Port Charles Recaps: The week of April 21, 2003 on PC
Rafe got himself, Alison, and Caleb out of the dungeon, promising to return for Livvie. Lucy and Ian realized that Lucy was losing her slayer powers. Ian's test on Lucy's blood revealed that there was a toxin in her blood, most likely from the hot spring. Joshua slashed Caleb's throat, and Alison and Rafe fought to keep him alive.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of April 21, 2003 on PC
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Monday, April 21, 2003

Jack spots Reese, trying to sing "Fever" to an unappreciative audience in a dive. Meanwhile, at the Recovery Room, Ricky complains to Casey that no one wants to book The Stephen Clay Experience without Stephen! When Jamal joins them, Ricky gets a call from Jack and alerts Jack and Casey to Reese's predicament. After Ricky talks to Jack, Ricky convinces Jamal and Casey to go with him to listen to Reese. Meanwhile, outside the dive, Jack offers to pay the cover charge for passersby and surprises Reese by bringing a crowd into the bar to listen to Reese. When Ricky, Jamal and Casey arrive, they bring Caz with them and the band breaks in to "Hey, Sister" for a growing and appreciative crowd. Afterward, Reese kisses Jack and thanks him for his involvement and Ricky exults in the discovery that the band CAN be a success without Stephen Clay's name!

Karen arrives at the Light House and finds Kevin working feverishly on a dark and dreary painting in his Artist's Studio. As Karen listens to Kevin's dark predictions of nothing but doom and gloom ahead for the great city of Port Charles, Karen suddenly decides to try to cheer Kevin up and invites Kevin to join her in a dinner out. But Kevin turns down Karen's invitation, and warns Karen that things in Port Charles are going to get MUCH worse and may NEVER return to normal!

In the alley behind the Recovery Room, Ian points out to Frank that Joshua does NOT know that Ian is a fellow creature of the night. Ian first tries to convince Frank to take Ian to Joshua so that Ian can offer to trade himself for Alison's return, but Frank refuses to buy into Ian's idea. Ian then tries to con Frank into taking Ian to Joshua because Ian is now part of Joshua's demon kingdom and Joshua might be willing to reward Frank for turning Ian over to Joshua. While Frank is at first reluctant to admit that Ian's plan might have some credibility, Ian finally convinces Frank that Frank's latest Lord and Master would be happy enough to learn about Ian's Undead status to give Frank a reward. Frank finally agrees to take Ian to Joshua.

At Joshua's Hide Out, Elizabeth tries to persuade Joshua that she is back because of Joshua's magnetic charm. Joshua fails to be convinced and merely threatens to kill Elizabeth unless she comes clean. Elizabeth persists in trying to convince Joshua that she is thrilled at the prospect of becoming Joshua's bride. At the same time, Lucy searches Joshua's closet for something she can turn into a stake. Lucy finally finds a wooden hanger and quickly begins turning the piece of wood into a stake. Meanwhile, Joshua begins to get wise to Elizabeth's ploy and suggests that perhaps she WOULD make a perfect bride! But, of course, Elizabeth would have to be among the officially Undead first! Although Elizabeth tries to stall, Joshua finally bares his fangs and prepares to nibble on Elizabeth. As Joshua advances menacingly toward Elizabeth, Lucy bursts out of the closet with her stake raised and warns Joshua to prepare to meet his end. However, just as Joshua advances toward Lucy, Ian and Frank arrive. When Joshua demands to know why Frank brought Ian to Joshua's Hide-Out, Frank reports that Ian is officially among the Undead. Ian tries to get Joshua to release Elizabeth and Lucy before Ian and Joshua talk. But Joshua demands to know first if Elizabeth knew Lucy was hiding in Joshua's closet. When Elizabeth denies knowing about Lucy and Lucy backs Elizabeth up, Frank reports that Elizabeth and Lucy KNOW that Joshua is behind Alison's disappearance. Joshua declares that he is well aware that they all planned to trap him. Then Joshua invites Lucy to go ahead and attempt to eradicate him!

