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Monday, June 15, 1998

Annie is livid. She browbeats her (and dear departed Dell's) lawyer to find a way, a loophole to get the Richards either divorced immediately or her time to marry Gregory extended. She threatens him with the possibility of jail for some dealings he had with (dead) Eddie which she has become aware of. This, she hopes,. will put a fire under Larkin's butt to see that she gets a reprieve somehow before her deadline. Larkin told her there is nothing he can do and that if a divorce isn't forthcoming and Annie doesn't marry Gregory by June's end - well "the next beneficiary will get her inheritance." Who, Annie wants to know is the beneficiary and when Larkin tells her it is Olivia, Annie explodes with rage. As they discuss ways to overcome the obstacles in their way, Annie picks up a chess piece on a table nearby. She has a fantasy -which we see- in which Annie is queen, Olivia and Gregory and AJ as well as Caitlin and Trey are all chess pieces. Annie proclaims she will be the checkmate but instead Olivia outmaneuvers her and Annie is left with nothing. She sees Olivia spinning around and around laughing and laughing (quite a sight). Frantic, she and the lawyer are seen with their thinking caps on trying to devise a way to get Annie what she wants.

Cole is seen with Trey having a little father/baby talk as the door chimes. When Cole answers to see Olivia on the other side he is most uncordial. Olivia breezes past and it becomes clear that Cole is not going to stick around and that Caitlin and Sean be told of Olivia's trickery and leave it to them to form their own conclusions. After Olivia gives them the details of her part in Cole's kidnapping, and after the initial shock wore off, Caitlin is most forgiving. Sean is not and realizes Caitlin feels the way she does because she took someone else's baby and did what she did to please and 'keep' Cole, much as her mother did to 'get' Gregory. Olivia feared her children would never speak to her again and she is ready for this possibility. She told them any punishment they throw her is deserved, however, she try to tell them her side of the story and that she was not aware of all that was to happen that night. She waits solemnly for their response. Caitlin told her mother she might have done the same thing. (She did something close--even worse but she doesn't even know it....that Olivia's baby is Trey...her own son.) Caitlin embraces her mom and told her she's been punished enough. She told her mother she understands and Olivia, with tears in her eyes, is overcome with love for her daughter. PS; Olivia doesn't know it but when she returns home she will find divorce papers on her doorstep. She calls Gregory. She wasn't going to do anything about them at first....but then ....she will see him in the morning!

BEN IN MORTUARY (Diane's hangout) Earlier Diane has gone by Ben's house to ask if he was home -- to see if this man in the coffin was indeed Ben Evans, as he told her, or the man she knew he was all along -- the great STEEL of her romance novels. When Sarah told her Ben had left for a vacation with his fiancée Diane knew that 'Steel' had been lying and returned to the mortuary. Ben has awakened and begins to feel his body again. He struggles to get up over the coffin he has remained in for days. Before he can actually get out, Diane has rushed over, filling a syringe, and with a mighty pow injects 'something' into Ben's shoulder. She caresses his cheek and promises they will have a wonderful future, they are 'destined' to be together. Ben, once again, has fallen into a sleep or coma or some non awake condition and is helpless to whatever this maniac has in store for him. We next see Diane has decked Ben out in a tuxedo. She has outfitted herself in what looks like a black wedding dress, black veil and lovely dark black lipstick. She is, it seems, is going to ensure her destiny with 'Steel'-- in some ceremony.

Sarah is seen having coffee and Casey comes over for a little talk. During the conversation it becomes clear to Sarah that Casey KNOWS the slept with the Congressman (Blythe) and sooner or later it may all come out. After Casey leaves we see Melinda at the door gearing up her tape recorder and making ready to join Sarah at the table. Sarah told Melinda that she believes Casey knows the truth. "What truth are you talking about?" Melinda spits out and in a short time she has everything she wants on her recorder. A full confession. The whole dirty story. When Sarah leaves Melinda can't wait to make a path to the phone and call her friend. Seems a book deal is in the making and now she has all the dirt she needs.

