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Part two of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Harmony. This week, our columnist discusses the worst that Passions had to offer in 2007.

The year started off with Fancy getting raped. It was actually a continuation of what occurred towards the end of the previous year. I really was not expecting to witness another torture. It's sickening to see the way women are treated on this show. It's as if they don't have a voice. They appear weak and pathetic and cannot think for themselves. Speaking of weak and pathetic, what was the point of turning Jessica into a prostitute? It's not like the storyline made Grace come home to give her some direction. Jessica was turned into another tortured soul who had no voice. It's as if she was a puppet with Spike holding the puppet strings and giving her directions. That was such a waste of valuable screen time for the actress.

I'm still trying to figure out Pretty's purpose on Passions. I know it was merely a way to expand the storyline for Fancy. When she first came on, I was so tired of her repetitive lines and the annoying way she kept flashing her scar. The scar wasn't even that major, so I didn't get the hoopla. The storyline quickly turned into another ridiculous storyline. How many women are now chasing Luis? Is Luis really worth all that attention? In the beginning, he was Sheridan's protector and knight in shining armor, but now, he is thrust into a ridiculous triangle that involves a little witchcraft. Sometimes I get tired of the forced romance. Can't anything happen naturally on this show? I know that Passions involves the supernatural, but I wish they would not mix it with couples falling in or out of love. I would rather see things happen naturally. When Luis slept with Pretty, it was not a natural thing. Paloma was messing around with Tabitha's magic bowl and cast a love spell on both Luis and Pretty. What's so natural about that? The shocking thing is that Pretty thinks that she is in love with Luis. She doesn't even know Luis. Alistair talked her into seducing Luis. He showed her a little attention, and all of a sudden she is in love? Give me a break!

I didn't particularly like Sheridan's complete turnaround. All of a sudden, it's as if there was another Beth in town. Sheridan became quite vicious just to try to hold on to Luis. It's that behavior that made me fall out of love with the character. It's bad enough that this storyline was silly, but it would have been helpful if JER had revealed that Sheridan aided in the assault on Fancy the second time around. The first time, I believe it was some random guy, but the second time had Sheridan's name written all over it in my opinion. I guess some things sort of lost its way when the news came about that the show was moving to Direct TV.

I must admit that the down low storyline with Chad and Vincent was intriguing at first, but when it was crystal clear that it was merely a means to an end, it went downhill real fast. Fans were outraged at the prospect of another incest storyline. They lived through the disgusting storyline of Whitney and Chad being siblings, and having to relive it once more was not pretty. What could have been a great down low storyline turned out to be a mockery. It's laughable that an intersex male is now pregnant, and to top it off, he is pregnant for his own father. It really sickens me to even think about this much less to write about it. I must give Phillip Jeanmarie (Vincent) some credit for his awesome acting though. He did a great job portraying the blackmailer, the tortured child of Eve and Julian, and the intersex son/daughter.

Please don't even get me started on the infamous triangle with Gwen, Ethan, & Theresa. I feel that this particular storyline has dragged the show down tremendously. In the beginning, when it was new to everyone, it was cute, but as time goes by, the lines became repetitive, and fans grew tired of it, frankly. At first it was Theresa chasing Ethan, who refuses to divorce his wife, Gwen, at the time. Now it's Gwen who is pursuing Ethan. Didn't she divorce the pig? It makes no sense whatsoever because Gwen has not even put the moves on Ethan. All she is doing is preventing Theresa from being with him. Ethan has not expressed any romantic interest in her, so what gives? This storyline is giving me a headache, and I hope JER takes it out of its misery. I certainly understand why the show is headed for a second cancellation.

JER's mysteries never make any sense to me at all. I'm still trying to figure out the mystery person who knocked Jared out while he was at a motel with Theresa. I guess I'll chalk it up to the move to Direct TV. Quite a few things do not add up, but that's no excuse not to resolve them. The year is over and we still do not know who is killing Esme's lovers. I guess the killer will be revealed early 2008. After the killer is revealed, what will happen next? Will this storyline fade in the background like many others?

I was a bit disappointed when JER teased us with the prospect of bringing back Charity and Grace. I thought having them back would have put some life back into the supernatural storyline. Tabitha was at her best when Grace and Charity were in the picture. Instead, Grace was blown up and the return of Charity was just a fluke. I guess we can say goodbye to the supernatural storyline because what we have now with Kay and Tabitha is just a joke.

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