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Dr. Larry Wolek
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Actor History
Paul Tully
James Storm
1968 to 1969
Michael Storm
1969 to 1992; recurring through 2004


Doctor at Llanview Hosptial


His Apartment

Marital Status

Single/Widower (Laurel Chapin)

Past Marriages

Karen Martin (1969; divorced)

Meredith Lord (1970 to 1973; dissolved by her death)

Karen Wolek (1977 to 1979; divorced)

Laurel Chapin (1984 to 1986; dissolved by her death)


Anna Wolek (sister)

Vince Wolek (brother; deceased)

Jenny Wolek (distant cousin)

Karen Wolek (distant cousin)


Danny Wolek (son; with Meredith; born 1972)

Unnamed Daughter (daughter; with Meredith; deceased; born 1972)

Flings & Affairs

Brenda McGillis

Mimi King

Jenny Vernon

Faith Kipling

Rachel Wilson

Crimes Committed

Charged with the Murder of Dr. Ted Hale; proven to be an accident

Convicted of Rachel Wilson's mercy killing murder; Dorian Cramer Lord confessed that she and her lover Mark Toland had gave Rachel an over dose of her medication

When Larry went to South America to save Karen from Ivan they fought and Ivan ended falling to the crocodiles

Brief Character History

Larry is the younger brother of a tight Polish-American family. His sister Anna and his brother Vinnie worked very hard to put him through medical school. Larry fell in love with Victor Lord's younger daughter Meredith, but Victor didn't approve of this match and he pushed Merrie to be engaged to Dr. Ted Hale. When Merrie broke the engagement, Ted went to talk to Larry and they argued. Ted threatened to tell Merrie a secret that Larry knew and kept from her, she was dying from a blood disease, and when he turned around he fell down the stairs and died. Larry was charged with the murder of Ted and Nurse Karen Martin telling the police she heard him and Ted arguing about Merrie didn't help him. The case was closed in a closed session meeting and Larry was cleared, what he didn't know was that Merrie had heard the secret and found he had been hiding it from her. Knowing she had only more few months to live, Merrie didn't want to be a burden on Larry and wrote Larry a letter which said she didn't love him anymore and left for San Francisco. When Larry found out he was very upset and Nurse Martin was more then happy to comfort him.

One night, Larry was in the hospital storeroom when a fire broke out. Karen decided to rescue the man she loved and she saved him. His face were all covered in bandages for weeks and when he recovered he gave in to Karen's whishes and the two made love. In the meantime, Merrie returned home and her medical condition was much improved, which made Larry believe the two might still have a chance. Meredith broke and admitted she really did love him and the two were back together. A few days after it happened, Karen came to Larry and told him she was pregnant with his baby, after threatening him she'd have an abortion, Larry agreed to marry her although he was still very much in love with Merrie.

Karen miscarried and she and Larry were getting a divorce, Larry and Merrie finally could be together but no, Merrie found another love (that's what she thought) with Tom Edwards and they got engaged. Tom saw the love that Merrie was hiding and broke the engagement, finally Larry and Merrie got engaged. Merrie's dad offered the two to live in his mansion. At first Larry refused, but after they got married they moved into the carriage house apartment on Llanfair.

Larry changed his medical interest form psychiatry to internal medicine and worked in Llanview's free clinic. In the meantime, Merrie decided she wanted a baby although her doctor told her it's dangerous with her blood disease. At first Larry didn't want to risk his wife's condition, but he gave in and Merrie got pregnant with twins.

The time came and Merrie gave birth, but one of the twins died which left her with only one child, Daniel Lord Wolek. After it happened, Merrie got really depressed and Larry called Dr. Joyce Brothers for help. After she recovered they both settled in with their new born son for a happy life.

One day Vinnie brought his sister in law Merrie home where they were surprised to find robbers. Vinnie tried to catch them, but then Merrie slipped and hit her head. In the hospital in the last minutes of her life Merrie asked her sister Viki to tell Larry he made her very happy. After her death, Larry was really depressed and the fact that his brother blamed himself for her death wasn't helping so much and he decided to move in with his sister Anna and her husband Jim.

When Joe, Viki's husband went to the hospital with his daughter Megan, Larry found out the girl was suffering from a heart disease passed by her father's genes. Viki begged Larry not to tell her husband the truth, Larry agreed but warned Viki the genes could also pass to her and Joe's children.

Larry buried himself in work and fell in love with Rachel Wilson, a patient of his whom was dying of Hodgkin disease. Rachel told her nurse, Susan Barry, who was very much in love with Larry that she hoped Larry will end her life so she won't suffer anymore.

When Rachel died, Nurse Susan told the police her wish and Larry was immediately arrested of committing mercy killing. The truth was that Dr. Dorian Cramer gave Rachel her medicine and forgot to write it down and when Dorian's lover, Dr. Mark Toland, gave her the medicine it killed her. Dorian felt guilty and wanted to confess, but Mark decided to run away and when Dorian tried to stop him she slipped and fell in to a coma. Only after Dorian awoke and confessed her part in Rachel's death Larry was free.

Larry opened a private medical practice and found love again with his distant cousin Karen Wolek (Jenny's sister). Karen want to live the life from the other side than the one she grew up with, meaning live a high and very rich life and she thought marring a doctor would be it. She got Larry to buy her a very expensive engagement ring and everything was fine till Karen's ex, Marco Dane came to town. Marco knew a secret about Karen, she was involved in a scheme and got six months on probation. Karen thought that if Larry found out he'd leave her. But Marco kept quiet and the two got married.

