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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 31, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, May 31, 2010

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, ABC aired a special encore presentation of an episode of All My Children from February 16, 2010. The episode involved David revealing the secret identity of his bride -- Greenlee.

This programming change will not result in any lost episodes. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, June 1 and pick up where the Friday, May 28 episode concluded.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In the cabin in the middle of nowhere, Caleb and Erica awakened and bickered about whether her leg was infected. She insisted that it wasn't, so Caleb reckoned that she could head on down the mountain. "Take a left at the big tree," he instructed, hoping that she really was leaving that time. Erica realized that her pilot had never filed a flight plan. She hoped that he'd told authorities about the crash; however, Caleb doubted that the pilot was in any shape to speak.

A limping Erica scrounged around and found the last can of provisions. She refused to share it with Caleb; however, she reconsidered when she couldn't pry it open on her own. Later, a shivering Erica wished they had a fire. Caleb handed her an axe, and she scoffed.

As Erica lugged the axe outside, Caleb shook his head. She told herself that she could do it, and she swung the axe a few good times. Chuckling at her success, she yelled that she was good at chopping wood-as long as she imagined whacking Caleb's big head. From inside, he warned that he'd heard that. He put aside the book in his hand and smiled.

That evening, Erica donned Caleb's shirt and complained about the cold, the caffeine withdrawals, the putrid food, and the manual labor. Caleb thanked her for reminding him of why he lived alone. She deemed his solitude unnatural. She missed her daughters and Jackson. "Lawyers, bear food," Caleb grumbled. Of her ten husbands, Erica thought Jackson had been the best. "Ten? Who the hell gets married ten times!" Caleb exclaimed.

Erica began to open up about Jackson, but discovered that Caleb had left the room. When he returned, she called him rude, but he claimed that he'd had to go. Erica decided that she had to go, as well. He handed her a flashlight and instructed her on how to behave around bears. After Erica left, Caleb fixed his stare on a ring in his hand. He went outside to find Erica collapsed on the ground. He carried her to the sofa in the cabin and discovered that she had a blazing fever.

At Fusion, Ryan dropped off a letter. Madison tried to chat with him, but he hurried off. Frankie arrived to find that his wife had already gone for the day. Madison asked Frankie if she'd be crazy to go for "something casual" with Ryan. Frankie cringed at the thought of giving advice, but when Madison pressed, he figured that the worst Ryan could say was "no." Frankie tried to duck out, but Madison dragged him back for support during her call to Ryan.

On the phone, Ryan readily agreed to meet Madison at ConFusion to pick up Emma's present and to have a drink. After the call, Frankie did a dance and congratulated Madison. She expressed how strange it was to have his support after what she'd done to his family. Frankie reasoned that it was in the past, and she should trust that she'd become a good person.

Later, Madison met Ryan downstairs to give him a gift-wrapped Fusion children's play set, and he remarked that her call had been a welcome surprise after he'd given her the "no relationship" spiel. Madison claimed that she was "cooler than cool" with a causal relationship. Ryan needed to go home, but he invited Madison to accompany him and give Emma the gift in person. Madison stepped away to call Frankie for advice about going to Ryan's house. Frankie didn't answer his phone, so Madison told Ryan that they'd do it another time.

Later, Frankie returned the call to say that he wasn't in the dating advice business. However, he did suggest that Madison chill out, because Ryan's invitation was probably innocent. Frankie thought she should stop overanalyzing things, and she said she'd chill next time-if there were a next time.

At Wildwind, Greenlee's concern for Erica persisted despite David's assurances that Erica was off plotting her next move. While preparing for dinner with the Hubbards, Greenlee worried that Jesse would probe them about Erica. David said he could handle the Hubbards and enjoy his steak at the same time. As Greenlee fretted, David reasoned that she would have won fairly if Erica hadn't resorted to trickery. Greenlee asked him to find Erica, and he agreed to do so-after Pine Valley's newest power couple turned heads around town that night.

Before the Haywards left for dinner, Greenlee attempted to call the West Virginia airport, but David said that would be too suspicious. He implored her to just trust her husband. A worried Greenlee cited that they were having dinner with the chief of police that night, and David replied that they'd skip the dessert.

At the hospital, Angie consulted with a doctor about a motorbike trauma patient. She joined Jesse in the corridor and vented that the patient hadn't seen a specialist because David had slashed their staff. Jesse suggested that she berate David about it over dinner, and she replied that she'd certainly let him know how his cutbacks had affected the patients. As Angie turned to go change for dinner, Jesse wiped something from her face. It was blood.

