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Brody was taken to St. Anne's for treatment. The woman with Gigi's face stopped Cutter from strangling Alex. Blair claimed she loved Tomás, but Starr wondered if her mother loved Todd more. Todd threatened to plant Tomás' fingerprints on the gun that had killed Victor. Bo was fired. Matthew flatlined during the Thanksgiving holiday.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 21, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, November 21, 2011

At his childhood home in Michigan, Brody gathered Liam up and explained that they had to get to Canada in order to start a new life. As Brody opened the door to leave, he was surprised to find John and Natalie standing outside. Brody declared that Liam was his son and he loved him, but John advised Brody to return the little boy.

Brody backed into the house, and drew his gun. The couple followed, and Brody pointed the gun at John. Natalie removed her coat, as Brody announced that no one would take his son away from him. John calmly replied that Brody didn't want to hurt anyone, but Brody continued to insist that Liam was his son, and he should have been able to take him somewhere. Natalie reminded Brody that she was Liam's mother, and Liam was only a little boy.

Natalie was sure that Brody didn't want to see the boy get hurt. John promised Brody that he wouldn't shoot him, if Brody would put his gun down. Brody believed that John would just take Liam, but John insisted he just wanted to talk. John placed his own gun on the table. "Now you," he said to Brody.

Hesitantly, Brody placed his gun on the table too. John urged Natalie to take the guns and put them away in a drawer. Brody declared that he wasn't giving up his son, and he wondered what John had to say. "There's only one thing. Let's talk about Liam," John replied. "He's a miracle. He saved me. When I lost Ryder I wanted to die," Brody explained. He added that Liam had kept him sane.

Brody explained that he hadn't wanted to hurt Natalie. He'd tried to tell her the truth, but he couldn't. Then, he had erased the tape and taken the note that Vimal had left for John. The problem was that Victor had known the truth, also, and Victor had wanted to tell. Blair had begged Brody to stop Todd from killing Victor, but Brody had actually planned on killing Victor himself. Brody hadn't been certain whether he'd kill Victor or let Todd do it.

Brody announced that he had not killed Victor, because he hadn't been able to take the man away from his kids. After Victor was killed, Brody was able to have a good life, and that was when he had proposed to Natalie. Brody recalled how beautiful Natalie had looked as she'd walked down the aisle at their wedding. He had been thrilled to finally be getting his family, because they'd been through so much.

After Tina had arrived at the church with the paternity test, Brody had needed to see Liam one last time. Brody was sorry for hitting Nigel, who had been doing his job. Natalie probably thought he was a monster, Brody said. "No, Brody. I don't think that at all," Natalie spoke up. "I can't judge you, Brody. I've been in your shoes," Natalie added. She hadn't told anyone about the original paternity test. She'd wanted to protect everyone and not lose John.

Natalie declared that she'd made her own choices out of love, but she'd only been protecting herself. She thought that Brody was terrific and a wonderful father. He'd been hurt, as had other people. She thought they could get past it. "Can you forgive me?" Brody asked. He continued to hold Liam close.

Brody apologized for lying to John. "You didn't know the truth until it was too late," John replied. He knew that Brody loved Liam and thought of the boy as his son. John noted that he had loved Liam, also, but he'd given up both the boy and his mother. He had turned to alcohol after that, John added. "I know what you're going through," the detective assured Brody.

Natalie only wanted everyone to be safe, especially Liam. Brody wondered what would happen. He asked if Natalie were trying to negotiate. Brody had always wanted a family. He kept trying, but he'd lost Shane and Ryder, and Liam would be next, Brody cried. He was sorry for taking the baby, and he had to let him go. "I love you, Liam. I always will," Brody said to the baby as tears rolled down his face.

"But you're not mine. John's your father," Brody concluded. He handed Liam to John, who held him close and kissed him.

Aubrey and Rex arrived at Dr. Fascinella's office in Brazil, while Cutter tried to strangle Alex Olanov in a back room of the same office. Rex showed photos of both Gigi and Cutter to the receptionist, who replied that patient information was confidential. Rex inquired about the doctor's practice, and the receptionist revealed that the doctor was a plastic surgeon.

Aubrey was curious as to why Cutter and the woman had returned if the woman had already had the surgery. Aubrey related that Rex had destroyed Cutter's plans, and maybe Cutter was having the woman change her face again to someone else. Rex couldn't believe it was possible he'd seen Gigi, and he'd fallen for Cutter's scam. Rex had even dug Gigi up.

