One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 27, 2000 on OLTL

Lindsay lost her baby and blamed Nora. Sophia intended to have Joey learn the truth. Roseanne was behind a foreclosure on Carlotta's dinner, so Cristian was forced to stay married to Roseanne. Jessica realized that Asa was lying. R.J. pressed charges against Bo.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 27, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, March 27, 2000

Joey arrives home to find Kelly waiting with champagne, a kiss, a fire going in the fireplace and food. He's too upset about his mom to enjoy any of it. Kelly tries to calm Joey down, talking about their wedding and their new home and how Viki will be right there with them. He complains of feeling helpless about the whole thing and wishes he could do something, like hit someone. A loud banging on the door interrupts their quiet talk. It's Max, looking for Blair. He refuses to believe she's not there or that Kelly doesn't know where she is. After some words, Kelly tells Max that Blair will find him if she wants to and they want him to leave. Joey has no qualms about getting physical with Max. After he does, Joey and Kelly profess their love for each other. Joey informs his fiancée that he wouldn't be able to get through everything without her.

Skye is speaking at an AA meeting, where Kevin shows up, unknown to her. She talks about meeting a man who was like liquor for her. He made her dream the impossible and she felt high. She spots Kevin but goes on, telling the group that the man never loved her, though he said he did and she swallowed all of his lies. She knows she's her own worst enemy. After everyone leaves, Skye tells Kevin he was right about the married man. He tries to soothe her by saying he knew it was Max but she was only vulnerable because of Ben. He understands how things happen before you know it and then there's a chance of hurting others or yourself. She asks him if he's referring to Kelly. He admits he is, but says he doesn't want anyone to know about that. Skye promises not to say anything and is surprised when Kevin says he trusts her. She's not sure about leaving Max but Kevin suggests both she and Blair dump him. She can't turn her feelings off, she laments to Kevin. He tells her she has strength because she's kicked both alcohol and Ben. Skye cries out that she's tired of being alone and that she and Max are good together. She only has herself to lean on, she's not like Kevin with others around him. Do it for yourself, he says. She kisses him on the cheek.

At Bo's place, Lindsay doubles over in pain, yelling at Nora to stay away from her. Nora wants to get Lindsay to a hospital but is unable to use the broken phone (that was thrown). Will happens to arrive home, tosses his cell phone to Nora, tells her to call the hospital and picks up his mom to get her there himself.

Blair, Ben and Sam are at Nora's house where Blair has gone to seek Sam out for a divorce. Sam knows there's a secret involving his brother but Ben tries to prevent Blair from divulging anything. As Sam is trying to get information out of the duo, the phone rings. It's Nora, telling him to get to the hospital to see Lindsay. After he's left, Blair suggests that Ben tell Sam about who he really is. Ben doesn't want to lose his family and Max can keep what he wants. Blair fills Ben in on details of the scam and how they pulled it off. She tells him that Max has really grown to enjoy being a Buchanan and cares for Asa. Ben says it's right for her to get a divorce though Blair thinks it would be fun to tell everyone the truth about the real Buchanan son. It would be revenge. Ben doesn't want that and as they continue to talk, Max shows up. He accuses Blair of betraying him with Ben and tries to get her to come home with him. She will go on her own terms, Blair informs him. He leaves and Ben tells Blair it'll be ok. She wants to be able to thank him for his help and he says there's something she can do for Will.

Will storms into the hospital with his mother in his arms, yelling for help. Her doctor arrives and gets her into a room. Both Sam and Nora show up as well. Sam goes in to see Lindsay and she begs him not to let Nora hurt her baby. Out in the waiting area, Nora tells Will she never touched Lindsay. Will blames himself for telling Nora about the pregnancy in the first place and she consoles him. The doctor asks Sam to leave the room and outside, he tells Nora they should pray. They hear Lindsay calling for Bo and Sam tries to call him.

Inside Rodi's, Bo is beating on R.J. until the other cops present pull him off. John tells Bo he's gone over the line. Roseanne attempts to get R.J. to leave but he starts yelling about police brutality-he never touched Bo, he was attacked unprovoked. There's a whole roomful of witnesses, he shouts, but the others in the room all deny that they saw anything. Antonio tells R.J. that no one will help him but suddenly Roseanne speaks up and says she saw it all and she will tell. John urges Bo not to say anything and Antonio tries to persuade Roseanne to do the same. Suddenly Bo's cell phone starts ringing-he tosses it against the wall and tells John he can't be reached. He walks out.

The doctor leaves Lindsay's room and announces that she will be ok but she has lost the baby. Nora takes off. Lindsay doesn't know yet and as she receives an IV, she dreams about Bo walking into the room to see her and the baby.

Bo gets on his motorcycle and eyes his police badge.

