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Monday, June 22, 1998

Emily and Sean watch as Casey jumps in the water to save Sarah. We last saw Sarah walking into the water with an expression that told us she might very well be contemplating suicide. Casey gets a hold of her and swims to shore and, carrying her in his arms he lay her gently on the sand and tries to check to make sure she is ok. Sarah fights him. She breaks down and told Casey she has done a terrible thing. She has lied to him, her family, her friends, everyone. She told him she just wants to die. "Your suspicions were right about me," she sobs to Casey, "why don't you hate me?" Casey soothes Sarah and lets her know he doesn't hate her; he considers her a friend. "You have been a good friend to me, Casey and I've lied to you, I've lied to everyone." Casey tries to convince the distraught Sarah to come clean, to believe in he love of her parents and friends and let them help her. She asks for some time to think and before he leaves her to her thoughts, Casey gives her a tender kiss on the cheek. We last see Sarah, tears streaming down her face and for the first time we see her as a vulnerable, not so tough young woman.

Virginia has found Vanessa and is now telling her the only way to stop Michael from searching for her is to kill herself. She hands Vanessa a knife and Vanessa, naturally assumes that Virginia wants her to kill herself right there and then. Virginia explains what she wants her to do is fake her death. This way Michael will forget about her. He can do nothing if she's dead and that will be the end of it- (and of course open the door for Virginia to walk right through). Vanessa begins to have second thoughts. Virginia picks up the phone, "Alright, call him, tell him where you are, tell him the truth." Vanessa thinks about it and grabs the receiver (saying maybe she should tell Michael the whole story.) Virginia panics, she certainly doesn't want this. Hanging up the phone, Virginia does a two-step, "You have to trust me, you're doing the right thing - to fake your death." Virginia leaves Vanessa to her thoughts . She lovingly holds a picture of Michael remembering all the beautiful moments they've shared (and they were wonderful).She decides, yes, this is the only thing she can do. Michael will spend no more money and time he doesn't have trying to find her if she is no more. She makes a call to Tyus and asks that he meet her. She will go to him at his place in Sunset Beach. She will take the chance for she needs Tyus's help. The food doctor agrees to meet her shortly.

Tim is awake and trying to talk. Tyus is with him and thrilled to see there may be no brain damage because of the way Tim is tying to speak. He is saying something and Tyus believes he is asking for Meg. "Are you saying you want to see Meg?" Tyus asks .Tyus leans closer...."the police," whispers Tim, "Ricardo." Tyus rushes to the phone. Ricardo is surprised that Tim wants to talk with him. He and Gabi have been discussing how to find Ben and Meg. Ricardo is suspicious about the whole warehouse business...the fact that Ben pretended to own the property when he didn't, and to find out Ben hasn't paid his employees; another oddity. The picture is very suspicious and he is dead set on getting some answers. He and Gabi rush to the hospital and Tyus tells him to go in. Ricardo walks to the bed. He leans toward Tim, "I wasn't pushed, he says, "I wasn't pushed," was Ben, Ben pushed me..." We last see Ricardo, eyes wide, anger building. We can imagine, we can almost see the wheels turning. Ben did this. More suspicious behavior. We know Ricardo will be out to get the answers!!

THE MORTUARY (Diane's favorite place)
Diane is setting up yet another way for both she and Ben to die. Ben appeals to her: "If you kill me first, you'll give up our chance to spend eternity together. My soul will go on without you and you won't be able to find it. Our circle of destiny will be broken." (We can see that Ben is choking back a giggle with this bunch of bull.) Diane realizes he's correct and must do something to link them forever. She told him "We are entering a new life together," and there must be a ceremony. She gets a knife and slices it on Ben's wrist causing blood to come forth. She takes her wrist, does the same and rubs it together with Ben's bloody wrist). She seems to have given up the idea of hitting him over the head with the mallet or whatever it was she seemed ready to crack on Ben's skull. Now she has decided a wine poison would do the trick, this way they would go together. Ben is thinking what a crazy psychopath this woman is. She went on with her babble and puts the glass of wine to Ben's mouth. He turns his head away.....trying to avoid drinking the stuff.