At Krystal's restaurant, Jackson and Krystal agreed that it wasn't like Erica to disappear when she should be defending her innocence. Neither of them believed that Erica would siphon money from her nonprofit line, and when they learned from Marissa that Erica had shipped a gift to Emma, Jackson found it even more bizarre that Erica would shop for Emma at a time like that. Jackson got on the phone to ask Jesse to meet him at Fusion urgently.

When Jackson and Jesse met, Jesse expressed that his hands were tied in Erica's case. Jesse mentioned that he was on his way to dinner with the Haywards, and Jackson suspected that David had somehow framed Erica. Jesse agreed to keep Jackson posted.

Back at Krystal's restaurant, Krystal asked Angie, David, and Greenlee not to trash the place during dinner. Angie remarked that Jesse was off on business about Erica. In polite conversation, Angie hinted that David's budget cuts were a bit much, but David responded that Angie was competent enough to handle them.

Jesse arrived, and David decided that they were done discussing the hospital. Jesse stepped away to take a call, and a distracted Greenlee claimed that she needed to go to the restroom. She followed Jesse to the bar to ask about Erica. Jesse had just received a call from the SEC, and he said that it was time for Greenlee to spill whatever she knew about Erica.

Back at the table, David called a truce, but Angie stated that a child had almost died that day due to budget cuts. David stated that he hadn't made the cuts to punish her, but she rasped that he didn't give a damn about anyone other than himself. Jesse and Greenlee returned, and Angie continued to go off on David. Jesse quickly hustled his bickering wife out of the place.

Greenlee had a bad feeling about Erica, and Greenlee refused to listen to David's pacifications. She abruptly left to prepare herself for the SEC audit. Ryan, who'd entered in time to see the Haywards' argument, called to tip Jackson off that Greenlee was headed to Fusion. Jackson asked Ryan to stall David, and Ryan hoped they'd get answers.

Ryan sat at David's table to goad David about Greenlee. David quipped that Ryan had no idea what he'd lost in Greenlee, and an amazed Ryan realized that David had fallen for her. Ryan remarked that David would soon know how it felt to lose her.

At Fusion, Greenlee talked to a promo picture of Erica. Greenlee admitted that she'd hated Erica, because Erica was always "so fierce" and sure of herself. "Oh, my God...It's like I'm jealous of you," Greenlee realized. She figured that she'd always wanted to beat Erica just to hear Erica concede that Greenlee was just as clever. "Now I might never get the chance," Greenlee uttered.

Just then, Jackson entered from the shadows to thank Greenlee for not dragging Erica through the mud during the webcast. Greenlee grabbed his coat to usher him out, and the ring box fell out of his pocket. She realized that Jackson planned to propose to Erica, and he replied that he would do so the moment Erica returned home.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

At Krystal's restaurant, Ryan took delight in gloating about David's deteriorating marriage to Greenlee. David, who believed in his marriage, cited that Greenlee would always be grateful that he'd saved her life. Ryan contended that she'd hate David for it once she realized that David had cost her everything that mattered to her.

At the casino later, Ryan was too distracted to notice Madison. "I'm getting a Greenlee vibe here," Madison said. Ryan murmured that he needed to stay out of it. She asked what he meant, and he said that David and Greenlee were on the verge of cracking.

Madison assumed that a breakup would return Greenlee to the woman that Ryan had fallen in love with. Ryan believed that would be good for Greenlee and her loved ones, but for him, planning a wedding with Greenlee seemed to have happened in another lifetime. "Especially when I'm with you," he added. Madison blushed, and Ryan looked embarrassed. He offered to call her later, and she said she'd like that.

At Fusion, Jackson told Greenlee that he intended to find Erica and then marry her. As he discussed Erica's innocence, a guilt-ridden Greenlee blurted out that she was sorry. Jack seemed puzzled by the statement. David's arrival interrupted them, and she announced Jackson's intention to propose to Erica. Greenlee looked sick as David congratulated her father.

David stated that Erica would be absolved of any wrongdoing, and Jackson cited that David had spoken to the contrary just the other day. Greenlee intervened to say that Jackson was headed to West Virginia to find Erica. David doubted that it was a good idea to drag Erica back, since she'd left of her own volition. Jack coldly thanked David for the advice and left.

Later, Jackson left a message for Mr. Waller, who Erica had flown to see about Palmer's estate. Jackson said that he'd be in Pigeon Hollow the next day to see Erica.

Back at Fusion, Greenlee told David that she didn't know how much longer she could keep up the charade. She worried about what it would do to Jackson if Erica were dead, but David refused to let Greenlee think that way. He insisted that she keep it together until he found Erica. "When are you going to admit that you might have killed Erica?" Greenlee asked.