TUESDAY, March 28, 2000

Antonio, Cristian and Carlotta were floored when the mortgage company wanted to foreclose on the diner and spurned Roseanne's offer of help. Later, Antonio and Cristian were furious when they learned that Roseanne was responsible for their financial troubles. Asa offered to help Skye win Max over. Meanwhile, Blair surprised Max with her decision to stay on at the mansion.

Max began to wonder if Blair might be close to forgiving him, but Blair later put her plan to help Ben into motion when she tricked Asa's Cayman Islands banker into coming to Llanview. After Sam told Nora that he did not hold her responsible for Lindsay's miscarriage, they began to make some progress in repairing their relationship. Lindsay put up a brave front for Will after he told her that she had lost the baby. Later, Lindsay began to blame Nora for her heartache.

Wednesday, March 29, 2000

"A Day Like Any Other Day" - A Tour de Force for Viki (and Erika Slezak)

Viki searches in the Llanfair attic for a small suitcase to pack for the day's last entry in her datebook: Cherryvale Clinic. A vision of Ben appears in the doorway and she asks, "How do I face this? How do I get through this without you?"

Leaving the attic without the suitcase, Viki overhears Kevin and Jessica in the kitchen packing away "enough food for two lifetimes." Jessica is having a hard time with what her mother is going through and Kevin is being a very supportive older brother. He assures Jess that "it's not supposed to be easy...take this day by some hope, follow Mom's lead...provide a lead for her to follow..." As they play football with the food while it's going into the freezer, Viki smiles at her children and "snaps" some photo memories of them into her mind. While Kevin wants his mother to stay home and "take it easy," Viki doesn't want to just "count the minutes until" her surgery; instead, she vows that "today is going to be a day like any other day..."

At the Banner, Viki ends the editorial meeting with thanks to the entire staff for their "hard work, dedication, and friendship" before "handing over the day to day operation to Kevin." While Kevin vows that the change is only "temporary," Viki announces that she is "going out into the field...working on a special project" but doesn't want to explain any further at this time. Viki asks for a word alone with Kelly, "the competition," because she doesn't want her to feel "uncomfortable" around her. Kelly explains that she "knows you saw Kevin and me know everything..." but Viki wants no explanations. Kelly assures Viki that she loves Joey, wants to marry him and be a good wife - and as Joey comes toward her, Kelly promises Viki, "perhaps, a few grandchildren along the way." Viki smiles at the couple and as she watches them kiss, she snaps another "photo" into the album of her memory.

At Llanview Hospital, Viki pays a visit to Asa; he purports to be "fragile and weak" and thinks Viki has come by because she thought he was dying. Actually, Viki has come because she "needed to reassure myself that life does go on." Asa assures her that it does, but "you gotta be strong to take what it dishes out." Viki is comforted to see Asa "beating" this because as she explains, "If Asa Buchanan can beat this and win, think what someone with hope, faith and love on their side can do." She kisses Asa and heads for the elevator where she runs into Andrew. She is startled at first because "for a moment, I saw Sloan in your face...I've been thinking about him a lot brave he was...he'd say, I am not dying with this disease, I am living with it.'" Viki shares with Andrew that "it's very hard to look to others for the help you need...especially if you don't quite know what you need..." When Andrew prods her to try, Viki confesses that she has breast cancer and is "having a mastectomy tomorrow...I don't have the strength to talk about it yet...I feel like I don't have any control...I'm really scared of breaking down...I'm scared of coming apart." Before he leaves, Andrew assures Viki that he will pray for her because "you're in my thoughts all the time...I love you." Mrs. Hirsh, a breast cancer patient who has undergone chemotherapy and is joining her family to leave the hospital, observes an upset Viki and assures her that "life goes on; I'm grateful for the small things." They wish each other "good luck."

In the park, Viki is speaking at a "Playground Development Fund" function. She encourages the audience (including Ben) to make this project a reality now, rather than five years down the road because "who knows where any of us will be in five years...concentrate on the really important things and never ever give up...don't take anything for granted...every day, every moment, every second counts." After the speech, Viki greets Ben who notices that "since we stopped seeing each other, we can't avoid running into each other...tell me where you're going next time and I'll plan ahead." Viki confesses that she is "going away for a little while...not for's business, that's all." A confused Ben wishes her "good luck" before rejoining the kids from the center in a game of basketball.