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

At Jake's, Jack, Jamal, and Casey congratulate Ricky, Caz and Reese for a successful jam session and an elated Ricky jubilantly announces that the manager just offered the band a permanent gig. When Ricky suggests they follow through on Joshua's idea to hype the band's 'Goth' connection, Jack counters with the suggestion that, instead, the band keep their 'Goth' connection a mystery. Jack suggests that they dress in normal but classy clothes, give out a variety of stories about their backgrounds and then smilingly insist on a 'no comment' whenever the rumor of a connection to the Undead surfaces. Jack explains that, as an accomplished con artist, he had discovered that being cloaked in an elusive mystique works better than being 'in your face' with your intentions. The other band members like Jack's idea and ask Jack to manage the band. Jack agrees. Reese kisses Jack and the two leave together. Later, as Jamal teases Casey to try to get the angel to tell him whether she had anything to do with the bar owner's request that the band play there permanently, Ricky looks on jealously.

In Joshua's Hide Out, Ian tries to convince Joshua to let Elizabeth and Lucy go, but Joshua instead orders Frank to kill Ian. However, Elizabeth steps between Frank and Ian and declares to Joshua that Elizabeth is willing to do anything Joshua wants if Elizabeth can only have Alison back. Joshua coldly informs Elizabeth that she has NOTHING that Joshua wants and that Joshua had planned all along on killing Elizabeth. Joshua orders Frank to go ahead and kill Elizabeth, but Lucy brandishes her stake and reminds Joshua that Lucy DOES have the stake in hand. However, Joshua just laughs at Lucy. When Frank heads toward Elizabeth, Lucy gets between Frank and Elizabeth with her stake raised. As Frank and Lucy struggle, Elizabeth bumps the secret panel which opens the door leading to the secret room on one side and to the alley on the other side. As Elizabeth slips into the hidden room, Joshua slips out the other door, leading to the alley. Lucy went after Joshua, leaving Frank and Ian alone. Ian again warns Frank that Ian has had more time to develop his powers than Frank has had, but Frank points out that Frank has the edge because Frank has a killer instinct which Ian lacks. As the two men struggle, Ian picks up a crystal sculpture from Joshua's desk and stabs a startled Frank with it. Meanwhile, Lucy catches up to Joshua in the alley. Joshua just laughs at Lucy's feeble attempts to stop him, and Joshua arrogantly brushes the stake out of Lucy's hand. When Joshua grabs Lucy in a death grip, Lucy screams, and Ian leaves Frank with a warning that, the next time, Ian will regretfully have to kill Frank. Before Joshua can finish choking Lucy, Joshua suddenly gets a flash of intuition that warns him that something is wrong. Joshua drops Lucy and rushes away. When Ian reaches Lucy, a shaken Lucy confides to Ian that she believes her power to defeat evil monsters like Joshua has deserted her. Meanwhile, Elizabeth watches from hiding as Frank pulls the crystal sculpture out of his shoulder and staggers away from the Hide Out.

In the Dungeon beneath Caleb's Villa, Rafe asks Caleb WHY Joshua did not just kill Caleb as soon as Joshua had Caleb in his power. Caleb offers the opinion that Joshua is on a power trip and just gets off on watching his old enemy suffer. Rafe told Caleb that Joshua MUST have a bigger plan in mind and describes the collage of photographs of Livvie and Alison that Rafe discovered in Joshua's Hide Out. Livvie and Alison are horrified when they learn about Joshua's photo collection and Caleb is angry that Rafe did NOT mention the photos earlier. Rafe appeals to Caleb for the secret to over-riding the force field around the Dungeon cells. But Caleb points out that, since Rafe's objective before was to keep Caleb and Livvie apart, it will do Caleb no good to help Rafe escape. Rafe reminds Caleb that Livvie will soon be suffering through withdrawal symptoms again. Rafe again appeals to Caleb to tell Rafe whether or not there IS a way out of the Dungeon so that they can prevent Livvie from going through another period of suffering. Livvie asks Caleb to tell HER if there IS a way out that would prevent Livvie from any more needless suffering. After a whispered conference with Livvie, Caleb reluctantly informs Rafe that Rafe will find the keys to the Dungeon in the main room upstairs, in an antique desk with a false bottom in one of the drawers. Livvie then turns the top of Caleb's ring and Caleb announces that Rafe can go ahead and try one of his cheap tricks ~ and Rafe disappears! While Caleb, Alison and Livvie wait for Rafe to return with the keys, Caleb puts his jacket over Alison and encourages Livvie to hang on. When Rafe arrives in the Villa's main room and grabs the keys to the Dungeon, Bruno discovers Rafe, rifling through the desk. When Bruno rushes Rafe, Rafe disappears, then reappears behind Bruno and gets Bruno in a stranglehold. After dispatching Bruno, Rafe races back to the Dungeon and unlocks Alison's cell. However, as Rafe and Alison rush into each other's arms, Caleb hits Rafe from behind and knocks Rafe unconscious. Then Caleb grabs the keys to release Livvie. When Alison demands to know WHY Caleb knocked Rafe out, Caleb replies that it was a matter of trust and that Caleb believed he could NOT trust Rafe!

