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Passions Recaps: The week of June 19, 2006 on PS
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Monday, June 19, 2006

Theresa and Noah console each other about their troubles with Ethan and Fancy. Noah tells Theresa all about Maya being dead and the events leading to her death. He also tells her he believes her about not selling Ethan's story to the tabloids. Theresa tells Noah that Alistair is still alive and they go in search of him, ready to make him pay for all the grief he's caused.

Luis and Fancy go in search of Alistair also. Fancy insist on going with Luis even though Luis told her he plans to kill her Alistair. Fancy wants to hear for herself from Alistair all about his evil ways so she will know for a fact that she's been mislead all this time.

Chad calls Luis while Luis and Fancy are at the blind monk monastery and warns him about Alistair and the challis and that he needs to be stopped before he can put the challis into fire and read the inscription.

Luis and Fancy smell fire in the monastery and go in search of it. Chad and an undisguised Whitney leave the Vatican and the Pope to meet Luis and Fancy.

Alistair has J.T. with him downstairs in the monastery. He orders J.T. to build a fire and babbles about the challis to him. J.T. goes along but when Alistair is preoccupied with the fire and challis makes a call to Gwen asking for money to get out of Rome and away from Alistair whom he thinks has gone crazy.

Gwen receives the phone call from J.T. right after assuring Ethan that she and Rebecca have no connections with J.T. at all. She also tells Ethan that she is insulted that he may even think that she lied to him.

Spike talks Jessica into putting down the gun by manipulating her into thinking she would die in the electric chair for all the murders he's made her think she's committed. He also tells her that she'll bring shame to her whole family from Sam and Kay all the way to little Maria.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

At Tabitha's house she got a glass of bedtime juice for Endora while admiring her hair in rollers (standing two feet high.) She bemoaned the fact that Kay wasn't home to help with her hair, but was off trying to foil Siren's attempt to mate with Miguel. She looked in her bowl to see that Kay had Sam arrest Miguel to keep him out of Siren's clutches and Kay walked in as Tabby was telling Endora that Kay would have to watch out for the angry mermaid. Kay indicated that she wasn't afraid of the overgrown guppy and Siren watched and listened with delight outside the window. Tabitha reminded Kay that the only thing she accomplished was making Siren angry with her. She asked Kay what she planned to do with Miguel when Sam released him in the morning and suggested that they couldn't keep him prisoner in the basement like Beth did to Sheridan. Kay agreed that the boys in the basement would never go for that. Kay told Tabitha and Endora that they had to make Siren disappear back in the ocean. Siren gloated that Endora would never do that to her because Endora wanted to keep Kay with Fox. Tabitha tried to convince Endora, but it was to no avail. Kay begged her to get rid of Siren for a penny or a pony. When that didn't work, she told her that she'd tell Maria not to play with her. That only got Kay a piece of duct tape over her mouth. She appealed to Endora to not doom Maria's daddy to always love Siren. Endora was between a rock and a hard place since no matter what she did, it would make Miguel sad. Kay got frustrated and demanded she do it and Endora took offence. Tabitha yelled for Kay to duck as Endora zapped Kay while Siren looked on. Endora missed Kay, but nailed the carton of juice to the wall with an arrow. Tabitha tried to discipline her by telling her she couldn't zap every mortal that miffed her and Endora clarified the situation by saying she wasn't miffed, she was mad. Tabby reminded her that it was her fault for conjuring up Siren in the first place and Endora replied that she wanted Kay and Fox together. Tabby warned her that Siren might go after Fox next bur Endora just went "blah, blah, blah." Tabitha apologized to Kay that Endora wanted Siren to stay and Siren walked in and thanked Endora for sticking up for her. Kay hissed at Siren that Endora was too young to know what would happen to Miguel once Siren had her way with him, but she did and she wasn't going to let Siren ruin his life. Siren wanted to know who was going to stop her. She told Kay that as soon as Miguel got out of jail in the morning she was going to serve him breakfast in bed—her, over easy, piping hot. Tabitha told Siren to keep it down because she didn't want Endora to be exposed to adult language and situations until she was sixteen years old. Siren told her to butt out because it was between her and Kay. This infuriated Tabitha who told her she'd wash out her gills with soap. Kay encouraged Tabs to go for it and Tabitha said she wished she could but it was Endora's spell. Siren then called her "Hagatha" for being a witch beyond her prime. Tabitha told her not to trifle with her and Siren taunted her some more calling her bone dust with big hair. That really set Tabitha off and her eyes began to glow red. She wound up her fist and shot magic at the mermaid and Tabitha rejoiced that she'd sent that mermaid back out to sea. A large grumbling could be heard and Tabs worried that her spell didn't send Siren quite far enough. Endora covered her mouth and giggled. Kay and Tabitha looked down the sink drain and realized Siren got sent to the sewer instead of the sea. Tabitha wasn't sure if they were too early in celebrating since she didn't think she could overpower another witch's spell. Kay reminded her that she had a little extra motivation behind it. Tabitha laughed at how angry Siren made her. The drain gurgled loudly again so Tabitha used the plunger and then Siren emerged in a spout of water and knocked the duo down with a cheery "I'm ba a a a ck." Siren hugged Endora for helping her and rebuked them for trying to get rid of her, especially Endora's really, really old mother. That upset Endora and Siren had to apologize. Tabitha apologized and Siren told Kay to back off Miguel because she would take him. Kay told her that he couldn't go because he's Maria's dad. Siren told her to quit getting between the two of them or she'd be forced to take action. Kay asked Endora if she was listening and Endora told her it wasn't her problem. Tabitha said that since Endora wanted Kay to be with Fox instead of Miguel, Siren was her solution. Siren told her to listen to Endora or she'd make sure that Kay and Fox never walked down the aisle. Kay told her that she didn't scare her and started chasing them around the kitchen.

