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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 31, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, May 31, 2010

At Lily's house, Noah, who had just regained his eyesight, looked through a window and saw Luke and another man kissing. Noah's friend, Richard, approached, and Noah asked who the man was with Luke. "That's your doctor, dude," said Richard. Luke spotted Noah outside, so he pushed Oliver away, but the doctor said that Noah could not see clearly from that distance. Luke opened the door and called out to Noah and invited the boys inside. He warned them, however, that he was not alone. "I know, "said Noah.

Dr. Oliver walked outside and in the awkward silence that followed, Luke proposed that they all go for a celebratory drink and be joyful about Noah's release from Memorial. Reid was reluctant to go, but he finally agreed. They went to Yo's, where Reid whispered to Luke to "drop the charade" and be honest with Noah. Richard had to leave for work, so Noah surreptitiously watched the interaction between his former love and his doctor as they discussed whether or not to tell Noah about their relationship. Reid finally told Luke to make his decision about which man he wanted, and then he walked out.

Luke sat with Noah and began speaking about the rough road the two of them had traveled the last six months. He said how much he had missed Noah and wanted them to get back together since Noah had recovered his sight. Noah told Luke to "cut the bull," and he admitted that he had seen Luke kissing Dr. Oliver. Luke was stunned, but again he said he wanted to be part of a couple with Noah. Luke called what happened with Reid "just a kiss," but Noah demanded to know if the two of them had ever had sex. Luke swore that they had not, but Noah said that he and Luke were done. He said he had his sight, so he no longer needed Luke, and Noah left the bar.

Later, Reid was watching television at Katie's when Luke rang the doorbell. Luke explained that Noah had 100% of his sight back and had observed the two of them kissing. Reid asked Luke why he was there, but Luke could not give a definitive answer. Reid cruelly suggested that Luke go "lick his wounds" somewhere else. "Get out," he said, as he opened the door for Luke.

Casey asked Alison to meet him at Java because he needed her help. He wanted to locate a doctor named "Dr. Gravid," and he pled with Alison to use the hospital resources to find out if there was such a doctor in the area. Alison said she had a very busy day because it was Eliza's christening day, but she agreed that she owed Casey a favor or two. They went back to the hospital and Alison searched everywhere for Dr. Gravid. No such physician was registered with the American Medical Association or licensed to practice medicine in the state of Illinois.

Casey was stumped, so Alison asked if this mysterious doctor had anything to do with Vienna, and Casey admitted that Vienna had said she was seeing the doctor for her pregnancy. He asked Alison to keep the information quiet, however, as Alison left to get ready for the christening.

Meg, Emma, Paul, and Emily met in the Lakeview lounge to finalize plans for the christening. Meg and Emily argued about who would hold the little girl during the ceremony, and Meg felt that her being the birth mother trumped all other claims. Emily, however, reminded everyone about Meg's most recent breakdown in which she was convinced that she had heard Eliza crying. Meg was furious, so Emma took her away to splash some cold water on her daughter's face. Paul wondered aloud if they should postpone the ceremony, but Emily said that would make no difference; his former wife was still "Nutmeg."

Paul said he had an equitable solution. He proposed that Emily be the little girl's godmother, and then she could hold her during the ceremony. Emily thanked Paul, as Meg and Emma returned. Paul told the women his idea, but Meg nixed the plan immediately. Emily threw a fit, but Emma attempted to persuade her daughter that Paul's solution was a good one. Then she hustled Meg out and said it was "all settled." In the lobby, Emma took a call from her farm foreman and learned that a worker had been hospitalized. She needed to go to Memorial, so Meg urged her mother to do that and said she would handle the christening by herself.

Henry, wearing a red cape and nothing else, played with Vienna in bed, as she continued her charade of being pregnant. She even referred to "Dr. Gravid," her new OB-GYN. Vienna wished they could stay in bed all day, but she reminded Henry that they had to get ready for Eliza's christening since Henry was the baby's uncle. Vienna went to take a shower, and someone knocked on the door. Henry grabbed the sheet off the bed, and along with his cape, made quite a sight as he opened the door to Barbara. "This is exactly what it looks like," he blurted out. Barbara tried not to look at Henry, but she said she wanted to make sure he was attending the christening. She also made it clear that Henry's fiancée was "most definitely not welcome."

Henry stepped into the hall, and Barbara explained that the gathering would be small and just for the family. She asked Henry to honor her wishes for his niece, but Henry knew Barbara meant it for herself. Henry returned to the room and lied to Vienna that the christening had been cancelled because of someone's illness. Vienna was very disappointed to miss out on her first American christening.

Henry made an excuse for an errand and left Vienna in the room. Casey knocked on the door, and he said that he had just seen Henry leaving, and he wanted to stop by and ask how Vienna was doing. He began asking pointed questions about Dr. Gravid, who, Casey stated, most likely did not exist. Vienna again denied that her "baby" was Casey's, and as she pushed him out the door, Casey asked why she was not going to Eliza's christening. Vienna said the event had been cancelled, but Casey said he had just seen Barbara downstairs, and she had been on her way to the church.