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

As a dazed Elizabeth wanders through the Park, she runs into DR. GAIL BALDWIN! Elizabeth begs Gail to listen to her and then Elizabeth rushes headlong into spelling out her shock at seeing vampires Ian and Frank fighting with each other in Joshua's Hide Out. As Elizabeth fills Gail in on the gory details of recent events in Port Charles, Gail quietly puts a call through to the Hospital and asks someone to pick her up. But a horrified Elizabeth quickly realizes that Gail is planning to have Elizabeth committed! When Elizabeth realizes what Gail is planning, Elizabeth quickly backtracks and insists that she was just running a story past Gail, claiming that Elizabeth has become a movie producer and is planning on using a story like that for her next movie. Gail remains skeptical, but cancels her request for someone to pick her up. Before leaving the park, Gail leaves her card with Elizabeth and invites Elizabeth to call Gail at any time.

When Ian and Lucy return to Lucy's Place, Lucy confides to Ian that she believes she is losing her powers and that she feels useless. Ian assures Lucy that she will be fine and suggests that they hop in bed together. However, after Ian and Lucy hit the sheets, Ian reluctantly admits to Lucy that hopping in bed with her did NOT satisfy Ian's deadly cravings. Lucy worries about what will become of Ian now if Lucy has lost her powers and can no longer satisfy his appetites, but Ian again assures Lucy that everything will be fine. However, when Lucy falls asleep again, Ian notices that some clumps of Lucy's hair has fallen out in his hands!

When Joshua returns to Caleb's Villa and finds the lifeless form of Bruno, Joshua deduces that one of his prisoners has escaped. But Joshua confidently chuckles that the only way any of his captives can leave the Villa is to go past Joshua. Meanwhile, in the Dungeon below, Alison tries frantically to revive Rafe, while Caleb tries key after key on the key ring, searching for the key that will open Livvie's cell. As Livvie and Caleb eagerly look forward to the bite from Livvie that will restore Caleb's power, Alison finally manages to revive Rafe, just as Caleb realizes that a key to unlock Livvie's cell is NOT on the key ring! As Rafe regains consciousness, Rafe admits that he hid the key to Livvie's cell before returning to the Dungeon, because he believed that Caleb might double-cross him. Promising Livvie that he WILL find a way to release her, Caleb dashes out of the Dungeon to search the main room for the missing key. After Caleb is gone, Rafe shows Alison that he has had the key to Livvie's cell with him all along. Livvie angrily rages at Rafe for tricking Caleb that way. Rafe told Alison that he is going to get Alison to safety and then promises to come back to rescue Livvie. But Livvie begs Rafe NOT to leave her alone in the Dungeon. Alison told Rafe that they can't in good conscience, leave Livvie behind at the mercy of Joshua. Meanwhile, Caleb discovers Joshua in the main room. When Joshua observes that Caleb is now too powerless to escape Joshua's trap, Caleb hints that Livvie may have already turned Caleb and restored his powers. But Joshua insists that, if that were the case, Olivia would be there with Caleb! Caleb then gloats that, even as a mere mortal, Caleb could crush Joshua like a bug! Caleb confidently challenges Joshua to a fight to the death! Meanwhile, in the Dungeon below, Livvie pleads with Rafe to let her go so she can use her powers to protect Caleb. But Rafe insists that the only thing Livvie would do would be to bite Caleb and return Caleb to his former evil lifestyle. Livvie reminds Rafe that, while Livvie has Caleb's ring, Livvie can help Rafe defeat Joshua. Livvie then appeals to Alison, begging her former friend to persuade Rafe to let Livvie go so Livvie can protect Caleb. Alison tries to convince Rafe to release Livvie, but Rafe explains that he can NOT fight a war on two fronts and needs to focus on defeating Joshua first! When Rafe again tries to persuade Alison to leave with him, Alison refuses to go unless Rafe promises to help Caleb. Meanwhile, upstairs, Joshua rushes Caleb, but Caleb easily eludes Joshua's attack, continuing to hurl insults at the former band manager. Every time Joshua rushes Caleb, Caleb easily side-steps Joshua's attack. As Caleb continues to goad Joshua, Joshua brags that Caleb will NEVER be able to goad Joshua into biting Caleb and restoring Caleb's former powers. Joshua suddenly pulls out a knife and slashes Caleb's throat. As Caleb falls to the ground, Rafe and Alison arrive in the main room. When Rafe rushes to try to save Caleb's life, Joshua runs out, headed toward the Dungeon. As Alison tries to stop his bleeding, Caleb worries about Joshua going after Livvie, but Rafe reminds Alison and Caleb that Livvie will be safe from Joshua so long as she has Caleb's ring. Rafe declares that there is no way they will be able to help Caleb and that they need to leave if Alison is going to be safe. But Alison refuses to leave the injured Caleb, reminding Rafe that it is their fault that Caleb has lost his powers and has fallen prey to Joshua's vicious attack. Alison implores Rafe to do something to help Caleb and to rescue Livvie from Joshua's evil designs. At the same time, Joshua finds Livvie in the Dungeon and cruelly informs his captive that Caleb left the Villa, running away to save his own skin, and left Livvie behind to fend for herself. Livvie insists that Caleb WILL return for her, but Joshua points out that, even if Caleb DOES return for her, Livvie will have starved to death by the time Caleb returns!

