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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of August 10, 1998 on SB
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Monday, August 10, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Evonne

Ben is back from San Francisco. The first person he runs into is Tyus. They are happy to see each other. Tyus ask why Ben is in the hospital and Ben explains about flying to San Francisco to get a special machine for Meg's father. Tyus told Ben that Meg and Joan are probably in intensive care waiting for word on Hank's condition. They enter the elevator to go upstairs.

Meg, Joan, Tim and Dana are anxiously waiting news of Ben's return. If he doesn't return soon Hank will have to undergo a very dangerous operation that might not be needed. The machine would determine the extent of Hank's injuries.

Tim and Dana decide to go get coffee. Ben and Tyus are on the elevator which is moving extremely slow. Tim and Dana are waiting for the elevator when Tim remembers seeing a coffee machine somewhere else on that floor. They leave to get the coffee. The elevator doors open just as they leave, Ben misses seeing Dana.

Meg and Joan are elated to see Ben. Joan and Tyus leave to check on Hank. Meg told Ben how worried she was about him. Ben explains that the helicopter had problems, his cell phone didn't work, so there wasn't a way for him to contact her. Meg returns Ben's keys and gives him an update on the Cummings house. Joan returns and told Meg and Ben they can see Hank if they want to. The operation isn't needed. In his haste to go with Meg, Ben leaves his keys on the counter. Tim and Dana return with the coffee just as Ben, Meg, and Joan leave. Dana misses seeing Ben. She notices the keys on the counter and says they seem familiar. When Tim ask about Meg the nurse told him Ben got back with the equipment and Hank was going to be ok. Tim makes a comment about Ben saving the day again. He also says Ben is always playing the hero. Dana comments on how Tim seems to dislike Ben. Tim sugar coats his relationship and breakup with Meg, telling Dana how he still loves Meg. Dana is anxious to meet Ben.

Hank is awake and trying to be happy. He thanks his future son-in-law for saving him from the operation. Ben says he has to stay on Meg's good side. Ben leaves to sign some paperwork dealing with the delivery of the equipment. Meg leaves her parents alone. Meg rejoins Tim and Dana. Mr. Fobisch from Cedar Oaks arrives and told Dana she can move back to the new wing of the hospital. Tim leaves to drive Dana over. Just as they enter the elevator Ben arrives. Once again Dana and Ben miss seeing each other.

Antonio and Cole are stuck below. Cole told the people on the top deck that he and Antonio will climb the wall to safety. Antonio makes it to the top. Antonio sends the others ahead while he and Caitlin stay behind to rescue Cole. Francesca is determined to stay until Cole is safe. Caitlin keeps telling her to leave because she can't help Cole. It is obvious the two women are silently fighting for the man they love.

Cole starts up the wall. One of the brackets that he is using to step on falls, leaving him swinging. Cole grabs a hot pipe. Every now and then a burst of steam comes through the pipe. Cole is having a hard time holding on. Cole begs Caitlin to leave him and go with the others. Caitlin refuses to go. Cole does not want her to watch him die. He told Caitlin that he can't hold on much longer.

Antonio rushes to the opening with his belt in his hand. He couldn't find anything else to give Cole. Cole grabs hold of the belt. Cole's hand slips and he falls.

Ricardo is underwater; Gabi dives in to rescue him. Gabi finds Ricardo under the water knocked out. She tries to free him. She surfaces to get more air. On her second try she gets him free. She pulls him to safety and starts CPR.

Bette, Amy, Sean, and the others arrive at the water area. Sean is furious with Brad for not going to help Gabi locate Ricardo. Brad lies and says he was waiting to tell them what had happened. Sean dives in to see if Gabi and Ricardo are well. Emily can't stand being separated from Sean and went in after him. Before she leaves Bette told her how she has always and will always love her.

Sean and Emily arrive at the area where Gabi and Ricardo are. Emily pulls the rope to let the others know it is ok to start swimming. Ricardo is up and back to leading the rescue. He and Gabi set out to find something to get them through the hull of the ship. Gabi tells Ricardo that the saying is if you save someone's life it belongs to you. Ricardo says that it ok with him, if it is ok with her.

Bette and the others learn it is time for them to enter the water. They ask Brad to guide them. Amy told Brad he needs to help her. Brad says she is on her own and dives in. Bette told Amy to follow her lead and she will be ok. All the people make it to the area where Sean and Emily are waiting.

Ricardo finds a tool area, breaks in, and locates a blowtorch. As he is cutting through the hull of the ship. Bette notices how hot the area is. Gabi looks over and notices that the pressure gauge is getting dangerously high.