Meg is looking at the picture she has found in the pile of magazines. She sees the words Ben and Derek. She is stunned to learn that Ben had a twin. She was unaware of this and, for some reason, it is giving her a very eerie feeling. As she is thinking about this Derek shows up at the door. He tells her he's going to town and he'll be back soon. After he's gone Meg begins to mentally revisit many of their times together. She begins to remember all the times 'Ben' didn't remember things. She remembers how Casey found different memory lapses odd but everything was chalked up to his ''beating' and his 'injuries.' Now, however, she is worried. She is uncomfortable. She is not sure why or what or where but something isn't right. There are things that don't fit. There are feelings that don't feel right. When Derek returns from his errand he is ready to make love. Meg reminds him of the time they were in the wine closet in the Deep and they got locked in for the night. She relates to him some events that NEVER HAPPENED. He pretends he remembers all about it. He laughs. He remembers. He remembers what she's talking about. He remembers it all. He cherishes those memories. "OH MY GOD," Meg mentally screams, "THESE THINGS DIDN'T HAPPEN.....THIS ISN'T BEN....THIS ISN'T BEN." The chills went up my spine! Finally. At last!

Tuesday, June 16, 1998

At The Deep
While Gabi and Ricardo wait for Antonio to meet them for dinner Ricardo jokes about the combination tonight around the dinner table. A clergyman, a cop, and a clerk. Gabi makes a comment about Antonio being extremely late and Ricardo reminds her that Antonio did say his meeting at the Mission may run over. He then told her that for some reason if Antonio can't make it he doesn't want her to be upset that she has to be there alone with him. Gabi told him she wouldn't be upset if the night ended with just her and Ricardo sharing dinner. Gabi confesses to Ricardo that she thinks a lot about him lately and has written about him in her journal. She then told him that's why she was so panicked when her purse was snatched because she was embarrassed. Ricardo takes her hands and told her she never has to be ashamed or embarrassed in front of him and she knows that. As their eyes lock on each other, Antonio shows up and says look who's here. As they all talk, Antonio has to return to the Mission and leaves those two alone. Ricardo asks Gabi if she would like to dance to which Gabi agrees as long as she can lead. As the two of them share a romantic dance, Antonio looks on and then finally leaves.

Meanwhile at the bar, A.J. decides to tie a few over after learning about Olivia's part in Cole's kidnapping. Annie sashays in and told A.J. that he should never drink alone. A.J. asks her how is she planning to distract information from him tonight. Annie says there is no such plan, we are just business counter-parts enjoying a cocktail together. A.J. says if she thinks he is going to give away any information that would help Gregory against him in the beach front project, then she needs to drink up and move on. Annie told him he is very cranky and offers to by him a drink so he can tell her what is eating him. A.J. says you're smooth, but there is no need for you to pretend like you don't know what's eating at me. Annie told him she is not a mind reader and Gregory doesn't tell her everything, but A.J. doesn't buy it and vents his anger at Gregory for telling him about Olivia. Annie thinks he is talking about Olivia losing her baby, but finds out what he's really talking about and is intrigued to learn about Olivia's role in Cole's kidnapping. A.J. told her to tell Gregory if he wanted to rattle him by dredging up this ugly story that is at least 20 years old, he succeeded and then he leaves. Annie is delighted to find that Olivia stole a baby before just like her and shortly leaves after A.J.

