be saved. Roxy told Nora to prepare for a brilliant hair color job, which would make her red mane shine at the altar. Wishing Nora luck, Destiny left to meet up with Darren.

After her coloring job, Nora settled into a comfortable chair, and relaxed with a shower cap on her head and an ice pack on her leg while the color took hold. She agreed with Viki, Natalie, and the others, who assured her that she'd be fine after all. "What else could go wrong?" Nora reasoned with a desperate laugh.

Taking in Nora's eyepatch and gap-toothed mouth with as much stride as she could muster, Gigi arrived and greeted the ladies. She told Roxy she needed the works as well for the wedding, and Roxy asked her if she was getting dolled up for Rex's benefit.

As Roxy turned her trained eye onto Jessica, promising her a "Lady Gaga"-style hairdo, Jess took the opportunity to flee; she had to find a dentist who made house calls to fix Nora's teeth.

At the Buenos Dias, Danielle greeted Nate, who was intrigued by the Sun headline about Markko and Ford. Danielle told him that Téa would help Markko, just as she'd helped Todd evade justice for a crime he'd likely committed; the difference was Markko was surely innocent. Nate wasn't convinced, however, and told Danielle that everyone did "wild stuff" if they couldn't have the people they loved.

Shifting the subject to the school play, Nate asked if she thought it would go forward. Danielle doubted it, as two of the principal characters were in jail in real life on attempted murder charges. Nate said it wasn't fair, and lamented not being able to play Cole opposite Danielle's Starr onstage - he particularly would miss the kissing scenes. Danielle attempted to turn her attention to her homework, but Nate asked her to go to the Llantano Mountain quarry with him to go swimming.

Danielle requested a rain check; Nate jeered at her, and asked if she was scared to be alone with him. Danielle said she had a date with Matthew, at his parents' wedding. Fishing for information, Nate asked if that meant she and Matthew were in a good place in their relationship. Danielle mumbled that Matthew had told her he loved her, and Nate asked if she'd said it back, then, insisting it was none of his business, retracted his question. He decided to leave and told her to have a good time at the wedding, but teased her that whatever she did, she should avoid catching the bouquet.

Alone again, Danielle struggled to focus on her homework, only to be surprised when Nate suddenly returned to her side. He told her that the status of her and Matthew's relationship was his business, after all, and that he didn't want to complicate her life, "but..." Trailing off, he kissed her. Just outside, Destiny passed the restaurant. Glancing in the window, she was stunned to see Nate and Danielle's liplock.

At St. James' Church, Bo and Matthew arrived in search of the wedding singer. What they found was a wrecked main hall, with Nora's favorite flowers strewn everywhere, and an ungodly stench permeating the building. The singer rushed over to them, and informed them that a skunk had entered the building overnight while all the priests were on a retreat; furthermore, Andrew was in Savannah with Cassie and River, and had yet to call in confirming his arrival. The singer explained that Animal Control was ransacking the church in search of the errant skunk, but Bo refused to change the venue at such a late date, and was determined to air the church out.

Matthew made a sweep of the building and returned with an ultra-strength deodorizer, which he began spraying in the air to clear away the smell. As he began to spray, however, the wedding singer gasped; she was allergic to the deodorizer, and her throat promptly closed up, preventing her from speaking, let alone singing. Bo reluctantly sent the woman home, while Matthew asked him what they would do to salvage the big day. "Son, it's gonna be okay," Bo declared.

In short order, John, Brody, and Rex assembled in the church vestibule with Matthew, after Bo had called them there. All of them were holding their noses and gasping for breath amidst the foul stench. "Men, we have a situation," Bo announced, addressing them like a military unit, and told them he needed their help, though the odds were against them. Through a rousing, inspirational speech, he explained that they had to prevail against impossible difficulties "for honor, for glory, for family, for love, and for Nora!" He laid out their tasks: Brody was to meet his underground "flower connection" on the docks, John was to find a new singer for the wedding, Matthew would head for the supermarket to buy as much deodorizer as possible, and Rex would head for the airport to pick up Andrew. "Godspeed," Bo intoned, as thunder from the coming storm roared overhead.

As Bo watched Animal Control hunt for the skunk in the main hall, Rex stopped him to ask when exactly their rendezvous time, "thirteen hundred," was. Exasperated, Bo explained the concept of military time to his young friend, then entered the main hall, only to be immediately sprayed by the marauding skunk.