Aubrey gently stated that it had been real that Rex had seen Gigi, and she hadn't been a ghost. Rex replied that it hadn't been Gigi though.

The woman with Gigi's face continued to plead with Cutter to stop as he continued to grasp Alex's neck. "Do it for me," the woman begged. Cutter finally released his grip and maintained that he was only doing it because the woman had asked. Alex thanked the woman. "I did it for him, not for you," the woman replied.

Alex wondered what the pair was doing in Rio, but Cutter replied that it was none of her business. Alex asked why Cutter was displaying so much animosity towards her. She thought that Cutter looked as if he were doing well, and she promised to make things up to her son. "Not in a million years, Mom," Cutter retorted.

The woman wanted to get out of the doctor's office. Alex didn't want them to go, exclaiming that she and Cutter had just found each other. Cutter asserted that he wanted to get as far away from Alex as possible. The woman and Cutter left the room, but they saw Aubrey comforting Rex. The woman gasped, and she and Cutter ran back into the room they'd just left.

Alex thought that they were talking about her daughter Aubrey, after she heard they'd seen her. Cutter told Alex to shut up. He decided that he wanted Alex to make it up to him, after all, and he wanted her help. He explained that the Aubrey he'd referred to was not his sister, and he couldn't allow Rex to see them.

Alex couldn't believe that Cutter knew Rex Balsom, whom she referred to as a weasel for ruining her life. Cutter didn't want to tell Alex anything about what was going on, and he declared that he and the woman needed to get out without being seen. The woman convinced Cutter that they had to trust Alex.

Aubrey and Rex left the doctor's office, and Rex thanked her for getting them to the right place. He was still concerned and curious about all the messages he'd seen, though. He was referring to the ones that said "Don't Give Up." He wondered if he were still losing his mind. Aubrey assured him that he was both desperate and grieving. Rex assumed that Cutter was in the back room and planning his next scam.

While the woman with Gigi's face and Cutter made plans to get out of the back room, Aubrey and Rex schemed to get into the room. Rex was glad that Aubrey was there. Both couples made their move at the same time.

"Brothers totally suck," Dani announced as she walked into her house. She informed Téa that she'd gotten into trouble in school, thanks to Jack. "Speaking of brothers, you might be about to have another one," Téa revealed. She added that it could be a sister or twins though. A totally confused Dani rebuked her mother for dating someone else so soon after Victor's death. Téa assured her that wasn't so, and the baby was Victor's. Téa had just found out herself.

Dani was ecstatic, and Téa began to cry. When she'd held Victor, she'd felt him leave her. He was returning to them though, Tea exclaimed. Dani replied that the baby would be a part of her dad. Téa only wished that Victor could be there to help out. Dani promised to do all she could to help, and she would keep Victor alive. Téa declared that Dani was the best daughter ever.

Dani surprised Téa after cooking her mother's favorite meal. She told her mother about the argument she'd had with Jack at school. Jack had been talking about Scarface killing Victor. Téa affirmed that it wasn't true. She understood that Jack missed Victor just as Dani did, but at least Dani was being mature and loving. "And Jack is...," Téa began. "Jack," Dani completed her mother's thought.

Téa revealed that Tomas had a lead in Victor's murder, but he had refused to divulge any information. Dani figured that Tomas was trying to protect his sister. Téa couldn't wait for it to be over and a suspect arrested, so that she could feel better and concentrate on being happy.

At La Boulaie, Blair spoke to Dorian on the phone and advised her aunt that she'd be happy to hear that Blair had chosen Tomas. She assured Dorian that David had not been involved in her decision-making. "We couldn't be happier," Blair told her aunt. "What?" Starr shouted as she heard the end of her mother's conversation. "You chose Tomas over dad?" Starr inquired.

Blair quickly ended her phone call. Starr was angry, but Blair tried to defend herself. Tomas loved her, and Todd had had a chance to tell her what he'd wanted to say during Halloween. He hadn't, though, and he'd accused Tomas of "railroading" him, Blair explained. She also recalled all of Todd's fits of rage and his different moods, and she couldn't live like that again, Blair added.

Starr wondered what Todd had to say about all of it. Blair didn't know, and she didn't care. She didn't think it was any of Todd's business. Starr noted that Todd wouldn't be happy, but Blair was adamant. She'd made her decision. Blair wondered if Starr had a problem with Tomas. Starr pointed out all of Tomas' good qualities, including his good looks. She had a problem, though, since Tomas had been responsible for Todd's imprisonment.