Thursday, April 24, 2003

At Lucy's Place, Ian flashes back to his night with Lucy and the discovery that Lucy's hair is falling out. Ian confesses to himself that he believes that Lucy's problem is more than just losing her slayer powers. When Lucy returns, she confesses her worry about Alison and the fact that Lucy has NOT heard from her cousin Rafe either. Lucy suggests they go to Rafe's Loft to see if they can find any clues to Rafe or Alison's whereabouts, but Ian suggests instead that Lucy get some rest. Lucy confides that, following Lucy's encounter with Joshua at the Hide Out, Lucy has become convinced that Joshua is more evil than Caleb ever was.

In the Dungeon beneath Caleb's Villa, Joshua reminds Livvie that she COULD die of hunger before Caleb returns for her ~ IF Caleb does, indeed, ever return. Livvie insists that Caleb WILL be back and vows to destroy Joshua as soon as Caleb returns. But Joshua insists that Caleb ran to save his own skin, without even a backward glance for Livvie. Joshua told Livvie that she can be free to go ~ just as soon as Livvie hands Caleb's power ring over to Joshua. Livvie angrily informs Joshua that she will NEVER give the ring to Joshua and invites Joshua to TRY to take the ring, so she can watch Joshua fly across the room! Meanwhile, upstairs, Rafe urges Alison to leave so Rafe can be sure Alison is safe, but Alison refuses to leave the wounded Caleb to suffer Joshua's retribution. Caleb urges Alison to listen to Rafe and forget about him but that it is urgently important to get Livvie out of Joshua's clutches! Rafe reminds Caleb that the ring protects Livvie. Alison finally convinces Rafe to help her save Caleb's life and Rafe carries Caleb out of the Villa. At the same time, in the Dungeon, Joshua told Livvie that IF she keeps the ring, she WILL starve to death. Joshua reminds Livvie that Caleb is now with Alison and they BOTH know that Livvie's 'true love' is in the habit of changing women as frequently as he changes shirts! But Livvie refuses to listen to Joshua and repeats her conviction that Caleb WILL return for her! As Livvie orders Joshua to get away from her, she suddenly doubles over in pain from withdrawal pangs. Joshua tempts Livvie by pointing out that she COULD end her suffering by taking a bite out of Joshua, but Livvie again refuses Joshua's enticements. Joshua again urges Livvie to turn the ring over to him and so end her suffering, but Livvie refuses that offer as well. When Livvie declares that she would NEVER change her mind for Joshua, Joshua suggests that maybe she would change her mind for someone else, and walks away, closing the cell door on Livvie as he leaves.