Casey went back to the hospital and called his grandfather, Bob, on the phone. He asked him about a, OB-GYN named "Dr. Gravid," who was new in town, and Bob gave him the news that if would be more than a coincidence if a doctor of that specialty had that name. He said "gravid" meant "pregnant" in several languages, including Swedish.

At the church, Barbara spoke with Paul and asked him about her moving into Fairwinds. Emily walked up carrying Eliza, and she told Barbara that was a "horrible idea" that wasn't going to happen. Meg arrived without Emma, who was stuck at the hospital with her injured worker. Paul offered to postpone the baptism, but Meg refused. She took her daughter from Emily's arms, as Alison arrived alone, saying that Susan had an emergency. Henry walked in solo, and he said that Vienna was "under the weather." Paul approached him and asked Henry to be his little girl's godfather, and Henry was honored.

The service began, and Emily and Henry answered as godparents. Meg held Eliza, and all went well until Vienna dashed in at the end and created a spectacle. Paul thanked everyone and then took his daughter from Meg and invited everyone to Fairwinds for refreshments. After most of the party had left the church, Vienna scolded Henry for telling her that the christening had been cancelled. She was eager to go to Fairwinds and asked Henry to hurry.

At Fairwinds, Emily passed around flutes of champagne, but Meg asked instead for a cup of chamomile tea. Emily said she would he happy to fix her one, and she left for the kitchen. Henry and Vienna arrived, and Henry asked Vienna to fetch their drinks, as he snagged Barbara and pulled her into the hallway. Henry apologized for Vienna's being there, but he assured Barbara that hardly anyone would notice she was there. Just then they heard Vienna's booming voice declare that she had an announcement to make, and she proceeded to talk about her impending marriage to Henry and the fact that the two of them were expecting their own little bundle of love.

Barbara was horrified and screamed, "Good Heavens! Do you have to make everything about you?" The two women traded nasty comments until Henry apologized and hustled Vienna out. Barbara's parting shot was to yell, "Euro-trash little hussy!" at Vienna's back. Alison said goodbye to Emily and took off, as well. Paul reconsidered and invited Barbara to move into Fairwinds so that she would not keep running into Henry and Vienna, but Emily was miffed. Suddenly Meg flipped out again, and she jumped on Emily calling her "evil" and demanding that Emily surrender Eliza to her. Emma, who had finally arrived, tried to intervene, but Meg was out of control hurling insults and trying to get to Emily physically.

Paul stopped Meg, and then he suggested that Barbara watch the baby while he and Emma take Meg to "talk to somebody." The three of them walked out, and Barbara asked Emily where she thought Paul might take his former wife. Emily had no idea, but she hoped it was Deerbrook.

At Deerbrook, Emma helped put her protesting daughter to bed, and the doctors administered a sedative. Meg made her mother promise to keep Emily away from Eliza, as a discouraged Paul watched through the window.

Alison stopped to see Casey, who was confused as to what to do next. He told Alison everything about his tryst with Vienna, including the origin of the phony name of her doctor. Alison agreed to help Casey find out exactly what Vienna was up to.

Henry and Vienna went home, but Vienna, who had called Barbara some very insulting names at the party, did not understand that she had overstepped the bounds. She accused Henry of always defending Barbara, and said she thought he had deep feelings for the woman. Henry confessed that he did care about Barbara, and Vienna was shocked. She asked Henry if he would still love her if she was not pregnant, and she was not satisfied by his non-answer.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

At Fairwinds, Emily played with Eliza on her lap, and when Barbara attempted to take the little girl from her, Emily issued a warning. She told her mother-in-law that just because Barbara was living with them temporarily, she had no cause to try to take control of Eliza. The women argued the merits of care and custody versus flesh and blood until Emily said, "My house, my family, my rules. Back off, Babs."

Barbara suggested that her daughter-in-law "dial down her attitude" and cautioned her about underestimating Paul's feelings for Meg. Emily was confident that Paul's concern for his ex-wife was based solely on what was best for their daughter, but she decided to go to Deerbrook to ease her mind. Barbara offered to watch Eliza, and Emily took off.

At Deerbrook, Meg asked what had happened during the christening celebration at Fairwinds, so Paul and Emma explained that Meg had, without warning, gone after Emily verbally and physically. Meg asked what was wrong with her, and she was upset that people would assume she was still psychotic. Paul wanted to speak to Meg's doctor, but Emma told him firmly that he had no say in Meg's care. She told him to "just stay away," and she blamed Paul for part of the reason that Meg was institutionalized again. Paul went to see why the doctor was not evaluating Meg, as Meg broke down in sobs with her mother.