Tuesday, August 11, 1998

Unable to keep his grip on the brackets, Cole falls through the shaft and disappears into the water while Antonio has to restrain a hysterical Caitlin to prevent her from jumping in after her husband. At South Bay, Annie told a distraught Meg about the probable fate of the passengers aboard the doomed Neptune. Keeping a wary eye out for sharks, Casey and Sara begin paddling towards shore on their makeshift raft. Ben tries to console a weeping Olivia as she fears that all of her children may have perished in the earthquake and subsequent tidal wave. With the boiler pressure building, Ricardo quietly warns Gabi that if he doesn't breach the hull soon a massive explosion is certain to wipe out the rest of the survivors. As they return to Cedar Oaks, Tim told "Dana" her face seems familiar. Emily assures her grateful mother that despite everything they've been through in years past she does love her very much. Francesca promises God she'll turn over a new leaf if Cole will just come back alive. Gregory and A.J. finally arrive in the chopper and are horrified to realize that the Neptune has capsized. After Ricardo manages to cut through the hull, the rescue workers begin lifting survivors into the helicopter. Olivia learns that Trey needs blood from his mother in order to live.

Wednesday, August 12, 1998

Aboard the rescue chopper, a sobbing Caitlin told A.J. his son is dead. Meanwhile, Ricardo and Antonio leap for the last safety harness just as a huge explosion shatters the hull and sends the Torres brother hurtling into the sea. At South Bay, Annie fears her secret is about to be exposed when Olivia readily agrees to donate blood plasma for Trey. With a shark fast approaching, Ricardo forces a protesting Antonio to climb into the chopper first. Bette encourages a grieving Caitlin to stay strong for her infant son. Though Annie warns of the dire consequences which will ensue, Olivia remains determined to save Trey's life even if the truth comes out. As Gabi gratefully clings to Ricardo, A.J. leaps into the ocean to retrieve Cole's body. Later, Caitlin weeps tears of joy when her husband is miraculously revived by CPR. Gabi wonders how to break the news about Sara to Meg. Finally arriving at South Bay, Caitlin and Cole anxiously inquire about their baby boy.

Thursday, August 13, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson

Francesca told Ricardo that she injured her arm on the corner of a glass table. She hides the fact that she was injured by the bullet from Philip's gun meant for Cole. Antonio is present, but does not correct her story.

Caitlin learns that Trey need a transfusion of his biological mother's blood.

Gabi told Meg and Ben that she is uncertain what happened to Sara.

Olivia explains to Caitlin that the blood for Trey is needed to stop internal bleeding. Annie interrupts saying that the hospital does not have everything that it needs at present. The doctor agrees.

Ben told Meg that the coast guard is searching for the wreck. Meg reminisces about when she and Sara were young indicating that Sara was the younger of the two sisters. Meg is filled with guilt about never being able to make things between them right if Sara is gone.

Dara/Maria has a dream about being in the ocean.

Francesca asks Antonio if he is getting hot under the collar. Antonio says that his feelings are contained. He wonders if Francesca can say the same about her feelings for Cole. Francesca says that she plans to move on. Antonio hopes that it is true.

Cole is happy that everything will be okay with Trey now because Caitlin is at the hospital. Caitlin sends him away to have his hand fixed.

Olivia thanks Gregory for bring their children home safely. Annie reminds Olivia that she should not be wearing her wedding ring now because Annie is now married to Gregory. Gregory asks Olivia what is wrong. He can sense her unease over Trey's predicament, but does not know any details. He is just able to read her emotions so well.

Gabi told Meg that she is sorry about Meg's loss of Sara. Meg thinks about how it would be to drown, not being able to breathe. Switch to Dara/ Maria having a nightmare about drowning.

Antonio confronts Ben about memories of an earlier drowning. Ben says that he is not in the habit of starting tidal waves. Ricardo says that he would not count on him to pull anyone out.

Annie assures Caitlin that she is in contact with the birth mother of Trey and she is on the way to the hospital.

Olivia approaches Caitlin saying that she has to talk to her.

Meg told her mother that Sara is lost at sea. Meg says that she will tell her father, but her mother does not want him to know. They hug.

Annie told Olivia that Caitlin was just about to go in and see her son. Olivia accuses Annie of being willing to allow Trey to die. Annie told her about her latest plan to get the transfusion correctly done and still keep their secret.

Cole admits that his father saved his life.

Olivia told Annie that her plan is too risky. It is time for the charade to end.

Gregory is glad that Caitlin is there in time. Caitlin questions his optimism. She is not so sure that Trey is out of danger. After Gregory leaves Caitlin told Trey that his mother is going to be there.

Cole told Francesca that she saved his life. Francesca says that they should keep the story about Philip secret to help keep their joint past hidden.

Meg peeks in at her father in his hospital bed. Then she walks in and he asks her where Sara is. Meg told her that she has not yet returned from the cruise. Hank is glad that someone is having a good time.

Dara/Maria tries to told Tim about her dream, but says that she can never remember them, just knows that they are connected to her past.

Ben promises Meg that they will find Sara.

Olivia walks in on Caitlin telling Trey how much she loves him.

