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Passions Recaps: The week of January 10, 2005 on PS
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Monday, January 10, 2005

Gwen slips deeper into insanity as she hallucinates having tea at the Plaza, a picnic at Central Park and movie night with her children, all while in her jail cell. At the hospital, Sam tries to question Liz. Liz tells him that she had a drink of punch and started choking-and that Eve had given her the cup of punch. Sam arrests Eve while Liz watches, smiling.

Beth is terrified she'll really lose Luis when it seems like he and Sheridan are going to forgive Martin and Katherine, but Luis tells Martin there is no way he can forgive him. Luis points out all the things Katherine could have done besides abandoning her family and says she did have a choice; she could have gone to the national media or the police. He tells them both to stay away from his family. Katherine utters a heartfelt apology to Sheridan, but Sheridan and Luis walk off. Mrs. Wallace is gloating that it's all over for Beth when Sheridan runs back to her mother and embraces her.

Theresa's doctor tells her that the trauma to her spine means that in a worst-case scenario, she may never be able to walk again, but asks her not to jump to conclusions because there is a very good chance that she'll be fine. Theresa is inconsolable and furious at Gwen as she thinks of all the things she might not be able to do with her children. She snaps at Ethan that this is Gwen's fault, and if Theresa has to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair, then she will make sure Gwen spends the rest of her life in a jail cell!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

At the hospital, Theresa is unable to move her legs or walk and angrily swears to Ethan and her mother that she is now going to press charges of attempted murder against Gwen. She lists off all the things she'll never be able to do with her children. Ethan is astonished at the rapid return Theresa has taken to vindictiveness. The doctor tells her she has to calm down and Ethan tells her she can still recuperate, they just don't have all the information. If she won't calm down the doctor's going to sedate her. She gets more worked up and passes out from the spike in her blood pressure. The doctor tells Ethan it will be better if he's not there when Theresa wakes up. Ethan tells Pilar that Theresa will be all right and Pilar tells him that he doesn't love Theresa and that Theresa is going to press all the charges she can against Gwen. She tells him to just go! Theresa wakes up and tells Pilar that she had a bad dream and wants to go see the baby. She realizes she really can't move her legs and swears she'll get Gwen for everything she's done. Pilar asks Theresa to pray with her and Theresa says the only thing she's going to pray for is that Gwen gets everything she deserves.

In the jail, the guards talk to each other about Gwen's vivid fantasy life, where she watches Shrek with Ethan and all her unborn children that she's lost.-Sarah, Nathan and Ashley. At first they thought she was faking, but the fantasy is so elaborate that the guards are sure that she's off her rocker. The guard brings her dinner on a metal tray. She's still of in La La land, so he drops her tray down on the floor and seemingly snaps her out of it. Gwen tells herself that she has to get a grip. She asks the guard to call her husband just as Ethan shows up. He tells her she looks stronger and then he enters the jail cell. She asks him where he went and he tells her about Theresa's paralysis and Gwen suddenly throws herself at him kissing him and insisting that he take her home to make love in their bedroom. He realizes she's not quite with it as she asks him if they're at the bus station and tells him she just wants to spend time with him and their three beautiful children

In Liz's room, Sam reads rights to a handcuffed Eve in front of Julian, Whitney, Chad, Fox, Simone, and T.C. She's in disbelief and tearfully says, "I can't believe I'm going to jail!" T.C. remarks that she won't be going to Camp Cupcake like Martha Stewart; she's going to a real jail. Eve says she's humiliated. Whitney is shocked that her mother tried to kill her own sister. Julian tries to get Liz to tell the truth. Liz swears it had to be Eve since they were the only two in the basement. "Who else could it be?" Rebecca smirks to herself that she did it. Not that she meant to hurt Liz, but it'll work out for her anyway. As Eve swears she didn't have anything to do with it, Whitney asks, "Like you didn't have anything to do with Daddy's car accident?" Surprisingly, Simone and Chad stick up for their mother. Whitney lists off the circumstantial evidence against Eve and T.C. tells Simone he's sorry to tell her that her mother is a murderer. Whitney runs out and Chad starts to follow her, but Fox stops him and says he'll go. Sam says they need to go to the station and T.C. tells Eve she's finally going to get what she deserves.

At the Police Station, Sam hands Eve over to be booked. Rebecca comes breezing and wants to know what she missed. Sam tells her it's not a party. Simone tells Chad she hates their mother for trying to kill Liz. Miraculously, Liz is at the station with T.C. even though she was still an admitted hospital patient when Eve was arrested. Sam asks Liz to listen to Eve who insists she's being framed. T.C. tells her to save her lies and tells Sam to lock her up/ Julian tells her he'll have her out on bail. Then they take mug shots. As they take Eve away, Liz asks loudly enough for everybody to hear "T.C. Don't let her hurt me again." Julian starts to go off to post bail and Rebecca tells him with just a smidgeon of false sincerity that she's so sorry for him. (She reflects that Eve will be in jail for a very long time because of her.) Sam walks Eve down to the holding cell while prisoners catcall and whistle. She begs Sam not to do this to her and he locks her up.

