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Aaron Jeffrey Van Wagner was a daytime newcomer when he got the role of Jason Masters (formerly named Welles, was changed to Masters by NBC during the island adventure) on DAYS in 1999. He played the role of bully and insensitive boyfriend until being released in 2002.

Born and raised in Southern California, Aaron is the son of Tony, a credit card specialist, and Michele, an insurance portfolio manager. Both of his parents are remarried, and Aaron gets along great with both his stepparents; Linda, a Warner Bros. Executive, and Henry, an attorney. Aaron is the oldest of three boys; his brother Alex is nineteen and his youngest brother Brian is thirteen.

Aaron attended St. Francis High School, an all boys Catholic school, which he reflects "was not that fun to attend to say the very least." After graduation, Aaron began modeling and taking acting classes.

He appeared in several commercials and print ads before landing the role of Jason on Days. Aaron first auditioned for the role of Shawn D, which went to Jason Cook, but was called in a month later for the role of Jason. Jason was only supposed to be around for three episodes, but after six months of appearing on a recurring status, Aaron was offered a contract. "I feel very grateful for the opportunity I have been given," states the young actor. "I really enjoy fan events, especially the sporting ones, and I love taking pictures with fans. I am having the best time of my life."

Aaron loves wake-boarding and snowboarding and is a big car fanatic. In his spare time, Aaron likes to hang out with his buddies (which include co-star Jason Cook), play tennis with his dad, and trek to the beach. Aaron is also into hip hop and alternative music. Aaron is most excited by his recent purchase of a 19 ft. Hallett speed boat and is excited to take all of his friends from the show on a water skiing adventure.

Aaron stands 6 feet tall and has blond hair and green eyes. A Virgo, Aaron celebrates his birthday on September 4th. His biggest role since DAYS is his part in the new Stephen King mini-series Desperation, due out in late 2003.

Acting Portfolio
Days of our Lives
Jason Masters
1999 to 2002; December 11 and 12, 2007
Vital Statistics
FULL NAME: Aaron Jeffrey Van Wagner
DATE OF BIRTH: September 4, 1978

PLACE OF BIRTH: Glendale, California, USA

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