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Monday, May 4, 1998

MEG and Derek are at the warehouse in the midst of making love. At one point Meg turns to the mirror where Ben is held captive on the other side and in a soft voice says to Derek she believes that he is two different people...cut to commercial...she then went on to say that he is there on the bed behind her and he is in the reflection before her (don't ask?). This leads nowhere and she walks back to the bed and snuggles up to Derek while Ben looks on tortured and in agony at the sight he is forced to witness. Whenever Derek has the opportunity he looks over at the mirror with a snide smile on his face, a taunting smile knowing he is turning the knife. The phone rings, Meg takes it off the hook. They do not want to be disturbed.

BENS HOUSE; Virginia, Joan and Vanessa
Over at Ben's Virginia is still hiding in the closet. Joan begins again to open the closet door when Vanessa comes in the front door. As Joan reaches for the dress Virginia is cowering in the corner hoping not to be discovered. Joan notices that the dress seems to have moved from one side of the closet to the other but shakes it off as nothing.

SURF CENTRAL: Michael, Jimmy, Father Antonio, Gabi, Carmen
Over at Surf Central, Michael, Jimmy, Gabi and Father Antonio are readying for the party - the surprise engagement party that Vanessa thinks is for Jimmy's birthday. Michael calls Vanessa and cannot get an answer. He worries that maybe she's not happy with him or there is something wrong. He notes to Father Antonio that she has been a little withdrawn lately and he's worried that she does not want to be with him.

HOTEL: Sarah
Over at the hotel Sarah's gets a phone call urging her to turn on the TV where she sees a clip of herself in a throng of people shaking the hands of an obviously important man (we learn later he is a congressman -- and she is wearing a beret. ( I have no comment)) We then see the TV reporter speaking of 'scandal' and sexual harassment (still no comment) Sarah and the Congressman she worked for obviously have something to do with this, and it is plain that Sarah is involved in something newsworthy.

At the hospital Casey is visiting Tim and does not notice a note Tim has painstakingly written. He visits for a while and then turns on the tv in time to see the story about Meg's sister. He urgently dials Meg's cellphone but she does not answer and Derek suggests that since they do not want to be disturbed she should turn it off. Casey becomes upset and knows he must find Meg. He believes he knows where she might be and heads for the warehouse.

SURF CENTRAL: Carmen, Gabi, Antonio
At Surf Central Carmen stops by and during a talk with Antonio again (as she has before) relates her objections toward Gabi and especially any Gabi/Ricardo relationship. Gabi hears Carmen and confronts her telling her not to worry about it. She is obviously broken hearted to hear this women speak so harshly of her.

BEN'S: Vanessa, Joan, (Virginia still in closet)
Over at Ben's Vanessa is trying on the dress Joan fixed for her to make sure it fits perfectly. Back in the closet Virginia is counting the days until Vanessa is out of Michael's life. She can't wait for the potion to do its job and figures Vanessa will never show up at the party that evening. When Joan is distracted by a phone call Virginia finally has the chance to leave but rushes back to the closet for there isn't enough time. At last she has an opportunity to race out and again quite pleased with herself is ready for the next chapter of Vanessa's downfall to begin.

VANESSA'S HOME; Vanessa/Carmen
Vanessa returns to her home as we see Carmen rushing to see her. When Michael showed Carmen the ring he intends to give Vanessa it dropped and Carmen picked it up. When she touched the ring she got some BAD vibes and felt it necessary to go to Vanessa's to tell her something that she saw in Vanessa's future. At last count we see Carmen frantically off to catch up with Vanessa......

WAREHOUSE: Meg, Ben, Casey
' Casey finds Meg at the warehouse and having interrupted the lovemaking tells Meg she must go to her sister. They all leave for Ben's where Sarah has just come in. Everyone now questions her as to what is going on as she is readies herself to spill the beans. Sarah asks that Derek and Casey leave. As Derek is waiting in front of his house Peter walks up and demands to know whether the plan has worked. Whether Ben has been sufficiently frightened of what he will do to Meg and has he gotten the money. "Did Ben crack?" Peter asks," will he cough up the password?" At that moment time stops for not inches from both Derek and Peter is Casey. Has he heard? Does he now know the truth?