Michael is trying to get information from the movers who put Vanessa's furniture in storage. Michael is getting nowhere with the boss and finally is asked to leave. After he sees the boss leave Michael sneaks into the office via the window. He went over to the files and routes though. BINGO, he comes up with Vanessa's file. Wait...what's this??? Tyus name is on this order. Tyus? Michael is stunned. He makes a bee-line for Tyus' home.

Vanessa is waiting as Tyus rushes in. "'What's going on?" Vanessa tells him her plan. Before he can say too much there is a pounding at the door. 'TYUS, OPEN THE DOOR. I KNOW YOU'RE THERE, OPEN IT." Michael continues to pound as Vanessa and Tyus exchange looks of 'what do we do now.?

Meg is cleaning up the ashes, Ben's ashes (she believes), as Derek comes in from outside. She is frantic and trembling as Derek walks into the room but he manages not to notice any ashes which may have been left behind. He does notice her trembling and questions her. She told him she is so sick and would he make her medicine. Derek figures she is cold and went to open the drawer (with the picture) to get Meg a sweater. She manages to stop him and he went to the kitchen to fix the drink. Meg's face becomes a canvas of revenge... her eyes cold, determination in her glare.. She is angrier than she's ever been. This guy is not going to get away with this, she thinks to herself, this sick bastard is going to pay.. She picks up a very large knife (where did that come from?) and begins to walk into the kitchen as if to kill....she raises the knife. (ala Norman Bates)...but...she stops and comes to the realization that this man must be brought to justice (I wouldn't count on it). She asks him to get wood to build a fire; they can sit in front of it, they can enjoy it. She hugs him, telling him she loves him...her purpose to get the get the hell out of there. She succeeds. When he is gone to get the wood, Meg runs.. She is in the car. She is fiddling with the keys. She is trying to find the right one. Oh no, where is it??? Uh only a moment Derek is there. "Meg," he asks, "what are you doing???"

Tuesday, June 23, 1998

At Tyus's Place
Outraged to learn that Tyus arranged for Vanessa's belongings to be placed in storage; Michael shows up pounding on the door demanding for Tyus to open up, while a scared Vanessa told Tyus to hide her. Tyus told Vanessa to go into the room and he'll handle Michael. As Vanessa scurries along, Tyus opens the door and Michael grabs him up by the collar and demands to know why he has been lying to him about Vanessa. Tyus gets buck and told Michael to get his hands off of him and next time he comes over here, he had better come knocking politely. Michael told Tyus he doesn't want to hear that and demands to know why he has been lying to him about Vanessa's whereabouts. Tyus told Michael to trust him, he is on his side, but Michael told him he did trust him until he saw his signature on the paper authorizing Vanessa's things to be moved. Tyus told Michael he can explain that, but Michael told him he should have seen it all along when Gabi told him about Vanessa's mother being at Cedar Oaks and then Tyus just happens to be treating the woman who is probably her mother. Michael then told Tyus to look him straight in the eye and tell him he hasn't seen Vanessa. Tyus told Michael he can't tell him that, while Vanessa grows more terrified thinking Tyus will spill the beans to Michael about where she is. He told Michael that he hasn't seen or spoken with Vanessa since she's left town, she only left him a message asking him to take care of her belongings. Michael told Tyus it doesn't make sense to him and why would Vanessa choose to go to him. Tyus says it's not that unusual since he and Vanessa are friends that she would choose to come to him. Michael says since when does Vanessa asks you for those kind of favors. Tyus says he's a doctor and he helps people. Michael grabs Tyus by the collar again and accuses Tyus of helping Vanessa runaway from him. Tyus breaks free and told Michael that he is on his side. Michael apologizes and Tyus says it's okay, he knows Michael's in love with Vanessa and he understands. Michael told Tyus he's leaving before he makes a fool out of himself again. Tyus sees him to the door and told him not to worry, take it easy, because all of this will work out. Outside Tyus's door, Michael says to himself that Tyus is deeper in this than he is willing to admit and then flashes back to all the times he has seen Tyus and Vanessa together and decides Tyus's is hiding something and he plans to get to the bottom of it and knows just how to do it.