Emily arrived at Deerbrook with an armful of flowers and was surprised to find Meg alone. Meg was submissive at first, but then she began to cough and asked her visitor to hand her a glass of water. Meg drank a few swallows and then looked at Emily strangely and muttered that Emily did not really care about her. Meg raised her voice and accused Emily of "casting spells" on her and her family. Suddenly Meg leaped from her bed and began attacking Emily, but their shouts brought Emma and Paul into the room. Paul subdued Meg, but he turned her over to Emma so that he could hustle Emily outside.

Emily continued to yell "Screwball!" at Meg, and they argued about what had set Meg off. Emily complained that Meg had called her a witch, so Paul forbade his wife to go into Meg's room. He, however, went in, and Meg apologized for upsetting Emily.

Casey and Alison had breakfast at Java with Nancy Hughes, who said she had huge hopes that the two of them would find their way back to one another. She said she was looking forward to another great-grandchild before too long. Alison and Casey headed out to Memorial, and Alison made a comment to Casey about how relieved he probably was that the baby Nancy referred to wasn't arriving via Vienna.

Henry and Vienna strolled through Old Town, and Vienna chatted about how she thought they should tell people they were "re-engaged." She prattled on about how beautiful their wedding would be, but Henry was obviously distracted. They ran into Alison and Casey, and Casey and Vienna exchanged strange looks. Alison broke the awkward silence by telling Henry that he should drop by Memorial to see the progress on the new neurological wing that he had financed. Vienna responded haughtily that they were way too busy planning their nuptials, but Alison offered to have a coffee with Henry to discuss the project, and he readily agreed. The two of them went into Java, but Casey stopped Vienna and said they needed to talk.

In the coffee shop, Alison apologized for possibly crossing any lines, and then she told Henry that she got the feeling from her conversation at the hospital with Vienna that his fiancée was more worried about her pregnancy than she let on. Henry said he had seen no signs of that, so Alison suggested that he just be careful with Vienna and let her know that he was as excited about the baby as she was. Henry thanked Alison, and the girl walked outside. She passed Vienna and Casey, and said that she needed to get straight to work.

Casey asked Vienna how the baby was, but Vienna told him that was none of his business. Casey was angry, and he accused Vienna of lying to him and making up a fictitious doctor. Vienna said she had made up her doctor's name so that Casey would not hassle her. She accused him of being "sexually obsessed" with her, and they continued to argue on the sidewalk.

In Java, Henry ordered an herbal tea latte for Vienna after the barista convinced him that "all the pregnant ladies" were drinking them. Barbara walked in pushing Eliza's stroller, and when Henry asked how she was, Barbara replied with cynicism, "Just ducky." Henry apologized again for the tasteless things Vienna had called her at the christening party, and Barbara said she could not believe that Henry had not seen through Vienna's machinations yet. She likened him to a "bewildered bull" being marched down the aisle with "a gold ring through the nose." Barbara mixed her metaphors and told Henry he had horns and to use them to "be a man."

Barbara lamented that Henry could not have both her and Vienna, and she was stunned when Henry told her he had already told Vienna about his relationship with her. Barbara asked for details, so Henry said he had told his fiancée that he had "romantic feelings" for Barbara. He also claimed that he was not at all sorry that he had told her. Eliza began to fuss a bit, so Henry squatted down and had a delightful conversation with the little girl. Barbara was amazed at how comfortable Henry was with her granddaughter. Then she told Henry about Meg's meltdown the night before and mentioned that in spite of that, she would rather have Meg out of her mind than Emily Stewart as a daughter-in-law. Henry suggested that Barbara not drug Emily's tea again, and a light bulb went on for Barbara. She suddenly kissed Henry and called him a "genius," and she and Eliza dashed out.

Chris Hughes slept on Katie's bed and awoke to find her sitting in a chair right next to him. He got up and was pleased not to have pain in his back. They walked out to the living room, but suddenly Chris's back went out again and left him stooped over. Katie tried to get him onto the couch, but they stumbled and Chris ended up on top of Katie. He was unable to move, but eventually Katie was able to wiggle out from under him. Chris took another painkiller, which he washed down with a swig of flat beer. He asked Katie for a fresh beer, but she questioned his mixing of pills and alcohol. Chris claimed he was a doctor and knew what he was doing, and he finished both beers.

Katie remarked that the doctor certainly knew how to "self-medicate," but then Chris began talking goofy. He rambled and made no sense, so Katie asked him if he could actually move. He managed to stand up, but then a whim struck him and he wanted Katie to dance with him. Katie refused and tried to keep from laughing. Then Chris decided to sing instead, and he began on the old ditty, "K-K-K-Katie." The doorbell rang, and although Katie suggested it was the "Song Police," it was Alison. "Thank God," said Katie, who pulled Alison into her living room. She explained that Chris was on a beer and pills therapy. Katie escaped out the door and left Alison to care for a whacked-out Chris.