At Olivia's Place
Gregory arrives and Olivia invites him in and told him to have a seat. Gregory told her she can cut the nicety's he knows why she called him over. Olivia says, oh really and Gregory told her it is because of A.J. and how now that he knows she helped steal his son, he never wants to speak to her so now she's decided to come crawling back to him. Olivia told Gregory to dazzle her with his incite into her soul and Gregory told her that A.J. Deschanel in her mind, rode down the deck of that cruise ship on his white stallion to help her remember what really happened to their son and to free her of her guilt, but her only problem is he turned tail and rode off again. Olivia accuses him of engineering the whole thing, but Gregory says all he did was tell A.J. about an incident that happened 20 years ago. Olivia told him only he can make betrayal sound so breezy. Gregory says if A.J. had any kind of character he would be there now forgiving her for helping Del steal Cole, but as he looks around he doesn't see her savior. Olivia says stop it, I didn't ask you over here to gloat. Thinking she wants to get close again, Gregory told her she asked him over because she couldn't stand the solitude any more and neither can he. He then told her it's alright for her to admit that she needs him. Olivia plays right along with the seduction and told Gregory that she does need him, she needs his signature on the divorce papers. Gregory snatches the papers from her and told her if she was really considering divorce she would have signed the papers long ago. Olivia asks him if she can borrow his pen and signs her signature on the divorce papers in front of him. After signing it she turns her anger on Gregory and says all the things to him she has been meaning to say, and adds that her last straw with him was when he accused her of killing their baby. Gregory told her it was her drinking that killed their son and Olivia told him she never touched a drop in nine months and his version of what happened is a lie. Gregory says that sounds like a line from A.J. to get you back in bed. Olivia told him that he can't stand the fact that A.J. gave her courage and convinced her to come back to Sunset Beach and find out what happened to their son. As Gregory told Olivia that A.J. has now left her high and dry, A.J. shows up at Olivia's place and told her they need to talk. As Gregory looks on, Olivia told A.J. that what she did to him and Cole was unforgivable. A.J. told her that is not what he came over here for and Olivia told him to go ahead she deserves whatever he has to say to her, but A.J. hugs her from behind and told her he can't imagine all the pain that she has suffered all these years, while a stunned Gregory looks on.

At The Richard's
Caitlin's conscience is bothering her today after learning of Olivia's part in Cole's kidnapping. She flashes back to Sean telling her how he couldn't believe how fast she forgave their mom, until he remembered what she did by deceiving Cole about Trey. She says out loud to Trey that what she did to Cole, is nothing like what her mom did to Cole, as Cole walks in and asks her what exactly is it that she did, because it couldn't be as bad as Olivia helping Del take him from his mom. Caitlin told him maybe he should hear her out first before he decides that. Caitlin told Cole what her mother did to him was terrible and then begins to go into her own dirty deed, but Cole starts telling her how sweet she is and how she would never hurt any one. Caitlin implores him to let her finish and as she went into the story of how her parents tried every dirty trick to keep them apart, Cole interrupts her again and told her nothing did happen to her and she and Trey are fine. He then told her that she and Trey are his whole life and he will never let any one hurt them and that is why he has decided he doesn't want Olivia any where near Trey. Caitlin told Cole she doesn't want to talk about her mother she wants to talk about herself, but Cole keeps telling her what ever she did he trusts her and it could never be as bad as what Olivia did. As Cole vents his anger toward Olivia and her part in his kidnapping, Caitlin realizes that Cole will never forgive Olivia and decides to remain silent about her own secret. Cole then told Caitlin that he is going to go visit his mother for a while. Caitlin wants to go with him, but Cole told her that this is something he needs to do alone. Caitlin agrees and told Cole they will talk about everything when he gets back. Later at the Richard's, Annie comes home looking for Gregory and when one of the maids told her he is at Olivia's, Annie dashes right back out to head over to Olivia's.

At The Funeral Home
As his escape attempt failed, A drugged Ben woke up in the coffin dressed in a tuxedo; while Diane dressed in a black wedding dress, danced around playing eerie music and told him it was time for them to join their immortal souls. She then shows him so dead flowers and told him that she killed them just for him. Ben says there lovely and realizing the drug she gave him is wearing off, he decides to play along with her. Diane says oh Steele, it would be so much nicer to have you standing by my side like you did in the catacombs, but you can't move. Derek tries to convince Diane that she should lift the door of the coffin so he can pretend he is standing beside her. Diane agrees, but as she is lifting the door she notices that Ben can move his legs. She becomes upset and gets ready to inject him again, but Ben convinces her that if she injects him how are they going to have a wedding night filled with passion. Pleased at the prospect of being able to make love to Steele, Diane falls for Ben's charms.

