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Megan Gordon Harrison
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Actor History
Jessica Tuck
1988 to 1992 [contract]; 1993, 1999, 2002, 2004; January 9, 2012 [recurring]


Born off-screen December 25, 1963

Died February 7, 1992 (age 28)

Other Names

Ruby Bright (soap opera character who Megan believed she was after she suffered trauma)

Cause of Death

Died of complications from lupus

Former Occupation

Actress (played Roxanne and Ruby Bright on daytime soap Fraternity Row)

Former Residence


Marital Status

Married to Jake Harrison (Married: May 1991 until her death)

Past Marriages



Roger Gordon (father)

Victoria Lord (mother)

Carrie Gordon (step-mother)

Anna Gordon (paternal half-sister; deceased)

Sarah Gordon Buchanan (paternal half-sister; deceased)

Kevin Buchanan Sr. (maternal half-brother)

Joseph Buchanan (maternal half-brother)

Natalie Buchanan (maternal half-sister)

Jessica Buchanan (maternal half-sister)

Victor Lord (maternal grandfather; deceased)

Eugenia Randolph (maternal grandmother; deceased)

Anton Gordon (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Tony Lord (maternal half-uncle; deceased)

Meredith Lord Wolek (maternal half-aunt; deceased)

Tina Lord Roberts (maternal half-aunt)

Todd Manning (maternal half-uncle)

Brian Kendall (maternal half-cousin; deceased)

Daniel Wolek (maternal half-cousin)

Clinton James "C.J." Roberts (maternal half-cousin)

Sarah Roberts (maternal half-cousin)

Starr Manning (maternal half-cousin)

Danielle Rayburn (maternal half-cousin)

Jack Cramer Manning (maternal half-cousin)

Sam Manning (maternal half-cousin)

Demerest Buchanan (maternal half-nephew; deceased)

Kevin Buchanan Jr. (maternal half-nephew; deceased)

Megan Buchanan (maternal half-niece; deceased)

Brennan "Bree" Buchanan (maternal half-niece)

Chloe Brennan (maternal half-niece; deceased)

Ryder Asa Lovett (maternal half-nephew)

Liam Asa McBain (maternal half-nephew)

Zane Buchanan (maternal half-great-nephew)

Hope Manning Thornhart (maternal first cousin once removed; deceased)



Flings & Affairs

Hunter Gutherie (dated, pre-1988)

Max Holden (dated, 1988-1989)

Prince Raymond Hohenstein (dated, 1989-1990)

Jake Harrison (dated, 1990-1991)

Crimes Committed

Arrested and tried for Michael Grande's murder; was cleared when it was revealed that Roger Gordon killed Michael in self-defense

Health and Vitals

Lapsed into her Ruby Bright television character after seeing her mother get shot (1989)

Brief Character History

Megan Gordon was the older sister of Sarah Gordon, a physical therapist who had moved to Llanview in 1987 to help Clint Buchanan after a gunshot wound left him blind. While Sarah was warm and kind, Megan was a stuck-up prima donna. Megan arrived in Llanview in 1988 to star in a soap opera, "Fraternity Row," that was being produced by Bo Buchanan. Megan and hotel owner Max Holden had an instant chemistry that began as mutual hatred but quickly grew into romance. But Max was unable to get past his former love, Gabrielle Medina, so Megan broke up with him.

Megan was thrown for a loop when she learned that Victoria Lord Buchanan was her biological mother. Megan had grown up thinking Carrie Gordon was her mother, and Viki had no memory of having given birth to Megan. Viki and Roger had a teenage romance that was wiped from Viki's memory by her father, Victor Lord, after she gave birth. Victor gave the baby to Roger on the condition that he never contact Viki. The truth came out after Viki and Roger were trapped in an underground city called Eterna, which is where Roger and his family had lived when he was a child. Megan, then 25, initially wanted nothing to do with Viki. But she eventually came to accept Viki as her mother.

Meanwhile, Megan's acting career flourished. She took on a dual role, playing her regular character, Roxanne, and her more wild and flamboyant sister, Ruby Bright. Viki worried that playing the two roles would be too much for Megan to bear, noting the eerie coincidence to her own alternate personality of Niki Smith. Megan and Viki's lives were put in peril when evil Austin Buchanan kidnapped them. Austin shot Viki and was about to shoot Megan when Clint interceded and shot Austin dead. The shock of seeing Viki get shot proved too much for Megan, who retreated into her Ruby Bright character. Thinking she really was Ruby, Megan ran off to Atlantic City and ran into former Llanview bad boy Marco Dane. Marco helped snap Megan back to reality and she returned to Llanview.

