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Passions Recaps: The week of September 25, 2000 on PS
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Monday, September 25, 2000

At the Country Club

Ethan kisses Theresa and tells her he will tell Gwen that the wedding is off before the party tonight. Theresa tells him he's so wonderful for not wanting to hurt Gwen. Then they kiss again as Gwen is returning to find her keys. Gwen can't believe this is happening and runs into a waiter who has her keys. Just missing Ethan and Theresa kissing. Gwen pauses and thinks of the perfect person to help her find shoes for the wedding and leaves. Ethan worries telling Theresa they should be more careful hoping no one sees them and tells Gwen. Gwen runs into her mother and learns the orchestra has canceled also the man who was going to do the ice sculptures canceled! Rebecca says she's solved the problems but to cross your fingers. Gwen suggests she call Theresa to handle any further problems. Rebecca said she had tried but couldn't find her anywhere. Gwen tells her she just left but should return her call once she gets the message and leaves. Ethan and Theresa discuss their feelings and Theresa worries about Luis and his temper. Ethan offers to talk to Luis but Theresa says he's my brother and she should be the one to tell him. Ethan tells her the only person he's told the truth about them is his Aunt Sheridan and hopes Gwen doesn't run into her. Theresa says she doubts that would happen because Gwen is busy out shopping for shoes. Ethan embraces Theresa and assures her he will protect her from her family. Ethan tells her he loves her and they kiss. As they are kissing, a stunned Rebecca walks in and is shocked when she sees them!

At Sheridan's Cottage

Outside Hank and Luis discuss what has happened. Luis blames Julian and Ethan for interfering just when they were starting to get along! Hank tells him that relationship was doomed from the start! Now that the field has opened up and he has no issues with the Cranes he plans to make his play for Sheridan. Luis goes back in the cottage and sees Sheridan crying. They look into each other's eyes while Sheridan asks what he wants? Luis wants her to listen to him as he tells them how they've come so close then pleads he didn't say those things, to believe in him. He tells her he would never betray her! Sheridan says she wishes she could just say yes, but that would be the way I used to be. Luis begs her they need to get past this misunderstanding. She claims it's more than just a misunderstanding! Luis begs her what they have is so special, to not let it die! Sheridan reminds Luis she can't be with a man unless she can trust him that he needs to be honest with her! She even tells him their alone now it can be their secret. Luis tells her she's offering him a way out but he didn't say those things and his whole life is based on truth and that he would never use her! Sheridan upset tells him then we have no future together. Suddenly Gwen burst in and apologizes for interrupting and Luis says he was just leaving. Gwen hugs Sheridan and asks if she is all right. Sheridan tells her the last thing she needs to be doing is to be babysitting her. Sheridan asks Gwen if she talked to Ethan today and if she was all right? Gwen said yes. Sheridan tells her she's so strong and brave to be here comforting her while she's dealing with the cancellation. Gwen in shock asks, "Cancellation?" Sheridan asks, "I thought you talked to Ethan?" It hits Gwen and she suddenly realizes that Ethan is calling off the wedding.

Outside the Cottage

Hank gets another disturbing phone call from Roger who threatens his family and plays a tape he has of Hank setting up Sheridan to be killed. He tells Hank if he doesn't kill Sheridan, I will send another to do the job and then Hank would be next on his list! Hank still refuses and hangs up on him. Luis comes out and talks with him as Hank tells him to give it up, if they were suppose to be together then it would have worked out. Luis blames Julian and Ethan for manipulating Sheridan and says he's sick of them screwing with his life and their going to pay! Hank begs him to give up but Luis refuses and says Ethan has poisoned Sheridan's mind and he'll rip him apart of he looks at him or anyone in his family!

At the Bennett's Home

Outside, Kay sees Miguel alone and plots to get him into her bedroom and asks Simone to watch out for Charity. Miguel is reading while Kay and Simone walk up. Miguel tells them he and Charity are planning to go to the ruins and explore them for their project. Kay asks Miguel if he can unstuck a drawer in her bedroom for her. Reluctantly he agrees but Reese shows up foiling her plans and tells Kay they need to start on their project. Reese tells her he downloaded information on some heather the the Vikings brought over and planted in the mountains to make them feel more at home. Suddenly Miguel realizes that everyone has suddenly vanished! Inside Evil Charity catches Tabitha and Timmy searching for the pendant and decides to destroy them once and for all. Timmy runs for it as Evil Charity summons a hound from hell and Timmy freezes in his steps. As Timmy runs back to his Princess Evil Charity threatens to turn them into little piles of dust! Tabitha tells the Evil Charity that the good Charity plans to go up to the ruins. Evil Charity tells her we can't have that and needs all the powers of the pendant to stop her. Fortunately for Tabitha and Tim Tim, Miguel walks in and Charity returns to normal. Tabitha tries desperately to dissuade the kids from going to the ruins and that something terrible could happen. Miguel wants hand on experience and invites Kay, Reese and Simone to go along. Kay can't wait and hopes something horrible might happen to Charity. Simone can't believe her. Reese asks Charity if he could look at her pendant to study it. Charity takes it off and they sit down to do research on it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

TC threatens to kill Julian when his knee goes out. Sam asks why he blames Julian for his injury and TC shares the details about what happened to him. Afterwards, TC tells Sam if he was ever around Julian for too long, he might kill him. A hidden Julian fearfully listens from the bushes. Meanwhile, Ivy tells Pilar she wishes Sam could be at Ethan and Gwen's engagement party. She then invites the Bennetts and the Russells to the party. Eve questions her motives. Grace resists accepting the invitation until Ivy makes her feel guilty.

