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The mother of all miracles
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Pilar might be on her death bed, but we all know that she's not really going to die. If she died, who would be left to chase after Theresa and try to talk sense into her all the time?

In 1999, I was huge fan of General Hospital. When Lucky Spencer "died" in a fire, I cried for a week (until we found out he was really alive at the very end of Friday's episode). Anthony Geary, Rebecca Herbst, and Genie Francis had me going through a box of Kleenex a day. Now here we are, five years later and Pilar is lying on her deathbed with her family surrounding her and again I find myself crying. Only this time it's with laughter.

From the hokey lines to the absurd sobbing, I couldn't help but think this was all a joke. Even Pilar lying in that bed sounding like she was coughing up a fur ball couldn't get me to take this seriously. Maybe it's because I knew Pilar wasn't going to die. I mean who would chase after Theresa and try to talk sense into her? No this is a Christmas miracle in May.

Paloma is a little witch. And not like Endora. I mean witch with a capital B. Taken in the right direction, she could be a fun addition to this cast. I'd love for her to set her sights on Ethan and give Theresa some competition. But all this sibling rivalry over one person put Pilar in the predicament she is in. And this mystery man must have gone to the Drake Hogestyn school of acting. The way he talks and walks around; he has got to go. If the producers keep hiring actors like this, Passions will never earn an Emmy nomination, much less win one.

Sheridan admits to Luis that she loves him, then backpedals and says she really loves Antonio and meant she only loves Luis as a brother in law. Such a shame. These two used to drive this show and now they are the most boring couple on television. I'm tired of the Antonio/Luis fights.

Julian, after being shot by Alistair, receives blood from an anonymous donor. Since his blood is so rare, it is believed that one of his children donated it. Then we all find out that Chad donates on a regular basis. This is all a sick and twisted way leading us to believe that Chad and Whitney are brother and sister and doing the nasty. If Passions, crosses this line, so many people would be disgusted that they would tune out. Of course with all the bad acting and storylines on this show that seems to be endless, maybe that's what the writers and producers are aiming for.

Congratulations to the class of 2004. From kindergarten to college, may you achieve all the dreams you dare to dream.

Highest point of the week: If there was one, I obviously missed it.

Lowest point of the week: Pilar's miracle. Insinuations that Chad is Julian and Eve's son. Until next week friends,

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