Back Inside, Vanessa comes out of hiding and told Tyus that was close and she can't afford to take anymore chances. She begs Tyus to help her fake her own death, but Tyus told her he will not help her and will not be apart of ending a life, even if it is on paper. Vanessa threatens to end it herself, but Tyus reminds her of the reason she came to hide in his apartment in the first place. He told her he is already making some breakthroughs with his research and she is acting like a coward by giving up before they have even begun. Vanessa told him she will not let Michael give up the rest of his life to become some nurse-maid to her, that is why she is going to go back to South Central and get her stuff and move out. Tyus told her she isn't going anywhere, not as long as there is hope. He does, however, promise to keep Michael from finding her if she stays in town.

At The Cumming's New Place
Sara shows up trying to sneak into the house so that she won't have to tell her parents about the Congressman or nearly drowning. Unfortunately, Hank walks into the dining room and spies her coming in and asks her how is she doing. Sara breaks into tears and told her dad that she can't do anything right. Hank told her that he has sensed that something has been bothering her since she came back to Sunset Beach. Sara flashes back to Casey telling her that she needs to tell her family about this or it will only get more worse. Sara begins to tell her father, but beats around the bush about getting it out which prompts Hank to tell her that Meg never has trouble confiding in him. Upon hearing this, Sara clams up and told her father that it really isn't that big of a deal and she'll just work it out herself and went upstairs, leaving Hank bewildered.

At The Hospital
Tim told Ricardo how Ben pushed him from the scaffolding and is responsible for all the murders on the island. A grim-faced Ricardo can't believe it, but promises Tim that Ben will never be allowed to hurt anyone again. Ricardo then leaves and heads for the station.

Meanwhile At Tyus's Office, Michael shows up determined to find out what Tyus is hiding and calls his assistant and acts like he has a delivery downstairs he needs for her to pick up. The assistant leaves and Michael creeps into Tyus's office and starts going through his files. However, the assistant returns because she forgot to lock Tyus's office up and catches Michael in the act. She gets ready to call security, but Michael manages to convince her that he is a good friend of Tyus's and Tyus asks him to come by and he would hate to have to tell Tyus that his assistant was very rude. Though she somewhat believes him, she told Michael to leave Tyus a note and then he has to leave. Michael scribbles something down and as he and Tyus's assistant are leaving out the door, he fixes the latch so he can get back into Tyus's office. The assistant told him that Tyus won't be back in the office until tomorrow, so Michael can talk to him then. Michael agrees, but privately told himself that he won't be waiting that long.

At The Funeral Home
Diane figures out that Ben was tricking her again and lunges at him with a knife. Ben grabs her arms and struggles with her until he pushes her back and she bumps her head up against the wall knocking herself out. Ben gets up as he begins to get feeling back into his body, but just as he gets off the table, Diane comes to and lunges at him again. Ben manages to slam her head again on the table knocking her unconscious and told them that someone is trying to kill him. The police tell him they are on there way and Ben waits patiently.

At Sunset Beach Police Department
Gabi and Antonio are talking about how he removed his collar in order to make the teenage first time offenders he is counseling feel more at ease. A woman comes up and asks about something and Antonio remembers her from school and they go hug each other, while Gabi stands there looking a little agitated about the reunion between Antonio and an attractive female friend from his high school days. They make small talk and find out what each other has been up to since the last time they've seen each other and then the woman leaves. Antonio is happily surprised to have seen her again and told Gabi so. Gabi told him she sensed a little chemistry and asks if there is something more going on there. Antonio told her that he did have another life before he became a priest. Ricardo shows up and told a stunned Gabi and Antonio about what Tim told him and says he is putting out an APB on Ben. A worried Gabi wonders if Meg is okay. Two police officers bring Ben in and he is immediately placed under arrest upon arrival at the police station for the attempted murder of Tim.

