Port Charles Recaps: The week of January 13, 2003 on PC
Ian continued researching Caleb's water, which almost had a disastrous effect on Chris. Tess married Jack. Stephen sent Joshua to keep an eye on Alison and Elizabeth on their vacation, but Rafe followed to ensure Alison's safety. Caleb enlisted Kevin's help to get Livvie back -- and succeeded.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of January 13, 2003 on PC
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Monday, January 13, 2003

In Rafe's Loft, Lucy watches in horror as Ian and Elizabeth prepare to bite each other. So Lucy phones in a false fire alarm and Stephen's apartment sprinklers automatically turn on, cooling even Elizabeth's ardor! Later, Lucy casually stops by the apartment and pretends that she just happened to be in the neighborhood when she saw the fire trucks and decided to see if everyone was OK.

In the Park, Reese accidentally calls Jack by his name and Jack suddenly recognizes her as a member of Caleb's band. Even though Reese protests that she knows no one named Caleb and will NOT bite, Jack runs out of the Park, in a hurry to return home.

Meanwhile, at Jack's River House, as Caleb prepares to sing a song to coax Livvie out from inside Tess, Tess touches Caleb's lips and Caleb suddenly realizes that he can NOT sing! Tess told Caleb that, since his music IS a gift, Tess will NOT allow Caleb to use that gift for evil! Tess also explains that, since she is ALL the good that was in Livvie, Tess will be able to use her concentration of goodness to protect Livvie from Caleb's evil desires and maybe even to help Caleb himself. But Caleb scoffs at the notion that Tess could ever be strong enough to help him!

When the Fire Fighters insist that they check out the roof of Stephen's apartment, Elizabeth went with them to show the Fire Fighters the access to the roof, leaving Lucy and Ian alone. Ian told Lucy that he believes that Lucy was the one who called in the false alarm and, when Lucy admits that she DID feel it was imperative that she break up Elizabeth's party, Lucy prevails upon Ian to leave The Bat Cave with her. When Elizabeth returns and discovers that Ian is gone, she flies into another rage but vows that she will eventually have Ian.

Back at Jack's Place, Tess told Caleb that she can see a spark of light buried deep within his soul and she can help him if he will let her. But Caleb insists that he has NO soul - so Tess is mistaken in what she sees. Tess touches Caleb's heart and told Caleb that he DOES have a heart and that she can tell that he is capable of GREAT love. As Caleb pulls away from Tess, Tess urges Caleb to listen to his heart. When Jack suddenly arrives home, Caleb disappears with his candles and roses. When Jack told Tess that the minister will arrive soon and they kiss, Caleb sadly watches them from the window.

Lucy takes Ian back to his loft and told him that she believes he was about to bite Elizabeth. When Ian asks HOW Lucy knows all of that, Lucy passes it off as Slayer Instinct. Lucy warns Ian that, IF he gives in to his cravings to bite someone, there will be NO turning back! When Ian worries about hurting Lucy while Lucy insists on helping Ian, Lucy reminds Ian that he can NOT bite her because she is a slayer. But Ian told Lucy that he believes that he could kill her in many ways. When Ian asks what Lucy will tell Kevin, Lucy informs Ian that she has left Kevin. Ian finally gives in to Lucy's demands that he drink some of Caleb's water from the blue bottle Lucy grabbed at Elizabeth's apartment. But Ian can not help but ask out loud WHAT he has become.

Back at Jack's River House, the minister arrives and Jack and Tess pledge to love one another and are married in a brief ceremony. After the ceremony, Jack and Tess go outside and wish upon a star. Then they hit the sheets in front of the fireplace, to a song with the lyrics:

"Are these words enough

To describe the way I feel

Can a silly crush

Turn into something so real?"

Caleb returns to his Studio and finds Reese waiting for him. Caleb angrily orders Reese to put on the tracks for the new song and leave. Reese does as she is ordered. But, when the music starts, Caleb discovers that he can no longer sing a single note! Caleb flies into a rage and begins trashing his Studio, then slumps down in a dejected heap in a corner.