Back at Foxy Roxy's, Roxy examined her supplies with concern as she realized the bottles for Nora's hair coloring and the floor cleaner were identical. Nora asked her if anything was wrong. "Nothing, now that you're done," Roxy mumbled, and gathered the women around to unveil Nora's exciting new look. "Here's Red!" she declared, whipping Nora's shower cap off.

Roxy, Viki, Natalie, and Gigi stared at Nora with horror. Roxy had inadvertently colored Nora's hair with the floor cleaner solution, which left the betrothed woman's tresses an unflattering shade of neon green. "What?" the one-eyed, one-legged, gap-toothed bride exclaimed fearfully. "What?"

Thursday, June 3, 2010

At the Buenos Dias Café, Nate planted a kiss on Dani after he told her he didn't want to complicate her life. Surprised, she kissed him back. Neither of them was aware of Destiny, who stood outside in the rain and peered through the window. "Oh no, she didn't," Destiny said out loud. She asked no one in particular why she always had to be the one to see something awful that affected others.

Suddenly, Matthew arrived and announced he wanted to go inside for some industrial-strength air freshener. He thought that Carlotta would have what he needed. Destiny grabbed him, turned him away from the window, and insisted that he stay outside with her. She explained that he would be wasting his time and she was sure he wouldn't find the right product. She thought that he might find it elsewhere and directed him to a store some distance from where they were. Each time that Matthew tried to head inside to get out of the rain, Destiny held him back. Confused, Matthew finally agreed to shop where Destiny had directed him to go. Destiny turned her attention back to the window.

Inside, Nate told Dani that while he probably should apologize, he wasn't sorry. He liked her and thought about her all of the time. He also thought that she felt the same about him. Unexpectedly, Destiny walked in between the two of them to scold Dani for her inappropriate behavior. Destiny was confidant that Dani had feelings for Matthew when she wasn't busy putting her tongue down someone else's throat, she shouted.

Dani couldn't believe that Destiny had seen the kiss, and Destiny informed her that Matthew had almost witnessed it as well. Panic began to arise in Dani, though Destiny noted that she had sent Matthew on his way. Destiny accused Dani of "playing" Matthew, and she thought the girl should be ashamed of herself for leading him on. Dani tried to explain that it "just happened." Destiny assumed that it wouldn't happen again, but Dani was unable to respond. Destiny ordered Dani to tell Matthew or she would.

Nate told Destiny to "back off," but an angry Destiny shushed him up. She was in no mood to hear what Nate had to say. She wanted to protect Matthew because she cared about him. Nate wanted Dani to ignore Destiny, but Dani agreed that Destiny was right. Nate felt bad and blamed the incident on himself, but Dani reminded him that she had kissed him back and he wasn't to blame.

Kelly apologized to a surprisingly calm Blair because she had ransacked Blair's closet. Kelly needed a dress and didn't have anything of her own while Blair had fabulous clothes. Blair brushed off Kelly's stream of compliments until she heard that the dress was for Bo and Nora's wedding. Blair fumed that she hadn't been invited to the wedding, though Kelly pointed out several reasons why Blair didn't have an invitation. Kelly was sure that Blair's invite had been lost in the mail, or perhaps it was because Blair wasn't particularly fond of Marty, who was sure to be there.

Kelly also recalled that Blair had less-than-desirable behavior at Nora's previous wedding to Clint and, for that reason, Nora didn't want Blair to attend. As Blair grew angrier by the second, the doorbell rang. Blair changed her mind about Kelly's use of the dress and tried to pull it out of Kelly's hands. Kelly pulled the bag and suddenly the dress ripped in half. As the women argued, John walked into La Boulaie.

Noting that he had pushed the doorbell several times, the ladies ignored John as Blair demanded that Kelly pay her two thousand dollars for the dress. After a brief but heated argument over the cost of the dress, Kelly turned her attention to John. She assumed he was there about her mother's case, but he revealed that he wanted to see Blair. He was there on behalf of Nora, who needed Blair's help, he explained. It was an emergency and Nora needed a singer to replace the one she had originally hired. Blair claimed ignorance about the wedding and awkwardly, John stated that he assumed she had been invited. He told her what a beautiful voice she had, but Blair snapped that she didn't play "second fiddle" for anyone. "Tell her to shove it," Blair added.