Cole told Francesca that they should go their separate ways. Francesca says that she plans to do that. Gregory overhears them talking as if they have a past together.

Meg voices her wish that she could have saved Sara to Ben. Then Meg realizes that Ben has had a similar experience with Maria.

Tim told Dara/Maria that Sara is presumed drowned. Dara/Maria says "Drowned?"

Leo approaches Cole and told him that they are brothers.

Annie stresses over the possibility that the situation with Trey may lead her to a jail cell. She makes a call to arrange travel out of town and A.J. overhears her.

Caitlin told Olivia that Trey is not her biological child.

Friday, August 14, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson

Dana/Maria awakens from a nightmare about drowning to be told by Tim that Sara and Casey drowned. Tim asks her what is wrong. She explains that when he mentioned drowning, it felt like it was happening to her.

Meg and Ben return home and survey the damage. Ben says it can all be replaced. Meg adds that her sister cannot be replaced.

Sara and Casey lay on a deserted beach unconscious.

Gregory told Francesca that they have a mutual friend.

Cole is confronted by Leo who told him that they are brothers. Leo is A.J.'s other son.

Caitlin told Olivia that she is not Trey's biological mother. Now he could die because of her lie. She cannot help him now, when he needs his birth mother. Olivia struggles with her knowledge that she herself is Trey's birth mother.

Sara awaken on the beach. "How did I get here?" she asks herself. She finds Casey. "Casey, wake up....You have to be okay." "You are blocking my sun. How am I supposed to get a tan?" he says.

Annie told A.J. that they need to get Trey to a hospital that is not overworked.

Caitlin says that she knows what Olivia is trying to say, but she really does not know. Olivia told her that she could have told her that she was not Trey's birth mother. "Mother, you are the last person I could have told."

"I didn't want to put more on you than you had already been through" says Caitlin. Caitlin told Olivia about losing her baby at the car accident. Everything that Olivia and Gregory had planned happened, her baby was taken from her. Caitlin continues, telling about the "miracle" of Trey coming into her life.

Gregory questions Francesca about how far back she and Cole go. Gregory comments on Cole's good taste in jewelry and women. Francesca is beautiful and smart. She is smart enough to recognize a fishing expedition, she says.

A.J. walks up to Cole and Leo.

Sara is happy that Casey is okay. "You are a knight in shining armour." "A knight is only as good as the lady by his side." Casey guesses that they are on one of the channel islands.

Meg continues to mourn the loss of her sister. Ben told her not to give up hope. Meg reminds him that he gave up hope.

Tim and Dara/Maria talk about the loss of his friends. He talks about how D/M freaked out when he mentioned drowning. This isn't about the present. It seems to be connected to her past.

Ben says that he did not give up on Maria right away. Meg must not give up. Meg recalls her memories of Sara. They would talk for hours and hours after the lights were out. They seemed so close. What if Sara died without knowing how important she was to the family?

Casey and Sara find a hut on the island. It has a radio. Does it work? "Coast guard. Coast guard. Do you read me?" He manages to make contact. Before he can say where they are, the radio blows up.

Caitlin explains how she did not have the heart to tell Cole about the loss of her baby. She could not have solved her problem without Annie. Annie found a baby whose mother did not want to keep him. Olivia is shocked at the idea that Trey's mother did not want him, remembering how desperately she wanted him. She keeps her knowledge to herself.

Gregory and Francesca continue to spar. She finds out that he is Caitlin's father. She told him to question Caitlin. He told her that, for his own sake, he hopes Francesca and Cole are very close.

Cole questions A.J.'s attempt to keep his brother a secret. He went to find Caitlin.

Olivia calls Trey Caitlin's son as Annie listens. Annie told Caitlin that the birth mother is on her way. Annie and Olivia talk after Caitlin leaves. Olivia says that Annie has no idea of the pain and devastation that she has caused.. Olivia did not keep the secret for Annie's benefit.

Ben is on the phone. He told Meg about the contact the coast guard had with Casey and Sara.

Tim promises D/M that he will be back to visit her. He wants to go to South Bay General to be with his "family". D/M want him to take her to Meg's place to help comfort Meg in her time of sorrow, as Meg comforted her when she needed it.

Annie continues her manipulations by telling the doctor that she will have Trey's mother in the room where her blood will be drawn in a jiffy. Olivia goes to the room. Now all Annie needs to do is make sure Caitlin keeps a low profile.

Casey told Sara that the coast guard will find them. In the mean time they will be eating berries and bark. Sara hopes that they don't get back to Sunset Beach right away. She seems to like being shipwrecked with Casey.

Ben watches televised news of the tragedy at sea. Dara/Maria rings the doorbell.

Annie told Caitlin that she cannot thank the birth mother. Gregory overhears.

Cole is looking for his wife. He is directed to the room where Olivia is about to have her blood drawn. He walks into the room and Cole and Olivia look at each other.

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