Up At The Cabin
A terrified Meg tries to seize her chance to escape from Derek, but before she can even get the car started, Derek catches her and asks her where is she going. A nervous Meg told him that she started to feel so bad she decided to drive herself down to the doctors. Derek told her he will do it and jumps in the car with her. Meg thinks he is on to her and tries unsuccessfully to convince him she is not acting peculiar. Derek is still puzzled and Meg told him it is just the flu and begs for him to take her back to Sunset Beach, but Derek says he'll take her to a local doctor to treat her flu. Meg suggest that he go lock up the cabin before they leave and when Derek went to do so, Meg tries to leave again but Derek returned and told her he forgot the keys. As Meg jumbles to get the cabin key off the key ring so she can hold onto the car key, Derek told her to just give him the keys and he'll be right back, but still puzzles over her odd behavior. He went to lock up the cabin, but unfortunately for Meg, Derek grabs her purse on the way out and the photo of himself and Ben falls out of her purse which makes him realize that she knows who he really is. Meanwhile, Meg sits in the car terrified and worried that it seems to be taking him a long time to lockup the cabin and come on...........

Wednesday, June 24, 1998

AJ and Olivia are having a lovely dinner. She speaks to him about appreciating his support in her search for the truth about her baby; his forgiveness regarding her part in Cole's kidnapping and for being a friend...and she surely needs one as she has just been divorced from Gregory (wasn't that fast!). As they speak, Olivia takes AJ's hand as a loving gesture of thanks. Cole walks up to the table obviously having overheard the conversation. . He is not happy with the way his father has so flippantly forgiven Olivia for everything she has done. He tells them :"Pardon me if I can't be so forgiving; I lost a mother all my life because of Olivia." and he states with a cold and unforgiving heart that he will let Olivia visit with Trey but she must never be alone with him. Gregory has sauntered over to their table for a meeting with Aj and is a bit surprised to see Olivia. "Glad you've been able to move on so soon." he sarcastically remarks. He begins talking with AJ about his property - the property he intended building his resort on. AJ has a compromise. He will allow Gregory to pursue his resort plans but only if he is given a good deal of Liberty Corporation Stock, he tells Gregory 'I am a reasonable man.' Gregory is in a very large bind and he knows it and he 'ain't' looking so good.

Annie, prancing around (in a hardly there bathing suit) is looking for Gregory. She finds him in the living room; her intention was to lure him away for a little fun and games. He mentioned the meeting with AJ, telling her he had to leave. Of course, Annie proposed to go with him and Gregory said a flat no. She pulled her "I can help you find love again and you need me' numbers - Gregory kissed her. Then apologized. Then seemed not to sure of how he felt about it.. When he left Annie was sure he was falling for her and spoke (again) about her marriage plans....her marriage which must take place with Gregory as the groom, and very soon.

Annie, having paid no attention, as usual walked to the table where Gregory sat deep in thought. Annie sat down and began with her spiel. "We're a team you and I, she purred, "We'll get through this together."

Ben is carried in by two officers. Ricardo shouts to them "Arrest that man." Ben begs Ricardo to listen, to hear his explanation. He tells them about Diane and the mortuary. The cops tell Ricardo that Ben did call them. Ricardo thinks this is some kind of ploy but Diane is checked out--they have found her in the mortuary and she is unconscious and in the hospital.. He begins telling him about Derek. Ricardo is furious. He doesn't believe it, he isn't buying it. But Gabi breaks in "It's true, she says, I saw the pictures. Sarah had a picture of Ben and Derek." Casey is wide-eyed. "Yes, that explains a lot of things!!; the misunderstandings, the forgetfulness,.." As things are put together a panic sets in. They must get to the cabin...then a voice is heard: ''Lock that man up,'"...It is the District Attorney. She doesn't want any excuses, she wants Ben in jail. Period. It is now up to Ricardo ( with Casey by his side) to get to the cabin, they must hurry. They don't know if Derek has fooled Meg, if Meg knows the truth she could be in terrible danger Casey and Ricardo rush off.