In Italy Beth and Marty drove along on a Vespa with a sidecar as they escaped from the city. She told him that they'd stop soon to get something to eat. Beth saw a pizzeria and decided to stop in for dinner before they got out of town.

At a pizzeria Norma and Edna (in cognito as Luigi and Sophia) made pizzas for their customers. Norma used her axe to chop the tomatoes. Edna served using her walker to carry the plates. They discussed how tired they were of having to be on the lam for attempting to murder Alistair and Tabitha. Edna She moaned that her demented daughter probably got millions of dollars from Alistair for grabbing Marty from Sheridan and laying low. She was sure that Big Al wouldn't want the world to know that wacky Bethy was his flesh and blood. Norma said her daddy would have never been ashamed of her. Norma nipped the Chianti while Edna delivered pizzas to tables. Beth and Marty pulled in to the pizzeria as Edna cleared tables and complained at how small her tips were. She hated all the grumpy customers. Norma told her that it was like that when they ran the motel—killing themselves to do everything their guests wanted. When they started killing the guests, things got a lot easier. Edna thought she should be the one people waited on since she was the mother of Alistair's daughter. She swore that if Alistair came out if his coma, she'd get him to give her more moolah to keep mum about Beth. Norma thought he'd pay any amount to keep the world from knowing that he'd made a baby with her. Edna was suddenly prompted to comment that Norma never talks about her sex life. Norma reminded her that her name is Luigi and sent Edna to wait on the new customers. Beth asked if they needed to wait to be seated. Edna recognized the voice and the two of them turned and simultaneously screamed hysterically while Norma grimaced. When they came to their senses, Norma took Marty so Beth and Edna could have an unencumbered reunion. Beth said she thought her mom was in an asylum and Edna explained that they'd flown that coop. Beth wondered if Luigi had run out of money before finishing her sex change and Edna laughed and explained that her name was Norma and they'd escaped together. Edna wanted to know what sick mess Beth had gotten herself into now and Beth cried that Daddy never judged her he just loved her. Edna reminded her it was because Daddy wanted to make love to her and thanked God that being comatose put a lid on that. Beth wanted something to eat and Edna said she would after she got some of Alistair's money. Beth told her she didn't have any or she wouldn't be eating in a dump like that. Beth demanded to be served immediately and Edna asked if spaghetti would be all right. Beth told her to just serve it right away and Edna picked up a used plate and dumped the spaghetti remains all over Beth's head for being surly. Beth stood there crying and stomping her feet.

