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Passions Recaps: The week of June 26, 2006 on PS
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Monday, June 26, 2006

Ethan questions Gwen about any involvement she may have had with J.T. He sides with Theresa's insistent behavior and believes there is something to her story. Gwen repeatedly denies even knowing J.T.

Theresa and Whitney discuss their futures in the Vatican chapel. Whitney is pessimistic about the little nun's predictions but Theresa believes her miracle has finally happened.

Norma and Alistair play tug of war with the chalice. Norma is still confusing Alistair with her daddy. The chalice goes sailing through the air but Alistair catches it safely. Norma and Beth get into a brawl. Edna tries to separate them while Alistair tries to unleash the power of the chalice. While everyone is preoccupied J.T. snoops around Alistair's desk and uncovers a shocking secret.

Kay continues to think she is engaged to Miguel and Dr. Eve tells everyone to go along with her delusions or she may have severe repercussions. Fox tells Miguel to not go along with the pretense but Miguel says for risk of damaging Kay's mental state he will. Siren and Fox are not happy about the situation.

Jessica announces to Noah, Luis, Fancy, Simone and Paloma that she is now married to Spike. Noah begs her to tell Fancy the truth about Lena and Maya but Jessica denies knowing anything and doesn't help Noah win Fancy back by telling the truth. Luis attacks Spike in an attempt to get Alistair's whereabouts.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

At the Russell house, T.C. sat looking through photo albums, drinking wine out of a bottle, crying and moaning about losing Eve. Finally he decided he needed to get out and despite the fact that he was already drunk, he got behind the wheel of his car. As he was driving, he lost control of the car and crashed.

At the Crane mansion Julian met with Rebecca. She thought that he wanted to resume their sex play, so she was dressed in an outfit that was a cross between a French maid's uniform and that of a cook. He was really there to ask her again for a divorce. She told him that she was going to hold him to the document he signed promising that he wouldn't divorce her. Julian told her that she could divorce him instead. She pouted and cried that she thought they'd had so much fun. He agreed that they had fun, but their relationship was just sexual and now he had the chance to be with the woman he's loved. He told her that he'd give her a big settlement and she'd have the Crane name that would open all kinds of doors. Rebecca told him that he had to make the settlement bulletproof, but she agreed to grant him the divorce. He was most grateful and Becs asked if he wanted to make love just for old time's sake, but he declined and ran off to tell Eve the good news. Without skipping a beat, Rebecca wondered if the gardener might still be around.

At Tabitha's house Kay still thought she was engaged to Miguel instead of Fox because of her electrical shock induced amnesia. Eve suggested that Tabitha take Kay out to the kitchen for some tea so the rest of them could discuss Kay's condition. Fox really didn't want Miguel to sleep in the same bed with Kay and Siren wasn't very keen on the idea either, but Eve felt that if they just let Kay get a good night's sleep without trying to jolt her back to reality, she'd get her memory back on her own. Otherwise she could get stuck in this alternate reality forever. Out on the kitchen, Kay grabbed a bottle of wine and a couple of wineglasses to take upstairs with Miguel so he'd make love to her. On her way through the living room she latched on to Miguel to go to bed and Eve confiscated the wine saying that she just needed to sleep. When they got in bed, Kay continued to kiss Miguel and begged him to make love to her, but he chivalrously declined and tried to get her to stay on her side of the bed. She asked him to at least hold her while she went to sleep and he agreed. Fox looked on through a slightly opened bedroom door and was disturbed that Kay really didn't remember him. He swore that she better get her memory back the next day. As the young people headed to bed, Julian surprised Eve by showing up at Tabitha's door and springing the good news on her that they could get married soon. They were in the middle of a kiss when her phone started vibrating. The call was from the hospital. They told her that T.C. had been in a serious accident and was in critical condition. She told Julian as they raced out the door on their way to the emergency room, that they didn't expect T.C. to live.

At the Prometheus night club despite Jessica's cries for him to stop, Luis beat on her new husband Spike until he told them where Alistair was hiding. Noah tried to explain what had been happening to Fancy, but since Jessica hadn't backed him up (under orders from Spike who promised to testify that she'd killed those johns) Fancy wouldn't listen to him at all. He snarkily said that maybe she wasn't listening because she'd already moved on with Luis and Fancy scoffed at him. Luis declared that he was going to get Alistair and Fancy went with him. Noah said he'd call Ethan and join them in the catacombs. After Noah, Simone and Paloma left the club to help Luis, Jessica was upset with herself for breaking Noah's heart. Spike grabbed Jessica and told her that since she was his wife she would do what he wanted and he didn't want her to tell Fancy anything about Maya and Lena. She flopped into a chair and disgustedly told him that she didn't love him and reminded him that she only married him so he wouldn't testify against her.