Blair explained that Tomas had merely been doing his job, he'd felt bad, and he'd even confessed to Irene's murder in order to protect Todd. Tomas loved Blair, and she loved Tomas, Blair proclaimed. Starr wondered whether Blair loved Tomas more than Todd. Blair didn't reply, and Starr asked again.

Blair insisted that she would always love Todd, especially since he'd given her Starr and Jack. Her son would hate her if she'd dated Todd, Blair pronounced. Starr thought it would be helpful. Blair noted that Starr hadn't given up James when Hope hadn't liked him, and Starr agreed that was true. Blair wanted to move on with Tomas, and she wanted Starr to be happy for her. Starr approved of her mother's choice.

Tomas entered the warehouse at the docks and called out for Louie. He was surprised to see Todd instead. Todd maintained that he hadn't killed Louie, but Tomas replied that Louie had been aware that Todd had killed Victor. Todd insisted that Louie was only a business associate. Tomas pointed out that Todd had paid Louie to keep silent, but Todd reminded Tomas that Irene had been the one to kill Victor.

Tomas noted that Todd had had the gun, and he'd seen Todd paying Louie off. Todd wished him luck in proving it, but he held up the gun. "Is this the gun you're talking about?" Todd asked. The gun had been registered to Dorian and taken from her safe, Todd recalled. Tomas noted that Todd had claimed it hadn't been fired, but if that were true, Todd would have turned the gun in.

Todd thought that Tomas had felt miserable for what had happened to Todd eight years ago, but instead, he was trying to prove that Todd had killed Victor. Tomas insisted that he had felt bad, but he was trying to help Téa, and he'd promised to find Victor's killer. Todd believed otherwise. He thought that the reason for Tomas' determination had nothing to do with Téa at all. Tomas wanted Blair for himself, and he was out to get rid of Todd to remove the competition.

Todd thought that Blair belonged to Todd, Tomas clarified. Todd pointed out that Blair had been his wife, and they'd had children. Tomas reminded him that Blair had moved on, and she had been divorced from Todd when Todd had disappeared. Tomas noted that Todd had been back for some time, so he wondered why Todd hadn't made a move sooner.

Todd claimed he'd been busy. Tomas maintained that he'd given Blair a choice, and she had chosen Tomas. Todd emphasized that it had only been because she'd been mad at Todd, and she was angry at him often. Todd had noticed that things had never changed, after he'd kissed Blair at the movie premiere. Todd and Blair had a history, and she'd only slept with Tomas because she was angry, Todd insisted. Todd had heard, because he'd broken into the house to talk to Blair.

Todd wanted Tomas off the case. Tomas declared that Todd wouldn't be saved. "The LPD will pick up where I left off," Tomas announced. Todd was amused. He didn't think the Llanview Police Department was capable of much. Todd reminded Tomas that no one believed that Todd had committed Victor's murder, and as far as he was concerned, Tomas was his only problem.

Tomas wondered if Todd planned to kill him. Todd declared that the family would be angry at Todd, if everyone found out that Todd had killed Victor. Tomas was sure that Todd would be forgiven after everything that had happened, but Todd noted that he had to protect himself and his family. Tomas asked again whether Todd would shoot him.

Todd said that he wouldn't, and he added that he hadn't killed Victor, even though Tomas seemed convinced that he had. Tomas reminded Todd that Todd had practically admitted it. Todd stated that Louie was long gone, and someone had used the gun, but it hadn't been Todd. "Who, Todd?" Tomas asked. "You, Tomas," Todd announced. He accused Tomas of killing Victor.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blair entered Téa's house, and wondered where Tomas was. Téa revealed that Tomas had gotten a lead on Victor's killer. However, Tomas had been keeping her in the dark about the investigation, because he wanted to keep her safe. Blair revealed that Tomas had fed her that line the previous night. "You two had time to talk?" Téa said, and smiled suggestively.

Blair maintained that she had no idea what Téa was talking about, but Téa revealed that Tomas had admitted to spending the night with Blair. Téa wanted to make sure that Blair and Tomas were finally together. Blair said that she had chosen Tomas, and couldn't be happier. Téa wished that she could say the same.