Alison got Chris back to bed, and she scolded him about mixing pills with booze. She told him to "sleep it off," but he asked her to stay with him until he fell asleep. Alison sat on the bed with him, and Chris began telling her how important she was to him, but unfortunately he called her "Katie." He rambled on and on about how beautiful Katie was and how he couldn't stop thinking about their kiss on the segment of Lisa's anniversary show. Alison appeared disgusted.

Katie went to WOAK and had a wonderful chat with Nancy Hughes, who knew what Katie was feeling with the loss of Brad. Nancy gave her comforting words of how she had moved on after the death of her husband, Chris. Nancy also said she did not think Katie was ready for another love yet, but she would be some day.

Barbara showed up at Deerbrook with Eliza, and the little girl perked up Meg's spirits immeasurably. Paul took her outside where he and Emily talked about keeping the girl away from Deerbrook while Meg was so unpredictable. In Meg's room, Barbara asked her how she had felt the morning of the christening. Meg said she had felt great all the way through the ceremony, but once they had gotten back to Fairwinds, she had begun to feel "edgy." Barbara walked to the nurse's station and spoke to Meg's doctor. She recommended that while she was running all the other tests, the doctor should also do a routine toxicology screen.

Henry wandered into Yo's for a martini, and Casey was sitting at the bar. The two eyed each other suspiciously.

Back at Fairwinds, Emily fixed Paul a drink and told him he had done everything he could for Meg. She said she wanted to take care of him, and they kissed.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Holden surprised Lily at home and said he wanted to see how she was managing with Gabriel. He offered to keep the boy busy at the stables, but Lily, although she appreciated the offer, said that Gabriel was still sleeping and recovering. Holden handed Lily a large envelope he had found by her front door, and she opened it to find her final divorce papers from Damian. It made Lily sad to remember all the mistakes she had made with him and how much it had cost her. Lily suggested that she throw a family dinner that night to make Gabriel feel welcome. She invited Holden, Molly, and Faith, so Holden accepted and left for the farm.

Lucinda showed up at Lily's, and Lily admitted she had forgotten that she had made plans with her mother. She showed Lucinda the legal papers, and her mother rejoiced by saying, "We are finally free of the Maltese connection!" Lucinda put in a plug for Holden, but Lily reminded her that Holden no longer wanted her. Lily got sad and admitted, however, that she still wanted her first love back. Lucinda was delighted to hear that, and she tried to convince Lily that there was hope for her and Holden again, but Lily was confused and said what she felt for Holden was "safe."

"Safe" was disappointing for Lucinda to hear, but finally Lily admitted that she still cared for Holden, as she fought back tears. Lucinda could not believe that Lily had invited Molly to her dinner, but Lily said that Holden lived with the woman, and she needed to make Molly feel welcome. Lily made an official pronouncement that the "romantic sage of Holden and Lily" was over.

Molly got in her car and checked her phone. She found about 20 text messages from Silas Whitman, and she yelled out loud to the trees that she hated him, but Silas suddenly jerked open her car door. He frightened Molly and reminded her that she couldn't walk away from him. He said she would always regret it if she brushed him off, and he made crude remarks about Molly's "farmer." Silas insisted that Molly have dinner with him that night, but she refused by saying that she loved Holden. Whitman warned Molly that she had no idea how difficult he could make her life if he so desired. He threatened to expose "mementos" of their affair if Molly didn't accept his invitation.

Molly drove away and went home to the farm where she found Holden about to call her. He said they had a dinner invitation from Lily for the whole family to show support for Gabriel Caras and also to celebrate Lily's divorce from Damian. Molly's phone rang, but when she saw it was from Silas, she declined to answer. She told Holden the call was from "work," so he urged her to take it. Silas told Molly she needed to meet him for dinner or he would release some photos and videos of the two of them to the press. Molly refused to take the bait, so Whitman said he would then send them instead to her "farmer." Molly said she had a family dinner to attend, so the ex-Congressman offered to provide the videos for the entertainment.

Whitman then promised that if Molly would have dinner with him and talk things through, he would walk away at the end of the evening if Molly had not changed her mind. He told her to go to the Old Mill Restaurant and gave her the directions. Then he warned her that she had better not disappoint him. Holden whispered to Molly that her career was more important than a family dinner, and he urged her to take the assignment. Molly reluctantly agreed, and then swore to Holden that after that evening, she would devote herself exclusively to him. The two of them kissed.

Molly dressed for her dinner with Silas and drove out Route 23 to the restaurant. She walked into an empty room, but Whitman soon joined her. Then he closed and locked the door with a key.

Holden showed up alone at Lily's with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the farm garden. He said that he had been unable to reach Faith, but she might show up later. Molly, he said, had a last-minute work assignment.

At Katie's house, Alison sat with Chris, who was still jabbering in Katie's bed. She urged him to go to sleep, but he just rambled on about how magnificent Katie was and how he felt about her. Chris was too drugged to realize that he was talking to Alison. Disgusted, Alison stood up and told Chris to "sleep it off."