David got offended, but he said that it was okay, because he knew what people really thought of him. She claimed that she didn't think those things, and he was glad, because only her opinion mattered to him. David urged her to look at the company that she'd built out of nothing. He said she deserved to have it, and he'd never stop fighting for her. "And you'll never stop looking for her?" Greenlee asked, referring to Erica. He promised that he wouldn't, and Greenlee agreed to stand by him.

At home, Amanda worked on a seating chart for her wedding. She intended to separate enemies, keep couples together, and create love connections. Jake noted Amanda's mistake in placing Krystal alone on one side of the room, while Liza and Tad would be together on the other. Amanda assured Jake that she knew what she was doing.

A frustrated Liza arrived to try to get out of being a bridesmaid. Amanda reasoned that Liza's participation could help ease tensions between Liza, Tad, Damon, and Colby. Though Liza wasn't easily persuaded, Amanda and Jake talked her back into it.

Later, Jake went to the casino to ask Ryan to be a groomsman. Jake also wanted to have the bachelor party at the casino. Ryan agreed to both things, and Jake added that Greenlee would also be in the wedding. Ryan still agreed to do it, and Jake asked Ryan to help select a wedding wine from Krystal's wine list. Once Jake left, he called his wife to say that Ryan had agreed. "The arrow is in your quiver, Cupid," Jake joked.

Amanda ended the call as she entered Fusion to ask Greenlee to be a bridesmaid. Greenlee said that she'd be honored. Amanda requested that Greenlee go to Krystal's to check out options for a wedding menu, and Greenlee headed out.

David returned to Fusion, and Amanda said she'd enlisted Greenlee as a bridesmaid. David guessed that the wedding invitation wouldn't say "plus one." Amanda warned him not to crash her wedding, but he wasn't interested in going. Though he couldn't promise that her marriage wouldn't end in disaster, he could promise that it wouldn't be due to him.

When Amanda and Jake met up at home, Amanda decided that they shouldn't have sex until their wedding night. "Oh, no, I don't... can't... can't - I'm not good at that," Jake replied. He felt that he might die, but Amanda assured him that he'd be fine. Jake guessed that he'd bunk on the floor; however she tossed him an overnight bag and announced that he'd stay at Tad's.

At Krystal's, Greenlee and Ryan arrived at about the same time. They figured that the food and the wine complimented each other, so they'd review the selections together. The two got tipsy off the wine, and Ryan remarked that they were drinking the same wine that he'd chosen for their wedding. She abruptly decided to leave. He stopped her and said she could talk to him about anything, including the Erica situation. Greenlee defensively replied that she didn't know anything. "Anything about what?" Ryan asked, but Greenlee wordlessly took off.

At home later, David raged at someone on the phone, and he knocked items off a table. He found it unacceptable for a plane to disappear. He told the person that he had to find Erica, and she just had to be alive.

At the Chandler mansion with Liza, Colby revealed that she knew about Liza's attempt to bribe Damon. Liza pointed out that Damon had taken the check, but Colby bragged that the money would fund Colby and Damon's trip to New York.

At the Martin house, Tad was delighted when Damon moved back in, but tensed when Damon asked if he could have a girl spend the night. Assuming that the girl was Colby, Tad warned Damon to be just as scared of Liza as Tad was. Tad also stated that Damon needed to protect the impressionable girls who lived in their house, and Damon agreed. Before leaving, Tad instructed Damon to try on a tuxedo for Jake's wedding.

Tad went to Krystal's restaurant with a box of wedding decorations. Colby marched up to him and demanded that he talk to Liza, who'd tried to pay Damon to dump Colby. Colby wished that Liza could see what a smart, amazing guy Damon was, but Tad said he was just glad that Colby saw it. Colby implored him to get her mother to see that she wasn't a little girl anymore.

Tad suggested that Colby cut her mother some slack, because she'd always be Liza's little girl. He felt that Colby would understand when she had her own child. Colby quipped that it would never happen if Liza scared off every guy that even looked at Colby. Tad corrected that Damon wasn't just any guy, and he'd done more than look at Colby. Tad said that she and Damon didn't need to rush things. "Is this a sex talk?" Colby awkwardly asked.

Tad looked creeped out and said that it wasn't. He wondered if Damon had shared his feelings about adjusting to his new family, but Colby said that Damon hadn't. She didn't think that it had really sunk in yet. When Colby left, Tad went to Krystal at the bar and proposed that they do "Monday Martin Family Night" with pizza and games to help Damon acclimate to their home. Krystal said that it was a nice idea, but Damon still needed time and room to breathe.