Up At The Cabin
Meg is certain that the man reaching for her, is not her Ben, so as Derek tries to embrace her Meg pulls away and makes an excuse to avoid getting intimate. Derek asks her what is wrong and she lies and told him she wants to make love to him, but first she needs to freshen up. Inside the bathroom, she pulls out the picture of Ben and Derek and concludes that the man she is with is Derek, but wonders why would he want to impersonate his brother. She then brushes it off as her imagination, but soon begins to think back to all of the strange things that have been going on lately with who she thinks is Ben. As she recalls what Casey and the intern said about Ben's recovery in the hospital and Tim's warnings about Ben, she remembers Tim telling her about stabbing the Terror Island killer in the leg and decides to figure out a way to examine his leg to determine whether or not it is Ben or his murderous twin brother. Derek walks in and told her she is not undressed yet. Meg decides to play it cool until she can figure out a way to examine his leg. They begin to make out in the bed and Meg told herself if there is no scar then she will be making love to Ben, but if there is then is she about to make love to his murderous twin brother Derek. Meg pulls away and Derek asks her what is wrong and Meg asks him to do her a favor and turn the lights off. Derek told her she never seemed to mind it being on before, but nevertheless he gets out of the bed to turn it off and Meg has a surprised look on her face when she peeks at his legs...........

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

OLIVIA'S HOME (formerly Annie's but since Olivia has thrown Annie out on her ear she now resides at the Richards' house -(-long story)) We open today with AJ continuing to soothe Olivia. He charmingly told her he believes she has suffered enough; just keeping the secret of her part in Cole's kidnapping which, he told her, she really had little to do with. Olivia can't believe it. She is dumbfounded that AJ would forgive her so easily and totally. Listening to this is making Gregory sick and when he can stand it no longer he makes a bee-line for the door. "Oh no you don't," Olivia calls after him, "You're not going anywhere." She then throws the divorce papers in his face. To say he is surprised is putting it mildly. He recovers his composure and races out the door calling after him "You deserve each other." Annie (you'd be surprised to know) has been lurking at the door listening to all that has just happened. And again, as is her usual m.o. she rushes home so she can console poor dear Gregory with that Annie (I'm gonna get my man)-type loving attention. In the meantime, inside AJ is telling Olivia he not only forgives her and doesn't hold her responsible for his son's kidnapping 20-some years ago but that he is also very much interested in helping her find what happened to her baby. He kisses her cheeks and touches her lovingly. Olivia is beside herself with joy at the way he has taken the terrible guilt off her shoulders and relieved her of the fact that they will remain friends. Caitlin comes rushing over to Olivia's after hearing Annie talking with Gregory about the 'divorce.' She can't believe her mother is intent on going through with it. While she is there to confront Olivia, Caitlin learns a terrible truth. OLIVIA explains to her that Annie is not living at the 'house' because she likes the view. Caitlin is updated on Annie's latest shenanigans, this one includes Olivia's return from her cruise - the place she went to help get over the death of her baby - only to find Annie and Gregory in bed TOGETHER. Caitlin is horrified and rushes home.

Knowing about the impending divorce and that Gregory has just been told of it Annie is all over him like a cheap suit with her 'sympathetic' self. She manages to kiss Gregory and told him he need not be alone. She reminds him what a drunk Olivia is; what a horrible person, wife and mother. She digs the knife in wherever and however far it will go. She tests the 'I hate Olivia and she's no good for your anyway Gregory' waters. She is here for him and wants him to come to her to talk to cry or whenever he feels the need for comfort. Gregory is not terribly responsive and she makes another try but Gregory is preoccupied and thanks her (and he'll get back to her later) for her concern.

Casey is talking to Emily and she's very annoyed that she didn't win the open lifeguard spot. He praises her performance and we see her (flashback) running alongside Brad. He pushes-her out of the way and she takes a fall.- This is the reason she didn't make it. This guy has literally shoved her out of the way so he could make himself the winner. For some reason she decides not to snitch on this guy and keeps mum. Later Sean and Casey have words and shortly after that Casey is back with Emily. He informs her a slot HAS JUST opened up and asks if she interested in taking the job. It has become clear (I think) that Sean has given up the position for a young woman he has obviously fallen for. Emily is ecstatic.

Caitlin is rushing in the door. Annie, in the living room, heads toward her with a big broad smile and a ready 'howdedo.' 'GET OUT YOU BITCH' fumes Caitlin, 'GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE.'