Kelly reminded her cousin of the less-than-stellar behavior that Blair and Dorian had shown at Nora's last wedding. Blair blamed it on the "certain someone" who had just broken up with her to go out with Marty. John quietly announced that he had just broken up with Marty. "You did?" Blair asked, sounding amazed. Blair admitted that she felt a little better, but she still refused to sing for Bo and Nora. All of a sudden, Kelly piped up and offered to sing if Blair wouldn't.

Blair panned Kelly's voice, but Kelly insisted that she could sing even better than Blair. John handed her a set list, but Blair tore it from Kelly's hand. Blair didn't want the family name harmed, and she thought she'd better sing after all. Kelly and John exchanged knowing glances and smiles. Their reverse psychology had worked. Blair promised to do her best, but she wanted an apology from Nora for the lack of an invitation. John offered to fill in instead. "I apologize," he said sincerely, as he looked into Blair's eyes. She backed down and accepted but gave him a list of demands that included plenty of tea, honey, and little chocolates with the green-coated ones removed.

"You're good," Kelly advised John as she walked him to the door. He thanked her for her help with the trick and acknowledged that he was still working on her mother's case. She would be the first to know if he learned of anything new. Kelly replied that she had faith in John's ability to track down the killer and she thanked him for all he had done too. After John left, Kelly returned to the ripped dress. Someone spied on her through the window.

"Commissioner down," Rex yelled after the skunk sprayed Bo at the church. Rex suggested that Bo consider postponing the wedding, but Bo shouted that it wasn't an option. He had promised Nora they would be married on their original wedding date. The skunk continued to scramble around the church, sprayed again, and finally settled into the tuxedo Bo had dropped when he ran from the skunk's stench. After a short time, the Animal Control workers announced that they had captured the animal, but not before Bo's tuxedo was ruined. Bo pondered the idea of calling off the wedding after all.

It was Rex's turn to nix that idea, but he thought that Bo would need to do something about his awful smell. Bo decreed that he would marry Nora if she crawled out of a landfill. "Gross," Rex responded. He accused Bo of not being a Buchanan because his actions didn't resemble those of the family. He suggested Bo might be a Lawrence, Cramer, or Balsom instead. Bo admitted he would be proud to be a Balsom, but he really was a Buchanan.

Rex had a plan to rid Bo of the odor and showed him to a bathtub on church property. He submerged Bo in tomato sauce obtained from the pizza shop and swore it would help, since he had been through a similar incident long before when hiking with Gigi.

The women at Foxy Roxy's were horrified after Roxy removed Nora's cap to reveal bright green hair. Gigi had no choice but to hand Nora a mirror after Nora looked at her friend's faces. Nora screamed in agony, "Roxy, what have you done to me?" As Roxy rushed to help, she knocked a heated styling tool onto Nora's wedding dress. Nora was sure that Bo would "run for the hills" when he saw her, though Roxy thought that things could have been worse.

Nora jumped up and went after Roxy with her crutch. Roxy tried to calm Nora down and told her she was certain that people would be looking at Nora's dress and not her hair. The others agreed, but suddenly they detected an odor. Nora's wedding dress was on fire, and Natalie rushed to grab a fire extinguisher. She managed to put the flames out, but the dress was charred. Nora began to sob and declared that she wanted to cancel the wedding.

"I don't think so," Viki replied. She took the bull by the horns and assigned a job to everyone. She determined that she and Gigi would attempt to find a new dress for Nora to wear. She handed Natalie a slip of paper with the name of someone to contact regarding Nora's tooth because it appeared that Jessica hadn't had much luck. As Roxy tried to slip out to Rodi's, Viki threatened her and ordered her to fix Nora's hair. Roxy had one hour in which to complete the job.

Once again, Roxy tried to leave, but Natalie prevented her from doing so. She berated Roxy and even slapped her, though Nora swore she wouldn't allow Roxy to touch her hair again. Natalie tried a different tack and praised Roxy. She cited the fact that Roxy was great and it was just one mishap. When Roxy didn't share Natalie's confidence, Natalie slapped her again. "Who are you?" Natalie shouted. "Foxy Roxy," Roxy shouted back.

Bo and Nora spoke on the phone, and each assured the other they were fine. "Do you...?" they both began but stopped. Bo finally asked Nora if she wanted to postpone the wedding, but she didn't and neither did he. They each expressed disappointment over the rain as the thunder rumbled loudly and the lightning flashed brightly.