Back at the Martin house, Liza arrived and demanded that Damon put on a shirt. He was having trouble with the tuxedo shirt, and to his surprise, Liza helped him. He'd figured that she'd be angry that he'd cashed her check, but hadn't left Colby. Liza didn't care about the money; she just wanted someone for Colby who knew and understood Colby. Damon claimed that he did, but Liza challenged him to say something knowledgeable about her daughter, even if it were just Colby's favorite color.

Damon hesitated, and Liza concluded that Damon knew nothing about Colby. He claimed that dating was how couples got to know each other. Liza wished Colby had a man to appreciate her and love her, but Liza didn't think that Damon was the one. Damon reasoned that if Liza thought it wouldn't last between him and Colby, then Liza should stop being paranoid about it. He asserted that Liza was actually worried that she couldn't control him.

Later, Tad entered the house to find Liza, who called herself the worst person on the planet, but Tad said she was only guilty of being a parent. He said she should be proud to have raised an intelligent and sensitive human being. Liza grumbled about Damon ruining Colby's life, but Tad warned that Damon might ruin Liza's life, if Liza couldn't let it go. Liza got frustrated, but as she left, Tad asked her to save the last dance at the wedding for him.

At ConFusion later, Damon and Colby cuddled in a booth. He asked what her favorite color was, and she wondered why that question had popped up. She said that it was blue. He responded that she looked good in blue, but would probably look better in nothing. The couple looked forward to having the house to themselves on the wedding night, but Colby worried that Liza would ruin things. Damon said he wouldn't let that happen.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

In the mountains, Caleb tended to the feverish Erica, but when she started bickering, he threw a damp cloth in her face. She whined that she missed her life and her children. He bet that she had 30 kids, since she'd been married so many times. Erica talked about going to see her girls in Europe, but Caleb asserted that she had to get off the mountain first.

Erica told Caleb to watch her leave, but then she couldn't muster the strength to get off the couch. Caleb went outside, and Erica hallucinated that Jackson was sitting beside her. Behind the couch, a bound and gagged Greenlee struggled against her restraints. Jackson stated that he'd learned about Greenlee's embezzlement hoax, and he planned to banish Greenlee to the circus, where she'd clean elephant cages with a toothbrush.

In Erica's next hallucination, Greenlee bragged about beating Erica. Erica declared that there was no way she'd lose. Erica tried to get up, but she collapsed on the sofa, where she dreamed of lying in Jackson's arms. He told her to open her eyes, and when she did, she saw a grizzly bear's head near her face. She screamed, flinging the bearskin rug off her.

Caleb rushed inside to find that the rug had terrified Erica. "Oh, this is my sweetheart, Angela," he explained, stroking the bear's head. He'd figured that the rug would keep Erica warm. He set the bear head on the sofa arm, but when he stepped outside, Erica knocked it away.

Later, Erica told Caleb that she wanted him to take her down the mountain in the morning, and he claimed that he'd do his best. He went outside and whipped out a cell phone to make a call. He thought better of it and put the phone away.

Jackson arrived in the woods to meet Doc Waller. Jackson explained that he was there to take Erica home.

At the Chandler estate, Scott had just pulled another all-nighter. Marissa admired his ability to manipulate something to his will. "I'm rooting for you, Scott. I want you to succeed in every way," she said. He figured that she didn't mean the company, and she cited that he had feelings for Annie. Scott tried to deny it, but Marissa raged that she was sick of being lied to.

Scott admitted to feeling something for Annie, and Marissa said that Annie needed Scott, because Annie could be dangerous if not properly handled. Marissa claimed to be fighting to give AJ a secure family, but he'd never have it as long as Annie lurked about. Marissa ordered Scott to take care of Annie, or Marissa would do it herself.

In a hallway, Annie climbed a ladder to snag a crystal vase off a shelf. She fell backward and landed in JR's arms. "You thief!" he declared. Annie stated that Adam had left her with nothing, so she had to make a way for herself. She figured that the crystal, worth about $5,000, was the least that JR could do after the transplant.

JR rasped that he hated the hold that Annie had on him. She assumed that he didn't mean the transplant, and he ordered her to go make "goo-goo" eyes at Scott. Annie claimed that after all Scott had done for her, she'd always be behind him. "Unless..." Annie said.

JR guessed that the "unless" meant that Scott was her fallback guy if she couldn't get Adam back. Annie claimed that she didn't want Adam, and JR asked what she was after. She turned the question on him, and he said he wanted his family and his marriage. He demanded that Annie put the vase back. Cradling it like a football, Annie darted away from him.