As Jack and Tess hit the sheets at Jack's River House, Caleb has a vision of Tess coming to him in the Studio. Caleb kisses Tess and asks her what she has done to him and then Caleb accuses Tess of having destroyed him. But Tess informs Caleb that she has saved him. Then she disappears.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

As Rafe watches her through his camera monitors, Alison begins to look around Elizabeth and Caleb's apartment. Rafe reminds Alison that they need some clue to tell them what Caleb was doing and where he was before he came to Port Charles if they want to confirm that Caleb fabricated the circumstantial evidence that Rafe and Alison are siblings. Alison is startled when she finds a police report about her father's death and wonders how Caleb came to have access to the report.

Meanwhile, Jack and Tess wake up at the River House and celebrate their newly wedded bliss. However, Jack is shocked when his new bride informs him that she had already told Caleb they were getting married. When Jack asks WHY his wife did NOT tell him about their evil enemy's visit, Tess confesses that she did not want anything unpleasant to cast a shadow on the happiness of their wedding ceremony. Jack again warns Tess that Caleb is dangerous - and dangerously obsessed with Tess! Tess gently informs Jack that Caleb tried to sing to her to bring Livvie out, but she stopped him. Jack reminds Tess that Livvie tried to stop Caleb and Livvie believed that she could change Caleb but Caleb turned Livvie into one of his undead groupies instead. Jack vows to never let Caleb change Tess and begs Tess to promise to stay away from Caleb. Tess finally promises her new husband that she will stay far away from their evil enemy.

At the same time, Kevin is unpleasantly surprised when he finds Caleb making himself at home in the living room of the Light House. Caleb guesses that Kevin believes that Livvie is dead but Caleb informs Kevin that Caleb knows WHERE Livvie is AND can get Livvie back with Kevin's help!

From Caleb's apartment, Alison reports to Rafe that the copy of the police report about Malcolm's death that Caleb has in his possession states that Elizabeth was the ONLY person the Police FOUND to question about Malcolm's death, but there was actually another person on board the yacht when Malcolm was swept overboard. According to the report, there was a 'prince' on board the yacht but, after Malcolm's death, the 'prince' disappeared and police discovered later that the 'prince' was a fake. Alison begins to wonder if Caleb might have been responsible for her father's death. When Rafe suggests that the only way to know for sure would be to go to Capri, where Malcolm died, Alison insists that she must go along. When Rafe reminds Alison that they can NOT be seen together if they want Caleb to believe their ruse, Alison agrees that they should leave the United State separately and reunite in Europe. Rafe and Alison are interrupted when Jack arrives to see Rafe and asks Rafe to teach Jack how to become a slayer.

When Elizabeth arrives home, Alison announces that she is going on a trip to forget about her failed wedding, but Alison is shocked when Elizabeth declares that Elizabeth plans to travel with Alison. Alison informs her mother that she is going to Capri to find some closure following her father's death and then also suggests that Alison's trip would give Elizabeth some time alone with her new husband. But, when Elizabeth expresses some disillusionment with her new husband, Alison suddenly changes her mind and invites her mother to go with her. Elizabeth confides to Alison that Stephen has been obsessing over his long lost love - some girl named Olivia. After Elizabeth agrees to accompany Alison on her trip, Alison wonders what she has done.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Kevin is incredulous when Caleb explains that Livvie IS inside Tess and went on to describe how Caleb created Tess by pulling all of the goodness out of Livvie. Caleb told Kevin that he needs Kevin's help to recover Livvie as the woman they both knew and loved. Caleb went on to tell Kevin that all Kevin will need to do is be a father to Tess. Caleb confides to Kevin that Caleb needs Kevin to get friendly with Tess, get her to trust him as her father again, and let her guard down. Once Tess is vulnerable, Caleb will be able to separate Livvie from Tess and restore the Livvie that they both know and love. When Kevin objects that his choices are either for his daughter to spend eternity with a vampire or be locked inside Tess for the rest of her life, Caleb reminds Kevin that, besides Kevin, the only person in Livvie's life who has ever loved Livvie unconditionally has been Caleb. Later, Tess is shocked when Kevin arrives at Jack's River House to talk to her.