Tuesday, May 5, 1998

At The Deep,
Cole and Caitlin are dancing at The Deep and Cole is thinking about the police file on Gregory he lifted from the Chinese Puzzle box. Caitlin told Cole that she is going to call the babysitter again and check on Trey. Cole told her that she just called 15 minutes ago. Caitlin told him she knows, but this is there first night away from him and she can't help but worry. Cole told her maybe they should just go home then, but Caitlin told him no because she wants to go to Vanessa's party and all the gang will be there, it'll be fun. Cole told her okay, go call the babysitter and then we can go. While Caitlin is away phoning, a guy comes up to Cole and tapes him on the shoulder. Cole grabs him and pushes him up against the wall, saying what does he want. The man told him he was just trying to tell Cole to let him by, because he was in the way. Caitlin returns and asks Cole what is going on. Cole told her nothing and then apologizes to the man. Caitlin asks Cole if he is still tense from the mugging. Cole told her that he can't help thinking that the guy is still around somewhere watching him. Caitlin told Cole that she knows that he still thinks that her father had something to do with it, even though he told her that he believes Gregory. She then hugs Cole and told him that she loves him and never wants anything to come between them. Cole told her that nothing ever will come between them, he promises. They kiss each other and then head over to Surf Central for Michael and Vanessa's party.

At Vanessa's Place,
Madame Carmen shows up to tell Vanessa that she has a bad feeling about something terrible happening to her and it involves another woman she is close to. Vanessa told Carmen that she is fine and Carmen already warned her about a person, her mother. Carmen told her that was different and this time the danger involves her. Vanessa thanks her but told her she doesn't need her protection. Carmen told her she is afraid she does. Vanessa politely asks Carmen to leave, she has to get ready for the party. Carmen gets ready to go, but told Vanessa that she hopes ignoring her warning wouldn't make thinks worse for her. After Carmen leaves, Vanessa says to herself, why did we ever go to that fortune teller in the first place. The phone rings it is Chris from work telling her he has got a late-breaking story happening right now. Vanessa tells him she is off tonight, and he is going to have to find another reporter to cover it and hangs up. She then told herself that she has her own late- breaking story, she has to tell Michael about her condition and nothing is going to stop her. Just then, the lights go out.

At Surf Central,
Michael thinks out loud to himself what could Vanessa be hiding from him. Nosey Virginia comes up behind him as usual and asks Michael what is Vanessa hiding from him. Michael told her that Vanessa has been offered and incredible job for the most important newspaper in New York, but from the sounds of it, she has already turned it down. Vanessa told him to bad, it sounds like a good career move for her. He then told her that he thinks Vanessa turned it down because of him adding that he doesn't know whether or not to feel guilty or be happy she's decided to stay in Sunset Beach with him. Virginia told him to be happy, Vanessa loves him very much. Michael says yeah, he guesses Vanessa will say yes when he proposes to her tonight. Virginia told him that Vanessa is one lucky lady and her and Michael will be very happy together and leaves. To herself she says, but her lucks run out. It's my turn to have something good happen to me, adding that Jimmy and her deserve that and they are going to have it when Michael proposes to her. If Ms. Moreau's potions works like it's suppose to, that'll be real soon.

At Ben and Meg's Place,
Meg and Joan quiz Sara about what went on in Washington D.C. while she was there during her internship. Meg asks Sara if she is in trouble, but Sara tells them both she is not. Meg then ask her why is she all over the News, adding that if Sara doesn't confide in them they can't help her. Sara tells them that they deserve to hear the truth, but warns that they aren't going to like it. Sara told her mother and sister that she's being falsely accused of having an affair with Congressman Blythe. Joan says Oh my god how could they, isn't he married and has a daughter. Sara told her yes and that she is her age, adding that she would never do nothing like that and Congressman Blythe is a decent guy and she doesn't know why people would say something like that. Meg told her from what you read here in the newspapers, Washington is a snake pit. Joan hopes it doesn't turn into a feeding frenzy like the Monica Lewinski case. Sara looks upset and Joan went to make some hot chocolate for her. Alone, Meg asks Sara if there was more going on than she's telling them. Sara asks Meg if she thought she was lying. Meg told her that maybe she just wasn't telling the whole truth. Sara told her that she doesn't believe this, the whole country is calling her a liar and her own sister doesn't believe her. Meg told her that is not what she meant, she was only saying that maybe there is more to the story than she is telling. Upset, Sara told Meg she's gonna go see if mom needs help in the kitchen.