Scott and Marissa entered in time to see JR trying to catch Annie. JR exclaimed that Annie had stolen the vase, but Scott explained that he'd permitted her to take suitable items to decorate her room with. Annie led Scott away, and when they reached the stairs, Scott suggested that they go for a picnic and a swim. Annie remembered that he preferred skinny-dipping, and Scott sheepishly grinned.

During the picnic later, Scott stammered to explain Ultimate Fisbee to the bikini-clad Annie. At first, she didn't want to talk about JR, but then she sincerely told Scott that she'd learned her lesson in making the same mistake with JR that she always made with men. She claimed that she knew what she wanted, and it wasn't JR.

Back in the parlor, JR claimed that he was doing his best to get rid of Annie. Marissa asked if he wanted Annie gone because he regretted what he'd done, or because he feared doing it again. He insisted that he didn't want Annie, but Marissa sensed that Annie still got to him. After she left, JR tried to work, but all he could think about was kissing Annie.

Marissa sought out her father to say that she was ready to talk about getting rid of Annie. David smiled at Marissa's devotion to her family and said Babe would be proud. He warned that Marissa could only win by fighting just as dirty as Annie would. "If I don't get nasty, then I have no shot?" Marissa incredulously asked. David cited that there was a reason that she'd turned to him instead of Tad or Krystal.

Marissa wondered how to begin, and David suggested that she make JR feel guilty by claiming that Annie was attacking her. Marissa stated that Annie hadn't done anything outright, and David advised his daughter to make up stuff. Marissa didn't want to lie, but David said that Annie wouldn't hesitate to lie about Marissa.

David gave Marissa his take on love. "We're born alone; we die alone. We live most of our lives alone," he said. However, he added that being alone didn't mean being lonely. He suggested that she fight for the people and the things that made her happy. Marissa decided to ponder it more, and David said he'd be there for her at any time.

After the picnic, Scott and Annie returned to the mansion. They agreed that they both needed uncomplicated and fun afternoons like that. Scott went to the kitchen, and JR entered, shirtless and perspiring from a run. Annie cursed him for ruining her. She asserted that she had a chance to be happy with Scott, but she couldn't look at another man without thinking of JR.

JR claimed that Annie meant nothing to him, and she dared him to prove it. He kissed her, and said, "See? Nothing." JR jogged upstairs, and Scott strode back in with flowers for Annie. She hugged Scott, but looked affected by the kiss.

Upstairs, Marissa entered JR's room, and he asked her to take a shower with him. She apologetically responded that she just wasn't ready. JR looked as if he'd been slapped, but nodded as if he understood.

In the park, Ryan told Emma about the wedding, and she asked if he'd ever get married again. He wasn't sure, but she asked, "What about Greenlee?" Ryan explained that Greenlee, who'd married someone else, would always be a part of their lives.

On the way to visit Emma's babysitter in the hospital, Emma and Ryan encountered Madison stretching in the grass. Emma suggested that Madison fill in until Emma's babysitter got well. Ryan noted that Madison already had two jobs, but Madison said she needed the money. Ryan realized that Madison wasn't really stretching; she just couldn't get up. She said she'd twisted her ankle, and he insisted that she go to the hospital with him and Emma.

At Wildwind, Greenlee was distraught about Erica. David suggested that he and his wife take a trip, but she reminded him that she was in Jake's wedding. He didn't think participating in that spectacle was wise, but Greenlee said that Jake was her friend long before David had been. Jake had been in her life at a time when she'd been proud of herself-and before she'd been frightened that Erica's death might be on her and David's hands.

David asked her to forget about being a bridesmaid and go away with him. Greenlee guessed that she was supposed to say she was canceling to search for Erica's body. David gave up and reminded her that they had a hospital board meeting to attend.

At the hospital later, the Haywards spotted Madison in an exam room with Emma and Ryan. Greenlee went in to see what had happened, and a frowning David walked off. In the room, the adults awkwardly chatted about the twisted ankle and Erica, and then Emma announced that Madison would be the new babysitter.

Greenlee remarked that kids easily got attached to babysitters, and she wondered how Madison would manage it with her other jobs. When Madison said she'd babysit after-hours, Greenlee seemed not to like the sound of that. Greenlee grinned through it, and before she left, she and Ryan said they'd see each other at the wedding.

Upon her discharge, Madison wanted to take a cab home, but Ryan insisted upon driving her. As they debated it, Madison revealed that she didn't have a home. Ryan decided that she was taking a room at the casino, whether she liked it or not. Madison grinned.