Meg is waiting in the car for Derek to lock up the Cabin so he can take her to the doctor. He has decided to check inside and happens to see Meg's purse lying on the table. Thinking she'll need it he grabs it and notices something about to fall. Looks like a picture.....BEN AND DEREK..."SHE KNOWS, SHE KNOWS," Derek is stunned. He begins to wonder, how,-- when,-- frantically he looks for the urn, (the urn he thinks contain Ben's ashes). He finds it with ashes spewed on the floor by the bed. He stares at the ashes. He must kill her, he has no choice. He remembers all the good times they have had and though he regrets it he must get rid of her; then he will get Ben's money and go far away. But he can't figure how she knew...then he flashes back to the shower ...the latex....the damn latex. He checks his leg and sure enough the latex has fallen. "Damn you Meg," he utters in a low deep angry voice. Derek went out to tell Meg they can't go anywhere because he dropped the keys in a grate', he told her they must stay there for the night. Meg is terrified. This was her chance. What now? Derek tells her to go to bed and he will fix a warm soup. Meg is searching around in all the drawers of the bedroom furniture-- she finds something (is it a gun?) and says that she is ready for him as she tucks it under the covers. Derek at first was prepared to kill Meg -- and this is what he must do -- with a hatchet. He decides he cannot maim her beautiful face and instead will give her poison (looks like rat poison, which he finds under the sink and mixes in her soup). He walks into the bedroom and sitting on the bed urges Meg to eat her soup. She doesn't want it. .........................Ricardo and Casey, are, unknown to Meg and Derek, practically at the door............will they get there in time.....????

Caitlin and Cole have made love. They are enjoying the afterglow when a knock , who else, Annie is at the door. Caitlin is furious when Annie demands her help in, what else?? marrying Gregory. When Caitlin refuses Annie threatens to tell Cole the truth...Caitlin still refuses and Annie storms into the bedroom where Cole lay under the covers waiting for Caitlin to get rid of Annie. (Evidently that isn't going to happen.) She is prepared to tell Cole the whole story of Treys' paternity. Will she??

Thursday, June 25, 1998

At The Richards
Bette arrives at the Richards looking for Annie, while Gregory stands there wondering what she is so peeved about. Bette told Gregory that she heard about his divorce from Olivia and she is there to get Annie out from under the same roof as him before something happens that they will all regret. Gregory asks Bette what makes her think something will happen that they will all regret. Bette says she can see that he still has blinders on and informs him that Annie has set her sites on him and now that he is divorced, he is just ripe for the romantic rebound. She then adds that even though she is mad at her niece, she is not going to let Annie set herself up for a big let down and is there to knock some sense into her. Gregory told Bette the last time he checked, they were all consenting adults. Bette laughs at him and says since when, and then informs him she knows he slept with Annie and maybe she shouldn't be talking like this to the man who signs her paycheck, but when it comes to her niece she will pull no punches and demands to know where is she. Gregory told her that Annie isn't there (She is right upstairs Gregory) and in about thirty seconds, she won't be here neither. Bette told him he can kick her out, but she will get to Annie and knock some sense into her. While closing the door on her, Gregory told Bette to save some of that sense for herself and Bette responds by sticking her tongue out at Gregory. Later, Spike came in the door and glad to see him, Gregory petted him and told him not to tell anyone that he missed him. Olivia stands in the doorway and told Gregory that she wouldn't tell, as Gregory stands up surprised to see her. Olivia explains how a lonesome Spike came wandering for her and she decided to bring him home. Gregory invites her in and they briefly share a close moment. Gregory gently grabbed Olivia's hand, but she quickly pulled away. She told him she was meeting A.J. and trying to get information about the baby from Dr. Brock. He thanked her for bringing Spike home and Olivia left.