Theresa and Noah went to the church of the blind monks to look for Alistair. Fancy and Luis looked around the church looking for the fire that they smelled. Chad had called to tell them that Alistair had a special chalice that would make him all-powerful if he exposed it to fire long enough to expose its secrets. Whitney and Chad arrived. Fancy wondered if the chalice really had special powers and Whitney assured her it did. Alistair and J.T. were in the smoky secret room with the chalice heating up in a fire. Alistair commanded it to release its secrets while J.T. pled with Gwen on his cell phone to get him money to get out of town before Theresa found him. He was sure that Alistair was nuts and not going to help him. Ethan tossed in bed as Gwen promised J.T. that she'd be there soon and admonished him not to let Theresa find him. Sparks started flying out of the chalice as Alistair laughed maniacally. He started reading the words and J.T. asked him if he was possessed. Alistair explained that as soon as he possessed the power he would rule the world. The four of them looked everywhere but couldn't find the fire. Whitney decided that the church might have a secret room like the convent back in Harmony. Fancy thought they should ask the monks, but Whit thought they wouldn't know about a secret room since they were all blind. Theresa and Noah finally net up with them and rejoiced that Whitney was okay. Noah said they'd come to the church to find Alistair because they were sure he had Jessica. Chad told them that they thought Alistair was there but they hadn't found him. Fancy sarcastically asked Noah why he hadn't brought Maya to help look for Jessica and he had to tell her that Maya had died when she fell off the hotel roof. Fancy was shocked and said that though Maya had been a disgusting slut, she hadn't wished her dead. Noah said that at least they could be together again and Fancy was astonished that he could just go from one dead girlfriend to her at the drop of a hat. He explained that he didn't have a lot of time to talk but that he and Maya were only pretending too be together to keep Fancy safe from Lena and then he had to explain that she had been killed by a bolt of lightning on the hotel roof, but that he'd thought she was a terrorist and had threatened to kill Fancy, but now he'd found out it was all just a sick plot by Alistair to break the two of them up. Fancy angrily asked if he was blaming her grandfather and Noah told her that Lena admitted it, May a admitted it and even Spike was in on it and admitted it. Fancy was incredulous that Jessica's pimp was there in Rome. Noah said that Spike had kidnapped Jessica again and they thought he'd brought her to the church for Alistair. Fancy couldn't understand what her grandfather would want with Jessica. Whitney told them that Alistair was out to rule the world and was no longer content to play God; he wanted to be God now. Alistair crowed to J.T. that soon everybody would be his to rule and everything would be his. J.T. tried to unlock the chains keeping the door to the secret room closed so he could escape from the evil fiend. Gwen arrived at the church to help J.T. and hoped she could get him the money and get him out of town before Theresa found him. She slipped in and hid when she saw Theresa. J.T. gave up on the lock and poled around in his jacket pocket until he found the answering machine tape and the photo of him with Rebecca. He wondered what he'd done with his license. In the chapel Whitney worried that wherever Alistair was he was getting the secrets of the chalice. Theresa then asked Luis if he'd found Beth and Marty. Fancy was crestfallen as Luis said that they'd found them, but the car they were in crashed, exploded and they were dead. Everybody expressed their sadness for him. Hiding in her corner, Gwen was saddened for Sheridan's sake. Luis reminded them that they needed to find Alistair and Fancy asked Luis to look with her. Noah started to leave the group and Theresa told him she'd catch up with him. Just then she spied J.T.'s driver's license on the floor under the foot of a chair. Gwen saw her and wondered what was going on. Theresa knew then that J.T. was nearby and what name he was going by. Gwen realized that she had to get to J.T. before Theresa because her marriage and family depended on it. Gwen grabbed a small eagle statue and snuck up on Theresa to hit her, but Noah came up to Theresa and Gwen had to retreat. She showed him the license and Theresa dithered excitedly that she had to find him and then called Ethan on his cell phone to come help her. She woke him up and told him that he had to meet her at the church of the blind monks and he was only half-awake as he asked incredulously if they had their own church. Theresa just kept babbling and Ethan told her he was going back to sleep. He asked if this was another of her ploys and he said he wasn't going to leave his wife, whereupon he rolled over and realized that his wife was missing. He was then sufficiently awake enough to tell her he'd come and help her. Gwen panicked as she realized she could lose everything and end up going home alone to Harmony. Alistair was in a near frenzy as he pulled the chalice from the fire with tongs. Ethan arrived at the church and wanted to know what was going on with the storm. Whitney and Luis thought it had to do with Alistair and hoped he couldn't read the text on the chalice yet. Theresa asked Ethan if he'd found Gwen and Gwen sniveled behind some statues about having to get to J.T. first. Gwen snuck back out the front door of the church as Ethan tried to figure out why they were talking about a chalice. Gwen walked back in as if she'd just arrived and asked Ethan why he was there. He said he could ask her the same thing. Theresa accused her of being there to meet J.T. Cornell and Gwen blew her off lying that she hadn't been able to sleep so she'd gone to the bar and saw him leave so she followed him. Theresa called her on her lies, but just sounded crazy to Ethan. Theresa declared that she was going to find J.T. and get the proof. She told Gwen that her days as Mrs. Ethan Winthrop were numbered and Chad reminded them that none of them had many days if they didn't find the chalice soon. Gwen wanted to know what he meant so Luis gave her the two second description of Alistair using a relic to take over the world. Fancy looked distressed. Ethan wanted to know what they could do to stop him and they told him they had to find the fire, Ethan said he thought the smoke was coming from outside so they all rushed out there to investigate—except Theresa and Gwen. J.T. asked Alistair if he heard all of the footsteps overhead and Alistair said it was just rats. J.T. said they should get out of there while the getting was good and Alistair roared that he would rule the world. The building shook and looked like it would crumble on top of them. J.T. grabbed on to a wall and Alistair tried to brace himself. The Harmony gang all went outside and Ethan saw the source of the smoke. They could see Alistair in a building next to the church in a room partially below the street working with the chalice. Theresa saw J.T. and began her whole litany of what she'd prove when she got her hands on him. Gwen exclaimed that only Theresa could focus on herself when the fate of the planet was in the balance. Luis tried to break in through a window with an iron bar and shouted to Alistair that he was a dead man. J.T. screamed that they had to get out and Alistair said they were too late and soon he would be immortal—he would be all powerful—Alistair Crane!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Endora turns the wrench Siren is wielding at Kay and Tabitha into a peach pie just as Fox and Miguel rush into the room when they hear Kay shrieking. Siren does as good job of making Kay look foolish and Fox and Miguel blame Kay for picking on Siren. Endora magically throws the pie in Siren's face when the boys aren't looking and Kay gets the blame for that also. Siren continues her quest to seduce Miguel. Fox sounds as if he is about to break up with Kay until Endora puts him under a spell and he apologizes for the stress she's under instead. Later as Maria cries Miguel and Kay both go to her room to comfort her.