At Rafe's loft, Rafe informs Jack that FIRST, you have to be BORN a slayer and then you need to train for YEARS just to get the basics. Rafe insists that being a slayer is not a job for ordinary people. Jack admits that Caleb is obsessed with Tess and Jack is desperate to know the best way to protect Tess from her evil adversary. Jack suddenly demonstrates that his former super-strength has returned and Rafe finally agrees to begin training Jack to defeat Caleb.

Caleb returns to his apartment as Elizabeth and Alison are getting ready to leave for Europe. When Elizabeth announces that she will be going to Europe with Alison, Caleb appears unconcerned about where Elizabeth went or what she does. Alison angrily asks him what is wrong with him but slips and calls him Caleb instead of Stephen. Caleb immediately demands to know WHY Alison would call him Caleb.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Ian examines the bottle of water he got from Elizabeth. He checks it with a device and determines it contains components of blood. Speaking into a tape recorder, he went over his thoughts. Somehow, the water gives the vampires a semblance of a normal life. As he ponders this, someone relentlessly knocks on his apartment door. Ian finally opens the door to find Chris Ramsey there. Chris is angry that Ian has called off work, and now Chris has to cover Ian's shift as well as his own. As Chris is talking, he notices that Ian is doing research. At this, Chris forgets hospital work and is immediately interested in what Ian is up to.

At this point, Lucy appears from the bedroom and asks what is going on. Chris asks if Ian has missed work because he has set up a "cozy, little love shack" with Lucy. Chris asks Lucy if she hooked up with Ian because Kevin was crazy, or if Kevin went crazy because she hooked up with Ian. Next, Chris calls Lucy, "The Patron Saint of Insanity." In a rage, Ian grabs Chris by the throat. Lucy calls out to Ian to stop. It's not worth it, she cries. Ian let's go as he tries to compose himself. Before Ian or Lucy can stop him, Chris picks up the bottle of water and drinks it. Lucy and Ian wonder what will happen when Chris begins writhing in pain. As Ian grabs his medical bag, Chris suddenly snaps out of it and claims he feels great. It is even better than he imagined. Chris catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror with vampire teeth.

Rafe watches on the video camera as Alison tries to leave Stephen's apartment. Rafe is worried something will happen, but Alison stands up to Stephen and told him she doesn't like the way he's been treating her mother. After Alison leaves, Stephen asks Elizabeth if she said anything to Alison about who they really were. Elizabeth promises she hasn't, then asks why Stephen is continually threatening her. Stephen explains that Elizabeth misunderstands. He would never hurt the woman he loves. Stephen then promises that he will take Elizabeth on a real honeymoon as soon as he finishes recording his album. To quiet Elizabeth, Stephen bites her on the neck and she promptly passes out.

Joshua appears and Stephen asks him to go to Capri to watch over Elizabeth and Alison. He needs Josh to keep Elizabeth in line and to keep an eye on what Alison is really up to. Stephen asks Josh to get to know Alison a little better then reminds Josh that he used to be good at turning a young girl's head. Josh feels he can handle the job, but doesn't like the idea of being a babysitter. Elizabeth wakes up as Alison returns. She told Alison the good news: Stephen is lending them his private jet to go to Capri, plus, Joshua will be going along to help them. Elizabeth then orders Josh to take her luggage downstairs. Josh gives Stephen a look, but Stephen gives a little nod that says to go along with her.

Kevin pays a visit to Tess. He wants to apologize for his behavior and the way he spoke to her. Tess says she understands that he felt bad. She asks Kevin what he would say to Livvie if she was there. Kevin replies that he would tell Livvie how much he loves her and how he wants her back. Tess assures Kevin that Livvie knows this. She looks deeply into Kevin's eyes and told him that Livvie is safe. Safe from Caleb. Kevin asks Tess if she will come to his house for dinner. Tess agrees. When Kevin leaves, Tess says to herself, "I never thought I'd have a father."