Back at Wildwind, David persisted in trying to talk Greenlee out of attending the wedding. She assumed that it had irked him to see her with Ryan at the hospital, but David said that their risky secret about Erica separated them from everyone else. He worried that the party atmosphere might cause Greenlee to slip up. Greenlee was offended that he thought she couldn't keep her mouth shut. She asserted that she refused to be paralyzed by fear, and if he expected her to be, then he should have just left her in the river.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Annie walked into the living room and saw JR. She thought about what it would be like to kiss him again, and then shook herself out of the reverie. Annie noticed that JR had been looking at the cover story on Scott in Fiscal Journal. Annie made her presence known when she assured JR he'd been mentioned in the article. When Annie brushed past JR, JR took the opportunity to remind Annie that he wouldn't kiss her again.

Scott cut through the tension when he joined Annie and JR in the living room. Scott asked Annie if she was available to join him for lunch. Annie was delighted at the offer, and exuberantly kissed Scott on the cheek in thanks.

Scott and Annie arrived at the Yacht Club, and Annie was thrilled. She gushed over the confidence that Scott exuded due to his new status in the business world. Annie said that she was excited about all of the benefits she could enjoy by being associated with him.

Scott sat back and listened with amusement until Annie finally got down to the truth. Annie said that all the things she sought were symbols of what she'd truly wanted all her life: security. Annie noted that she wanted to be unconcerned about her freedom or being alone. Scott clasped Annie's arm and told her that she would never be alone.

Scott said that Annie had enjoyed the glamorous life with Adam. Annie agreed but said she hadn't been able to enjoy it. Annie said that Adam's penchant for keeping people around until they were no longer useful constantly plagued her thoughts. Scott told Annie that someday she would find the right man and the place of security she sought for herself and Emma.

JR met with a financial reporter. The reporter was looking for something newsworthy, and JR was ready to deliver. JR told the reporter that Annie posed the latest threat to Chandler. The reporter mentioned the Herald article in which Annie claimed that family relations were back on track. JR told her that Annie really planned to dismantle the family company. The reporter asked why JR decided to let some family secrets out. JR said that he wanted people to know the truth -- quickly.

JR spotted Marissa, and wrapped up his interview. JR told Marissa that he and the reporter, Karen Kelly, had been talking about Chandler. Karen returned and quickly confirmed that Annie had been at Oak Haven. When the reporter left, JR clarified that the influence Annie had over Scott was potentially damaging to the family business.

Marissa suggested that if JR had revealed he'd slept with Annie, the interview would have been more fun. JR told Marissa that he would never use their marriage in the fight to save Chandler. JR swore that he would do whatever was necessary to repair the damage he'd done.

Marissa said that healing would take time, but said that she was thrown off by JR's ferocious attacks on Annie. JR assured Marissa that he didn't care about Annie. Marissa suggested that JR ignore Annie and run the company with Scott. JR's expression swiftly told Marissa that working with Scott was not an option. JR claimed that Scott only had controlling interests because Adam wanted to punish JR. JR tried to steal a look at his watch, but Marissa noticed. Marissa astutely surmised that their lunch was over, as JR likely had another meeting.

Ryan gave Madison a ride to work, and carried a heavy box up to Fusion for her. Madison asked if all Ryan had done for her broke the rules of their casual dating status. Ryan joked that anything weighing over twenty pounds was considered special circumstances. Ryan was pleased when Madison said that she'd really needed him.

After a short time, Ryan needed to leave but said that he would call Madison about babysitting. As Madison got up to thank Ryan again, she knocked over a cup of coffee into the box Ryan had delivered. Ryan sprung into action and cleaned up the mess. Madison announced that she had to be the only one in the world with her problems. A smile crossed Madison's face when Ryan told her that she was not alone.

Ryan spotted an invitation that Madison had received for Jake and Amanda's wedding. He asked Madison if she would like to go with him. Madison thought weddings definitely did not fit within the boundaries of casual dating. Ryan insisted that going together would be environmentally friendly. Madison chuckled at Ryan's efforts, and agreed to go with him. Madison pointed out that Greenlee would be in attendance and asked if Ryan would feel weird. Ryan assured her that seeing Greenlee would not bother him.

A concerned look crossed Greenlee's face when she got a text message. Greenlee told David that Jack had gone to West Virginia to search for Erica. She asked David what they should do. David nonchalantly said that they would deal with whatever happened. Upset, Greenlee wanted to know how they would "deal" if Jack found Erica's dead body. David was certain that Jack's search would leave him empty-handed.

Frantic, Greenlee paced around the living room and talked about how Jack felt about Erica. Greenlee though that her father would continue to search until he uncovered Greenlee and David's involvement in Erica's scandal. An incoming text interrupted Greenlee's ranting. She looked at the message and then handed her phone to David. David looked at the message, and noted that it had arrived just in time.

