Keiko "Kiko" Jamen Ellsworth
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Kiko Ellsworth
Port Charles Presence
Stan Johnson
Jamal Woods [on Port Charles]
April 13, 2000 to October 3, 2003
At A Glance

Los Angeles native, Kiko never imagined he would be in the entertainment industry. Growing up in a family with a long history in the carpentry profession, Kiko naturally assumed he would continue the legacy. Nevertheless, after many odd jobs including carpentry, UPS delivery and teaching he began bar-tending, which turned out to be his ticket to stardom. While bar-tending, many customers approached him suggesting that he pursue a career in acting because of his striking good looks and uniquely open personality. Finally, after the constant encouragement of a couple of friends, he met with an agency and that was all it took to get him started in a few acting classes. Soon after he landed a couple of guest-starring roles on ABC television shows such as "Once & Again" and "Wasteland." He then landed a series regular role on ABC's "Port Charles" in 2000, where he portrayed and developed the character of Jamal Woods over the next 3 years.

Another twist of fate led Kiko to his remarkable film debut. Just tagging-along with a couple of friends to an audition, Kiko was asked on the spot to audition for the film All or Nothing. He landed the role of Zane, a sociopath and violent street thug. This role gave Kiko an outlet for people to see the range of depth and passion that he was capable of bringing to the screen. All or Nothing won the "Jury Award" at the Hollywood Film Festival in 2001.

Although things were on the up and up, there was still a missing in his life in the area of self-expression. It was this feeling that put him on the path to rediscovering another love of his, Martial Arts. Kiko has been studying diligently in the Arts for the past several years and has attained a unique fascination and understanding for combat which shows through his demeanor. He is competent and trains in the art forms of Bojuka, EKG, Wing Chun, Kali/Escrima, Aikido, Boxing, Fencing and Jujitsu. Kiko is a practicing Sifu (teacher) in Bojuka.

In 2003 Kiko starred in the long awaited sequel, Bad Boys 2, opposite Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The film was directed by Michael Bay, and was produced by Sony Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films. Playing the role of the ruthless Blond Dread Haitian Mafia leader was like a dream come true for Kiko. He worked in a Haitian dialect and he got to invent and explore a completely new side of himself as an actor and person. This was also his first big budget movie where he worked alongside Will Smith and Martin Lawrence teaching him to not only be the consummate professional on the set, but off the set as well.

Slated to be released in 2007, Lords of the Underworld, Kiko portrays an assassin "Nipper", who terminates his victims using the Sai Swords. Kiko also recently wrapped production of the Independent feature, Will to Power (2007) written, produced and directed by David Rountree who also stars in the film. Also starring is Jerry Mathers, Kathy Lamkin and Jonathan Breck who portrays the Creeper himself in both blockbuster hits of Jeepers Creepers. It was after this film working opposite David Rountree that Kiko was offered opportunity to join the Psycho Rock Productions as one of the producing partners. It was because of his likeability, creativity, eye for talent and resourcefulness that Kiko was seen as a vital element in creating a talented and successful production team.

Kiko also has a profound love and admiration for children, and expresses this through his charity work. He has a deep desire to make a difference in under-privileged children's lives, hoping that his dedication to charity work will inspire and motivate them to be the great ones that they already are. Periodically he involves himself with various youth programs, including the Hollywood Knights, a celebrity basketball team which raises money for schools in need and he also has taught acting classes to at risk youth while creating a win, win relationship to all involved.

Acting Portfolio: TELEVISION
General Hospital
Stan Johnson

March 1, 2007 to July 12, 2007

CSI: Miami
Jack Hilson, "Dead Air"

Spyder, "Recipe for Disaster"

Loxley, "Black Don't Crack" and "The Turkey Triangle"
2005 - 2006

Crossing Jordan
Detective Parnell, "Mr. Little and Mr. Big"

My Boys

Strong Medicine

Noah's Arc

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service
Willie Taylor, "Pop Life"

Half & Half
Clay 2004

Port Charles
Jamal Woods
April 13, 2000 to October 3, 2003

Once and Again
Dean; "My Brilliant Career" (Episode # 1.20)
April 10, 2000


Acting Portfolio: FILM
Will to Power
Malik Thomas

Guarding Eddy

Bad Boys II
Blond Dread


All or Nothing


Easy Access
Awards & Acclaim
Boston International Film Festival Winner, Best Acting Performance for Guarding Eddy (2004; with Brian Presley)
Vital Statistics

PLACE OF BIRTH: (South Central) Los Angeles, California

DATE OF BIRTH: January 2, 1973

HAIR: Black

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