AT THE MORTUARY (And the site of a Romance Novel wedding) Ben is trying to convince Diane that she must let him out of his coffin. He is weak and though the feeling is coming back in his legs, he is not strong enough to maneuver himself without help. He is laying out the B.S. convincingly. Ben went along with her fantasy; he told her loves her and wants to 'consummate' their wedding. She is apprehensive and he continues to woo her in a lovey-dovey Steel -romance- novel- hero -type -baloney. Finally, after making himself sick with all this fantasy garbage, he has convinced her to let him rise from the coffin. He is unsteady on his feet. He tries to gain strength and pull himself up. He told Diane "Darling, I have a surprise for you." Diane is debating, should she trust him? First it's no, then yes, then Mmm Hmm maybe. "When I am up, Ben told her, we can dance; just like in the book." Finally this (walking nutcase) begins to rub Ben's legs. He is gaining some feeling. He can stand. "Close your eyes," he told her, and with that he slowly hobbles toward the door. Diane opens her eyes. "Where are you going, Steel?" Ben, halfway out the door told her "I have to get to my fiancée." 'WHAT" Diane is furious and lunges for Ben to push him back into the room, in seconds candles tipped over and flames are consuming the room. Diane was in danger of being burned alive. Will Ben save her? Will he get out of there? ..................

Meg is getting ready to show Derek the picture. How silly she thinks she was. Please....This is Ben....what was she thinking. Then the flashbacks are there again....she is wavering, ... is this Ben?, is this not Ben? Could this be Derek. Yes. No. Yes. No. After a time Meg remembers again what Tim had said about the cut leg. She manages to take a look at Derek's leg. Hey.. NO CUT. SHE IS SO HAPPY. A knock on the door. Derek hesitates. He doesn't want to be bothered but the incessant banging continues. They open the door to the Sheriff. A bear has been seen. They must be careful. The bear is hungry and dangerous. While Derek is having this conversation Meg slips into the bedroom (to change). She throws herself at Derek realizing that she was being silly....they make love (or so it seems ). Later, in the shower they are basking in the afterglow of love...laughing, playing. The soap drops. Meg looks down, eyes wide, where is that darn soap...oh, there it is.....OH MY GOD.... OH NO, OH NO, ....Meg is looking at Derek's leg. The latex covering he has been wearing to cover the scar is falling off. Meg is spellbound. OH MY GOD....She looks again, ...there is no denying ...there is a large cut down Derek's leg. The covering fake 'skin' is falling off. Meg seems now to be truly terrified. Is she in the shower with, --has she just made love to--, is she in this cabin in the woods all alone with -- A MURDERER????????

Thursday, June 18, 1998

At The Funeral Home
Ben was halfway out the door, escaping from that wacky, black-wearing, romance novel-reading morgue worker, when he heard her scream for help. Turns out she knocked over a candlestick and set her dress on fire! Well, our hero wouldn't leave a damsel in distress, so, of course, he returned to rescue her. She showed her gratitude by stabbing him in the shoulder with a syringe, declaring he belonged to her! Diane vowed to keep "Steele" away from "that floozy Meg." Angered by his attempts to leave, Diane put Ben back in the coffin, saying she would make their love eternal in death.

Up At The Cabin
While in the shower with Derek, Meg's relief of thinking she is with her Ben turns to terror when Derek drops the soap and Meg bends down to pick it up as the flesh-colored bandage falls from Derek's leg, Meg trembles to realize she's showering with a serial killer and spots the scar on Derek's leg. As she starts having flashbacks to the Terror Island events, she steps out of the shower, feigning faintness. Feeling sick at the realization, she runs into the bedroom. Meg grabs her cell phone to call for help, but Derek catches her and asked her who was she calling. Meg told him she was phoning her parents, but the call didn't go through. Derek suggests to an appalled Meg that her sudden faintness might mean she's carrying his child. She manages to hide her realization from Derek and told him she wants to go to sleep, but is later horrified when Derek insisted on cuddling with her. Meg figured out the truth about the warehouse fire and the hospital switcheroo. What did he do to Ben, Meg frantically wonders, because she is sure he is still alive, because she can feel it! Realizing that she has to get out of there fast, Meg tries to sneak out, but Derek catches her and vows to stay up and take care of her all night long!