Back at Llanfair, Joey and Jessica are in the kitchen trying to make Viki's favorite dinner. Joey has brought back the suitcase Viki needs for the clinic but he won't let her open the package he has placed inside so instead she checks the mail and finds a letter from Dorian. It reads, "My dear Viki, greetings from foreign ports. I've been thinking about you, imagining what you're going through and what kind of challenges you're facing. I take comfort in knowing that whatever you touch, whatever you do, things inevitably have a way of working out. Which perhaps is why I resented you all those years. But whatever our past, I do admire you now for your strength, your conviction, your positive outlook. And this too will work out; and remember, you heard it here first." Jessica asks her brothers to set the dining room table with china for their dinner and shares a mother-daughter bonding moment with Viki before Viki asks to speak to Kevin alone. Viki opens a huge file and proceeds to give Kevin all the information he needs regarding life insurance policies, trust documents, investment information, her will, etc. but she breaks down when Kevin balks at discussing this "right now." Viki runs to the attic crying; she repeatedly hits the chest of drawers while screaming, "" Kevin follows her but she can't be consoled: "Do you have any idea how much I hate this? I hate all of it...the tiptoeing around...pretending to be brave...pretending that everything and everybody is normal...I hate that my entire life is spread out on our kitchen table...I hate this disease...and what it is doing to me and my body and my mind...I hate that it's interrupting my life...I hate how scared you all three look all the time...How did this happen?...I don't understand it..." Kevin holds his mother while she cries but she soon straightens up and asks for some time by herself. After Kevin leaves, Viki has another vision of Ben who tells her "I am with you; tell me what you feel." Viki feels "like I'm at sea in a terrible storm and there's all these big waves and they're towering over me...I'm on an awful voyage...I'm so scared...I don't know where I'm going...I don't know where it's going to end..." Ben's vision encourages Viki, "I know you can make it...I know you can do anything in the world, you're that strong, you're that courageous and you're that stubborn." Ben's vision disappears and Viki sits alone on the floor of the attic. "Oh God, it's just you and me with me, please...I beg of you...I so need your strength now...I've been through tests before, but this is so different...I don't know the rules...I don't know how I'm supposed to feel...I feel so completely me, please God, help me...give me courage and guidance...please, give me life."

Room 1185 at Cherryvale Clinic is prepared for Victoria Carpenter. Viki assures her children that she is "honestly" okay and gives each one of them a hug and her love before they leave her alone in the room. Viki unpacks her suitcase, places her plant in the window beside her bed and glances in the mirror as she holds her left breast. When she opens the package from her children she laughs at the photo of the three of them in Marx Brothers disguises. Viki sits on the end of her bed, looking at her reflection in the mirror, and sings, "Oh no, not I...I will long as I know how to love I know I'll stay alive...I've got all my life to live...I've got all my love to give...I will survive, I will survive, I WILL SURVIVE." The screen fades to black.

Thursday, March 30, 2000

Sam and Ben convince Hank to request a warrant to keep Asa's banker, Van Dyke, in Llanview as a witness. Meanwhile, Blair waits for Van Dyke at the Buchanan mansion, but Skye shows up first. Before Blair can get rid of Skye the banker arrives from the Cayman Islands. Skye figures out what is going on and tries to tell Van Dyke that Blair is a liar. Finally, Skye leaves and heads straight for Asa's hospital room to warn him about what Blair is up to. Unfortunately for Sam, the judge denies the warrant, but Hanks says he will keep on trying.

Asa has nightmares about Ben, and continues to beg Max to kill him. When Max tells Asa that Ben is no longer a threat, Asa tries to get out of bed and take care of Ben himself. Cristian comes in to Asa's room requesting to speak with him. Asa agrees, despite Max's attempts to get him to leave. Cristian pleads for a $25,000 loan from Asa to pay off Roseanne for the diner. However, Asa blames Cristian for hurting Jessica and refuses. Back at Roseanne's newly acquired penthouse, Antonio tries to get Roseanne to back off and feel guilty for dragging Carlotta into this mess. When Cristian returns, he agrees to stay married to Roseanne so his mother can keep the diner.

At Rodi's, Sophia becomes increasingly disgusted watching Kevin, Kelly and Joey. She decides she can't let Kevin and Kelly make a fool of Joey any longer. Sykes begs Sophia to let it go, but she can't. Sophia confronts the three of them, but because Joey is so upset about Viki, he proceeds to humiliate Sophia in front of everyone at the bar. Kevin and Kelly just stand by and listen to the whole scene without admitting anything. Back at the police station, Sophia gets her hands on some surveillance equipment, determined to prove the truth to Joey!

Friday, March 31, 2000

A thrilled Sam and Ben learned that Hank was able to get a warrant for Van Dyke. Meanwhile, Asa sent Max to do damage control after Skye filled them in on Blair's plan. Sam and Ben arrived at the mansion, but a clever Max and Skye foiled their attempt to question Van Dyke. Jessica visited with Asa and asked her grandfather flat out if he set Will up. Jessica finally realized that Asa was behind Will's legal troubles when he couldn't look her in the eye. Jessica later told Will that she believed he was innocent.

Cristian agreed to stay married to Roseanne for 60 days as long as she didn't foreclose on the diner. Lindsay made a slip in front of Andrew and blamed Nora for the death of her baby, but later covered and blamed it on stress. R.J. decided to bring assault changes against Bo. Meanwhile, Bo escaped Llanview on his motorcycle and encountered a beautiful stranger while on the road. Asa attacked Ben after he believed that Max was in danger.

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