Outside The House, Eddie and Derek are discussing Eddie's payoff when Casey shows back up. Derek asked Casey what brought him back. Casey told him notes for the Liberty Corporation he meant to give him. Derek told him he'll get to them when he could. Curious, Casey asked them what they were talking about, because he heard them mention a password, adding that he thought Eddie and him didn't get along. Derek told him that Eddie helped them out with the robbery and the check he gave him is from a special account that requires a password, does that satisfy you? Casey told him yeah and then apologizes for butting in and leaves. Derek turns to Eddie and says, you idiot what the hell where you thinking. Eddie says he wants his money. Derek says alright, I got the password and you will get your money tomorrow. Eddie told him he better because he wrote that letter and if one little hair is touched on his head it is going straight to the D.A. Eddie then says, see you tomorrow morning with my dough and leaves. Derek says to himself, wrong Eddie, I just have to switch the letters tonight and then I will kill you. He went inside and asks Meg what is wrong. Meg told him Sara is in a lot more trouble than she thought. Her face is going to be plastered all over the papers. Remembering that Vanessa will be at the party and she is the perfect person to talk to, Meg told him she has to talk to Vanessa and they will probably need to go see Gregory afterwards as well, Sara might need a lawyer. Derek told her it sounds serious. Meg told him it is, and she can't do it without him so please go with her. Derek says you should know by now that I would never say no to you.

Back At The Deep,
A worried Bette expresses her concern after seeing Nick threatening Eddie. Eddie told her that he has the situation under control. Bette told him that it looks to her like the goon has it under control. Touched, Eddie says you really care about me. Bette says, HELLO! how long does it take to get that through your head. She then told him he should go to the cops. He told her no way, he won't need protection after tonight. He kisses her and thanks her for being on his side and leaves. Bette says to herself, that Eddie is putting up such a brave front and she doesn't know how he does it, but he stood by her and now she is gonna stand by him.

Back At Vanessa's Place,
Vanessa calls the landlord to see if the electricity was out in the whole building, it is. The phone rings, it's Michael. She told him the power is out. He asked if it was going to make her late. She told him no way, all she has to do is change and she would be right over. Before hanging up, she asked Michael if they could find time alone at the party. He told her whatever you want it yours. Nosey Virginia is listening in again and says to herself, sorry Michael Vanessa won't show up but don't worry she will be fine in time and so will I. Vanessa told herself that she is going to tell Michael she has Martin's Syndrome. As she holds the dress up to herself, she daydreams of their wedding day, he is glad she told him she has Martin's Syndrome and he will do everything he can to help, adding that maybe they will get lucky and her remission will last a lifetime. Her daydream then flashes over to them after having a baby. She told him they created something so perfect. He tells her their daughter is a beautiful as her mother. Then it flashes over to them on the beach with their daughter a little older. Michael can't believe she is there miracle child. Vanessa told him that they are not only celebrating her birthday but the day the doctor told them she didn't have Martin's Syndrome. It then flashes over to their daughters wedding day and Michael and Vanessa are proud parents who can't believe this day is here. Michael hopes she will be half as happy in her marriage as they are. Vanessa comes out of her little daydream crying, asking the Lord if she has the right to those dreams and prays for God to let them come true.

Back at Surf Central, All the guest have arrived and are eagerly waiting on the guest of honor. Virginia makes a quick call after Michael's call with Vanessa to asks Ms. Moreau if she is sure the potion is going to work. Ms. Moreau told her she told her it would and Vanessa will break out with blisters all over her body, just like you wanted. Pleased, Virginia hangs up and hopes her plan went into effect. Cole went on a fishing expedition and told Gabi he has talked to Paula and told her she asked about her. Gabi told him next time he speaks with her to tell her hello for her. (She can't pick up the phone and call her own sister?) Cole then asks her how her job is. Gabi went into detail and Cole gets the information from her he needed to break in to the joint and research Gregory's file. Everyone is mingling, Ricardo still tries to make inroads with Gabi, Caitlin leaves because Trey is upset and told Cole to hitch a ride home with Sean, Meg ask Michael if he is nervous. His reply no, Bette arrives to consult with Ricardo about Eddie being in danger and a eavesdropping Derek finds out that Eddie didn't send the letter to a D.A., Bette has it. Intending to switch the letter with a fake, Derek offers to give Bette details on his wedding, as Bette is reaching inside her purse for her tape recorder, she ask Ben/Derek to hold her things, of course one of the items is the letter from Eddie which Derek manages to get. Virginia yells for everyone to get the party started. Michael says he is with her and Virginia asks him where is the guest of honor.