Blair was stunned, and demanded to know why Téa thought that Blair wasn't good enough for Tomas. Téa assured Blair that she thought Blair was amazing, and listed some of Blair's good attributes. She thought that any man would be lucky to have Blair, including Tomas. She just wanted Blair to make sure that Tomas was the one Blair really wanted. Téa wondered what would happen if Todd wanted Blair back. Blair assured Téa that she loved Tomas. Téa wanted Blair to admit that she loved Todd as well.

Blair commended Téa for killing the mood, and explained that Todd was the father of her kids, so he would always be a part of her life. However, Tomas was who she wanted. Blair explained that she'd taken a while to make a decision because the last man she'd been in a relationship with had been a murderer. Téa wanted to protect Tomas, but she also thought that Blair might need protection from Tomas.

Blair knew that Tomas would never hurt her. Téa hoped he was no longer capable of hurting people like he'd hurt his family by leaving them all those years before. Blair replied that people could change. Téa just wished that she trusted her brother.

The doorbell rang, and Dani ran down the stairs. She answered the door to Nate, who had a guilty look on his face. Dani wondered what was wrong, to which Nate replied, "It's not my fault. Don't kill me." "What did you do?" she asked, pulling him into the house. Nate showed her an article on his iPad, and she read in disbelief.

Dani read the article out loud, which was about Starr and Nate getting together. The writer of the article expressed sympathy for James and Dani. It included suggestive pictures of Starr and Nate from the "Jailbait" video shoot. Dani and Nate realized that there was only one person who could have written the article. After calling him a slew of names, they stated, "Rick Powers."

Starr opened the front door of La Boulaie to an angry-looking James. She observed that he looked like he wanted to kill someone. He related that he "might," and showed her the article on his iPad. In disbelief, she read aloud about her own apparent "wandering eye." James related that the article made him feel like a jerk. After calling him a slew of offensive names, they both realized that Rick had written the article. "Did somebody say my name?" Rick said as he popped his head through the doorway.

Rick read through the article, and remarked on things that the editor had gotten wrong. Starr wondered if he was admitting to writing the article. "Hell, yeah!" he exclaimed. "You son of a bitch," Nate spat as he and Dani entered the house. Rick begged Starr and James to tell him that they were breaking up. They angrily told him that they weren't.

Rick said that Starr's music couldn't sell on its own, and that she needed drama and scandal for success. She was livid that he was already planning her imminent breakdown. He thought that she should appreciate having such a forward-thinking producer. "You're right," Starr said, changing her tune. "I am?" Rick questioned, surprised. "He is?" Dani, James, and Nate wondered, stunned.

Starr clarified that she was lucky to have her first experience in the music industry with a "lowlife scum" like Rick. That way, she knew it couldn't get much worse in the future. She handed a lamp to Nate, an umbrella to Dani, and a fire poker to James, and picked up a candlestick for herself. Rick held up his hands in surrender, and begged the kids not to overreact, but they charged at him with their makeshift weapons.

Todd told Tomas that Louie was long gone, and that someone else had used Dorian's gun to kill Victor. Tomas wondered who had done it. "It was you, Tomas. You killed Victor Lord," Todd clarified. Tomas said that they both knew that was a lie, but Todd suggested that the world would believe it once Tomas' fingerprints were found on the murder weapon.

Tomas didn't think Todd's plan would work, and pointed his own gun at Todd. He refused to take the fall for Todd again. He suggested that Todd shoot him if Todd really wanted Tomas gone. Todd related that he'd promised himself that he wouldn't kill Tomas. "I will," said Baker from around the corner, pointing his gun at Tomas.

Tomas was surprised that Todd and Baker were working together, and warned Todd that Baker could turn on him. Todd revealed that he was providing Baker with cash for a project, so Baker wouldn't dare. Todd advised Tomas to drop his gun, and assured him that Baker wouldn't kill him. Tomas handed his gun to Todd, and Baker immediately knocked Tomas out.

Todd demanded to know why Baker had knocked Tomas out. Baker apologized as he tied Tomas up. Todd realized that it would be easier to get Tomas' fingerprints on the gun as long as he was tied up. Awake, Tomas warned Todd that the gun wasn't the only safeguard he had. Tomas smugly revealed that he had a partner who knew everything that Tomas knew.

Todd informed Tomas that he had used Calmar to lure Tomas to the warehouse. Baker reminded Tomas of Calmar's warning on the phone. Tomas demanded to know what they had done to Calmar, and Baker assured Tomas that Calmar was fine.