Jack was able to find Doc, the man whom Palmer had entrusted to contact Erica in the event of his death. Doc didn't have much information, save his impression of Erica when they met. Jack revealed that he'd not been able to get in touch with Erica and was worried about her well-being. Doc wasn't certain that Erica had shared her plans, and thought that it was possible that Erica had taken a tour of the area.

Jack's phone rang, momentarily squelching his frustration. Jack answered the call and found Greenlee, frenzied, on the other end. Greenlee told her father that the SEC had representatives en route to Fusion so that the books could be reviewed. Greenlee claimed she didn't know how to deal with them, and demanded to know where Erica had gone. Jack insisted he hadn't found Erica. Jack asked Greenlee to delay the officials and said that he would head directly to the airport. The call ended abruptly, and Greenlee shared what she'd learned from her father with David.

While Greenlee took a moment to take in some fresh air on the balcony, David frantically made calls. When he ended his final call, David's frustration caused him to throw the papers he'd held in the air. Greenlee returned to the living room, and after she looked at the papers, she realized David hadn't been honest with her.

David confessed that he'd used resources at Pine Valley Hospital to get contact information for all hospitals around Pigeon Hollow. Greenlee tore into David for being dishonest. David swore that he was trying to protect Greenlee and said that he would do whatever he could to fix what he'd done. Greenlee said that she didn't need special treatment -- she just needed the truth.

David said that he'd been in denial because he couldn't fathom bearing the responsibility for Erica's demise. Greenlee said that she'd begun to believe that David didn't care. David said that he and Erica had been through tough times. David pointed out that if he could, he would change what happened. David reminded Greenlee that they were all fighters, and they would persevere.

David wanted to make more phone calls. Greenlee decided to go to Fusion and said that David could reach her there if needed. Before she left, David asked if their marriage was okay. Greenlee hesitated, and then said that neither one of them was capable of honestly answering that question.

Erica awoke in the cabin, and was determined to leave. Caleb again warned Erica that she wouldn't get far. They butted heads over what constituted a real man and a real woman. Erica noted that Jack was nothing like Caleb and for that, Caleb was grateful. Erica said that if Jack knew where she was, he would move heaven and earth to rescue her. Caleb walked away and, once he had his back turned, he revealed that he still had Erica's phone.

Erica joined Caleb out on the porch. Erica seemed amazed at the things Caleb knew, just by observing nature. Caleb was certain that to people like Erica, the outdoors was nothing more than dirt and bugs. Erica shared that a friend had recently advised her to slow down and enjoy the beauty of things around her.

Erica seemed almost convinced until she spotted a truck. She excitedly waved her hands and called out, in hopes of catching the driver's attention. Caleb ignored Erica and grabbed a pair of binoculars. Erica asked what Caleb needed them for, but he simply handed them over without explanation. Caleb grabbed a gun, and fired a shot in the direction of the vehicle. Erica was horrified, and tried to stop Caleb from shooting.

Caleb said that Erica's "rescuers" were not good people, but Erica couldn't have cared less if she tried. Erica was irate that Caleb had managed to get rid of her first chance at getting off the mountain. Caleb wasn't interested in Erica's feelings, only that she'd tried to knock a loaded gun out of his hands. Caleb told Erica never to pull a stunt like that again, and stormed off.

Erica followed Caleb into the cabin. Furious, she announced that though she was sorry her plane crashed into his cabin, she would put her life on hold no longer. She sat by the fire and said that as soon as she warmed up, she would leave. Erica said that nothing that she encountered in the woods would be scarier than staying in the cabin with Caleb.

Suddenly, Caleb grabbed Erica, threw her on the couch and straddled her. Frightened, Erica struggled against him in vain. Once Erica broke free, Caleb was able to show her that the blanket Erica had wrapped around her had caught on fire. Erica threw gratitude out the window and demanded that Caleb never touch her again. Erica grabbed the one belonging she had left and announced she would head back to the plane wreckage and attempt to find help from there.

Ryan and Madison shared a laugh over the paperwork she'd ruined. Their laughter was cut short when Greenlee arrived with Agent Pierce from the SEC. Greenlee indicated where the agent could sit, and delivered the books for him to review. Agent Pierce asked if Greenlee had heard from Erica. Greenlee avoided the question and instead asserted that Fusion belonged only to her. Ryan interjected that Erica would never steal from her daughter's company, and would answer to the charges upon her return.