Alison was unaware that Katie had returned home and was in her living room with a very upset Vienna. Vienna confirmed to Katie that she was not pregnant and admitted that she had made up the whole baby story. Katie was horrified that Vienna could have done that and also slept with Casey. Vienna said that she was forced to go to extremes when she spotted Henry kissing Barbara Ryan. To make things even worse, Vienna said that Henry had admitted that he had deep feelings for Barbara. Vienna desperately needed advice from Katie, and she also complained that Casey was nosing around, suspicious that Vienna was carrying his child.

Katie said that Vienna had to stop lying to her best friend Henry and making him fall in love with a "fantasy baby." Vienna was sure she could give Henry the life he wanted, and she begged Katie to help her. When Katie stayed silent, Vienna asked her friend to at least keep her secret until she was pregnant "for real." Alison walked out of the bedroom, so Vienna quietly left. Alison told Katie that their patient would survive, but he was talking too much instead of sleeping. She asked Katie to stop setting her up with Chris because he only liked her as a friend. Katie asked what Chris had done, but Alison replied, "Nothing, except fall for you."

Katie couldn't believe what Alison told her that Chris had said. Alison was convinced that Chris had strong feelings for Katie, and he thought those feelings were reciprocated. Katie insisted that there was nothing going on, but Alison said there was, and she was glad to find out before she got any more involved with Chris. Alison left for work, so Katie went in and sat by a sleeping Chris.

Henry and Casey drank liberally at the bar at Yo's. Casey mentioned Henry's impending fatherhood, but instead of being excited, Henry said he was "quaking in his boots." He mentioned their miscarriage the year before, and Casey remembered it. Henry wondered why someone as young as Casey was even interested in the topic of babies, but Casey reminded him that he had gotten Gwen pregnant while they were both in high school. Casey had denied his paternity of that baby for a long time, but he asked what was holding Henry back because he obviously loved Vienna, had money, and a good business. Life was good for Henry, so Casey asked what his problem was. Henry said he knew nothing about raising kids and seriously questioned whether he would be a good dad.

The men played pool and talked about wives and close calls. Henry apologized for mentioning Casey's almost wedding to Alison and said, "You don't get over your fiancée sleeping with another man when she's your fiancée." Casey laughed at the irony but he did not answer when Henry also questioned what kind of guy would do that. Henry asked about Alison, and Casey said she was actually helping him out with something he had going on. Vienna marched in then and accused both of the men of being drunk. Henry said they had been talking about life, love, fatherhood, and -- Vienna! Vienna glared at Casey, who spoke up that he hadn't told Henry anything he hadn't already known. Vienna dragged Henry out, and Casey took off for the hospital.

Back in the Lakeview, Vienna suggested that they call off their stuffy, formal wedding. If they got rid of the frills and ruffles, she said, they could get married right away. Henry looked like a deer in the headlights when she said they should hold the nuptials at Al's, and she pulled him down on the bed with her. She wanted to play their "Drunken Sailor and Saucy Barmaid" game, but Henry did not want to do anything that might hurt the baby. Vienna assured him that the doctor had said sex was fine, but Henry wanted to talk to the doctor himself. Vienna got a bit frantic and screamed that they didn't need to see a doctor. She wanted to make love, but someone knocked on the door and interrupted them.

Casey hunted for Alison at Memorial and asked when her shift was over. She was very busy, so Casey gave her a quick rundown. He said that Henry thought the baby was his own, so Casey had decided to accept the situation and back off. Alison said no matter how much sense that made, she couldn't see Casey walking away from a child who might be his. Alison ran off, but Casey sat in the waiting area until she returned. He said he wanted her to understand why he needed to back off the "baby thing." He said the situation made him realize that he wanted to have children but not until he was with someone he loved. Alison got paged and had to go, but she told Casey he could continue to wait if he wanted.

When Alison returned, Casey was gone, but he showed up again shortly. He said he needed to figure out what to do even though he knew Vienna should figure out her own life. His behavior with Gwen had figured into his thoughts, and he hated to recall how immature he had acted then. Casey said he needed to know the truth about Vienna's baby. Alison smiled and told Casey he was "a good guy."

Katie sat with Chris in her bedroom, and he finally awakened. She was in a rush to get him out of there, and when she discovered that he was no longer in pain, she practically pushed him out the door. Chris asked if he had said something wrong while he was "under the influence," but Katie said she had no idea. Chris wondered how he had managed to irritate her so much in his sleep, but he obviously had no clue what he had been talking about. Katie found it hard to believe that he did not remember saying everything that Alison had reported, but Chris did not even remember that Alison had been there. Katie was so gruff that Chris stood his ground and demanded to know what he had done. Katie was flustered, so she gave him the phone number for the cab company and dashed out.

Chris straightened up Katie's bed and looked at the photos of her and Brad. He knew he had done something to irritate her, but he said aloud that he had absolutely no idea what it was.