Todd got Tomas' fingerprints on the gun. Tomas wondered what Todd was going to do, but Todd thought it was better that Tomas didn't know. Todd reminded Baker that he needed proof that Baker was keeping Tomas alive, or else the cash flow would stop. Tomas informed Todd that, even if he kept Tomas alive, the guilt would consume Todd. Baker urged Todd not to listen to Tomas.

Tomas told Todd that Todd's next decision would define him for the rest of his life. Todd could either be the man that Viki, Starr, Blair, and Téa wanted him to become, or he could prove that he really was Irene's son, "nothing but a psychopathic murderer."

Alex expressed to Cutter how much it meant to her to work with her son. Cutter was nervous about being able to pull off the scheme, but Alex called it "child's play."

Aubrey tried to get information out of the receptionist, but the woman refused. Aubrey refused to leave until she got into the examination room. The receptionist threatened to call security, but Aubrey revealed that she only wanted information about getting a breast enhancement to surprise her boyfriend. As the receptionist had her back turned, Rex slipped into the office, and attempted to open the door of the examination room.

When Rex was caught outside the locked door, the receptionist left to get security. As Rex threatened to break down the door, Cutter exited the room, pushing the wheelchair of a woman with a bandaged face. Cutter wondered why Rex and Aubrey were there, and Rex replied that he wanted answers. Aubrey added that they knew about his scheme. Despite Cutter's protests, Rex unwrapped the bandages from the woman's face. "Oh, my God," he muttered.

Rex was shocked to see Alex underneath the bandages. As the woman with Gigi's face listened in from the examination room, Rex wondered how she'd gotten mixed up with Cutter. Alex claimed that she still wanted a share of the Buchanan money, so Cutter had tracked her down to team up with her. Aubrey didn't believe that Alex was the woman that Cutter had tried to pass off as Gigi. She cited that the two women were different heights, body types, and ages. "Watch it!" warned Alex.

Cutter revealed that the entire thing had been an optical illusion, but Aubrey didn't believe it. Rex pulled Aubrey aside, and reminded her about what had happened with Erica Kane in Pine Valley. Someone had gotten plastic surgery in order to have the same face as Erica, and Rex suggested that it was what Cutter had done with Alex. He announced that he appreciated Aubrey's passion, but the only Gigi he needed was in his heart.

The receptionist returned with a security guard, but Cutter assured the woman that he knew Rex and Aubrey, and that they were just leaving. Aubrey vowed to give Cutter what he deserved, "and then some." Rex pulled Aubrey outside of the office, and thanked her for sticking up for him. Aubrey couldn't believe that Rex had bought Cutter's story, and warned him that it would only encourage Cutter to target Rex.

Rex assured Aubrey that he'd only pretended to accept the story, and she was relieved. Rex knew that there was no way that Alex had been the woman that he'd seen. He'd only pretended to accept the story so Cutter would let his guard down. He knew that the woman he'd seen at the airport was still in Rio, and vowed not to leave until he saw her again.

Back in the examination room, Cutter thanked Alex for helping him, but wondered why she hadn't told Rex that she was his mother. She replied that it would take a while for her to earn the title. She wanted to keep in touch with him, so she handed him her card. She wished Cutter and the woman good luck, and left the room. The woman muttered that they'd need luck. Cutter assured the woman that everything would be fine, because she was getting her surgery the next day. She was relieved, because she didn't want to have to face Rex with Gigi's face again.

A copy of the Banner sat on Bo's desk, and the headline announced that Mayor Finn had gotten reelected. Nora bitterly picked up a French fry, and made it into a moustache on the mayor's picture. Bo got off the phone, and excitedly told Nora that John and Natalie had found Brody, and had gotten Liam back. They embraced just as the mayor entered, and scolded them for their inappropriate office behavior.

Nora reminded the mayor that she and Bo were married, and that if Mayor Finn didn't like it, she didn't have to look. Bo wondered what his "boss" wanted him to do. She ordered him to stop calling her "boss," and informed him that he was fired.

Nora demanded to know why Mayor Finn was firing Bo. The mayor replied that she'd promised her constituents that she would be tougher on the police force. She cited the cold Victor Lord murder case. Nora explained that a proper murder investigation took time. Just then, she looked down and saw the French fry moustache on her picture, and an amused Bo ate the fry.