Kevin meets Caleb in the woods. He told Caleb that Tess isn't what he expected. She's special is all he can say. Caleb asks if Kevin is calling off their plan. Kevin says no. All he wants is to get his daughter back. Caleb says to himself, "So do I Doc, so do I."

Thursday, January 16, 2003

When Jack returns to the River House and learns that Tess plans to have dinner alone with Kevin at the Light House, Jack refuses to let Tess go alone, reminding his new bride that, just a short while ago, Kevin left her for dead when she fell into the water On the Docks. Meanwhile, at the Light House, Kevin wonders WHY Lucy has not yet returned to him and decides that Lucy must be with Ian. Kevin begins to call Lucy but changes his mind, declaring that THIS time, it will be up to Lucy to return to Kevin on her own. Kevin sits down then and begins to dictate a letter to Lucy, reminding Lucy how desperate Lucy was to get Christina back and affirming to Lucy that Kevin feels exactly the same way about recovering HIS daughter - Livvie! Kevin concludes by observing that, when it is all over, people will understand WHAT Kevin was trying to do. Later, Kevin is annoyed when he realizes that Jack has decided to crash the solo dinner party that Kevin has planned for Livvie.

At the same time, at Ian's Loft, Lucy and Ian are shocked when a drink from Caleb's blue water bottle causes CHRIS to begin to hallucinate that he IS a vampire. Lucy and Ian conclude that, while the water masks the symptoms of vampirism in vampires, the water must cause a reverse kind of reaction when humans drink it. As Lucy and Ian frantically try to dissuade Chris of his notion that he is now the Biggest Bat of all, Chris gleefully boasts of his new super powers and, ordering Lucy and Ian to stay away from him, Chris runs out into the night.

Aboard Stephen's Jet, Elizabeth becomes annoyed when Joshua obviously fawns over Alison while ignoring the debutante's mother. Alison quickly begins to feel uncomfortable with Joshua's rapt attention and makes an excuse to walk back to the sitting room. Alison is shocked when she discovers Rafe hiding in the closet. When Alison reminds Rafe that the plan was for them to travel to Europe separately, Rafe quickly explains that he believes that Caleb is suspicious and THAT is why Caleb sent Joshua to 'escort' Elizabeth and Alison to Capri. At the same time, in the Lounge, Elizabeth demands some first class attention from Joshua and Joshua solicitously refills her champagne glass, but drops a knock-out drug into the glass. As soon as Elizabeth has a sip of the drugged wine, she went to sleep. When Alison returns to the main lounge, she is shocked to find her mother asleep and cringes as she realizes that she is now alone with Joshua.

As Lucy and Ian search the Park for Chris, Chris arrives on the Bridge, talking to himself about testing his new super powers by flying off the bridge. But a boy nearby sees Chris preparing to take flight and runs to Lucy and Ian with the news. Lucy and Ian rush to the scene and try to reason with Chris, but Chris refuses to listen. As Chris went over the side of the Bridge, Ian grabs Chris by the arm and pulls him back to safety. When Chris resists being rescued, Ian gives Chris a sedative and announces that Chris will be out long enough for the water to work its way out of his system and for Lucy and Ian to decide what to do with Chris. Lucy and Ian return to Ian's Loft with Chris and Lucy reminds Ian that he just saved a life, in spite of what he has become. Lucy urges Ian to believe that he has good instincts and those instincts will enable Ian to find a way out of his current predicament.

Back on board Stephen's Jet, Alison tries to tactfully keep Joshua at bay and suddenly perks up her ears with interest as Joshua begins to describe a little remote island near Capri that is accessible ONLY by boat. But, when Rafe brushes against something in the closet, Joshua suddenly notices the noise and heads back toward the sitting room to investigate. To prevent Joshua from investigating too closely and discovering Rafe's hiding place, Alison begins to play up to Joshua and pours on the flattery.