Roxy looked through her hair books and decided on an obscure course of action to correct what she had done. As music played, she and Natalie, outfitted with goggles, played mad scientists and brewed some unknown potions. Roxy worked on Nora's hair and commented, "I did my the hands of the hair gods."

"Ding," the timer sounded. "It's time," Roxy announced as she walked towards Nora to remove the cap.

Gigi and Viki rummaged through scores of unpacked boxes at Nora's place. They were disappointed that they hadn't been able to get into Logan's Department Store due to a power outage there as a result of the storm. They were determined to go through all of the clothing that Nora had packed away, but they had little success. Suddenly, Gigi shrieked with glee. She held another wedding dress in her hand. Viki quickly rejected the dress as she explained it was the dress Nora had worn when she married Clint.

Gigi replaced the dress and talked about her recent trip with Rex. Viki perked up and demanded to hear all about it. Gigi assured her it was a long story, but Viki wanted to know if Gigi and Rex had gotten back together. Gigi told her all about the trip and Viki teased that it must have been a great feeling to be so close to Rex. She was sure that Gigi wanted to do it again, though without the jail part. Gigi admitted they had shared a "moment or two" and had almost kissed. She was sure that Rex was over her though. Viki thought that both Rex and Gigi had to share their true feelings with each other. During the discussion, Gigi had continued to hunt for something that Nora could wear. She suddenly shrieked that she had found the perfect item. Viki looked at it and agreed.

As Rex poured his concoction over Bo, he mentioned his trip to New Mexico. Bo wanted to hear about it, though Rex told him it was a long story. Bo had time so Rex revealed the details. He added that "all roads led back" to Llanview and so he wanted to concentrate on his life there. Bo thought it must have been like old times for Rex to be with Gigi and asked if Rex still loved Gigi and wanted her back. Rex began to pour the sauce over Bo's head and stated that he thought Gigi was over him. He did love her, and he wanted her back.

Bo wanted Rex to take action and advised Rex that he shouldn't waste time like Bo and Nora did. He didn't want Rex to wait on expressing his feelings. They were surprised when David Vickers Buchanan walked through the door. David thought it was Bo who needed to have the happy ending.

Matthew arrived at the church with a bagful of air deodorizers and began to spray with a can in each hand. He was pleasantly interrupted when Dani arrived early, and he asked her what she smelled. She described the air freshener and the skunk smell. As he continued to spray, she advised him that she wanted to talk to him.

Friday, June 4, 2010

At La Boulaie, an unknown person on the patio watched Kelly through the patio doors, as Shaun entered and asked Kelly if everything was okay. When Kelly told Shaun that he did not have to watch over her, Shaun reminded Kelly that it was his job, and that was why Dorian paid him his checks. Shaun noticed something suspicious outside, jerked open the doors, and yelled, "Freeze." He opened the door to Reed, who was standing out in the rain.

After Reed requested entrance, Shaun frisked him, as Kelly demanded that Shaun stop. When Kelly asked why Reed was at the mansion, Reed admitted that he had wanted some unsupervised moments with Kelly, which was why he had attempted to slip in unnoticed. Reed had regretted not seeing Kelly since they had returned from New York. Kelly explained that she had been busy working on Ford's story. Reed asked Kelly for a date, and Kelly informed Reed that he could escort her to a wedding. Shaun jumped up from the sofa and exclaimed that he loved weddings. When Kelly insisted that she would be safe without him at the wedding, Shaun announced that he had his own invitation, and therefore, would accompany them.

In the lobby of La Boulaie, Blair answered the door and found Eli. Blair told Eli that she needed a big favor. Blair explained that she had been asked to sing at Nora's wedding. Blair felt that if she did not sing, Kelly would, and Blair could not let that happen. Blair's favor was for Eli to be her date, and Eli mentioned that he had received his invitation weeks before. Blair demanded to know if everyone had been invited to the wedding, except her, and then wondered why Eli had not yet asked her to be his date. Eli insisted that he would be proud to be her date, and they kissed.

As Kelly, Reed, and Shaun entered the lobby, Kelly introduced Reed to Blair and Eli. Blair slyly stated, "Don't try to kill this one, Kelly." Kelly replied, "Like you did with Max?" Reed suggested that since they were all going to the wedding, they should go together. Blair and Kelly declared a truce and agreed that they could somehow manage to go together.