The mayor continued that Bo could keep his job if he made an arrest. Bo told her that he had a suspect, but he was "light on evidence." Nora reminded the mayor that, if they made an arrest with little evidence, they could end up with another Eddie Ford murder case debacle. Nora opened the office door for the mayor, and told her to let the department do its job.

The mayor reminded Bo that his leading detective had walked away from the department, and that one of his "stellar officers" had gone off the deep end. She added that no one would see justice for what Brody had done with Nora as district attorney. Nora was offended, and Bo told the mayor that her problem was with him, not Nora. Nora angrily told the mayor that she was firing Bo because she could never "turn his head" like Nora could. The mayor slapped Nora, but Nora slapped her right back.

The appalled mayor threatened to have Nora arrested for assault, but Nora reminded the mayor that the only cop in the room had been fired. Mayor Finn told Bo that she would be back for his badge, and stormed out of the office. Amused, Bo was proud of his wife's punch. She wondered why he wasn't angry, but he only kissed her.

A short while later, Bo and Nora had their coats on, and Bo packed his things into a box. He couldn't believe that he was doing the same thing he had just witnessed John doing, but he related that "I guess it all comes to an end sooner or later." Nora wondered if he wanted to be alone for a minute. "Never," he replied. He picked up his box, took her hand, and left the office.

Outside the office, all of Bo's officers stood in a line. They saluted him, and Bo saluted them back. They held the salute as a smiling Bo and a teary Nora walked down the line. Out in the hall, Nora informed Bo that the department would fall apart without him. She knew that the mayor would soon beg Bo to take his job back. Bo didn't think that would happen until there was an arrest in the murder case, which wouldn't happen until the murder weapon turned up. They left the station.

Mayor Finn walked towards Bo's office, telling him to "hand it over." She entered his office and found it empty, with his gun, holster, and badge hanging from the coat hanger.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It was Thanksgiving Day in Llanview. Bo and Nora visited with their unconscious son, Matthew, at the rehab hospital. Matthew narrated the day's happenings, in his head.

Matthew wished that he had more to be thankful for. Bo and Nora had arrived with a feast. "She cooked? Seriously? Now that's a Thanksgiving miracle," Matthew thought. Nora confessed that she'd only had the time to pick up some turkey sandwiches, but Bo thought that was fine as long as they could spend the day with their son.

Nora spotted a gift basket that Rachel had sent to the hospital. Rachel had figured that Bo and Nora would be spending the day with Matthew. Bo confided to his son that he'd been fired, because he hadn't made an arrest in the Victor Lord Jr. murder. Both Nora and Bo talked about their run-in with the mayor. Suddenly, Nora was upset. She wondered if Mayor Finn would suffer from brain trauma after Nora had hit her.

Bo tried to calm Nora down, without success. Nora made a phone call to the mayor and urged her to seek medical attention. It was possible that the mayor could be hurt, Nora continued. Bo held his hand to his mouth to hide his smile. "Go to hell for firing my husband," Nora shouted as she concluded her phone call. Bo and Nora laughed like little kids, and Nora admitted that she felt better.

Later, Bo spoke to David on the phone and avoided mentioning that he'd been fired. Bo agreed to put the phone up to Matthew's ear, because the last time that David had spoken to Matthew, the teen had woken up. "Happy Thanksgiving, David Vickers. Don't you wish we could give them something to be really thankful for?" Matthew said in his head.

Bo took the phone back and advised David that Matthew hadn't responded. Matthew noted that he'd received some great news from David. "He swore me to secrecy, so I can't say anything. I'll take that one to my grave," Matthew noted. Nora broke down, but Bo assured her that the day wasn't over yet. "Not by a long shot," Matthew voiced.

At Ford's apartment, Ford couldn't believe that he had gotten to spend the day with Jessica, Bree, and Ryder, especially since Clint would have always hated the very thought of it in the past. There was an awkward moment when Bree wondered why Jessica and Ford had shared a kiss. Jessica began to explain that Ford was Ryder's daddy. "Are you gonna be my daddy too?" the little girl asked Ford.

The little girl was agreeable to Ford and Jessica dating, and she asked her mother if Natalie and Jessica were still angry with each other.

One of Brody's fellow police officers escorted Brody to St. Ann's. One of the sisters greeted them, and she assured the cop that she had everything under control. "We're all pulling for you, Brody," the cop called out as he left. Brody was surprised that the sister had remembered him.