Back Home At Vanessa's,
After she finishes dressing for the party, Vanessa went over to look in the mirror and says to herself what is the point, I can't see anything any way. As she starts to walk away, the lights come on. She turns around and looks in the mirror and sees welts and blisters all over her body and screams in horror........

Wednesday, May 6, 1998

Over at Surf Central Ricardo, Michael, Gabi, Antonio, Sean, Amy, et. al gather for Vanessa's surprise engagement party. Michael is concerned that Vanessa has not yet shown up. Antonio and Gabi have a talk re her going into therapy to help her overcome her traumatic past. They both believe she and Ricardo may have a chance at a relationship but only after she feels she is ready.

As Vanessa is putting on the finishing touches, the electricity comes back on and as she looks in the mirror is horrified to see her face and body. She is covered with huge welts - a sure sign of Martin's Syndrome. (Virginia has been successful after all..) Vanessa runs into the bedroom, grabs a suitcase and is about to leave when the phone rings. Michael wants to know why she is so late. She explains about the electricity going off and though she knows she can never let him see her this way, leads him to believe that she will be at Surf Central soon. As she walks out the door she is unsure that she will be able to leave after all.

Cole is about to break into the file room when a policewoman asks him why he is there. Pretending to be a cop he professes to have lost his keys. While they are talking Cole lifts some keys off of her belt - pickpocket style, then enters the room and begins his search for any sign of Gregory's criminal past. As he is 'browsing,' the door is opened and he scurries for cover. As we last see him, he studies some police files.

Reporters are swarming all over the place to get the story of Sarah and her congressman. Meg and Derek leave for Vanessa's engagement party but soon Meg returns to be of help to her sister in any way she can. Confronting throngs of reporters she blows up and told them to leave. (This is the first time we have seen Meg so feisty!)

Derek has taken Aunt Bette to Ben's office on the ruse of giving her the exclusive story of his and Meg's wedding. In reality he is intent on getting the envelope he knows Bette carries naming him (Derek) the killer should any harm come to Peter. Peter calls Aunt Bette to be sure she is holding the envelope and she assures him that all is ok. Unaware that while she is typing up her story, Derek is switching envelopes naming Peter's bookie as the murderer should anything happen to Peter.

Ben, still tied up is now a model for Peter's camera -- more insurance, he thinks. Unaware that while he is in the process of developing those same pictures Derek will interrupt his work and his plan.

Meg decides to take Sarah (who, by the way denies an comment ) to the warehouse for safety and to hide out from the reporters. Ben sees them (through the two way mirror) and struggles to free himself but to no avail.

Vanessa decides she must have one more look at the love of her life, Michael before she leaves - if she leaves. Michael, tired of waiting, and anxious for the festivities to begin; i.e. the proposal, decided to take a walk to the pier. Vanessa has gone before him, and as she hears and sees him coming, cringes into the background.

Thursday, May 7, 1998

At Sunset Beach Police Station,
Cole is in the hot seat after Gabi catches him breaking and entering into the Police file records. Cole told her that he must be out of practice because in the old days he would have never gotten caught. Gabi told him that this is the wrong place for him to be pulling a heist. Cole told her that he is not pulling a heist, but before Gabi can question him about being there, Spencer shows up to hand her a misplace file. Cole hides behind one of the filing cabinets until Spencer leaves. Afterwards, Cole thanks Gabi for not blowing the whistle on him. Gabi told Cole not to thank her yet, because he is not off the hook and asks him if he was pumping her for information earlier at Michael's party just so he could come and break into here later. Cole admits it and ask her why she covered for him when Spencer came in. Gabi told him that they share a family and because of that, she didn't blow the whistle on him. Cole told her to trust him, because she is doing the right thing. Gabi tells him that she's not so sure about that and ask him what is he up to. Cole tells her that he is looking for information on Gregory. Gabi ask him what does Gregory have to do with him breaking in here. Cole told her that Gregory is up to something and he believes it involves trying to take Caitlin and Trey away from him, adding that if it where just about him and Gregory then he wouldn't have to resort to this, but he is not about to let him use his family against him. Gabi told him they where lucky to have him and for him to do what he has to do and to make it quick, she is only doing it because a child's future is at stake. Cole asks her if she can help and shows her the case number he has on Gregory. She sits down at the computer and pulls Gregory's case number up. Cole asks her what does it say. She told him that the police where called to the Richard's home on the night in question and Gregory Richards was a witness to the crime and the suspect was.......Cole you better look at this. Cole comes over and says he can't believe it.