As Rafe listens from his hiding place, Alison tries to distract Joshua by pretending an interest in Caleb's henchman. But Joshua becomes suspicious of Alison's sudden change of heart and cryptically assures Alison that: "Joshua always takes care of everything!'

Friday, January 17, 2003

At Ian's Loft, as Ian and Lucy discuss Ian's problems with being a vampire, Chris wakes up and overhears Ian's comments. When Chris demands to know HOW he got in Ian's Loft and demands to know if the vampires are back, Ian and Lucy tell Chris that he got drunk and passed out. Chris does not quite believe them, but lets them hustle him out of the Loft any way.

On board Stephen's Jet, as Rafe watches Alison play up to Joshua to prevent Caleb's henchman from discovering Rafe's hiding place, Rafe decides to use a little angel power to create air turbulence. As the cabin rocks, Alison lands in Joshua's arms, just as Elizabeth wakes up. Elizabeth angrily accuses Joshua of making advances to her daughter. As Joshua denies Elizabeth's accusations, Joshua hears another noise in the sitting room and went back to investigate again. When Elizabeth asks WHY Alison is so nervous, Alison puts it off to nerves about visiting Capri. Joshua discovers Alison's travel alarm, which beeps when Joshua picks it up. When Joshua returned with the beeping travel alarm, Alison admits that it is her travel alarm and it must have been the travel alarm bumping around that Joshua heard. The passengers are stunned when the pilot announces that they have had a favorable tailwind and will arrive in Capri two hours ahead of schedule. Joshua voices his suspicions about the speed of their travel, but comes up with no explanation other than the favorable tail wind that was reported.

When Tess arrives at the Light House for dinner with Kevin, Kevin is annoyed that Jack is with her. Kevin announces that the purpose of the evening was for Kevin and Tess to get to know each other. Jack agrees, but gives Tess his cell phone and reminds his new bride that he will be right outside and all Tess has to do is press the button to bring Jack running. After Jack leaves, Tess gets interested in an Austrian crystal that Kevin has on the Coffee Table. As Kevin shows Tess how the crystal changes light into different colors, Tess is slowly hypnotized. Meanwhile, Caleb tunes his guitar and waits for the opportune time to take advantage of Kevin's ground work in recovering Livvie. As soon as Tess went into a deep hypnotic trance, Kevin begins to have second thoughts about dealing with Caleb, but Caleb suddenly appears and announces that Caleb will take it from there. Kevin objects and informs Caleb that Kevin refuses to leave while Caleb brought Livvie out of Tess. But, even as Kevin protests, Caleb announces that Kevin was damned the moment he agreed to help Caleb. Caleb then touches Tess's cheek and they both disappear. Kevin's anguished cries bring Jack, who is shocked when Kevin declares that Caleb just appeared and took Tess with him. Jack accuses Kevin of selling his own daughter out to an evil monster.

Back at Ian's Loft, Ian confides in Lucy that he believes he is doomed and that there is no hope that he could ever conquer his affliction. But Lucy declares that she refuses to let Ian give up on himself. As Lucy tries to comfort Ian, she shocks Ian by admitting that she felt jealous when she saw Ian kissing Elizabeth - and they fall into a passionate embrace.

When Alison, Elizabeth and Joshua arrive at the Hotel in Capri, Joshua shows them that he has the room across the hall from them. As the Bell Person helps Alison into her room, Alison heads for the phone to see if Rafe left her a message, but Rafe suddenly appears from the other room and assures Alison that he is fine.

Caleb takes Tess down by the water, where he builds a fire and then begins to sing a new song to bring Livvie out of Tess:

'Bring the Light

Bring back the light

You are the dream

I sleep with every night.

Don't try to Hide

Don't try to fight.

Just close your eyes,

And bring the light.

'Cause I've been dying for this moment.

Just give up,

so we can meet again.

Eternity is calling;

Forever is in your hands.

If only you will surrender!'

As Caleb sings, he remembers special moments between Olivia and Caleb and then remembers creating Tess. Livvie suddenly opens her eyes and asks: "What took you so long, Caleb?" And they kiss.

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