One of the other residents found Brody and asked what had happened. She had been there when Brody had lived there the first time, and the woman recalled Brody's girlfriend. She taunted him, because Jessica was no longer there to help him out. She also thought that Jessica had been pretty crazy, but Brody assured her that Jessica was just fine.

Family began to gather at Llanfair. Shane and Viki were in the kitchen, and Viki expressed how happy she was that Shane could be there. She admitted that she missed Gigi every day. Matthew thought about how sorry he was to have not stood up for Shane when Shane had been harassed at school.

Roxy entered the kitchen and saw Nigel. She quickly advised him to take it easy because of his injury. Clint descended the kitchen stairs. Matthew felt bad that his uncle was under house arrest. "Boy, do we have a lot to be thankful for today," Viki declared.

Natalie, John, and Liam arrived next. Natalie couldn't believe that they were actually standing there safe and sound, after all they'd been through when Brody had kidnapped Liam. Natalie wondered if John still planned to leave town for good. John admitted that he wouldn't leave Liam, and he stated that they had a lot to talk about. Viki and Clint rushed into the living room to see the trio, and the couple was unable to finish their conversation.

As everyone prepared for the family get-together, Shane found himself alone with Roxy. He inquired as to Rex's whereabouts, since it was obvious that Rex couldn't still be searching for Liam in Brazil, as Roxy had indicated. Roxy stammered and replied that Rex hadn't been able to get a plane due to the weather. Shane informed her that he'd checked the weather conditions, and Roxy admitted that there had been an issue with a volcano.

Shane was disgusted and shook his head. Nigel had returned, and he advised Roxy that she wasn't a very good liar. Roxy confessed that Rex had thought he'd seen Gigi boarding a plane for Rio, and he'd gone after her. Rex had been going "all ghost" on them, Roxy added.

Clint congratulated John on having a "damn fine boy," and John agreed that Liam was just that. Natalie inquired whether Jessica would be attending the family dinner, and just then, Bree walked in. Jessica, Ford, and Ryder followed soon after, and there was an awkward moment when Natalie and Jessica saw each other.

"We're all really glad Liam's okay," Jessica finally managed to say. Natalie requested a chat with Jessica, and Viki shooed everyone else out of the room. Jessica asked that Ford stay behind. Matthew continued his narration, saying, "They should hire Aunt Viki to be a negotiator at the U.N."

Natalie apologized to Jessica for not having believed her story. She'd only thought that Jessica had been out to hurt her, and she'd said some awful things about Jessica. Natalie asked to be forgiven. Jessica was concerned about Brody, and Natalie declared that he had just given up. "I think he knew it was all over," Natalie said. She informed Jessica that Brody was back at St. Ann's.

A teary-eyed Jessica stepped outside. Ford assured her that he thought Natalie had been sincere with her apology, but it was Brody that Jessica was upset about. She'd had no idea that her former fiancé had been committed to St. Ann's again. Ford suggested that she visit him.

Viki asked a disheartened Natalie whether she and John had gotten a chance to straighten things out. Natalie admitted that she wasn't sure. Viki was certain that Jessica would "come around," but John and Natalie hadn't had the time to adjust and absorb what had happened with Liam. Viki thought that they should just be grateful for what they had.

Clint found Shane sitting alone, and he asked if something were bothering the teen. Shane revealed that Roxy had lied to him about Rex being in Brazil to find Liam. His father had looked for Gigi once before, and he was probably doing it again, Shane added. Clint admitted that the Buchanans were stubborn, and sometimes it was a good thing, while other times it wasn't. "You can say that again," Matthew interjected.

Clint explained that sometimes people went crazy after losing someone they'd loved. He felt that Rex was trying his best to keep Gigi alive. Shane wondered if Rex would keep it up forever, and Clint responded that Rex would get over it eventually. He suggested that Shane was also still trying to get over it, though he assumed that Shane had his drawing to help him.

Shane was surprised that his grandfather was familiar with Shane's drawings. Clint wanted to apologize for his behavior. Shane told him it wasn't necessary, but Clint insisted. "I didn't do right by you or your dad," Clint proclaimed. He was regretful, and Shane and Rex -- and Gigi's heart -- were gifts that he didn't deserve.