At The Warehouse,
Meg and Sara arrive and Sara thanks her big sister for helping her to escape the reporters. Ben sees them through the two-way mirror and tries to do something to get their attention. Meg told Sara she should have a lot of privacy here. Sara told her she has always been there for her. Meg told her she always will be if she needed to talk or confide in someone about it. Sara tells her that she knows she's trying to help, but she is tired of talking about it. They stand in front of the mirror and Sara told her there is nothing else to tell. As they are standing in front of the mirror, Ben is trying to make noise. He said, "Dammit, Meg!" Meg apologized and told Sara she didn't mean to pressure her. Sara told her it's ok, lets talk about you being married soon, adding that Ben is so handsome and gentle. Ben is still trying to yell, but his mouth is covered with tape. He does manage to get his feet free and kicks over a crate. Meg and Sara hear it. Unfortunately, Meg thinks the strange sounds are caused by the plumbing. But then Sara notices the door to the back room where Ben is hidden.

On The Pier,
Vanessa is down there walking around trying to decide whether or not she should face Michael or not. Michael shows up at the pier and Vanessa went into hiding. He calls her name and Vanessa thinks he has spotted her, but he is only rehearsing his marriage proposal to her. Vanessa tearfully listens in from the shadows as Michael rehearses his proposal of marriage to her. Michael tells Vanessa that when he was a kid, he always dreamed of the perfect woman who would always be there for him when he is in trouble, lifted him up when he's down. After a while, he was tired of her being in his head and gave up on love. Until one day, he saw that woman's face, your face. I have been in love with you all my life and was just waiting for you to show up. That day I saved you from the limousine, you saved me from my past. You were the first person who shed light on the darkness inside me and saw something worth while in me and I now believe it. I know together we can do anything. I hope you feel the same way, I really want to marry you what do you say Vanessa? Vanessa still hiding looks at her arms and is crying. Michael continues saying, I would do anything for you to be my wife, in goodness and bad, in sickness and health. I want to spend my life with you, have kids with you, grow old with you. So please, say yes, say you will marry me. Vanessa, to be with someone as incredible as you. Maybe I am dreaming that you would want to spend the rest of your life with me. The beauty is not what else I see, it is the inside you show me when you are alone. That is the person I love. I want to take the rest of my life to get to know you, even when we are old, gray and wrinkled You will still be beautiful to me. He then told himself that he should head back to Surf Central to say it to Vanessa in person. Heartbroken, Vanessa leaves.

At Surf Central,
Virginia is looking at the cake that says congratulations Vanessa and Michael. She told herself that is not how it should be and then envisions the cake saying congratulations Virginia and Michael. She also dreams of Michael telling her that he took a long time to realize that it is her that he has loved all along and then they kiss. However, she comes out of her dream and says it should be me on this cake and smashes it. Casey walks in and asks her what the hell she is doing. Thinking quickly as always, Virginia told him that she saw a big cockroach on it and her reaction was to just smash the bug, she wasn't thinking of the cake. Casey looks skeptical and Virginia hurries up and changes the subject and ask him where is Michael. Casey told her that he went for a walk to cool of from the pre-wedding proposal jitters. Virginia ask him if Michael has had a change of heart, but Casey told her no chance, Michael has been waiting to propose to Vanessa for along time. Virginia ask him where is Vanessa. Just then Tyus walks in and asks if they have heard from her yet and hopes nothing has happened to her. Michael shows back up and ask everyone if Vanessa has shown up yet. Casey told him that he was hoping that he ran into her on his walk. Michael tries to call her, but gets the answering machine. Tyus is also concerned, but says nothing. Virginia is pleased as usual. Michael told them that he is going over to Vanessa's and leaves. Casey also leaves, leaving Virginia and Tyus alone in the kitchen. Tyus asked her what happened to the cake. Virginia told him there was a minor insect problem. Suspicious, he told her he isn't a psychologist but maybe she smashed the cake out of jealousy. Virginia told him that Michael knows how she feels about him, adding that she wants him to be happy and she is positive he will be.