Later, at Rafe's Loft, Rafe and Alison try to keep Caleb quiet, while Caleb implores Alison to rescue Livvie. Caleb told Alison that Joshua WILL hurt Livvie ~ AND Alison! As Alison tries to quiz Caleb about what he suspects about Joshua's plans, Lucy and Ian suddenly arrive. As Ian rushes to help Caleb, Lucy quietly admits to Rafe and Alison she powerless she felt when Frank abducted Alison. As Rafe and Alison fill Lucy in on the events at Caleb's Villa, Ian announces that they need to take Caleb to the Hospital immediately. But Rafe informs Ian that Caleb would be in too much danger at the Hospital and Ian will need to treat Caleb at Rafe's Loft. Lucy asks WHY Caleb would NOT be safe at the Hospital, but Rafe told his cousin to just trust Rafe's judgement on this one. Rafe informs Lucy that there are now OTHER vampires, all of whom appear to be loyal to Joshua ~ and, IF they had access to Caleb at the hospital, they might bite Caleb, and so restore his powers! Lucy warns Ian and Alison that they are making a mistake to work so hard to save Caleb's life. Rafe takes Lucy aside and explains that possibly it was Lucy's dip in the healing pool that drained Lucy's powers. Lucy reminds Rafe that, IF she no longer has her powers, then she probably will not be able to continue to satisfy Ian's cravings either. At the same time, Caleb tries to convince Ian to take a bite out of Caleb, but Rafe overhears the request and orders Ian to get away from Caleb. Ian takes Rafe aside and blasts Rafe for believing that Ian might give in to the temptation to bite Caleb. But Rafe confides that Rafe KNOWS that Lucy is losing her slayer powers and, with the disappearing powers, the ability to satisfy Ian's cravings. Rafe insists that they MUST tell Lucy what is going on, but Ian demands that Rafe wait until Ian knows for sure what IS going on with Lucy before telling Lucy anything. Ian confides that he believes there is MORE to Lucy's problem than just the disappearing powers! Meanwhile, Lucy warns Alison NOT to get too wrapped up in her attempt to save Caleb's life. But Alison reminds Lucy that, even though Caleb knew he no longer had any powers and that Joshua was probably laying in wait to destroy Caleb, Caleb STILL returned to the Villa to rescue Livvie! Alison insists that she believes that Caleb has finally really had a change of heart and deserves a chance to live. Meanwhile, Caleb focuses on sending a telepathic message to Livvie that he WILL return for her and ~ in her cell in the Dungeon ~ Livvie has a vision of Caleb standing before her and promising to be with her ~ always! At the same time, at Rafe's Loft, Alison notices Caleb promising to be with Livvie ~ always!

Outside the Recovery Room, Frank checks the stab wound he received during the fight with Ian and realizes that the bleeding has stopped. Frank vows to make Ian pay in some way. Inside, Karen quizzes Victor about Frank's whereabouts, but Victor reports that he has NOT seen Frank for a couple of days. When Kevin enters, he receives a frosty reception from Victor but Karen expresses her happiness at seeing that Kevin has put down his artist's brushes to take a break. Kevin guesses that Karen's problem is that she is worried about Frank. When Kevin suggests that Karen could do better than Frank, Frank suddenly arrives and demands to know what Kevin meant. Kevin notices Frank's injured shoulder but, when Kevin asks about it, Frank claims that the shoulder was injured while Frank was at work. When Kevin walks away, Frank told Karen that he found a developer who was willing to pay five times the asking price for the Recovery Room, so he no longer needs to worry about keeping the Recovery Room from sinking financially! Frank told Karen that he has everything under control for the first time in months and Karen and Frank promise each other to get their relationship back on the right track. After Kevin returns, Frank announces his good news to Victor, but Kevin is skeptical that anyone would pay that much for the Recovery Room. Kevin gloomily warns that the deal has SCAM written all over it! Frank blasts Kevin for being such a wet blanket! Victor also proudly announces that he has been offered the job of Port Charles City Building Inspector, but Kevin again warns that a plum opportunity like that could NOT have come without a price! Victor brushes off Kevin's warnings and Kevin angrily walks out, after warning Victor that he is just being a sucker for someone! After Kevin leaves, Karen congratulates Frank and insists that Frank let her help with his wound. But Karen is shocked when she realizes that Frank's wound has already healed! Outside, Kevin is met by Joshua, who announces that he has been waiting for Kevin.