Gwen reacts badly to Sheridan's slip about Ethan canceling the wedding, but Sheridan manages to cover. Sheridan then feels bad when she sees how excited Gwen is about the wedding. Meanwhile, Luis vents to Hank how Ethan must have told Sheridan he couldn't be trusted. He's thankful that Theresa is over her obsession with Ethan.

An irate Rebecca spies Ethan and Theresa kissing. She faints when she hears Ethan tell Theresa he is calling off the wedding. Ethan and Theresa nearly find an unconscious Rebecca, but Ethan is called away by an angry Sheridan while Theresa goes to tell Luis about her and Ethan.

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

The kids wonder why Tabitha is so against them going to the ruins where Harmony was first settled. Reese tries to trace the origins of the pendant Tabitha gave to Charity. Kay continues to make plans to seduce Miguel. Simone is appalled when Kay suggests she may have to cause Charity to have a little "accident" to get her out of the way. Meanwhile, Tabitha consults her tarot cards and learns of two big, impending disasters one at the ruins and one at Ethan and Gwen's engagement party.

Sam and Grace share a playful moment as they get ready for the engagement party. Sam is uneasy as Grace makes an off-handed joke about him having illegitimate children.

Ethan is concerned when Sheridan relates how Luis blames Ethan for turning her against him. Meanwhile, Theresa's plan to tell Luis about her relationship with Ethan is thwarted as Luis badmouths the young Crane heir. Luis leaves Theresa absolutely crushed. Ethan calls Theresa to see how things are going and Theresa begins to cry. Ethan assumes she has already told Luis about them and heads for her house determined to have it out with her brother.

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Thursday, September 28, 2000
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Tabitha tells Timmy she must find a way to keep the kids from camping at the ruins. Later, after examining the pendant, Reese asks a nervous Tabitha exactly how old she is. Meanwhile, Kay continues her plot to seduce Miguel away from Charity.

Ivy encourages Julian to leave Luis and Sheridan alone, citing the power of true love. Julian refuses to let them get together because they could unearth old family secrets. Ivy then asks Julian what he ever did to make TC hate him so much, but Julian covers. TC and Eve, and Sam and Grace reluctantly prepare to depart for the party.

While getting ready for the engagement party, Sheridan worries about Luis' reaction when he learns Ethan is calling off the wedding so he can be with Theresa. She announces she doesn't want to go after all. But when Luis angers Sheridan, she decides they should go, concluding that she doesn't have to protect him. On the way to the party, the two encounter a little boy who's mother, Pat, is alone and almost ready to give birth. Sheridan and Luis agree to check on her.

Theresa worries that Ethan may never speak to her again after their fight over Sheridan and Luis. Whitney tries to calm her fears. Meanwhile, at the party, Ethan tells Chad he plans to tell Gwen the wedding is off before the party starts. He then wonders if he should just marry Gwen as planned. Ethan explains he's not sure if he and Theresa could truly ever live in each other's worlds. Later, Ethan makes a final decision. At the same time, Rebecca vows that Theresa will never have Ethan for herself.

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Friday, September 29, 2000
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Charity, Miguel, Kay, Simone, and Reese set up camp near the ruins of Harmony's original settlement. Acting as their chaperone, Tabitha plots to get the pendant away from Reese and onto Charity so Evil Charity can kill Miguel. She hopes she can do this before the kids start snooping around the ruins. Tabitha panics when Charity suggests they check out the ruins right away.

Luis is amused as a stubborn Sheridan struggles with taking care of Pat's children. Despite strong contractions, Pat assures Luis she won't have her baby until morning. Pat tells Luis and Sheridan they make a good couple.

A distraught Ivy confides to Pilar how she feels like she's losing Ethan now that he's getting married. Pilar worries an emotional Ivy will tell Sam he's Ethan's father while at the party.

TC runs into Julian at the party and struggles to keep his temper under control. Sam notices the tension between the two men and ushers TC away. Julian hits on Eve.

Theresa frets her fight with Ethan will cause him to stay with Gwen. She doesn't understand why Ethan has not yet called to say he broke up with Gwen. Meanwhile, Ethan is stunned when Rebecca reveals she saw him and Theresa kissing. She tries to get him to change his mind, but Ethan remains steadfast in canceling the wedding. Stalling for time, Rebecca urges Ethan to spare Gwen from humiliation by waiting until after the party to tell her the wedding's off. Ethan is torn.

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