In the hallway of her hotel in Rome, Theresa talked excitedly with Whitney about the mystic nun's vision. Theresa only wanted to fixate on the part of the nun's vision that dealt with her and Whitney being with the men they love and not wanting to think at all about the part of the vision that talked about them having pain and suffering in their future. Chad joined them and Theresa told him that he and Whitney would be together. In their room, Ethan told Gwen how important it was to him that there be no lies between them. She swore that Theresa was only making up the story about her having anything to do with J.T. Cornell. Theresa excitedly knocked on their door and when Ethan answered she was about to burst as she told him about what the nun had told her. She swore that Gwen was lying and she promised that she'd get the confirmation she needed from J.T. that night and then Ethan would be back with her. Noah called to tell them where to go in the catacombs and both Chad and Whitney immediately announced that they'd go to help since they'd been down there before.

In Alistair's lair Beth, Edna, Norma and J.T. looked on as he held the chalice and it sent out a laser beam to cut a red glowing omega symbol into the wall. He cackled with glee as he made it through the first level of power. He told Beth that once he got through all the levels, the power of the universe would be his. Beth tentatively asked him if he'd loan it to her after he got through all the levels so that she could get Luis back. He yelled at them that he needed silence for complete control. J.T. looked over a document that he'd stolen from Alistair's desk and declared him a real bastard for keeping that secret and causing pain and suffering for all of those people. Edna toddled over to him with her walker and asked him what he'd found. He told her that it was a bargaining chip with Alistair in case he needed it. She laughed at him because he thought he'd be able to bargain. She told him that nobody gets the goods on Alistair and J.T. told her that he's the exception to the rule because he not only had this piece of knowledge, he was holding onto something else he'd learned several years back and kept to himself. He slipped the document into his inner jacket pocket as he expressed satisfaction with himself for holding two very explosive bits. Edna leaned against his chest and patted him as she congratulated him. Alistair continued to intone the words from the chalice and this time the beam swung to the ceiling. Norma misinterpreted what was going on and thought "her daddy" was going to be hurt by the glowing light emanating from the cup so she tackled him stopping the light. He hollered at the rest of them to get Norma away from him. Norma cried for letting him down and Edna took her to the other side of the room. Luis and Fancy made their way through the rat's maze in the catacombs looking for the way into Alistair's office. Fancy wondered how he was strong enough to go on after losing his son and Luis admitted that it was hatred fueling him now. He said that at least Beth was dead because she finally got what she deserved. They finally saw a guard further down a hallway and made a plan to catch him. Fancy went up to him and claimed that Alistair had given her instructions on how to meet him there and while the guard was distractedly looking at her identification, Luis clonked him over the head with an old bone from the wall. Alistair started the chanting once again. The peanut gallery was chit chatting so Alistair demanded them to be silent and focus. Just then Luis and Fancy walked in. He immediately saw Beth and surmised that Marty must also still be alive. He grabbed her around the throat and started demanding that she tell him where Marty was.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Eve rushes to the ER with Julian after learning that T.C. is in critical condition following a car crash. Siren warns Tabitha she's going to polish her rival off if Kay hasn't recovered her memory by the next day. Astonished to see Beth alive, Luis demands that she tell him what she's done with Marty. Meanwhile, the scales fall from Fancy's eyes at last when her grandfather tries to use the chalice to kill Luis. Fox spies on his fiancee and her old flame as Miguel attempts to fend off Kay's advances. Sitting beside T.C.'s hospital bed, Eve tearfully begs her ex to fight for his life. As Beth, Fancy, Luis and Alistair squabble, T.C. takes advantage of the chaos to make off with the chalice. Whitney leads Chad, Paloma and the others through the catacombs in search of Alistair's lair. Julian consoles a devastated Eve after T.C.'s doctor cautions her that his injuries may well prove fatal. Fox accuses Miguel of wanting to have sex with Kay. Gwen catches up with J.T. and hands over the cash she promised him.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

In Kay's bedroom at Tabitha's house, Siren tried to knock Kay's memory back into her by clonking her over the head with a baseball bat. Miguel and Fox heard her hit the deck and when neither she nor Siren answered their request to open the door, they broke it open. Tabitha and Endora stayed on the edge of the action to stay as inconspicuous as possible. The guys wanted to know why Siren had hit Kay with the baseball bat in her hands and she told them that she'd seen a fly on Kay and started to swat it, but Kay fainted to the floor. Kay disputed that and though she seemed to be back to normal at first, it quickly became apparent that she still thought she was engaged to Miguel. She took Fox aside and told him that he should check his "girlfriend" Siren into a psych hospital because she told Kay she's a mermaid.