The knock on Henry and Vienna's door was Katie, who said she had to do something. Vienna looked alarmed and told Katie it was "not a good time," but Katie handed her a silver box. Vienna opened it, and inside was the wedding garter that Katie had worn when she had married Brad. Katie said she hoped it would bring Henry and Vienna happy times, and she urged them to be loving and honest with each other.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

At Memorial, Luke whined to Reid that Noah did not want to get back together with him, and apparently Reid did not want him either. "Poor you," quipped Dr. Oliver. Then Oliver asked Luke what the two of them were to each other, and Luke answered that when Reid stopped calling him "Mr. Snyder," he made Luke feel wanted. Luke looked at the unappealing frozen dinner that Reid was preparing to eat, and he invited the doctor to go with him to Lily's house for a good dinner. Oliver made his usual disclaimer about his dislike of all social gatherings, and he declined. Luke told him to suit himself, and he walked out. Reid got called away, but when he returned, he took one look at the soggy dinner and dumped it in the trash. He grabbed his coat and took off.

Ethan and Natalie welcomed their dad to Lily's, and the children were very excited. Gabriel, the guest of honor, walked out of his room and exclaimed, "Aren't you two divorced?" Lucinda quickly interjected that Lily, Holden, and the kids were still a family. Then she pulled Lily aside and suggested that her daughter multitask by making Gabriel feel welcome, as well as giving Holden some special attention. "Carpe diem!" recommended Lucinda, as she went to speak with Gabriel. She told the boy privately that her large cash offer was still good if he testified against Craig and then left town. Faith walked in, and when Lily welcomed her, the girl asked how she could miss the party for the guy who had stolen Parker's money.

Carly and Jack made love and then got dressed to go to Lily's dinner party. Carly suggested that Jack not talk to Gabriel at all that evening because Jack was doing such a good job of letting the Monte Carlo fire case go. They arrived at Lily's, but Gabriel looked worried when he spotted Jack. Next, Lily opened the door to Noah, who was not expecting to walk in on a party. He asked to speak with her, so Lily stepped outside on the patio. Noah said he needed to thank her for everything she and her family had done for him, and he also wanted to pick up a few of his belongings that were still in Luke's room.

Lily tried to reassure Noah about Luke, but Noah said things had changed. His plan was to go back to school and finish up, but Lily wanted some assurance that Noah would not just disappear from their lives. Holden joined them outside and explained that Noah didn't want to be around Luke at the present, or, by extension, Luke's family. Lily got upset that Noah felt that no one could "fix" his relationship with her son, but Holden understood. Noah hugged Lily and asked to go to Luke's room for his things. He went inside, but Lily remained out on the patio.

In Luke's bedroom, Noah was distracted when he saw a framed photograph of Luke and him, and he was holding it when Luke walked in. Noah said he had wanted to get in and out before Luke returned, and he had also said goodbye to the Snyder family. Then Noah picked up the tie that Luke had once helped him tie, the event that precipitated the boys' first kiss. He told Luke that he had never expected to feel the way he did. Suddenly Reid Oliver walked in, and Luke felt compelled to explain to Noah how he had extended an invitation to Reid. Noah said he had to go, and he walked out. Dr. Oliver made cracks about the boys' relationship, so Luke ordered him out of his room. He also said he had invited Oliver to his home to spend some time with real people, but it was obvious that Oliver could not fit in.

Holden found Lily sitting on the patio, and he joined her. Lily was crying and said that it was wrong for people who belonged together to break up. Holden asked if she was referring to Noah and Luke, and he said there was nothing anyone else could do about it. Lily suddenly switched gears and began apologizing for letting Damian intrude again between the two of them. Holden said that no one could have stopped Damian; he was a man possessed. He and Lily shared a close moment and finally kissed. Holden pulled away and went inside to look for his phone.

Jack eyed Gabriel at the party, as Carly suggested to Jack that they take a family trip out west during the summer. Lucinda overheard her comments, so she spirited Carly away to give her suggestions on some great western spas. Jack watched Faith approach Gabriel and scold him for calling her a "brat." She then labeled him as a "blackmailing liar," as Gabriel remarked that Faith was a brat because she treated her mother like dirt. When Faith gave a smart-aleck response, Gabriel reminded her that some day her mother would be gone. Gabriel walked away from Faith and ran into Jack, who said, "Hiya, Gabe, you got a minute?"

Jack took Gabriel into the kitchen on the pretense of looking for more dessert, and he brought up the subject of the Monte Carlo fire. He wanted Gabriel to walk him through all the events that took place just before the fire, so the boy began with his fight with Parker. He said the boys quarreled about the trust fund, and Parker had knocked him down and walked out. Gabriel said he had gotten up when Craig walked in and sucker-punched him hard. Craig had also said, "You'll never get out of here alive." Jack led the boy by telling him that Craig must have had something in his hand because of the kind of wound Gabriel had suffered. He suggested that the boy relax and try to picture what had been in Craig's hand.

