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Meredith Lord Wolek
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Actor History
Trish Van Devere
1968 to 1969
Lynn Benesch
1969 to 1973; 1987

Died in 1973

Other Names

Merrie (nickname)

Cause of Death

Died on Aug 8, 1973 at the age of 25 from a cerebral hemorrhage

In 1994, Meredith's tombstone listed her birth year as 1950, which would have made her 23 when she died

Former Occupation


Volunteer at Llanview Hospital

Former Residence

Garage apartment behind Llanfair with her husband (1970 until death)

Briefly in San Francisco (1968-1969)

Marital Status at Death

Married to Larry Wolek (Married: June 25, 1970 until her death)

Past Marriages



Eugenia Lord (mother; deceased)

Dorothy Randolph (aunt; deceased)

Victoria Lord (maternal half-sister)

Megan Gordon Harrison (maternal half-niece; deceased)

Kevin Buchanan Sr. (maternal half-nephew)

Joey Buchanan (maternal half-nephew)

Natalie Buchanan (maternal half-niece)

Jessica Buchanan (maternal half-niece)

Duke Buchanan (maternal great-half-nephew; deceased)

Kevin Buchanan Jr. (maternal great-half-nephew; deceased)

Megan Buchanan (maternal great-half-niece; deceased)

Brennan Buchanan (maternal great-half-niece)

* although raised as Victor Lord's daughter, he did not believe she was biologically his.


Daniel Wolek (son; with Larry; twin; born November 1971)

Unnamed Child (daughter; with Larry; twin; stillborn; November 1971)

Flings & Affairs

Dr. Ted Hale (engaged, 1968)

Tom Edwards (engaged, January-March 1970)

Crimes Committed


Health and Vitals

Diagnosed with deadly, malignant blood disease (1968)

Suffered fatal head trauma during botched robbery at Llanfair (1973)

Brief Character History

Meredith Lord was the younger daughter of publishing tycoon Victor Lord. Her mother Eugenia had died shortly after giving birth to her around 1950. Sweet and shy, Meredith worked as a volunteer at Llanview Hospital. One day, Meredith met new intern Larry Wolek in the hospital courtyard. Meredith fell instantly in love, which made her father very angry. He felt Larry wasn't good enough for Meredith. Victor then pushed Meredith into an engagement with a man (Dr. Ted Hale) he thought was better for Meredith's social standing. But Meredith told her sister, Victoria, that she didn't love Dr. Ted Hale. Dr. Hale was the heir to one of Philadelphia's Main Line families, but Meredith would rather spend an afternoon with Larry talking in the courtyard than going to parties with Ted. Meredith always enjoyed and looked forward to her afternoon chat with Larry. Alone with Larry, she opened up about the pain she felt over not having known her mother. Meredith had always been sick and frail all her life, but with Larry she felt strong, strong enough to stick up to her father and break up with Ted.

On July 15, 1968, (One Life to Live's first episode), Meredity got up the courage and broke up with Ted. But soon after, Ted fell down the stairs at the hospital and died, and Larry was charged with his murder. Larry and Ted had been in an argument that was overheard by nurse Karen Martin and intern Price Trainor. Larry told the police that Ted simply lost his footing and fell, but Karen told the police a different story. She told the police that Ted and Larry had been arguing over Meredith and claimed that she had seen Larry threaten Ted. Larry denied the accusation, but he really was lying, he had threatened Ted. But only after Ted threatened to tell Meredith a terrible secret that Larry desperately wanted to keep from Meredith. Ted had found Meredith's confidential medical records and discovered that she had a malignant blood disease and was terminally ill. Ted tried to force Larry to break up with Meredith or he would tell her about her disease. But Ted never got the chance to tell Meredith, as he turned away from Larry, he tripped and fell down the steps, down to his death. Larry risked his career and freedom to keep Meredith from learning the truth. Larry was convicted of murder, but the truth eventually came out, and Meredith was spared knowing that she only had a few precious months left to live.

Larry hoped that he could spend every last moment with the woman he loved. But, oddly, one day while Meredith was being treated for what she was told was anemia, she suddenly vanished. Soon after that Larry received a letter from her, ending their relationship. She claimed she didn't love him. Unbeknownst to Larry, Meredith had overheard the truth about her deadly blood disease. She didn't want to burden Larry, so she ran away to San Francisco and sent him a "Dear John" letter. It caused Meredith much pain to walk away from Larry, but in her heart she believed she was doing the right thing.

Miraculously, in 1969, Meredith returned to Llanview and her condition improved! Larry hoped he and Meredith could be together again, and even thought she was in remission, Meredith still continued to resist him, not wanting to give him false hope. Eventually she gave in and admitted her love for him, and Larry rejoiced at the news. He and Meredith were back together, but not for long. Karen broke the news that she was pregnant with Larry's child. Karen forced Larry to marry her or she would destroy the child. Meredith found solace with a young man she met in the park. Being the good and trusting soul that she was, she insisted that the man--who had amnesia--come home with her until his mystery could be solved. She gave the man the name Tom Edwards, Edwards being the name of her cat. They shared a common bond, and Meredith acknowledged that. Tom didn't seem to have a past, and Meredith might not have a future. Tom fell madly in love with Meredith and they were soon engaged. Victor, amazingly, took and immediate liking to the young man, he even treated him like a son.

In fact, Victor had a son, one that he had never met before. Even after Karen miscarried, Meredith was determined to go through with her marriage to Tom. She felt obliged to him to be his wife. Tom saw that the love could never be broken between her and Larry, not even by matrimonial vows. Gallantly, he released Meredith from her promise. Larry and Meredith were free to marry. At Llanfair, the 18th century home of the Lords, Meredith's sister Viki was joyous to hear the news of the reconciliation. Viki was only 5 years older than Meredith and assumed a motherly role toward the sister she affectionately called "Merrie." But, Viki didn't tell her father how happy she was about the reconciliation. Larry and Meredith Wolek married in June 1970 and settled into a comfortable life together.

Larry changed his medical interests from psychiatry and was actively treating the less fortunate citizens of Llanview in the hospital's free clinic. To complete her happiness, Meredith decided she wanted a baby. Larry, considering her blood disease in remission, did not think it was wise for her to get pregnant. But Merrie was able to get Larry to give in, and soon Merrie found out she was going to have twins! Meredith had to spend most of her pregnancy in bed. She was under strict medical supervision. Meredith gave birth in November 1971, but sadly one of the twins was stillborn. The other, a boy named Dan, was luckily born healthy. After the death of one of her babies, Meredith was deeply depressed. Larry sought the counsel of a celebrated psychiatrist, Dr. Joyce Brothers, to help his wife come to terms with her depression.

In 1973, two thieves, Earle Broke and Ben Howard, broke into Llanfair in search of Victor Lord's priceless art collection. When their robbery went awry, they took two hostages, Meredith and her brother-in-law Vince, in the Wolek's garage apartment. Days passed as Lt. Ed Hall tried to get the hostages freed safely. As negotiations broke down, Meredith and Vince attempted a last-ditch escape. During the confusion, the police broke in and Meredith slipped and hit her head on the floor. Larry watched in horror as an ambulance rushed his beloved Merrie to the hospital, where his fellow doctors determined that the blow to the head had caused a massive cerebral hemorrhage. Meredith was able to accept her fate. She knew she was going to die, and very soon. Meredith told Viki to let Larry know how happy he had made her. After Meredith told the people she loved good-bye, and I love you, for the last time, she died, serenely and gently. In 1987, Viki reunited with her sister and other deceased family members when she had an out-of-body experience and visited Heaven.

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