Meanwhile Upstairs, Annie shows up knocking on Cole and Caitlin's bedroom door demanding to speak to Caitlin. Caitlin comes out and told Annie she is busy, so what does she want. Annie says she's sorry to have to interrupt her little afternoon delight, but this is important. Caitlin says it's important to you. Annie told her the sooner they get this over with the sooner Caitlin can get back in bed with her beefcake. Caitlin asks her what is it and Annie told Caitlin she wants her to talk to Gregory about proposing. Caitlin told her that she can't do that and Annie threatens to tell Cole the truth about Trey unless Caitlin persuades her father to pop the question. Caitlin calls her bluff and Annie takes the bluff and burst into Cole and Caitlin's room where Cole lies in the bed wondering what is going on. Annie told Cole she has to tell him something about Caitlin that he doesn't know about her. Cole told Annie there is nothing she can tell him about Caitlin, because Caitlin has already told him. Surprised by this Annie thinks Caitlin has already confessed until Cole told her that Caitlin told him about Annie and Gregory's affair. He then told Annie this explains why she has been trying to be friends with Caitlin so she could get closer to Gregory. Annie informs him that is not what she was going to tell him and then mentions her news concerns Trey. Caitlin intervenes and told Cole what Annie means is she would like things to be he way they were for everybody. Cole pretends to buy this and told Caitlin privately that they will talk about it later. Meanwhile, Caitlin usher's Annie out of there and agrees to do what Annie asked of her.

Up At The Wrong Cabin
Ricardo and Casey burst into the cabin to save Meg, but the place is deserted. Irked to find that the Evans' cabin is empty, Ricardo phones back to Sunset Beach and accuses Ben of making up the whole story about an evil twin. Ben told Ricardo that he does have a twin and he is a murderer and begs Ricardo not to stop searching for Meg. After hanging up with Ben, Ricardo and Casey search Ben's cabin to see if they can come up with any more clues. Ricardo had his doubts about Ben's story, but Casey believed what Ben was saying about his twin brother was true.

In The SBPD Holding Cell
Gabi and Antonio try to keep Ben's spirits up, but Ben fears that Derek may have already done away with Meg. After hanging up with Ricardo, Ben realized that Derek must have took Meg to the cabin where he and Maria spent their honeymoon, which he sold years ago. Gabi asked one of the officers to get in touch with Ricardo, but Ben stopped her from contacting Ricardo and informed her that it would take Ricardo hours to get to the old cabin. If Ricardo called in backup, Derek would know that Ricardo was coming long before he could get there, and Derek wouldn't hesitate to kill Meg in an instant. He then sent Antonio from the room and persuaded Gabi to help him escape and she agreed to help him for Meg's sake. She then told Ben she would be right back and went into the office to try to lift the keys to Ben's cell. Unfortunately, Spencer came over to her because he needed to get something out of the desk, foiling her plans. While standing near by, Antonio saw Gabi trying to lift the keys and asked her if she'd thought about the consequences of her actions. Gabi told Antonio that she knew that it might not be legally right, but legalities didn't measure up against the value of saving Meg's life. Antonio agreed and Gabi came up with another way to spring Ben. Calling in the favor Cole owes her, Gabi convinced Cole to help her break Ben out of jail. Antonio sensed what she was up to and offered to move her car to where it was convenient for her to put Ben into it. Gabi distracted Ben's guard long enough for Cole to break him out. But, just as Ben was about to get away, an officer spots him and yells, "Freeze!"

At Olivia's Place
Olivia has second thoughts about divorcing Gregory, but then decided that she made the right decision.

Back At The Richards
Caitlin went downstairs and has a heart to heart talk with Gregory about Annie, while Annie eavesdrops on their conversation. Gregory asks Caitlin if she is saying that she approves of him and Annie having an relationship and Caitlin told Gregory that it would be okay with her if Gregory pursued a relationship with Annie. After Caitlin leaves, Gregory told Annie he was grateful for her support over the last week. Annie told Gregory he doesn't seem so grateful and Gregory asks her what does that mean. Annie then went into how lately everyone is finding out about them and thinking of her as some little notch in Gregory's belt, but she wants to be more than that. She then announces to Gregory that she can't continue to be his mistress; she has to be his wife, so either he marries her, or she moves out of the house.