Finally, after much suggesting, Jack got Gabriel to name the object in Craig's hand as the angel paperweight that Carly always kept on her desk. Lucinda interrupted them then and marched Gabriel away. Carly found Jack in the kitchen and asked what he had been doing. They decided it was time to go home, so they drove back to Carly's. No one was home, so Jack asked Carly to confirm for him that the angel paperweight was made of glass and therefore quite fragile. Carly got irritated and accused Jack of trying to convict her son again.

At the Old Mill Restaurant, Silas Whitman reminded Molly of the time in New York City when he had rented an entire restaurant so that he could have dinner alone with her. Molly then reminded him of his promise that if Molly had dinner with him and chose not to be with him, Silas would walk away. Whitman excused himself for a moment, left the room, and locked the door behind him. Molly tried to open it, but Whitman returned and seemed energized and excited. He told Molly she needed to focus on their future, and Molly realized the man had gotten high on drugs.

Whitman began talking about how much Molly turned him on, and when she accused him of taking drugs, he laughed and said that quitting drugs was a '"process" that he was working on. He said Molly could "fix" him, but she said he needed professional help. Silas looked in vain for a way to turn on music in the room, but when he couldn't figure it out, he suggested that they make a new sex video. Molly tried a different tack and asked Whitman to find some sticky sherry behind the bar, and she triggered his memory of an especially erotic escapade. When Whitman went behind the bar, Molly slipped out her phone and left a message for Holden that she needed help and would try to call 9-1-1.

Whitman sneaked up on her, grabbed her phone, and crushed it beneath his shoe. He took Molly's face in his hands and began kissing her until she stuck her hand in her purse, pulled out a revolver, and pointed it at his belly. Molly told Whitman to put the door key on the table, but he laughed and called the addition of the gun "a new game." Molly screamed at him, so Whitman threw the key across the room. He began advancing on her, so Molly yelled for him to back off. She dared Silas to give her a reason to blow him away.

Silas held his head in his hands and pretended to be shaking off the effects of the drugs. He crossed the room and found the key, all the while apologizing and moving closer to Molly. In one swift move, he swung his arm and knocked the gun away and grinned, "Oops!" Whitman grabbed Molly and threw her on a table and climbed on top of her, and pinned her down. Molly screamed, as her attacker checked the angle of the minicam that was recording the attack. Whitman declared they were at a "perfect angle," and Molly sobbed and yelled at him to get off her.

Back at Lily's, Faith found her father's phone among Ethan's trucks. She handed it to Holden, as Lily walked in from the patio. Holden listened to Molly's frantic message and he panicked. Holden ran out of the house with no further explanation.

Faith helped her mother clean up, and said she knew Lily had kissed Holden. She also wondered if her mother was sad that Holden had left to go back to Molly, and Lily admitted that was so.

Holden broke through the locked door at the Old Mill Restaurant and knocked Silas Whitman off the table. The men fought, and Whitman scrambled for the revolver he knew was on the floor.

Friday, June 4, 2010

At Lily's house, Faith said her mother wasn't fooling anyone. Lily admitted that she had feelings for Holden, but the kiss hadn't meant anything. Faith figured that Lily wanted to break up Holden and Molly, but Lily insisted that the kiss had happened at a fragile moment. Faith stated that she knew what-or who-made her mother happy, and most of the time, she wanted her mother to be happy. Lily said that it was the sweetest thing that Faith had said in months.

Alone later, Lily found a photo of her, Faith, and Holden wedged between some furniture. Lily put it back on display and drank some wine. She fell asleep and dreamed that Holden and Faith had orchestrated an impromptu wedding in the living room for him and Lily. In the dream, Holden said that they were "now and forever a part of each other." They kissed, and Molly peered in from the window, but then disappeared.

Lily awakened and looked at the picture. She called herself insane, but then wondered what would be the worst thing that could happen. She got up and left the house.

At the Old Mill, Holden wrested the gun from Silas, who bragged about what a spitfire Molly was for the camera. Holden punched him out, and Molly sobbed that the high Silas had almost raped her. She explained that Silas had threatened to reveal sex videos of her if she'd refused to meet him. Holden tied Silas to a chair and went to get a cell phone from the car.

Silas snickered that Molly would never be happy with the farm boy. He said she had a lot to offer a man-as a mistress, not a wife. Silas called her cheap and dirty, and he had the videos to prove it. She grabbed the gun, aimed it at him, and commanded him to shut up.

Silas goaded Molly saying she looked sexy with the gun. He somehow got out of his restraints and said that after a short stint in jail, he'd be back. "What are you are is a whore, but you're my whore-then, now, forever," he told her. The word "whore" echoed through Molly's mind, and she screamed, "No!" She fired the gun, and a bullet silenced Silas.