Friday, April 25, 2003

Jack, Jamal, Casey, Ricky, Caz and Reese assemble in Stephen's Studio to get ready for the VH-1 pre-interview. As Casey glances at the newspaper, she notices a headline about Lucy being killed. The headline suddenly vanishes, but Casey is NOT able to hide her agitation from Jamal. Casey suddenly rushes out the door. After Casey leaves, Ricky quizzes Jamal about his relationship with Casey but Jamal remains vague in his responses. When the VH-1 representative arrives, the band is stunned when she announces that she will deal ONLY with Stephen. When Jack takes her aside and suggests that Stephen MIGHT be hiding out by day, the Producer is intrigued. But, when she asks point blank if the band members are among the Undead, the band denies being anything other than regular people.

At Lucy's Place, Ian surreptitiously gets a blood sample from a sleeping Lucy. But Lucy wakes up suddenly before Ian can leave with the sample. Lucy confides to Ian that she probably won't miss her powers because she lived most of her life not knowing about the powers, but Lucy expresses her worry that she may not be able to help stave off Ian's cravings if she is losing her powers. Ian assures Lucy that everything will be fine but, as they kiss, they are interrupted by Casey, persistently knocking on the door. After Ian leaves, Casey inquires about Lucy's health and pretends to be looking for an apartment. Lucy quietly lets Casey know that Lucy is aware that Casey is an angel. Casey lets slip that Lucy is dead, but, when Lucy quizzes Casey about her slip, Casey tries to brush it off as a figure of speech, which signifies that Casey is NOT buying Lucy's report that her health is all fine. Lucy finally admits that she believes she is losing her powers and experiences periods of dizziness. Lucy asks Casey if Casey has any inside information about Lucy's condition, but Casey admits that she has NO inside information ~ although Casey CAN see that Lucy is not feeling quite herself these days. When Lucy confesses that she needs to recharge her energy, Casey takes Lucy's hand and transfers some of Casey's energy to Lucy. Lucy is thrilled and thanks Casey for her help. Lucy then announces that she has a guest house on her property and invites the angel to stay in the guest house. Casey finally agrees. When Casey leaves Lucy's Place, the angel discovers that Jamal followed her. When Casey realizes that Jamal is suspicious about Casey's worry about Lucy, Casey freezes Jamal and told him they have been out for a walk and are now headed to the malt shop. When Jamal comes out of the freeze, he remembers nothing about Lucy and the two of them head off to the malt shop. Meanwhile, inside, Lucy discovers an empty plasma container, stolen from the Hospital, and realizes that Ian has been slaking his thirst that way and that Lucy really has NOT been helping Ian by hopping in bed with him!

At Kevin's Light House, Joshua looks at the painting Kevin has been working on and informs Kevin that he is VERY impressed! Kevin told Joshua that Kevin knows that Frank is now among the Undead and that some unknown benefactor has made a generous offer to buy the Recovery Room. Kevin warns Joshua against trying to 'turn' Kevin, then prepares to hustle Joshua out the door. But, when Kevin turns his back, Joshua injects Kevin with a fast-acting sedative, which knocks Kevin out. When Kevin regains consciousness, Joshua assures Kevin that Joshua has NO interest in 'turning' Kevin and then orders Kevin to produce a painting, based on Joshua's vision of the future Joshua has in mind for Port Charles. After Joshua leaves, Kevin begins to paint feverishly, as he listens to Mozart's Requiem.

After Jack has the TV producer from VH-1 interested in filming the band without Stephen present, Joshua suddenly arrives and lets the producer know that Jack does NOT have the authority to be discussing these issues on behalf of the band. As Joshua takes Jack aside to remind Jack that Jack has no place in the band, Ricky quietly assures the TV producer that he will take care of calming Joshua down and urges her to go ahead and arrange for the film crew, and the TV producer leaves the studio. At the same time, Joshua declares to Jack that Joshua is getting all of his ducks in a row ~ ready for the BIG show!

At the hospital, Ian hands Lucy's blood sample to CHRIS and told Chris that Ian needs the results pronto. However, Ian is surprised when Chris guesses right away that the blood sample is from Lucy ~ and that Ian is running the test WITHOUT Lucy's knowledge! When Chris returns with the report, Chris informs Ian that the results of the blood tests show that Lucy is being poisoned by her own blood!

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