Alistair is shocked and grief stricken when Luis tells him Marty is dead. Luis and Noah confront Alistair about his evilness but Alistair pleads his case to Fancy portraying himself as the persecuted one. Fancy doesn't know what to believe even though she's listening to Alistair's plot to take over the world. Luis finally breaks through the locked gate and starts to strangle Alistair with disregard of the safety of the holy challis.

Theresa and Ethan confront J.T. as Gwen stands helplessly by trying her best to persuade Ethan to leave with her to go back to the hotel room. Theresa begs J.T. to tell Ethan the truth even though she is penniless now that Alistair is back at the helm of Crane Industries. J.T. looks pensive and announces that he'll tell them what they want to know. Gwen looks stricken and Theresa looks relieved.

The little nun tells Whitney she can have what her heart desires most and also that Theresa is in for much heartache if she gives in to temptation.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

At Tabitha's house, Kay and Miguel did laundry and discussed being Maria's parents and how much work it involved. Kay tried to start the washer, but it balked, so she reached behind the machine to jiggle some wires, which kept sparking. Miguel marveled at how much it cost to buy so much for baby clothes and he regretted being away from her so long. Kay kept fiddling with the wires, so Miguel pulled the washer out a bit from the wall to help her and then as Kay stretched to reach the wires, Miguel supported her with his body. Kay connected the wires and the two of them were shocked by the electrical jolt and thrown to the floor. Miguel came back to life and tried to wake up Kay. He saw a towel on fire so grabbed it and put out the fire and went back to waking up Kay. He kept choking on the smoke and finally Kay came back to life and planted a big kiss on him.

At Edna and Norma's pizzeria, Beth came out to the dining room from washing off the spaghetti Edna dumped on her head. Edna insisted that Beth should fork over some of her daddy's dough to help her out. Beth said that now that she's on the run from Luis, she can't spare a dime. Norma told Beth not to upset her mother and Beth surmised that there was something going on between the two of them. They told her a Brokeback Mountain tale of them herding sheep in Montana and how their boss sent a couple of hunky, shirtless cowpokes to relieve them of their loneliness. The two old broads ended up spooning and the hunks just shrugged and slept by themselves. Beth commented that now Fancy was after Luis now so she planned to do her in. Edna pushed her for money and Beth called a contact to set up a meeting with Alistair. The contact called back and Beth decided that she'd just meet him in her regular spot. Edna, Norma and Beth packed up to meet Alistair in Rome.