In the church, Matthew sprayed cans of air freshener, as Dani walked in. Dani requested that Matthew quit spraying and listen to her but then wondered why the church smelled like skunk. Matthew explained about the visiting skunk and then asked Dani what she had wanted to tell him. Before Dani could say, Matthew feared he would not be able to get the skunk smell out of the church and claimed that he did not want his parents' wedding to be postponed.

Dani asserted that sometimes one had to face the truth and attempted to tell Matthew her truth again, when John interrupted her. Matthew asked John if the church smelled different. After John sniffed the air, he replied, "Besides the skunk? No, I don't smell anything" and left. As Dani started to tell Matthew yet again, Brody entered the church with many pots of flowers. Dani shook her head.

At Foxy Roxy's, after a timer went off, Nora demanded that Roxy take the hair dryer off of her head, Natalie insisted that Roxy check Nora's hair. Roxy hesitantly removed the dryer and then exclaimed that she could not believe it. Stunned, Roxy and Natalie stared at Nora, as Nora yelled for somebody to get her a mirror. Roxy handed Nora the mirror, and Nora cried, "It's me. It's actually me." Nora's hair had been restored to a glorious red. Nora expressed her surprised, and Roxy was shocked also.

Viki and Gigi arrived out of the rain and were thrilled to see that Nora's hair was again red. Viki told Nora that she would be a most magnificent bride. Nora cried that she still needed to fix "the tooth, the eye, the dress." Gigi announced, "No worries on the dress. We've got you covered." Nora asked, "Seriouthly?" Viki answered, "Seriouthly. We found the absolutely most fabulous dress and it was right under our noses the whole time." As Gigi showed Nora the dress, Nora stared in shock.

Nora realized that the dress was from the first time that she had married Bo. Viki then showed Nora the suit that Bo had also worn for the first wedding. In tears, Nora expressed her sincere gratitude. Viki indicated that Charlie could swing by on his way to the church and take the suit to Bo. Gigi said that she would call Rex, so that he could tell Bo.

At the church, as Bo lay in a bathtub of tomato juice, and while Rex poured more juice over Bo's head, David entered the room. Each expressed their surprise to the other. Rex kidded David that bathing in tomato juice, before getting married, was a Buchanan tradition. However, Bo explained to David that he had actually been sprayed by a skunk. David announced that he was there for Bo's wedding and offered Rex and Bo Cuban cigars. Bo revealed that it was a rule not to smoke in the church and insisted that it would be a bad omen to break the rules. The men just held their cigars without lighting them, and David emphasized that Bo deserved the best. Bo reminded the men that he was getting the best - Nora. David voiced, "You can count on me. With pride, I look forward to calling her Mom."

The men welcomed John with a cigar, and John reported that Blair would be the wedding singer. Bo was relieved and grateful. Brody walked in with a tuxedo and grabbed a cigar. When Brody revealed the tux to be powder blue with black trim and a ruffled white shirt, the men grimaced. David remarked, "If disco comes back, you'll be right in style, Pa." Brody insisted that it was the last tuxedo in town. David observed that the color matched Bo's eyes, as Rex's phone rang. Gigi asked Rex if Bo would accept a last-minute change in attire, and Rex stated, "Bring it on. The sooner, the better."

However, back at Roxy's, Nora was still depressed - about her eye and her tooth. Roxy questioned if all of the bad karma was a sign, and Viki warned, "Not today." Gigi reminded Nora that Jessica was searching for a dentist. Natalie called Jessica, who informed her that the dentist was on his way. Sadly, Nora lisped that Roxy might be right, and although she tried unsuccessfully several times to say "to shake a stick at," Nora had to settle with saying that there had been a lot of signs. Nora speculated, "Bo's over there thinking everything's fine. He doesn't have a clue."

As Matthew arrived with the suit, he greeted his big brother, David, and announced that the skunk smell in the church was gone. Bo played the harmonica, as he sat in the tub, and asked how much longer he would need to soak. The guys compromised and felt that twelve and a half minutes would cover it. After another sniff, Rex felt that Bo needed a few more minutes to soak, in order to remove the skunk smell. Bo sadly stated, "Nora's over there thinking everything's fine. If she only knew" and placed his cigar in his mouth.