Outside the church a tearful Katherine and Sheridan embrace as Luis, Martin, Beth and Mrs. Wallace look on. Sheridan is sorry for all the abuse her father heaped on her mother. Luis stands there angrily with his arms crossed and a permanent scowl. Beth is sure that Luis hates Sheridan now and she thinks she's won! Martin tries to justify why he and Katherine left - to protect their children, his and Katherine's, from Alistair. He asks Luis for forgiveness. Beth hopes he won't forgive Martin. Martin pleads with Luis not to separate Sheridan from her mother. Luis demands that Martin and Katherine go away and leave Sheridan alone. From the shadows of some shrubbery, Beth roots on Luis, willing him to be angry with Sheridan for forgiving her mother. Katherine insists to Sheridan that she needs to go with Luis and then runs off. Martin chases off after her. Sheridan and Luis argue about why Martin and Katherine abandoned them as children. Luis feels sorry for Sheridan for everything her mother and father have done to her. They embrace and Beth despairs. Mrs. Wallace reminds Beth that true love always wins out.

Fox finds Whitney on the waterfront and tries to comfort her. She tells him that when she was a little girl she always wanted to be smart and beautiful like her mother. What if she turns out to be a criminal like her mother? What if her baby gets the criminal genes. Fox tells Whitney that won't happen; she's the most moral and honest person he knows. Whitney counters with "That's what my father used to tell my mother." Fox tries to press his logic with, "Besides they had secrets. We don't have any secrets." He says to focus on their baby and she flashes back to making love to Chad. Chad comes up and asks Whitney if she's okay. Fox tells him that he can take care of her.

Back at her house, Beth pours herself a stiff drink while listing all the things that she did to break up Luis and Sheridan and none of it has worked. Mrs. Wallace sneers at her that it's fate for them to be together and for Beth to be an old maid. Edna says that Sheridan and Luis's love is bullet proof. Beth retorts that there's a great big hole in the Kevlar vest of their love and its name is Katherine Crane.

At the bed and breakfast, Martin and Katherine discuss leaving Harmony. Katherine doesn't want Sheridan to lose Luis and that will happen if they stay. Martin tells her Luis will come around if they give him time. Katherine says Sheridan can only have herself or Luis and she'll make that choice for her by leaving.

Back at Sheridan's cottage, Luis tells an exhausted Sheridan that he'll make her some hot tea and draw her a bath. Sheridan reaches up into her closet for a teddy bear that her mother gave her when she was a young girl. Sheridan flashes back to when she got the bear. Luis returns to find her sleeping, curled up with the bear.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Ethan is deeply concerned about Gwen when he sees how much she's immersed herself in her fantasy world, and he calls in Dr. Sprague, the psychiatrist. Dr. Sprague tells Ethan that Gwen needs to be released from jail and have intensive therapy if she is to recover. When Ethan suggests they move her to a mental hospital, Dr. Sprague says she can't be confined at all, or she will pass the point of no return. Ethan goes to the hospital to ask Theresa to drop charges again and Rebecca visits Gwen. As Rebecca watches her daughter play with her "children," the thought crosses her mind that she is being punished for framing Eve and frantically tells the guard to go find Julian Crane so she can confess.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Pilar that it is too soon to know if Theresa will walk again. Theresa dreams about running and playing with her son, daughter and Ethan. When Theresa wakes up, she starts getting hysterical again, but Pilar calms her down and tells her not to think about Gwen, but to think about her baby. The nurse brings in Theresa's daughter to be fed and tells Theresa that the baby has improved since she started nursing. When Ethan arrives, Pilar asks him to stay while she goes home to clean up and Ethan asks Theresa if they can talk.

As Katherine is packing her things and wishing Alistair would stay in a coma for the rest of his wretched life, Alistair is awake and well, reading about Sheridan and Luis's "Wedding that Wasn't" in the paper. Martin tells Katherine that if she's leaving, he'll leave too, and goes to the lawyer's office to see how his divorce is coming along. Alistair walks out of the hospital to get his revenge, and goes to Katherine's room at the B&B. Alistair confronts Katherine and tells her that she is responsible for ruining Sheridan's wedding, not him. Katherine slaps him and Alistair attacks her!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

At Sheridan's cottage, Luis and Sheridan talk about all the misfortunes that befell their families because of their wedding which never finished. Gwen tried to kill Theresa and she's in jail, Theresa's paralyzed, Eve's been arrested foe attempted murder of Liz and she's in jail and Mrs. Wheeler is her mother. She starts crying and Luis comforts her with his belief that they will still have the perfect wedding and life. Then she feels badly for Eve, Gwen and Theresa. Luis asks her if she wants to go to the hospital to see Theresa with him. She decides to go see Gwen instead.