Clint wanted to be worthy of Shane, and he asked for Shane to be patient. "Trust him, Shane," Matthew declared. Clint had certainly done right by him, Matthew added. Viki overheard Clint talking, and she walked over and lightened the mood. Viki saw Ford holding Bree's hand, and he advised Viki that Jessica had gone to St. Ann's to see Brody. Viki was happy that Ford had decided to stay and enjoy Thanksgiving with the family.

John was the next person to find himself alone with Roxy. "Uh-oh," Matthew commented. He wondered how long it would take for Roxy to say something to John about confessing his love to Natalie. After some small talk, Roxy got to the point. She asked how Natalie had looked after John had told her the "three little words."

John played dumb and asked what words she meant. Roxy spilled it out in several words, and John admitted that he hadn't had a chance to say anything yet. "Are you gonna?" Roxy wanted to know. She proceeded to give John a hard time, but John explained that he and Natalie had been focused on Liam.

"What are you waiting for?" Roxy asked. "It's not that simple," John replied. Roxy didn't want to hear it, and she ordered him to speak to Natalie. "It's not that simple," an angry John repeated.

Nigel wanted to serve dinner, but Viki urged the butler to enjoy the day with the rest of the family. Clint proclaimed that they would serve Nigel instead. The family congregated, and everyone raised their glasses as Viki made a toast. First she stated that they were lucky to have Liam home, and she welcomed John to the family. She noted that they owed Nigel a lot after he'd risked his own safety for the family.

Viki expressed her delight that all of her grandchildren were there, as well as Ford. Sadly, she mentioned that Victor was gone, and she grieved for him. She also had no idea where Todd might be, as he was supposed to have been there as well. Viki mentioned that Tina and Cord, as well as Kevin, Joey, and Rex were among the missing.

Viki made special mention of "one person who should be here," and that was Gigi, who had given her heart and new life to the family. Viki was also grateful for spoken and unspoken love.

Viki and Clint cleaned up after dinner, against Nigel's wishes. Viki found the wishbone, and the couple each grabbed an end and pulled. Natalie and John finally found some time alone, after they put Liam to bed. John thought it was time to have that talk.

As the girl at St. Ann's bothered Brody, Jessica arrived and easily chased the girl off. She wondered if the girl had known about Brody's rare disease. Jessica and Brody shared a laugh and reminisced about the Thanksgiving they'd shared at St. Ann's three years before. Jessica confessed that she'd heard about Brody's admittance to St. Ann's, and she had recalled how scared they'd both been when they'd been admitted in the past.

Jessica reminded Brody that he'd lost both Ryder and Liam, and anyone would have lost their sanity in such a situation. When she'd been down, Brody had also seen to it that she got back down to earth, Jessica declared. He was a good man, as well as smart and kind.

Jessica returned to Ford's apartment and found Ford and Ryder playing together. The adults wrapped their arms around each other and their son. "You know what I wish? That I could stick around to see what happens with these guys," Matthew said.

Shane and Roxy paid a visit to Brody. Shane handed Brody the super hero drawing that he'd made of Brody, the first father he'd known. "Brody's lucky. He'll have a chance to make up for what he did," Matthew affirmed. "Uncle Clint's getting that chance, too. But not me. I blew it," Matthew said.

Nora and Bo made a toast to their family, and vowed to have hope as long as Matthew was "alive and breathing." "I wish you could hear me," Matthew called out in vain. Matthew was sorry for killing Eddie Ford, and he wished that he could apologize to all of the Ford brothers.

Nora leaned over Matthew. "I don't know if you can hear us, but you have to know how much we love you," she said in his ear. "We always have, and we always will, son," Bo said. The couple wrapped their arms around each other and headed to the door. "We'll see you, son," Bo called out.

Matthew concluded his narration of the Thanksgiving holiday festivities. "Mom and Dad put their arms around each other and walk to the door. That's my happy ending right there. My name is Matthew Buchanan, and today is Thanksgiving Day. It was a day of gratitude, of joy and hope. And wishes. Lots of wishes. But in the end, it was also the day I died."

Matthew flatlined and the monitor went off. In slow motion and desperation, Bo and Nora turned around to gaze at their son.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC did not broadcast an original episode of One Life to Live. This programming change was planned, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 28, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 23 episode concluded.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC did not broadcast an original episode of One Life to Live. This programming change was planned, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 28, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 23 episode concluded.

On behalf of everyone at, we want you to know that we are so thankful that you choose to get your soap opera information from us. Your support over the years has been amazing. We wish you and your family a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving

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