Up At The Cabin
Derek encourages Meg to eat the soup he secretly laced with rat poison. Meg suspected that he knew that she knew who he was an avoided eating the soap fearing that Derek had poisoned it. As Derek told Meg to eat up, Meg pretends that she hears voices outside of the cabin and Derek leaves to go check it out. As Derek returns back into the room, he catches Meg trying to dump the soap and asks her what is she doing. Meg told Derek that the smell was making her nauseous so she was going to dump it out. When he insists she eat up, Meg "accidentally" spills the bowl. Derek finally has enough of the charade, and informs Meg that he's onto her. Meg continues to play it off and asks Ben if he is having another one of his headaches. Derek doesn't buy her thinking he is Ben and then reaches under the bed and shows her the urn. Upon seeing it, Meg admits, she knows he is Derek and calls him a bastard for killing Ben and the others and says she hates him for it. She then asks him how he can be so cruel and twisted. Derek explained to Meg that everyone favored Ben over him and it took him years to plan his revenge. He had an affair with Maria, which destroyed Ben's ability to trust others. Then Meg came along and taught Ben to trust again. Finally, Derek determined that the best revenge would be to become Ben. There were only two things standing in between him and that goal, Meg and Mark, who would notice the differences between the them. So he decided to kill them both and if he really wanted Ben's life, he would have to have Meg, too. Meg told Derek he was sick and could never pull of trying to pass for Ben. A fuming Derek kissed Meg and then told her it was time for her to join her precious Ben in eternal death..........

Friday, June 26, 1998

Annie and Gregory are discussing her wanting to marry him. "It's no secret, my interest in you," Annie coos. She gives him her 'you are my knight in shining armor' story and Gregory is questionably suspicious. He asks her why she says that and she told him she hasn't forgotten when she was at her college graduation and was called to the floor with her father (Del) for a dance, however, her father was off (probably) screwing around with Olivia and she was standing there alone and embarrassed when Gregory walked out of nowhere, took her in his arms and proceeded to dance her across the floor. She relates this story to him as well as her feelings that he is everything she has ever wanted in a man. Gregory looks at her and responds that he believes she really means what she's saying. Annie continues telling him she lost everything for him, her Aunt Bette won't even talk with her, she's lost her house and everything that was important to her..."See how much you mean to me," she cries. Gregory is unresponsive and she warns him that if she walks out of the house she will never return. Gregory turns and leaves. Annie fears all her work has been for naught. She has lost. She is at the door when she has another fantasy. This time Olivia is similar to the wicked witch of the west. She laughs at Annie, she taunts her. Then....Annie is jarred to reality. Gregory is there, he takes her hand. There is music. "Does that sound familiar," he says. Yes, it is the music that was played when he asked her to dance all those many years ago. Gregory takes her in his arms. They dance, Gregory pulls back. He gets on one knee." Annie will you be my wife, will you marry me." Annie is overjoyed. Gregory apologizes for not having a ring. " I wasn't expecting to ask you to marry me today, " he says. They laugh. Plans for a wedding begin; next year,-- oh no, --ok next June, --oh no....Annie convinces Gregory they must marry before the end of the month (how very convenient). They can go to Vegas, be married by an Elvis impersonator. Annie is excited, Gregory is becoming excited as well. Annie has another of her fantasies, only this time she wins. She turns to Olivia, in the same white 'chess outfit' and happily and deviously told her 'CHECKMATE,' I WIN.