At the hospital, Theresa is nursing the baby in front of Ethan. She talks about staying calm for the baby. She keeps having painful back spasms. The nurse comes to take the baby back to the NICU after she's eaten and thrown an amazingly huge belch. Theresa wants to talk to Ethan about the baby and naming her. She babbles on and Ethan is there to talk about Gwen and getting her released from jail so she can return from fantasy land. He asks her to drop the charges and explains that Gwen was insane. She asks him how he can ask her to do that. He reminds her that she stabbed Gwen in the back with a pair of scissors after little Ethan was born. Theresa counters with the fact that Gwen can still walk. She wanted to drop the charges, but not now - she's paralyzed. He pleads that Gwen is suffering and Theresa reminds him that this started with Rebecca and Gwen stealing her little boy. Ethan asks her to just try to forgive Gwen. She's won-the baby's hers. He doesn't condone what she did, but she's not herself, she's in her own little world and suffering a lot. Theresa venomously spits out, "Good! I'm not sorry. I'm suffering too." She will never drop the charges against Gwen.

Outside Theresa's room, Luis and Pilar talk about their spoiled wedding and the news of Katherine Crane. Luis tells her that the reason Martin and Katherine ran away was because Alistair raped Katherine. He's not sure he buys it. He hates his father and "that woman." He says he'll never forgive them. Pilar begs him to not let this affect his happiness. Too much has happened. He needs to stop the pain. He says that his love with Sheridan is too strong. Pilar doesn't want anything to come between them. Luis swears he'll never forgive Martin and Katherine and neither will Sheridan.

Outside Gwen's cell at the jail, Rebecca asks a guard to find Julian so she can confess. She is sure that in trying to kill Eve she's brought Gwen's craziness on her. She starts praying for forgiveness and Gwen notices that Rebecca is there. Gwen still thinks she's at a bus station waiting for a limo. She tells Rebecca to come over to the house tonight so she can bake cookies with Sarah. Rebecca knows Gwen is delusional if she thinks she's going to bake cookies. Rebecca goes in search of Julian so she can confess and her Gwennie will stop being crazy. Sheridan arrives and Gwen wants to know about the wedding. Sheridan tells her that she found out Mrs. Wheeler's secret-she's her mother, Katherine Crane. Gwen is happy and excited in a crazy way, wanting to know what she wore and Sheridan is flustered by Gwen's inability to understand how devastating this news was for Sheridan. Sheridan starts to understand how sick Gwen is when she talks about wanting to go see her baby at the hospital. Sheridan tries to tell her that the baby is Theresa's, but Gwen effuses with giddy joy about her perfect life with her amazing husband and baby. She just wishes the limo driver will hurry up and get there.

In a conference room at the jail, Julian meets with Eve wearing an orange jumpsuit. He swears that she won't go to jail for something she couldn't do. Her attorney Mike Baregos-"he worked on that really big case," comes to work out her defense. He talks about means, motive and opportunity. He goes over the evidence of the two poisonings. Circumstantially, she's toast. She was at the location of both poisonings, she had the ability to get the poison from the closet and she wanted both of them dead. Then he drops a bombshell. She's also being charged with the attempted murder of Julian (when he was shot in the cannery and presumed dead in the vat of fish-though he actually escaped.) The lawyer explains that at least it will help that Eve loved Julian when she was supposed to have shot him because she had a gun that night and was seen at the cannery. Eve admits that she didn't love Julian at that time. The lawyer tells Eve that she's just handed him motive for that charge; She has bombed his whole case. She's in big trouble. He might be able to get a lenient judge to plead her out with 25 years to life.

Rebecca runs through the jail trying to find Julian and ends up screaming her confession to an empty corridor. She's desperate to confess and can't find anyone to tell. She makes bargain after bargain with God. She'll tell and he'll make Gwen well. She's sure God is punishing her.

At the bed and breakfast, a newly discharged Alistair attacks Katherine. He means to rape her-get what belongs to him. He tells her he's a real man not like that loser Fitzgerald. He accuses her of being a slut and asks her how many other men she slept with. Martin bursts into the room just at the last minute. Martin pulls him off and Alistair taunts him. Katherine asks Martin to stop fighting Alistair. Alistair asserts that he can and will have Katherine when and where he wants. Martin starts to call the police and Katherine disconnects the phone. She's sure that Alistair owns the police and judges. She just wants to leave Harmony and protect their children. She doesn't want to cause her daughter any more pain. Alistair laughs at them and swears that whether they run or not, he'll drive a wedge between Luis and Sheridan with Katherine and Martin. They don't know the strength of their adversary. Luis and Sheridan will hate Katherine and they will hate each other.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Mrs. Wallace gloats to her daughter that Luis and Sheridan are still together despite all of Beth's scheming.

Even though Ethan pleads with Theresa to drop the charges against Gwen, she won't. Upon visiting Gwen in jail, Sheridan is shocked by how out-of-touch with reality her best friend is.

Eve's lawyer suggests she take a plea and do twenty-five years since the evidence against her is so damning. Rebecca attempts to do right by confessing her dastardly deed, but when she learns the steep penalties Eve is facing, she has second thoughts about admitting her crime.

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