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The youngest of six children, Darlene was born in northern California and spent her first five years in Wisconsin, before moving to Danbury, Connecticut. She attended Manhattan's Fashion Institute of Technology and began her career doing modeling work and numerous commercials. In fact, viewers may recognize Darlene from the "Milk Does a Body Good" campaign.

Darlene subsequently relocated to Los Angeles and worked on several primetime television shows, including five seasons on the series, Pacific Blue, and recurring roles on Full House and Boy Meets World. She also guest-starred on such series as Charles in Charge, Coach, and Northern Exposure. Her feature film credits include Back to the Future II, Ski School, Decoy, and Ring of Steel, among others.

A natural athlete, Vogel enjoys golf, tennis, rollerblading, hiking and rock climbing. She also loves spending time with her two dogs, Chaplain and Otis.

Acting Portfolio: TELEVISION
One Life to Live
Melanie MacIver
March 31, 2000 to October 19, 2001
Vital Statistics

PLACE OF BIRTH: California

DATE OF BIRTH: October 25

HAIR: Blonde

EYES: Blue

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