At The Richards
An angered Caitlin returned home to be greeted by Annie who wasn't aware that Caitlin knew about her little tryst with Gregory. Annie says Caitlin how are you doing today. Caitlin's says "you bitch", get out. Annie asks Caitlin what is wrong and Caitlin furiously confronts Annie, accusing her of feigning friendship simply to get her hooks into Gregory. Annie told her that's not true, but Caitlin told her she knows about her bedding her father and she wants her out of this house right now. She then told Annie it was never about being a friend to her, it's always been about cozying up to her father! Annie told Caitlin she does want Gregory and then informs her that she is better for Gregory than Olivia is, and makes it plain that Caitlin won't be allowed to stand in her way and she is not moving out either. Caitlin told her yes she is leaving this house tonight. Annie was more than happy to remind Caitlin that she had some very incriminating information against her and reminded her that she knows that Trey was not Cole's son and will reveal it if she must. Caitlin was shocked Annie would blackmail her with that information and decided to back down for now, but warned Annie not to push her too far. Caitlin shot out that Annie was kidding herself if she thought Gregory would ever love her the way he loved Olivia!

At Vanessa's Place
Michael was furious when he discovered the movers packing up the apartment he shared with Vanessa and asks them for information on her whereabouts. While Virginia again tries to persuade Michael not to waste any more time or energy on his futile search for Vanessa, but Michael was determined to never stop searching for Vanessa.

At The Apartment Complex in Sunset Beach
While watching a flustered Vanessa being teased by some neighborhood children, Ms. Moreau begins to regret her part in the young woman's troubles and offers to help Vanessa. Vanessa told Ms. Moreau she can't help her no one can, but Ms. Moreau told Vanessa she doesn't need a cure for Martin's Syndrome because she has no disease. Unfortunately, Vanessa thinks the woman is trying to profit from her pain, and is lying about her herbal abilities. Tyus shows up and lashes out at Ms. Moreau and warned her not to bother Vanessa again. Ms. Moreau told Tyus that she knows he doesn't believe in her medicine, but she can help Vanessa. Tyus doesn't care about her beliefs and threatens the herbalist with jail if she pesters Vanessa again. Annoyed by his attitude, Ms. Moreau phones Virginia with the news that her rival is still in town. Virginia is floored to learn when Ms. Moreau told her that Vanessa had moved in across the hall! After hanging up with Ms. Moreau, Virginia decided the only way to completely rectify the situation with Vanessa so that she can have Michael completely is for Vanessa to die.........

Friday, June 19, 1998

The sun is shining, the waves are rolling and it's a beautiful day for Michael and Casey to begin training their new recruits. Sean is standing close while Casey gives Emily instructions and it comes out that the slot she has so quickly been given belonged to Sean. Emily is surprised and asks why would he give up the chance at this great job. (She then flashbacks to the push the other winner (Brad) gave her that caused her to lose at the tryouts). Sean lets her know he is well aware of how important this job was to her and he thought she should have it. Michael and Casey talk about his search for Vanessa. Michael is having doubts-is he doing the right thing? He quizzes Casey and Casey told him that not only is he doing the right thing but that he will use Michael as a role model should this type of situation ever occur to him. He reminds Michael of the 'girl that got away." We know he is thinking of the beautiful Dr. Rae who he fell in love with and who went back to her parents and old boyfriend to keep peace (and the customs of their world).

Gabi and Ricardo are joined by a gentlemen who is very upset. Seems his warehouse has burned to the ground and he wants answers. Ricardo gets the address and is surprised that this is the warehouse they had all known to be Ben's. The man is livid and told them this was NOT Ben's warehouse, and, as a matter of fact, the man who RENTED it was not named Ben at all. Ricardo went to get a picture to make sure that it was Ben who rented this property. And, they wondered, why Ben would tell them he was making this property into his and Meg's dream home when he did not own it after all. Ricardo is more than concerned. His old suspicions are awakened and he is off to find answers.