Later in 1989, Megan was saved from a fire by her new boyfriend, Raymond Hohenstein. Seriously injured, Raymond admitted to Megan that he was the Crown Prince of Mendorra. After Raymond lost his eyesight, Megan and Sarah flew to Mendorra to come to Raymond's aid but were kidnapped by Raymond's younger brother Roland, who wanted the throne for himself. Roland threatened to kill Megan unless his brother married Sarah, realizing that Raymond wouldn't be allowed to ascend to the throne if he married a commoner. Sarah's boyfriend Bo managed to switch places with Raymond and married Sarah while posing as Raymond. Bo, Sarah, Megan and Raymond all donned skis and escaped down the mountainside, where Raymond killed Roland in a final confrontation. Megan broke up with Raymond after realizing that he could only marry royalty.

In 1990, Megan discovered a man spying on her who was hired by Michael Grande, a sworn enemy of Megan's father Roger Gordon. The man was an ex-convict who went by the name Jack Webb, although Megan soon learned his real name was Jake Harrison. Jake claimed that he was a reporter for a soap opera magazine. Megan bought the story and she and Jake became fast friends. Jake began falling in love with Megan and decided to stop doing Michael's dirty work. After Roger was put in the hospital by an explosion orchestrated by Michael, Megan confronted Michael with a gun. Michael soon was discovered dead, and Megan was arrested and put on trial for his murder. Jake discovered that Roger actually pulled the trigger to protect Megan. Megan was freed after Roger confessed and she began a whirlwind courtship with Jake.

Megan and Jake soon found themselves dealing with crime boss Carlo Hesser. Carlo kidnapped Megan and Sarah and had them shipped off to Amish country. Megan was able to escape, but Sarah remained Carlo's prisoner. Trying to find out what happened to Sarah, Jake cozied up to Carlo's daughter, Charlotte, and even married her. While Jake was trapped in a loveless marriage with Charlotte, Megan's ex-boyfriend Hunter Gutherie came to town in a failed attempt to reunite with Megan. After Sarah was presumed dead in a plane crash with her abductors, Jake divorced Charlotte and proposed to Megan.

Megan and Jake were married in May 1991 in a beautiful ceremony. After a honeymoon, they moved into a dilapidated old building that Jake renovated into their dream home. Wanting to provide a better life for Megan, Jake took a job as an arms trader that required him to travel. Megan begged him not to leave, but Jake assured her that he wouldn't be gone for long. While traveling in Jaba City, Jake was taken prisoner by General Gaza and a fearful Megan reported him missing.

While Jake was being held prisoner, Megan became ill and discovered she had developed lupus. Megan sought comfort in the Rev. Andrew Carpenter as her condition rapidly worsened. Viki donated one of her kidneys to Megan, but the transplant was rejected and Megan's condition worsened. While in the hospital, Megan struck up a tentative friendship with another lupus patient, young Marty Saybrooke. As Megan lie on her deathbed, Andrew traveled to Jaba City and managed to rescue Jake. Megan's family regaled her with stories of life in Llanview as they waited for Jake to return. Jake arrived to find his wife near death. They reminisced about their wedding day, and the tree they had planted outside the church. Jake quickly transplanted the bare tree to the hospital grounds and decorated it with Valentine's hearts. He carried a weak Megan to the window so she could see their tree. As he held her tight, Megan succumbed to her illness and died in his arms.

Megan's spirit has visited Llanview residents on several occasions in the intervening years, most recently in 2012, after a prison break where all the Llanview felons escaped, the spirits of Gabrielle, Luna, and Megan happily witnessed the final death of Mitch Laurence. Then the trio of spirits watched over Cole Thornhart after he had been shot by Hannah O'Connor, and sent him back with work undone from heaven's door. Next, Bo Buchanan arrived at heaven's door after he had been shot by Troy MacIver. They told Bo it was his time, but Bo resisted and returned to Viki alive. Then they met Viki at heaven's door after she had been shot by Allison Perkins. But Viki decided it was not her time, and went back to Llanview still alive.

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