After Dani showed Brody where to place the flowers in the church, Dani, Matthew, and Brody took a huge whiff and could only smell flowers. After Brody left, Matthew placed a pink flower in Dani's hair and said that she was beautiful. Uncomfortable, Dani removed the flower and attempted to tell Matthew the truth again, as Charlie interrupted her. Matthew took the suit from Charlie and related that he would take it to Bo. After Matthew left, Charlie felt that something was wrong and suggested that Dani could talk to "Uncle Charlie" at any time. Dani turned down his offer but thanked him.

Jessica arrived at the salon with Murray Zittle, who was actually a first-year dental student at Llanview University. Once Jessica explained that Murray was the only one who would "do a house call," Nora asked Murray about his dental experience. Murray responded, "Well, we haven't worked on actual people yet, but there's a big section on broken teeth in Emergency Dentistry 102." Viki cried out, "Perfect!" After Murray examined Nora's tooth, he revealed that he would be unable to fix it. Natalie gave Murray a pep talk, slapped him, and demanded that he "get cracking" on fixing Nora's tooth.

Murray, dressed in a pink apron, announced that he was finished. Nora smiled, and all could see that her tooth had been fixed. Roxy declared that Murray was a genius and gave him several big kisses. When Nora still fretted about her eye, Gigi suggested that Nora take her eye patch off. Nora removed the patch, and her eye had healed itself. Then, when Nora was afraid to walk without her crutch, Natalie yelled that fear would get Nora nowhere. Nora begged Natalie not to slap her too. Viki pressed Nora to try to walk without the crutch. As Jessica and Viki grabbed each of Nora's arms, Nora found that she could indeed walk. The ladies cheered.

Roxy discovered white wine to symbolize the wedding, and Natalie provided the toast. "I never met two people who belong together more than Bo and Nora. They've overcome every obstacle that was thrown in their path. They never lose sight of what really matters. Here's to Nora Buchanan." The women and Murray all exclaimed, "To Nora."

David found a bottle of red wine to go with the tomato sauce. When the men mentioned their concerns, David insisted that the church wine would be fine to drink, because it had not been blessed yet. David wanted to toast his "pa," before Bo got married. As the men drank the wine and Matthew drank water, David presented his toast, which he attributed to Kipling. "A woman is just a woman. But a good cigar is a smoke. To Bo and Nora." John asked to extend the toast. "Some people get married, because they think they can live with each other. I think the best marriages are between two people who can't live without each other. They complete each other. They make each other stronger. To our friend, Bo, who inspires me every day, inspires all of us every day. To Bo and Nora."

Natalie asked Roxy if she wanted a ride to the wedding, but Roxy turned her down. Roxy felt that she had a better offer with Murray, and they left the salon together. Nora thanked Natalie, Jessica, and Gigi for all of their hard work, and then asked them to please be her bridesmaids. The girls expressed their delight, as they left the shop. When Nora and Viki gazed at Nora, clad in her wedding gown, in the mirror, Nora announced that she was shocked that the gown still "fits like a glove." As Nora prepared to leave for the church, she searched for her umbrella. Viki announced that Nora would no longer need it, because the weather had cleared up, and the sun was shining.

After taking a deep breath, Bo requested to see the suit. Upon seeing the suit, Bo and Matthew thought that it was "so cool." Brody announced that it was time for Bo to "get hitched." After the guys left, and Bo was dressed, Matthew gave Bo a huge hug and told him that his parents' marriage was what he had wanted more than anything. As they hugged, Bo pictured in his mind how he and Nora had danced at their first wedding.

In the church, Kelly, Blair, Eli, Reed, and Shaun arrived and saw Dani. Blair noticed that Dani looked sad and wondered if Téa had told her the truth. When Blair asked Dani if she was down, Dani replied that she was fine, and that she was just waiting for Matthew.

Shaun greeted John; Blair was not happy at seeing David; and Kelly introduced Reed to David, who stated that they had already met. Brody greeted Jessica; John welcomed Natalie; and Gigi walked up to Rex. All heads turned as Bo entered the church. Bo breathed in the smell of the flowers in the church and gave thanks.

Bo wondered about Andrew, and Rex realized that he had forgotten to get him. However, David informed Bo that the airport had shut down after David's plane had arrived. Bo demanded to know who would marry them. Bo screamed, "After all of this...rain, wildlife, tomato juice baths...everything but a plague of locusts. Now we find that we don't even have a preacher...or a rabbi either." When Charlie attempted to calm him, Bo cried, "My bride will be here in just a couple of minutes, and we don't even have anybody to perform the ceremony." As David raised his hand, he asked, "How about me?"

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