At Vanessa's Place,
Michael arrives and calls to Vanessa. No one answers and he doesn't notice the letter on the table. He then went in the bedroom and comes out and slams the door and knocks the letter on the floor and wonders where she is. Meanwhile, Vanessa is at the airport, buying her a ticket.

Meanwhile At Eddie's,
Eddie is in his darkroom developing more pictures and says as long as he has the goods on Derek, he would never be foolish enough to come after him. Derek however, is already at Eddie's right outside his door listening in and plotting to destroy all of the evidence including Eddie. Eddie then hears a noise and ask if anyone is out there. No one says a word and Eddie went out of the room to investigate. While he is down the hall, Derek slips inside the darkroom and hides behind Eddie's door. Eddie returns and continues developing the pictures. Derek comes out from hiding and slams a book on the counter startling Eddie. Eddie ask him what he is doing here and told him that he thought he wasn't getting his hush money until tomorrow. Derek corners Eddie and informs him that there is going to be a hush, because he now has the letter and doesn't intend to give Eddie a cent, but he does intend to kill him. Eddie tries to run, but Derek grabs him and throws him back in the room. He then picks up a scalpel and told Eddie to start saying his prayers.

Friday, May 8, 1998


Gabi is helping Cole check out the case numbers he found on the paper stolen from Gregory's puzzlebox. They see that his father, Armando Deschanel was charged in a theft from Gregory Richards's house. They do not say what was stolen and it seems the case was dropped. Cole wonders if this is the reason his father left Sunset Beach. They found a note left by an officer which stated that Olivia Richards was in the home at the time, and had witnessed the assault. Cole is surprised Gregory never mentioned this to him for it is the kind of information Gregory would like to throw it in his face.


Derek confronts Eddie and they fight. Derek gets the best of him and kills Eddie. In the meantime Ricardo knocks on the door calling for Eddie. He has come to check on Eddie (not good enough) as the request of Bette. When he gets no answer he leaves. Derek grabs the pictures of Ben which Eddie was going to use for insurance. He places some information on and around Eddie making it look as if his 'bookies' have done him in for not paying his gambling debts. (Now they'll never get paid.)


Caitlin is trying to convince Gregory that he must try to make their marriage work. Gregory, in his usual sensitive fashion, told Caitlin that it is over, there is nothing left while Caitlin tries to convince him he is still in love with Olivia and can't live without her! Caitlin informs Gregory she sent a letter and pictures of Trey to her mother (where she is cruising) and feels she will want to come home once she sees the pictures and would want to get to know her dear grandson.


Olivia is getting some air when a steward brought her a letter. This is the letter from Caitlin with pictures of Trey. Olivia reads the letter in which Caitlin speaks of love for her mother-- not looking at the pictures of Trey--and once again blames herself for her son's death. She calls for the steward to bring her a 'drink' and as she faults herself for losing her baby, perhaps killing her baby she hesitates, then brought the glass to her lips. It is apparent this will be the beginning of her loss of sobriety. As we last see her we believe - from her position on the railing - she may jump.

Aunt Bette/Annie

Annie finds Bette's tape recorder and realizes if the can get the right information from Bette she can doctor the tape to sound like Bette talking to Olivia about divorcing Gregory. Annie AGAIN believes this will open the door to Gregory for her to step up, marry him and claim her father's business interests. She has another visit from Hell where she has yet one more discussion with dear old DAD. Bette walks into the room determined to clear the air and make up with Annie. She tells Annie how much she loves her. Annie SWEARS she will not cause trouble for Olivia and as Bette and Annie embrace the tape recorder falls to the floor... you hear (coming from the recorder) the doctored tape with Bette's "new" and "altered" words. Bette is utterly stunned and we last see her looking unbelievably hurt that Annie would go this low

(new) Sarah/Meg/Ben and Ben (Derek)

Sarah is questioning Meg as to what's beyond the 'secret' door. Meg tells her she promised 'Ben' she would not peek. They do however hear a noise (Ben making it) and decide to take a look. Just as Meg has her hand on the door (surprise) Ben (Derek) walks in and stops her. He claims the 'noise' they heard was due to rats; that he will go check it out. While Derek is making sure Ben is still safe and soundly tied up. Derek shows Ben pictures of dead Eddie. He is distracted, however, when he hears Meg and Sarah say something about an item falling out of his bag, looks like a picture.. He turns and sees them reach for it.......


Cole is replacing the paper he stole and standing by Gregory's desk when the door opens and Gregory appears......

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