(Yes, Diane's still there.)
Diane has gotten poor Ben back into his red lined coffin. He looks more dead than alive and it looks like Diane is going to make it permanent. She prepares some potion as she told Ben, 'I gave you the kiss of life, now I'm going to give you the kiss of death." "I want us to die in each others arms," she went on "where we will share all eternity." Ben is looking at her like she is a lunatic and she is! He coos to her how he doesn't want her to die...he wants her to live -- that's why he saved her from burning in the fire. Diane isn't buying it. "It's fast and painless this way," and now she seems ready to forget the potion and hit him...did I see right....OH NO, she's ready to strike him on the head with a heavy instrument. Will he be able, somehow, to fight her off?????

(Where Vanessa is hiding out)
Vanessa responds to a knock at the door. Oh my G-d it's Virginia. How, how....oh-- Dr. Moreau. Vanessa hesitates in opening the door. She does, however, and Virginia strolls in. "If I can track you down, how long do you think it will be before Michael finds you," Virginia blurts out. Virginia, as much as it kills her, told Vanessa how Michael still loves her, will keep looking for her. Vanessa begins to wonder if she's doing the right thing. She is beginning to think maybe she should see Michael. Maybe she could tell him what's happening, Maybe she shouldn't have stayed away. Virginia is panicking. The last thing she wants is for the two to get back together. She criticizes Vanessa telling her that she should not even contemplate burdening Michael with this horrible hideous condition and the horrendous possibility of taking care of her for the rest of her life. She told Vanessa there is only one thing she can do. Only one choice left. Vanessa looks up at her trying to gain some hope, some good from the situation but what comes out of Virginia's mouth is stunning. "You have no choice Vanessa, you have to die!"

Hank and Joan are moving in as Casey and Sarah help organize. Someone asks when Sarah is going back to Washington and Congressman Blyth. Hank figures all this hoopla will blow over and all will be forgotten. His little girl has a good job in DC and he expected her to go back. Sarah looks a little green around the gills as they speak of this and when Casey tries to talk with her she spits out how she is sick of defending herself and rushes out the door. Momentarily she sees Melinda, recorder in hand, ready to get out of Sarah "any dirt that she can." "I can't stand that Casey," Sarah spits out. When she told Melinda she may not go back to Washington Melinda is puzzled. "I thought you had a thing for the Congressman?," she asked. Sarah said she used to but no more. She wished the whole thing never happened. Sarah walks away and throwing off her bathing suit cover shirt she heads for the water. The way she is she....could she be....does she have suicide in mind? Emily spots her from the lifeguard podium and she calls out--- Sarah is going to be saved; but does she want to be???????

Meg creeps out of bed. Derek is asleep at the chair. Her clothes are on, she leans over gets her shoes and heads for the door. "MEG," Derek calls out. "OH NO YOU DON'T" - he guides her back to bed. Each time Derek tries to kiss her we can see her shrivel away from his mere presence. Derek is confused, but for now, seems to chalk it up to her not feeling well. When asked where she's going Meg makes up a story; had to go to the car, had to get my makeup..oh there..silly's right on the shelf. Meg has to DO something. "I think I do have the flu," she moans, and on the pretext of him getting her medicine she thinks this will give her time to escape. He agrees to go and she becomes frantic. How do I get out of here she is thinking. Then she thinks.....she realizes that if he knows she knows he's not Ben he may kill her too. " What has he done with Ben?" she starts to panic. There must be a clue.--something to tell her where Ben is. She searches, opens drawers, digs through clothes. Then..the package. She rips it open. Oh my God!!! "What is this," she cries. She flashbacks to the time Derek told her his brother 'needed a proper burial (at the cabin).' She opens the urn. 'OH NO,' she SCREAMS....SHE SEES THE ASHES...."BEN, BEN, OH NO - OH GOD NO....BEN...BEN...OH MY GOD, HE KILLED BEN, HE KILLED BEN." She falls to the floor; flashbacks...beautiful they met, the romantic dinners, the kiss, the engagement, the time he came to Kansas, EVERYTHING!!! "OH GOD NO," she moans, clutching the urn to her chest. Her crying is uncontrollable. Wait... A sound at the door is heard, Oh no, it's Derek. He's coming, he's coming......

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