AJ is with Olivia trying to help her deal with the divorce from Gregory. Olivia pretends that she can handle it; that it's for the best; that she is not disturbed. However, it is apparent she is GREATLY disturbed and when AJ comes up with an anxiety reducer (by way) of a dart game with Greggie's picture on it as the target, Olivia can only throw the dart visualizing Annie's picture as the target. Bette breezes in with condolences and offers of help for Olivia. She isn't there long before she receives a call from the paper and breezes out again. (She does a great job of breezing any way she turns). AJ sits with Olivia looking at pictures of Trey; the same pictures she had been sent by Caitlin while on her cruise but never looked at. Now, in the hope it will bring back some memories of what happened, AJ sits with her while she goes over them one by one. Olivia is looking, slowly in the hopes that a memory will be sparked - then, a gasp, what it is? what does she remember? She then bursts out to AJ, "I remember, I remember, I know where I was the day of my baby's birth." Somehow the noise of the dart had reminded her.

Sean and Emily are talking together about their various families. Emily is rather vague and not very informational about her family and background. Sean finds it strange she would come all the way to Sunset Beach and leave her family when she knows no one there. Emily gives him no real answers. Aunt Bette has walked in, she went over to Sean. "I'm so sorry about the divorce." Sean is thunderstruck. "What,"...then he remembers all the phone messages he has from his mother he's not responded to yet. Bette is soothing and apologizes for him finding out this way. He has just finished telling Emily how volatile his folks were but that they always get back together in the end. So much for that.

The cop spots Ben trying to escape. He raises his gun, Ben starts to run and Father Antonio (bless his heart) makes a flying leap for the cop, causing him to shoot in the air. In a short time it is clear (to the department) that Gabi and Father Antonio are responsible for Ben's escape (--nobody knows about Cole yet). Ricardo returned with Casey after going on a wild goose chase, to find Gabi and Antonio in jail. He is furious but Gabi says she had no choice and Antonio agrees. Meg's life is at stake they tell him, and nothing is more important than that, not even the law. Casey, Ricardo, Gabi, Antonio and (Sarah- who has been called by Casey) are questioning Diane. She has recovered and been brought to the station. She told them about her "STEEL." Sarah recognizes her. She told them this woman came to the house, that she never understood what she was all about. Diane elaborates on the why's of her visit and how it proved to her that her 'Steel' was, indeed her Steel;' that he was lying about being Ben Evans. Hearing this co-co-bird seemed to drive it home that Meg was indeed in danger and not from Ben. Ricardo is worried, there is an APB out on Ben; should he be caught he could be killed. In the meantime Ben is racing to his cabin. The car, something is wrong with the car...Ben pulls over. Dead. No gas, what? Doesn't matter. Ben has no time. He continues on foot, running like hell to save the woman loves.

THE CABIN Meg is cornered by Derek. He starts to choke her. He is furious she knows the truth that he is not Ben but Ben's twin brother Derek. He backs off. He can't do it. "I love you Meg," he told her, "No one has ever treated me the way you have, stood by me or understood me." Meg is incredulous. This monster, this bastard who killed Ben and her friends, she can't even stand to be near him. She is shaking and spits out at him "YOU LOVE ME, YOU LOVE ME," She asks him if he killed all those people on the Island, why did he kill Ben. Derek went into a tirade about how Ben was THE one growing up, got all the attention, had all the friends, when he, Derek had nothing. He told Meg he wanted to take it all away but that he fell in love with her. "We can go away together," he told her. "I'll have all Ben's money. We can go where nobody knows us, we can start over, we can have a wonderful life." Meg is sick. She hears this nutcase and is more than angered, disgusted and filled with hate. He told her she has a choice. He gives her an ultimatum. Leave with him and start a 'wonderful' life or he'll have to kill her. She pretends to go along. Meg says yes to Derek, He is delighted. He can't believe it. "You mean it," he laughs. Oh glory be he is in heaven. He grabs Meg up in a big hug and sets her down on the bed. Seems ready to make love to her. She reaches for something; she hits him. She slides out from under his body and begins for the door...oh no...he's grabbing her leg. He is going to have to kill her after all. He starts choking her. She fights with everything she's got, she pushes and flails her arms and then.....the door opens....Derek and Meg look up.....IT'S BEN.....Meg is stunned, her face frozen in disbelief......and Derek, well let's just say Derek is in for some really good pay back!!

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