Holden rushed into the room, and as he checked Silas, Molly babbled about what Silas had said to her. Holden grabbed the gun and said that it was over. He took the video camera from the mantlemantel, and as the cop police sirens drew nearer, he urged Molly to tell the police that she'd shot Silas to prevent him from raping her. Molly shook her head and cried that it hadn't happened that way. Holden, however, insisted that it was self-defense. A sniffling Molly agreed.

Holden and Molly went to the farm, where Holden stated that the police questioning had gone well. He pulled some disks from his pocket, and Molly urged him to burn them. He promised to take care of it, but wondered why she hadn't told him about Silas. She said that she hadn't wanted Holden to think that it was another jealous ploy. Holden blamed himself for being too involved with Lily to have been there for Molly. He felt that he'd lost his bearings for a while, but he knew that he wanted Molly. To prove it, he asked her to marry him.

Lily arrived on the porch and practiced what she'd say to Holden. When she was ready, she opened the kitchen door.

As Liberty babysat Johnny, Craig called and persuaded her to let him speak to his son. During the call, Craig urged Johnny to convince Gabriel that they all should be a family.

Upon encountering Gabriel in town, Parker reasoned that the punch over the stolen money had made them even. Gabriel, however, quipped that it had been a sucker punch. Parker warned him to stay away from Liberty, but Gabriel expected some appreciation for pointing the finger at Craig instead of Parker. Johnny and Liberty approached, and Parker took off.

The threesome went to Al's, and Liberty said that they should go to a Cubs game. Johnny wanted his father to go, too, because he missed Craig. Gabriel looked guilty, and Johnny went to the bar for ice cream. Liberty told Gabriel not to feel guilty for telling the truth about Craig. Gabriel abruptly left, and Liberty pursued him outside.

Gabriel felt that he should leave to save Johnny the pain of learning who his father really was. Liberty stated that Craig wasn't as bad as everyone thought. Gabriel decided that he didn't belong in Oakdale. He didn't know how to be a brother, and he refused to be Craig's son. She asked if he were sure that he couldn't find one thing to like about Oakdale. Gabriel suddenly tried to kiss Liberty, but she pushed him away. She apologized for giving him the wrong idea, but she said that she just couldn't do it.

At home, Jack and Carly argued, because he still questioned Gabriel's story about the assault before the fire. Jack exclaimed that he needed to know the truth, but Carly said that they had a chance to regain their life and family-unless he ruined it. Jack stated that the force used to knock Gabriel out should have shattered the lightweight glass angel that Craig had supposedly hit Gabriel with; however, they'd found it still intact.

As the couple bickered about it, Parker entered and noted that his parents were at it again. Carly claimed that they were talking about a family vacation. She took off to the library to research destinations, and Jack said that they argued to determine what was best for their children. Wishing that they could figure it out already, Parker left to go study.

Later, Faith found Parker studying at Java, and after she helped him a little, she said that it was time for him to let Liberty go. He claimed that he was over Liberty, and there was no need to mention her name again. Faith started quizzing him on history, and Liberty strode into Java. Parker got distracted, and a disappointed Faith took off.

Liberty told Parker that he and Gabriel were playing Tugtug-of-war over her, but she had too much catching up to do in her life to deal with that. She said she missed their friendship, and he replied that he did, as well. They hugged, and Gabriel saw them through the window.

Jack went to the police holding cells to tell Craig that there were inconsistencies in Gabriel's story. Jack figured that the case might not go to trial if Craig could clear them up. Jack wondered why Craig danced around the arson charge, but professed complete innocence in the assault against Gabriel. "I know what I did and didn't do," Craig responded.

Craig thought that he and Jack could agree that they didn't want to put Parker in jeopardy during the investigation; however, Jack's visit had given Craig hope. In returned return for it, Craig issued a warning about Carly. Craig said his obsession with Carly had led him to make bad choices. She'd left him emotionally, financially, and morally bankrupt.

Jack didn't want to hear it, but Craig insisted that Carly was toxic. "In the end, she'll push you over the line, too," Craig warned. Jack left, and Craig told a guard to cancel his requests for law books. The guard asked if Craig had given up. "I'm getting out," Craig replied.

Carly stopped by the police evidence room and claimed that Jack had lost his watch in one of the evidence boxes. She asked Kenny, the officer on duty, if she could search for it. He hesitated to break the rules; however, when Carly narrowed it down to the Monte Carlo evidence box, Kenny let her see it. He stepped away, and she hid the angel statue in her coat. Kenny returned as Carly started to leave, and he immediately noticed that something was missing.

Carly apologized for taking the angel, but she claimed that it had great sentimental value to her. Kenny said that it was still evidence. Jack entered and agreed. He asked Kenny to let him handle it, and Kenny left. Juggling the angel in her hands, Carly claimed that she'd just wanted to figure out what it weighed. "I'd say about a pound," she estimated, dropping it. The angel shattered on the floor, and Jack gasped.



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