In Rome, Alistair clung to the chalice as Luis attacked him with murder in his eyes. Chad wanted Luis to be careful to keep the chalice from breaking and Noah held Fancy back from going to Alistair's aid. Alistair started choking and Fancy broke from Noah and ran to him, begging Luis to let him catch his breath. Luis let up for a moment saying that they'd take him to the police, but Alistair pulled on a pipe and started the building to rumble again as if it were going to collapse. A short distance away, Theresa acknowledged that now that Alistair is alive she doesn't have any money and she can't pay him for the information, bur she was begging him to tell the truth about who sent him the story about Ethan's paternity. Ethan asked him to tell him who turned the knife in his back-his wife or Theresa. J.T. squirmed as he decided what to do and Gwen tried to bolster her bluff by swearing that it was just more of Theresa's crazy talk and besides Ethan's life wasn't ruined because he has her and their daughter. Theresa hollered that Jane was hers and Gwen snidely reminded her that the court gave Jane to them. Just as J.T. was going to talk, Whitney came to tell Theresa that she had to go talk to the mystic nun. Theresa told her she couldn't go right then because J.T. was going to show Ethan the proof that he and Rebecca knew each other and the answering machine tape where Gwen and Rebecca confessed to their treachery. J.T. held out because Theresa was without her Crane power and money and Gwen told Ethan not to listen to Theresa because it's just another one of her ploys to separate them. Whitney told her that the nun had a vision that pain and suffering were on the way for her. The building shook and started to crumble around them. Luis covered Fancy while debris covered Alistair. Ethan protected Gwen, Chad ran for Whitney, J.T. got knocked down and Theresa tried to wake him up. The shaking got worse and a beam landed on Theresa so Ethan went to her aid, leaving Gwen unprotected and the next tremor brought down bricks and boards on both Gwen and Ethan. Whitney and Chad were in a protected corner but they were struck down by the falling building as well. Noah was the first one to regain consciousness. Luis rolled over and checked on Fancy, Ethan helped untangle himself and Theresa, and Gwen fumed that Ethan always ran to Theresa. Luis, Noah and Fancy surmised that Alistair was beneath a pile of rubble, but nobody could see him. Chad and Whitney told each other that they loved each other. Ethan went to rescue Gwen and Theresa pulled him away to find J.T. Gwen didn't want him to and Ethan told her she should be happy to get the straight scoop and vindicate herself. As they survivors dug through the rubble they determined that Alistair and J.T, had each gotten away-Alistair with the chalice; J.T. with his evidence. Fancy was worried about the health of her Grampy, Gwen was relieved that J.T. and his evidence got away, and Theresa was devastated that she'd lost J.T.

Alistair dragged J.T. triumphantly through the catacombs below the city and laughed maniacally as he held the chalice and watched it glow blue. J.T. was just glad to be off the hot seat.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Tabitha, a shirtless Fox and Siren spotted Kay kissing a shirtless Miguel. "It's all over, Kay," said Fox. She cried out to him and collapsed. The men realized Kay was having a seizure. Miguel explained that Kay had received an electric shock. Dr. Eve was summoned to the scene and revived the patient. When Fox questioned Kay about the kiss, she said it was natural for her to kiss Miguel. Ivy was privately delighted at the friction between Kay and her son. A gleeful Siren rushed to comfort Fox.

In Rome, Paloma and Simone searched Prometheus for Jessica. Indeed, they found her in the nightclub — kissing Spike. They secretly observed and wondered why she wasn't fighting off the creep.

Luis, Noah, Ethan, Fancy, Whitney and Theresa discussed tracking down Alistair and J.T. Of course, Gwen was secretly pleased that J.T. got away before he could expose her tabloid leak to Ethan. Noting that some of the cave-in debris was made from Styrofoam, Luis realized Alistair set them up. Luis, Ethan, Noah and Fancy found a passage through the catacombs and took off in pursuit of the evildoers. Luis received a phone call from Paloma summoning him to the club. He, Fancy and Noah went to help the girls. At Prometheus, Luis charged Spike and demanded to know where Alistair is. Noah and Luis threatened to send the pimp/dealer to jail for what he'd done to Jessica. When Spike smugly said Jessica could not testify against him, she revealed that they are married!

The prophetic nun thrilled Theresa with the news that she would be with the man she loves. But, the sister warned, there would be great pain.

J.T. and Alistair escaped to a secret room, it was a comfy duplicate of Alistair's library in Harmony. Crane explained that he had copies of the room in various countries. Hearing someone approach, Alistair drew his gun. It was Beth, who was giddy to see her dad and learn he had the chalice. Crane wasn't pleased when Edna came along, followed by Norma a.k.a. Luigi. When Beth referred to Alistair as her daddy, Norma confused him with her own dad and threw herself into his arms. Alistair forked over cash to Edna and Norma to ensure they stay on the run. The loons stuck around to observe Crane trying to tap into the chalice's power. Edna was duly impressed. Suddenly, Alistair announced that the power of the chalice is his. The chalice emitted a red glow, the room shook and there was a blinding light. "I will destroy them all!" Alistair crowed.

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