After a short honeymoon, Karen was sick of waiting home alone while her husband worked all the time. One day Karen tried a dress in a shop that was more then she could ever afford and an older man suggested he'd buy her the dress if she had lunch with him. Karen agreed and soon there was more then one man that bought her gifts and expected for more things than just lunch. Karen became a hooker and when her ex lover, Marco (who was a pimp) found it out he forced her to be one of his own hookers. Although Karen wanted out of this business, Marco told her that if she run off he'd tell Larry everything.

Viki started investigating Marco's life and found out about Karen's secret, she told her to tell everything to Larry before it'd be too late. When Marco was murdered, Karen was finally free of the life she hated, but when Viki was charged with the murder, Karen decided to help her and testify. When Karen was on the stand, the D.A. forced the truth out of her and in front of all the people in the court (including Larry) she told the truth.

The marriage seemed to be over. Although Larry was willing to forgive Karen, she couldn't live with him after he knew her secret, but they still loved each other. After Karen's secret was out in the open, Dorian started a campaign to take the chief of staff position from Larry, she brought in an old friend of hers, Dr. Ivan Kipling, to the job.

Karen and Larry divorced, but Karen was acting very weird, Larry started to dig in and found out her brother in law, Brad Vernon, raped her. Larry beat him up and Brad was sent to prison for three months.

Larry turned to Dr. Kipling's wife, Faith, and Karen started to get jealous because they also became close at that time. But when Larry found out Karen lied once again (she knew from the beginning that Marco wasn't dead), he asked Karen to have some time of his own.

Larry started dating Mimi King and the two got engaged, but a week before the wedding Ivan kidnapped Larry and preformed a surgery on him. Ivan put a mind altering device in Larry's brain and now he controlled all his actions. Larry awoke with no memory of the operation, he didn't show up for his wedding to Mimi and went to Karen telling her he loved her again. Ivan's goal was that Larry would bring Karen (who once was his hooker) to him. When Det. Ed Hall began to be suspicious about the doctor's actions he put a device in Ed's brain too. Ivan told Karen that if she came with him to South America, Larry and Ed would be saved. Karen agreed, but she ran away from Ivan into the jungle, Larry heard and went to save her. In the fight between the two doctors, Larry sent Ivan to his death.

Karen and Larry grew closer and closer, but decided to wait before they'd remarry till Jenny, Karen's sister, would be fine with all that happened to her (the baby switch). While Larry was in medical conference, Steve, an old fling of Karen came to town and they shared a kiss. Karen found out the mob was after Steve and decided to run away with him. After Larry came back he was surprised to found out Karen left him. He found the couple and Karen had to choose between the two men. She chose Steve cause he needed her more then Larry. Larry was devastated and turned to Jenny for comfort, but Jenny found out she still care about Brad.

After Karen's leaving, Larry found love with ex-mob queen, Laurel Chapin, who reminded him of his late wife Merrie. Nurse Tracy James also had a crush on the doctor and swore to get him all to herself. Laurel witnessed Dorian falling from the stairs and knew Dorian was lying to Jenny when she said David Renaldi had pushed her. One day Laurel was hit by a car in the hospital and she told Jenny the truth. David and Jenny were finally free to marry, in a beautiful ceremony. Bo, Larry, Cassie and Mary witnessed the couple exchanging their vows. In 1984 Larry and Laurel also got married although Jenny and David weren't in his wedding.

After Tracy saw Larry and Laurel get married, she decided to kill Laurel. She snapped the brakes of Laurel's car and Laurel died. Once again, Larry was a widower. After she killed Laurel, Tracy kidnapped Larry and kept him in the basement guarded by her dog Illse. Larry escaped and Tracy planned to blow up half of town. Fortunately something got wrong and she and her buddy Stick got killed.

Several years later, Larry found himself attracted to the soon to be mother, Brenda McGillis. They grew very intimate while she was pregnant and Larry helped her with all the difficulties that came up. After the baby switch, Brenda had been told that her baby died, but Brenda knew her baby was still alive somewhere and while searching for him she pushed Larry away and started dating his son Danny, who also became a doctor.

Larry was the one who took care of Megan Gordon Harrison when she was ill and had to tell her the awful truth she was dying of lupus. After a short time Megan's condition got really bad and Larry told the family that without a kidney donor Megan would die. Viki donated a kidney, but that failed too and there was nothing more Larry could do for her.

Larry always had a special relationship with Marty Saybrooke, a lupus patient, and encouraged her to go to med-school. In her wedding to Dylan Moody, Larry gave her away. He thought the marriage would be forever and when they divorced he was disappointed. When Mary wanted him to give her away again in her wedding to Patrick Thornhart, he first refused, but she promised him this is true love and this marriage is forever. At the wedding, Mel Hayes got shot and Larry saved his life with a credit card.

In recent years, not much has been seen of Larry's personal life. He is mainly seen when one of the residents of Llanview is sick and needs medical attention. He was seen when he helped Nora give birth to her son, Matthew, when Kelly was accidentally shot during the mob hit on Daniel Faulkner, and most recently when Al Holden was injured falling over a cliff at the quarry.

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