In the catacombs under Rome, Theresa gloated to Whitney and Chad that she'd caught a photo of Gwen paying off J.T. Cornell with her cell phone and the duo were chasing her to get the photo. J.T. came running in and when he saw Chad and Whit were with Theresa he turned and headed another direction. Chad yelled at the girls to take care of Gwen while he got the chalice from J.T. When Theresa tried to show the picture to Whit the battery died. Whitney left to look for Chad and Gwen went into full on possessive wife mode and stomped Theresa's phone into pieces after they wrestled on the floor for control. Losing the phone stopped Theresa for a moment, but then she resolved to find J.T. since she was sure he still had the photo of him in bed with Rebecca and the answering machine tape that had Gwen and Rebecca confessing the tabloid story lea.k.age. (Whitney ended up in the church praying for Alistair to be defeated and for a miracle that would let her be with Chad. As she prayed a light started glowing through a stained glass window and then a statue of the Virgin Mary came to life and told Whitney that she'd gotten her miracle and should go find Chad in the catacombs.) In another passageway in the catacombs Chad caught J.T with the chalice. J.T. used one of the bargaining chips he'd stolen from Alistair to work a deal with Chad. He asked Chad to let him go and he'd give him proof that he and Whitney could be together. Chad wanted to have the chalice to take back to the Vatican and forced the shocking info out of J.T. who had stolen the documents from Alistair's desk. It showed that Alistair and Liz Sanborn were really Chad's parents instead of Julian and Eve. In addition, it indicated that Liz wasn't Eve's half-sister, but was adopted by Eve's mom when she married Liz's dad. Chad and Whitney were not related whatsoever. Whitney rushed in and Chad gave her the good news. As they embraced, J.T. got away. He didn't have the chalice, but he escaped. Theresa came upon them and heard the good news, but was preoccupied with finding J.T. to linger very long.

On a piazza in Rome, Alistair's goons battled against Luis, Ethan, and Noah. Beth wanted Alistair to keep them from hurting Luis and Fancy wanted him to keep the goons from hurting any of them. Occasionally Edna and Norma entered the fray to liven things up. Simone and Paloma wished that they could help and Simone got the bright idea to go to the police. They entered the police department and the lone policeman locked himself into an inner room since Alistair had paid off the department to stay away. Then Simone got an even better idea of enlisting the aid of the patrons of a lesbian bar to help them kick Alistair's gang out of town. Since Alistair was still instructing his goons to kill all of his enemies, Beth pulled a gun on him and demanded that he call them off of Luis. Norma saw the threat to "Daddy" and took it personally so she came to his defense. She hollered long and hard and the gun flew out of Beth's hand, flipped several times and landed in Alistair's hands. He paled suddenly as he heard the thunderous marching boots of Simone and her brigade of lesbian attackers. Alistair told Fancy that they would tear his body limb from limb.

Friday, July 30, 2006

Fox reluctantly agrees to let Miguel and his old flame share the same bed, while Siren decides to set her sights on Kay's dejected fianc?. Simone and Paloma lead their lesbian army back to Alistair's lair, where they join the bloody fray still in progress. Chad and Whitney are thrilled to learn that the way has been cleared for them to spend the rest of their lives together. Theresa manages to corner J.T. as he attempts to flee on a motorbike. Back in the catacombs, the lesbians turn the tide and help Luis and the others achieve victory at last. Siren steams when Fox declines to sleep with her, even on a "platonic" basis. After Paloma reveals how the police refused to step in, Alistair gleefully reminds Luis that no one can stop him now. Whitney and Chad return the chalice to the grateful old nun. Beth trembles to see her father fingering a remote control device which he claims will trigger an explosion large enough to wipe out everyone in the vicinity. Siren wails her mermaid's siren song to lure Fox into her bed. Alistair detonates a smoke bomb and makes his getaway with Beth. J.T. offers Theresa an astonishing scoop.

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