Pierce asked about Erica again, and Greenlee demanded that he deal solely with her. Ryan excused himself and took Greenlee with him. Ryan suggested that antagonizing the SEC was probably not the best way to handle the situation. Just in time, Jack showed up. He shared that he'd had little luck in finding a lead on Erica's whereabouts. Jack was certain that he could have found more, but hadn't been able to stay long enough. Jack excused himself, and went to talk to Agent Pierce.

Ryan grilled Greenlee about her relationship with David, and wanted to know if she was all right. Greenlee avoided a direct answer, but Ryan had known her long enough to realize that something was wrong. Greenlee refused to confide in Ryan. Instead, to put him off, she revealed that while she and David disagreed on things, the make-up sex was phenomenal.

Greenlee decided to leave and boarded the elevator. Madison suggested that Ryan go after her, but Ryan said that he had to take Greenlee at her word and believe that she was okay. On the elevator, Greenlee was alarmed when the car jolted to a stop. She pressed buttons furiously as a means to make the car move. She stopped when she heard clapping. When she turned, she was shocked to see Erica.

Erica congratulated Greenlee on all of the moves she'd made thus far, but suggested that Greenlee enjoy her freedom while she had it. Greenlee didn't think she would land in jail, but Erica pointed out that David valued his own freedom above everyone else's and would do what he had to do to stay out of jail.

Greenlee tried to convince herself that the vision of Erica wasn't real, and it simply was voicing the fears in her head. When she was finally able to dismiss the vision, the elevator doors opened again and she found herself back at Fusion. Everyone in the office stared, wondering what was wrong with Greenlee. To avoid any questions, Greenlee opted to take the stairs.

Annie asked Scott suggestively if he knew where she could find a good man. Before Scott had an opportunity to answer, both of their phones lit up with new messages. Scott said that he'd received a copy of Karen Kelly's new blog. Annie said that she'd gotten the same message. Annie read some of the commentary aloud, and was horrified at how she'd been characterized. Annie wondered who wanted to attack her in that way. At the same moment, Scott looked up and saw JR in the doorway.

Scott said that he would call his lawyer and demand a retraction. When he walked off to make the call, JR approached Annie and told her that he was the source for the blog. Annie said that JR wanted to ruin her life, but JR said everything in the blog was accurate. He also told Annie that the blog had already made its way across the Internet, and left. When Scott returned, Annie told him about JR's confession. Then, teary-eyed, Annie begged Scott to take her home.

David stopped by to check on Marissa. David told her that he hoped her request for help indicated a new start to their relationship. Marissa was cautiously optimistic about reconnecting with her father. David asked for an update on JR. Marissa let out that JR was on a personal warpath to ruin Scott and Annie. Marissa noted that she'd told JR his behavior wasn't helping their marriage, but nothing seemed to change.

David asked how badly Marissa wanted the marriage to survive. Marissa said that she was committed but that she couldn't act outside the law the way David did. David said that Marissa needed to rein JR in. David said that if JR were left to his own devices, he would stray again. As if beckoned, JR appeared in the doorway.

JR demanded to know what David and Marissa had been discussing. David freely offered that while Marissa wanted to believe in JR's ability to be a good father and husband, David had reservations. Marissa affected indignity, and insisted that David leave. David fell into his role and protested. Marissa said that she refused to listen to anyone speak poorly of JR.

David left, and JR showed how impressed he was that Marissa had stood up for him. Marissa quickly became honest and told JR that she felt betrayed every time he chose to go after Annie instead of spending time with his family. Marissa said that JR had to prove he knew what was important.

Scott returned to the mansion and immediately ripped into JR for what he'd done. Marissa opted to leave the room. Scott made it clear who was the failure between the two of them. Scott said that JR's hatred stemmed from watching Scott get everything that JR wanted -- the family company, Adam's respect, and Adam's wife. Scott told JR that he needed to check his priorities before he lost the one person that still gave a damn about him.

In the foyer, Annie confronted Marissa as Marissa exited the living room. Marissa issued a warning: Annie would suffer a far worse fate at Marissa's hands if Annie ever touched JR again. Annie said she felt sorry for Marissa because regardless of how hard she tried, Marissa would know that JR was still obsessed with Annie.

Jack called and left another message on Erica's phone. He told Erica that if she didn't return to Pine Valley by Jake and Amanda's wedding, he would start looking for her again. Jack said if that happened, he wouldn't stop until he found Erica.

Greenlee nervously sipped a drink at ConFusion. David found her and apologized for not trusting the equal partner aspect of their relationship. He promised that he would fix things, no matter what it took. Greenlee swore she wouldn't leave him. They wrapped each other in a tight hug. Ryan appeared unsettled when he walked by and saw the embrace.



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